The Return of God of War Chapter 701-710

The Return of the God of War Chapter 701

Levi! He told me a lot of things earlier. He said that everyone else was afraid of him and that if I had not gotten on my knees then, I wouldn’t even have a chance in the future! He also said that I’d be begging for my life when I learned about his identity! Don’t tell me… No, it can’t be this much of a coincidence!

Elijah felt like his head was going to explode from the overload of information.

If he really is that man, then I’m toast! I’d have lost my life for a mere fifty billion. It’s not worth it! Not worth it at all!

Levi hopped off the car, even though Mia had advised him against it as it was dangerous.

The moment Levi arrived, Azure Dragon and the rest of the Five Great Wars Regiment had a solemn expression.

Even the eighteen White Wolves of the Calvary Regiment had prostrated themselves in front of Levi.

“Greetings, God of War!” dozens of men echoed in unison.

Elijah nearly passed out when he heard this. This is the one time I wish I hadn’t guessed correctly! Levi really is that man after all! He was right when he said that I would be scared out of my wits. Anyone in the world would!


Azure Dragon slapped Elijah across the face, bringing him back to his senses.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Elijah got onto his knees and bowed his head onto the ground repetitively in reverence.

His forehead was bleeding from hitting the ground too hard, but he would not stop.

“That’s enough for now! Firstly, how dare you set foot in Erudia!” Levi scoffed.

“I-I…” Elijah was trembling and lost for words.

“I can give you a second chance. However, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum so I can make sure that you’ve learned your lesson!” Levi offered.

“Really?” Hope rekindled in Elijah’s eyes.

“Give me three hundred billion! I’ll spare your life for that amount!” Levi declared as he extended three fingers.

“Huh?” Elijah was taken aback.

Including the one hundred billion the Jones family paid him, his net worth was but four hundred billion in total.

Yet, he had to throw three hundred billion away! This was akin to destroying him financially, but he had no choice.

As long as he was alive, he would have a chance to amass another three hundred billion someday.

“Thank you for sparing my life, God of War!” Elijah exclaimed with his head bowed low.

With the help of Phoenix, the three hundred billion was transferred from Elijah’s account to Levi in a flash.

“Alright then, we’ve been doing quite a lot of charity in Quebec recently. Let’s use this three hundred billion for business and investment instead! I’m sure Quebec will welcome increased investment!”

Levi then instructed Tim to use the three hundred billion to invest in the redevelopment of Quebec.

“Send the rest of them back to the Jones family and leave!” Levi commanded.

Elijah hurriedly followed his orders and brought the survivors, as well as Mia and the other hostages, back to the Jones family.

Argh, I shouldn’t have come after all. The entire floor is lava here at Erudia! This trip nearly cost me my life, and I had to pay an entire three hundred billion for this! What a waste!

Meanwhile, in Sapphire Villa.

Just as the Jones family had packed up and was about to return to South Hampton, several cars arrived at the gate.

“Bad news! Elijah is back!” someone alerted the entire Jones family, sending them into a state of panic.

Michael nearly passed out when he heard this.

The fact that Elijah had returned meant that he had come to make more unreasonable demands.

What a greedy fellow!

Unfortunately, the Jones family was not in a position to bargain.

“Argh, what a misfortune!”

Michael brought the rest of the Jones family to welcome Elijah at the door.

When Elijah got off the car, the Jones family was dumbfounded.

They had not expected him to get down on his knees in front of them…

The Return of the God of War Chapter 702

Even Elijah’s generals and men kneeled down in front of them.

The Jones family was stunned by the sight and stared at them in shock.

What’s going on? What’s up with Elijah?

“Please don’t do this, my lord. The Jones family isn’t worthy of it!” Michael exclaimed. He nearly fell onto his knees at the sight of this.

What on earth does Elijah mean by this? Is this… another trap?

“Mr. Jones, I was in the wrong. This is the greatest mistake of my life! I came here to apologize and return the hostages!”

Elijah then raised a hand and his men released Mia and the others.

Mia and the other captives were stunned.

They had been in the car this entire time, unaware of what was going on outside.

The moment they got out, they realized that they had been sent back to the Jones family! What’s going on? Where’s Levi? Where did he go after he got off the car? Is he in danger?

Mia was worried for his safety. What’s going on?

“My lord, can you please explain all of this? I’m afraid I don’t understand what’s going on,” Michael asked.

The rest of the Jones family were equally perplexed. What is going on? Elijah has not only returned the hostages, but also kneeled down to apologize to us.

They were bewildered by the sudden change in events.

“Ah! I was too arrogant and got punished by someone while lording all over Erudia!” Elijah sighed.

“In the future, I won’t restrict the Jones family from doing business in my turf. In fact, if there’s anything you need help with, feel free to look for me! Please put in a good word with that man so that I can survive…” Elijah pleaded while he was on his knees.

Even if Levi let me off this time, he won’t go easy if I offend him another time. I need to get his grandfather to put in a good word for me.

“Huh? Who? I’m afraid you lost me here,” Michael queried.

The others were equally confused.

Who would Elijah be so scared of? Does such a person even exist?

“Mr. Jones, you don’t have to keep this a secret from me. This time, it was the God of War who stepped forward to help the Jones family. Several hundreds of my men died and I was nearly crippled as well! Please forgive me, Mr. Jones. I didn’t know that the Jones family was related so closely to the God of War! Otherwise, I’d never have dared to lay hands on the Jones family!” Elijah cried.

He had never expected that Michael was the God of War’s grandfather!

“God of War? You mean the highly revered man in Erudia, the God of War?” Michael questioned.

“That’s right! Everyone fears the God of War across the lands!”

“My lord, are you saying that the Jones family has connections to the God of War?” Michael repeated his question.

“That’s right! The God of War came down personally and even mobilized the Five Great Wars Regiment and the Cavalry Regiment! I got the fright of my life!” Elijah explained.

“Why don’t we know about it then?”

The Jones family stared at each other in shock. Since when have we known anyone related to the God of War?

“Alright, Mr. Jones, I’ll be leaving now that I’ve returned the hostages. He might be coming for me at any moment!” Elijah brought his men and prepared to leave.

“Hold on a moment, my lord. Could you tell us how the God of War is related to us?” Michael queried.

“That’s right! Tell us, my lord!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 703

Elijah was stunned.

He had assumed that Michael and the others knew Levi’s identity and were playing dumb, but their actions showed otherwise.

That’s right! His identity is a state secret. It won’t be surprising if his family doesn’t know about it! I can’t be the one to let them know either.

“I’ll just put it this way — the God of War has a close relationship with the Jones family and will continue protecting you as long as you are willing to accept him!”

Elijah then left Sapphire Villa with his men.

He fled Erudia, worried that Levi would change his mind.

“Is it really true that the God of War who defeated eighteen nations and triumphed over every battle is related to the Jones family?”

Michael remained doubtful of this.

“It has to be! Look at how frightened Elijah was! Who else could it be?”

“I heard that the God of War has retired and is currently in North Hampton.”

“But how is the God of War related to us though?” Michael frowned.

“Grandpa, you forgot about Uncle Anson!” Tyler reminded him.

Michael had seven children, and his youngest son, Anson, had joined the armed forces at a young age.

It was said that he was part of the special forces and his role was shrouded in secrecy.

He had not returned home for five years.

He was only allowed to call his family once a year, mostly to reassure them that he was still alive.

The rest of the family had given up on Anson and had not expected him to contribute much to the family.

However, they did not expect him to be related to the God of War!

This was indeed a great surprise to the Jones family!

“That’s right! Anson told us last year that he was a part of the God of War’s Iron Brigade! I didn’t tell you guys this because it was a state secret. Being part of the Iron Brigade means that he reports directly to the God of War. He might be a general for all we know! The God of War must have stepped in for Anson’s sake!”

If the God of War himself helped Anson out, this must mean that he’s holding a very high rank!

Michael was overjoyed when he thought of that.

“The Jones family has the God of War as our backer! It’s finally time for the Jones family to rise now!”

The rest of the Jones family were thrilled as well.

They had not expected the God of War of Erudia to help the Joneses.

“Anson is the pride and joy of the Jones family! We could all stand to learn from him!” everyone cheered.

On the other hand, Mia remained skeptical.

Something’s wrong. It feels like this has something to do with Levi.

“Where’s Levi?” Michael asked.

“He has probably escaped in the chaos!” someone suggested.

Wales scorned, “Mia, after how you’ve treated him as a relative, he’s fled in the face of danger and abandoned you!”

“No, you don’t understand…” Mia tried to explain.

“You’re no longer allowed to interact with Levi anymore! Otherwise, I won’t let you off!” Michael warned.

He then instructed Wallace, “Inform Levi that he’s now disowned! I, Michael Jones, do not acknowledge him as my grandson and he’s no longer allowed to call himself a part of the Jones family!”

Wallace and the others nodded, “That’s right! Now that the matter with Elijah is settled, he’s no longer of use to us! We won’t let him make use of the name of the Jones family any further!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 704

Three hundred billion in exchange for Elijah’s life.

Levi was in a terribly good mood.

To him, there was an even bigger surprise.

Elijah had placed thirty thousand soldiers for reinforcement outside of South Hampton’s sea.

This was not just a tactic to scare the Jones family, but there really was thirty thousand soldiers.

After locking onto the target, the five Kings of War led the Beasts and attacked Elijah’s troops.

It was a good opportunity to take a look at the progress of the Beasts who had been training for a month.

Under the attack of the Beasts, Elijah’s thirty thousand soldiers were pulverized and had to retreat.

That was how strong the Beasts were!

Each one of them was powerful even when they fought alone.

Hence, when they were grouped together, they were practically undefeatable.

“Mm, the result is not bad.”

Levi smiled with satisfaction.

At this moment, the Joneses had dared to find him.

“What do you want?”

Levi’s faced turned rigid.

Wallace sneered at him. “Levi Garrison, I came to see you for two things.” “Firstly, you have broken our family’s rules. The Joneses will not pursue the incident of breaking the ferule either!”

“Secondly, from now on, you don’t have any relations with the Jones family!” “I hope you will not continue to use the Joneses’ name for your benefits!”

“If it weren’t the need for a scapegoat, the Joneses would have never recognized your identity! Now that things are settled, you’d better know where you stand!”

“A person like you will never have the right to step through the doors of the Jones family!”

“I am telling you now, the God of War is supporting our family! The Joneses will only grow stronger, so trash like you will only pull down the Joneses’ standards!”

“Don’t ever think of stepping foot into the Jones Residence, because you are not worthy!”

The younger Joneses snickered and sneered.

“In the future, if I ever heard you using the Jones family’s name again, I will break all your limbs. You just mark my words!”

Wallace warned him sternly then left with the other Joneses.

Levi shrugged. “How childish!”

Zoey who was on the side, witnessed everything clearly.

Levi was quite pitiful.

He had finally met his relatives, yet he was treated so badly.

“Darling, that identity is not important, what’s so great about the Joneses anyway!”

Zoey comforted Levi.

He nodded, “Yes, it isn’t anything.”

“Darling, don’t worry, with our collective efforts, there will be a day where the Joneses will look up to us with envy!”

Zoey was extremely motivated. She needed to buck up and make Levi exceptional, more so than the Joneses.

Levi smiled.

Honey is the one who cares for me the most.

“Leave it to me! Be it now or in the future, the Joneses are fated to be unworthy!”

Levi made this bold statement with confidence.

The appearance of the Jones family had never affected Levi. Nothing had happened after they left.

After a few days, Levi reached the South City Warzone.

Kirin had some matters to discuss with him and conveniently asked Levi to inspect the Beasts, despite knowing that thirty thousand of Elijah’s soldiers were pulverized by just a mere thousands of them.

They comprised of individuals who were highly skilled in combat and properly trained. Should their military tactics be of standards, the Beasts would be unstoppable.

Seeing the vigor Beasts in training, Levi was very satisfied.

Kirin was Erudia’s best military instructor.

Coupled with a group of elite soldiers, the chemistry was off the charts.

The Beasts shall be the most terrifying regiment!

“There are no flaws! Their assets are all displayed! I am very impressed!”

Levi praised them.

“But what are you here for? It can’t just be for me to observe the results of their training right?”

Levi asked.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 706

“Say it, Tyler.” Michael immediately responded.

“Grandpa, if we want to thank the God of War, he will definitely reject any material gifts. However, I have a better idea to express our gratitude…”

“How about we build a statue of the God of War in South City to show our gratitude!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The moment Tyler finished his sentence, everyone started to applaud.

“Building a statue is a good idea!”

“As expected from my grandson! That’s a good idea!”

Michael cackled.

The God of War will have no reason to reject them if they were to build him a statue of him.

Furthermore, others will know that the relations between the Joneses and the God of War are tightly knitted!

This is simply killing two birds with one stone!

“Since we have decided, we shall build it immediately! Tyler you are in charge of this project!”

Michael commanded.

The Joneses were now showing their gratitude to the God of War with hidden intentions.

“Father, according to rumors, the Western Region Commander-in-chief, Ezra Williamson, will be coming to South City!”

Wallace informed.

“Go! We must welcome him in the Joneses’ name! A person like Ezra Williamson is General of the God of War. We have to welcome him with the utmost respect, and extend goodwill to the God of War!”

Michael made up his mind again.

“Although Anson’s status is still a secret, I have a feeling his rank is close to Ezra Williamson. Anson could very well be a Commander-in-chief for one of the Nine Warzones in the future!”

The Jones family sure had expectations…

Reality however was often cruel, Ezra Williamson was a King of War.

On the other hand, Anson Jones was only a mere First Lieutenant. These two were worlds apart.

News of Ezra Williamson’s visit spread like wildfire.

Even Sylas Whitfield got the news.

Sylas went to Levi feeling a little embarrassed. “Sir, I…I want to apply for leave!”


This stunned Levi.

Sylas was a rigid person, why would she apply for leave?

“Sir, please listen to my explanation. Isn’t Chief Williamson coming? We have all heard of the news, so a few of the retired soldiers wanted to meet up with Chief Williamson. There will be a war retirees’ gathering and I am unable to reject them.”

Sylas was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“Alright, no problem. Your leave is approved. I will be around so there will be nothing to worry about.”

Levi assured her.

“Thank you, Sir!”

Sylas saluted.

She was probably the luckiest bodyguard in the world for a very simple reason.

The great God of War of Erudia had personally covered her shift.

If this news were leaked, the whole world would be shocked beyond belief.

However, that was how things were, and it happened.

Levi chuckled helplessly. “This punk is here to borrow soldiers yet he has stirred such a big commotion! He even made it a bigger deal than me. He should take a page out of Percy’s book!”

In the past when Levi returned to North Hampton, he brought hundreds of fighter jets and a hundred thousand soldiers for a reason.

It was to send a message to the other countries to show that Levi did not leave his post but merely paying a visit to his hometown.

This was to announce to the other nations that he was still the God of War of Erudia.

With that, the other countries or forces that intended to make a move stayed put and stopped harboring the thought of launching an attack on Erudia.

Levi didn’t like such a grand and extravagant entrance.

However, he had no choice but to do it that way.

Sylas had just left when Tim’s secretary, Sean, visited personally.

“Mr…Mr. Garrison, Mr. Cronan sent me to see you. There was something he wishes to discuss.”

Sean trembled slightly as he said.

“What’s the matter?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 705

Kirin sighed, “I don’t know how Ezra Williamson found out, but he knows I am training the Beasts! He was rather envious and wants to borrow the Beasts to test them out!”

“I am the one who trains my soldiers. If there is any tests, I will be to one to do them personally! Who is he to test them!” Kirin exasperated.

Levi chuckled.

These people are so interesting.

We are one unit, there is no need to be so calculative.

As for how he found out?

The news of the Beasts bashing Elijah’s troops had probably leaked out.

“That’s your business, I don’t care!”

Levi declared.

“The problem is not me, if Ezra Williamson were to personally come down and make a request, I will have no choice but to agree to his request!”

Levi smirked, “For now, the Western Region is still considered the front line. Ezra has it hard too, so I will lend him the Beasts for now.”

The news of the Western Region Commander-in-chief, a tiger on the battlefield, Ezra coming to South City was leaked unintentionally.

In no time, there were many prepared to welcome him.

Famous tycoons were all ready to butter up Ezra.

Since they could not contact the God of War, getting connected with the Western Region Commander-in-chief was not a bad idea.

He had also achieved many great feats and was an invincible God of War.

In addition, Tim had swiftly settled the three hundred billion that came easily.

It would be used for the development for the whole of Quebec.

This was a huge sum!

It would also be used to formulate corresponding policies!

Once the news had spread, Quebec and many neighboring cities’ big enterprises and families developed a deep interest.

Even South Hampton’s Jones family had received the news.

They knew better than anyone the origin of the three hundred billion.

Out of the three, one hundred billion was from the Joneses.

The Jones family was rather sore about it.

“Our Jones family must get an investment project, and even keep a foothold in Quebec!”

Michael Jones commanded.

“The reason is simple. One hundred billion belongs to our Jones family, you all try to get as many projects as possible to recover our losses!”

“The God of War is also interested in the development of Quebec, if we do well; we can earn points in his favor.”

Michael analyzed.

“We have understood your intentions!”

In the past, the Joneses had no interests in the small Quebec.

However, because of the God of War they had to try their best to make their presence known.

“During this period, I am prepared to use the Joneses’ reputation to invite the God of War, and express our gratitude to him personally!”

Michael had already conjured a plan in his head.

“Grandpa, are we able to invite the God of War? I have checked but he has rejected every single invitation from countless reputable families!”

Tyler voiced his dilemma.

“Are we even similar to them? My son is a General in the military, the right-hand man of the God of War! Regardless of all the circumstances, the God of War has to meet us!”

Michael said smugly.

After the incident of Elijah, he thought that his son, Anson Jones, was definitely on par with a King of War.

Little did he know, Anson was only the First Lieutenant in the army.

If one were to go by military ranks, he could only dream of meeting Levi.

“Haha, that’s true! The God of War is the backer of the Jones family. There is no reason for him to turn down the meeting!”

With that said, everyone in the Jones family was excited.

Ever since they came back, they ran amuck in South Hampton.

They answered to no one.

With the support from the God of War, there was no one they should be afraid of?

Now, inviting the God of War was all for the progression of the Joneses.

“Grandpa! I have an idea!” Tyler Jones chimed.

Tyler Jones chimed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 707

“Mr. Cronan said that you’ll be fully in charge of the investment of the three hundred billion, Mr. Garrison,” said Sean Zucker.

“Why?” asked Levi curiously.

“Because once the policy was passed, tens of businesses have come to pay Mr. Cronan a visit. They’re all successful entrepreneurs from South City and have done a lot for the development of the city. It’d be too difficult for Mr. Cronan to reject their requests. So in order to avoid any controversy and to be completely impartial, he’s decided to hand over the matter to you,” explained Sean.

Levi gave it some thought before answering. “Very well. I’ve got some free time on my hands recently anyway, so I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Garrison. Please let us know if you need anything.”

Soon enough, all news outlets were reporting that the person in charge of the three hundred billion investment project had changed hands and was now being handled by Mr. Garrison.

This news immediately drew the interest of plenty of entrepreneurs across South City.

This of course also included the Black family. They weren’t going to let such a great opportunity slip through their fingers.

The Blacks gathered everyone for a meeting, including Zoey.

“This is the perfect chance for us Blacks! Our family has been stagnant for the past few years, so it’ll be great if we can just get our hands on a few of these projects.”

Meredith’s eyes scanned across the crowd. “So, everyone needs to work hard to get us as many projects as possible! Oh, and I’m counting on you especially, Zoey!”

“I’m sorry, Grandma. But our company won’t be in the run for any projects this time.”

With the number of resources and funds the Morris Group had, they didn’t need to get involved in the competition at all.

“But you need to think for the Black family. What Grandma is saying is for you to acquire some projects on behalf of us,” insisted Meredith.

“I’m afraid that’ll be a little difficult, Grandma. I can’t bid for those projects using my company but if I use my own, it will be very tough.”

Zoey didn’t want to use the company’s resources for personal matters.

Meredith’s face darkened. “Frankly, I don’t care.”

“We should give Zoey a mission that she can’t refuse. After all, remember she insists on marrying Levi Garrison?” chimed Jennie.

Meredith’s eyes widened at Jennie’s reminder. “That’s right! Zoey, here’s your mission! You have to get us a project worth at least fifty billion!”

“Why are you forcing this on me, Grandma?” asked Zoey couldn’t seem to understand.

“Because… you want to get married to Levi, don’t you? None of us Blacks support this marriage of yours. But as long as you get us a project worth fifty billion, then neither we nor your parents will stop you. Otherwise, as long as we’re around, you can forget about marrying Levi!” asserted Meredith firmly.


Zoey froze to the spot.

She thought that the Black family would be better than the Lopez family. But as it turned out, they were all the same.

They all treated her as if she were nothing but their pawn; a tool to be used.

With such massive profits tempting them, they didn’t even care if their demands were unreasonable.

“Don’t worry. With your resources, this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. Moreover, I’ll be helping you too. I’ll get in contact with the person-in-charge as soon as possible,” smiled Logan.

Zoey looked at the people around her. “Grandma, I won’t agree to this! Why do I have to do this?”

“Fine, you can turn me down. But you can kiss your plans to marry Levi goodbye as long as I’m alive. I swear I’ll do whatever it takes to stop you!” seethed Meredith.

Everyone else in the Black family had the same attitude too.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 708

The Black family didn’t want to let this opportunity slip past them, but they didn’t exactly have the capabilities to grab on any projects.

Zoey, on the other hand, was different.

She had the Morris Group backing her. In fact, as long as she wanted to, it wouldn’t even be that difficult for her to get her hands on a few of the bigger projects.

Besides, if Zoey didn’t succeed, they would then have the perfect excuse to keep Zoey and Levi apart.

After that, they could just find a better man for Zoey and marry her off into a rich, aristocratic family.

Either way, it was a win-win situation for the Blacks.

“Zoey, you have to understand that this is the best move for you and your parents,” said Robert.

“I have given your father an executive position at Black Corporation. As for your mother, I’ve also pulled some strings to have her transferred to one of the top hospitals here in South City, and she’s even been appointed as the head of her department. So they are both very supportive of this plan,” explained Meredith.

Zoey looked at the people in front of her. “So what you’re saying is, as long as I successfully land a project worth at least fifty billion, then none of you will meddle in my relationship with Levi anymore?”

“That’s right! And we promise to keep up our end of the bargain. Even your parents will have no further say,” nodded Meredith.

“Alright. I’ll agree then,” conceded Zoey.

For the sake of her relationship with Levi, she needed to give it a try.

Later that day, after Zoey returned to the company, she immediately started looking into everything concerning the investment conference.

Her secretary came up to her. “Ms. Lopez, even though the investment conference is organized by South City, the person-in-charge isn’t actually someone from here. It’s rumored that they are completely impartial, and that they’ll award the projects to the best applicants.”

“It’s good to hear that such a person is in charge. Otherwise some of the bigger conglomerates and rich families would have split the majority of the projects amongst themselves.”

Zoey’s eyes were shining. This was undeniably good news for her. It meant that she would have a better chance of succeeding.

Right then, Levi walked in. He had dropped by to see her.

“You look troubled. What’s wrong?” asked Levi.

Zoey told Levi about the mission the Blacks had forced upon her.

“A project worth fifty billion? That’s easy. And here I thought you were worried about something unfeasible,” chuckled Levi.

He was the person in charge so all the decisions were going to be made by him.

So, like he said, it was literally easy enough.

That being said, he wasn’t actually worried about the threat from the Blacks or Zoey’s parents to keep them apart.

He just found it troublesome.

If Zoey’s family was going to cause problems for them at every turn, then it was going to be pretty annoying.

So it would be best if everything could be taken care of in one go.

Zoey stared at him with her eyes wide. “Huh? Easy? I’m talking about a project worth fifty billion here. Not to mention I’m not bidding for the project using Morris Group but personally. This is so hard that it’s nearly impossible!”

“Why’re you so stressed out? Just one word from me, and you’ll get your project,” grinned Levi.

“You’re not going to pester the boss of Morris Group again, are you? I’ve just asked Iris, and she said that the boss isn’t involved with any of this. So do you still have a way?” asked Zoey.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 709

“Just relax. You’ll get your project soon enough. However, you should suggest to the Black family that even though the project will land in their laps, you should still be the one who’s in charge,” stated Levi.

Zoey found herself unable to look away from Levi.

It was as if he had some superpower. Each time he stated something or made a claim, her problems would always just resolve magically on their own.

If she didn’t know better, she’d think that he was the one taking care of things for her.

However, this time she couldn’t bring herself to believe him, especially when the boss of Morris Group wasn’t going to help him out.

Thus, she was very curious to see just what Levi would do.

Levi noticed the doubt in her eyes, but he didn’t say anything more on the matter.

He decided he would just go ahead and delegate a project to her during the investment conference.

Recently, there were two major events that were keeping South City abuzz. The first was the investment conference, and the second was the arrival of Ezra Williamson from the Western Region.

When Ezra made a big show of his upcoming arrival to South City, Levi immediately knew what he was up to.

Soon enough, Levi received a call from Ezra.

“Ezra, you rascal. You’re trying to pull one over on your enemies by being so high-profile, aren’t you?”

Ezra chuckled. “I really can’t get anything past you, boss! Our Warzone had been battling Wheldrake, and it has been particularly difficult to break through their defense line. So I’m being intentionally loud with my whereabouts to attract their attention. Once the Beasts join us, I can then circle back and catch them by surprise,” grinned Ezra sheepishly.

This was the main reason why Ezra wanted everyone to know that he was going to return to South City.

“Looks like you’ve learned well from me.”

“Aww, shucks, boss! I still have a lot more to learn from you,” said Ezra humbly.

“I’ll see you soon then!” Levi was quite eager to see Ezra too. He was not only one of his soldiers, but was like a brother to him too.

“Hehe! By the way, I have a present for you, boss. I’ve gotten quite a few goodies from Wheldrake,” grinned Ezra.

“Oh? As long as it’s not women from Wheldrake!”

“Haha! Then what kind of women do you want, boss? Just say the word and I’ll grab you a dozen!”

If Sylas ever found out that the Chief she revered so much was actually such a person, she’d probably be shocked speechless.

At the end of the day, once Levi, Ezra, and the rest of these ruthless warriors removed their armor, they were still just ordinary people.

They were someone else’s son, and some were even a father to others.

But they donned their military uniforms and braved the frontlines just to protect this land.

It was because of heroic people like them that others had the chance to lead a peaceful life.

Speaking of Sylas, she had gone off to join a veterans’ gathering. Unexpectedly, Levi had also received an invitation as a guest.

It was mainly the comrades from when he first joined the military.

But they lost touch once Levi was reassigned to another squad, so none of them knew of his real identity.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 710

Those veterans had found out that Levi was in South City, so they sent him an invitation too.

When Levi saw what the invitation was, he decided to attend it at all cost.

At that moment, the veterans’ gathering had started.

Most of the men there were retired soldiers from the Western Region. They had all once been elite warriors on the battlefield.

However, there were also some “less elite” veterans among them. They were ones who had never done much during their military careers but somehow kept collecting military medals left and right.

This gathering was not only attended by those from the Western Region but there were also some who came from other Warzones that Sylas had never met before.

Now that they were all gathered together, the most common topic of conversation was their current jobs.

A number of them had changed careers and gone on to other fields, but the majority had continued to work as bodyguards or security personnel.

One major point of interest for the gathering was Sylas.

There were actually quite a few other females around, but Sylas was arguably the prettiest out of the bunch. Especially now that she had dressed up, she looked as beautiful as any celebrity out there.

Naturally, a lot of the men there were interested in her.

When they were in the military then, none of them dared to mess with this warrior princess.

But things were different now.

“Sylas, I heard that you’re currently employed as a personal bodyguard?”

“That’s right,” nodded Sylas.

“How’s the pay? I’m guessing it’s at least seven or eight hundred thousand?”

“I was lucky enough to find a good employer. My salary is about ten million plus a house and a car,” answered Sylas candidly.


Everyone stared at her in disbelief.

Hearing the salary alone was enough to stun the crowd into silence.

This also startled the men who were previously interested in her. They had to reconsider things now that she suddenly seemed out of their league.

“Sylas, is your boss still hiring? We’re all available!”

“Sure, I can ask.”

With that, Sylas stepped outside and gave Levi a call to check with him.

“Actually, I was just thinking about forming a first-class security team, so I am indeed hiring.”

Levi already had such a thought in his mind when he decided to attend the veterans’ gathering. Now that Sylas had called him for this same reason, it was as if it was meant to be.

Sylas went back in and told the men that her boss would be personally coming over to do the selection and hiring.

This news undoubtedly thrilled them.

As time went on, more and more people arrived at the gathering.

There were veterans from all over, including those from the North, East, and South.

Altogether, there were more than one hundred veterans in attendance.

When everyone was seated, the conversation somehow turned into a bragging competition.

Those from the North laid it on especially thick, and wouldn’t stop boasting about their military achievements.

“Back then, the three of us managed to infiltrate the enemy’s command post, and we were all given first-class merits. Our whole company was also awarded a third-class merit thanks to us.”

“And don’t forget when the whole regiment lost their base, but our company managed to secure ours successfully. That was because of our effort too, and we were awarded yet another first-class merit!”

“Our whole military career actually was quite boring. We only just got two first-class merits, five second-class merits, and eight third-class merits. That’s all.”

And as if their words weren’t enough, they even started to lay out all those military medals on the table.

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