The Return of God of War Chapter 671-680

The Return of the God of War Chapter 671

Everyone was stunned beyond words.
As it turned out, the God of War did not take them seriously at all, to begin with, and he had long had a plan ready to deal with them.
“God of War, we’re ready to receive your punishment!” Grover responded.
“Very well. Brom now on you guys are only allowed to carry out legal business!”
“We can do that!”
“You guys are not allowed to kill recklessly!”
“We can do that!”
“On the other hand, I want a share of your business profit to fund the military expense, and you have to do that every year from now on. Are you okay with that?”
“I’m okay!”
Grover agreed without hesitation.
Levi glanced at the martial arts masters of the union and commented, “All of you here are abusing your talents by using it to bully people who aren’t physically trained. Don’t you guys feel ashamed of that? You guys should’ve just joined the frontline to defend the country! It will be a waste of your talent to stay here doing nothing!”
“All men in Erudia should be men of indomitable spirits whose priority is contributing to the country. This applies even more so for all of you here who possess immense talent!”
Everyone glanced at one another dazedly as they slowly began to understand what Levi’s plan was all about.
Firstly, he wanted them to surrender all the dirty money they had earned over the years to fund the army.
Secondly, he wanted all of the martial arts masters to join the army and contribute to the country.
“Are you guys not willing to do that?” Levi questioned them with a smile.
“We’re willing to join the army!”
“In fact, I’m getting tired of this quiet life I’ve been leading! I should have joined the army sooner to defend my country!”
“Yes, I should use my talent at the right place!”
Levi’s words received a positive response from them.
In fact, some among them did not think that joining the army a great idea, but in the presence of the God of War, they had no choice but to agree.
Excitement was surging in Levi’s blood when he stared at the crowd of martial arts masters in front of him.
He started picturing a troop formed by them and what sort of effect that would have.
He was sure they would be invincible!
They would be undefeatable especially in carrying out ambushes and invasions.
Since every single one of them possessed their own unique skill, he believed they would be able to dominate the battlefield.
Right at that moment, the war at the country’s south border happened to be in a critical situation.
If he dispatched a troop consisting of the members of the Southern Union there, he was sure they would be able to make a huge difference.
This had been his plan all along.
“Since every one of you has agreed to join the army, I’ll start briefing you guys about what’s next!” “I’ll line you guys up and form a troop with the name of ‘Beasts’, and I’ll be the direct commander of it.”
“You guys are to gather at the South Warzone tomorrow where each and every one of you will go through a special training!” “During the training, you guys will be helped to get rid of your bad habits and will gain military knowledge to become a better soldier!” Levi announced.
Although these guys were talented, they were still amateurish.
Hence, he would entrust Kirin with the duty of transforming them into an invincible troop.
“Understood!” all of them shouted in unison.
The thought of becoming soldiers directly under the command of the God of War had never occurred to any of them.
Even those who were unwilling to join the army just now started counting themself lucky because they had landed the dream job for many of the male population within the country.
On the other hand, Levi did not compel the Four Kings and the Six Slaves into joining him, because after all, they worked directly for Grover.
At the same time, he needed to count on them to generate more profit to fund his army.
Just like that, Southern Union was tamed by Levi in the most unexpected fashion.
After getting it done, Levi returned to the office appearing as though nothing much had taken place.
To his surprise, Zoey came to visit him.
“Can we talk?”
It was only reasonable for her to be suspicious of the things that had happened so fast lately.
Hence, she saw the need to ask for an explanation from Levi.
When she arrived at his room, she confronted him, “Levi Garrison, how many more secrets are you hiding from me?”
The air was charged with tension in an instant.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 672

Levi answered her with a smile, “I’m not hiding anything from you.”
“You aren’t being truthful to me. What happened last night? Why did the man who protected me ask Sylas to meet you?”
“There’s something very suspicious with the things that happened lately because you seemed to be able to resolve all problems that came your way.”
“I reckon you must have got something to do with everything.” Zoey suddenly raised her voice at him.
“Did you really spend the past few years in jail? Why do I find it so unconvincing?” she pressed on.
In fact, Levi had left enough traces behind after doing things for Zoey to discern if she paid enough attention to it.
Things had become especially obvious after Hades revealed plenty of stuff the previous night when he accidentally blurted out the location of the headquarter.
“Zoey, what’re the two of you discussing?”
At that juncture, Iris suddenly pushed the door open and interrupted their conversation.
“Huh? Nothing too important. What’s up, Iris?” Zoey asked, looking surprised by her visit.
“Oh… I was just thinking – since I’ve finished with the task at North Hampton, I’ll move here where all the important work will be done,” Iris explained.
“By the way, there’s something important that I have to share with you, Zoey. The boss of the Morris Group will reveal himself by making a public appearance soon!”
Upon hearing what she said, Zoey started getting excited about it too. She was very curious to see how that mysterious man actually looked. Not only that, but she also wanted to learn about the reason he had been so willing to help Levi and her on so many occasions before.
“Levi, have you met him before? He told everyone that he is going to make a public appearance at your wedding ceremony!” Iris asked.
“Say what?!”
Zoey, too, eyed Levi with astonishment right after Iris posed him that question.
In fact, she had been suspecting Levi of having a close relationship with the boss of the Morris Group.
Now, what Iris said just cemented her speculation.
Levi nodded at her and replied, “Yes, we kinda know each other.”
“Please tell me what kind of a man he’s like!” Iris requested.
“I think I should keep it a secret for the time being. You will be able to make a judgment yourself on the day of our wedding ceremony!” Levi responded.
Iris went speechless; Zoey and she both glared at him resentfully.
Morris Group had officially ventured its business in South City. Besides, with the help of Oriental Star Group, the company managed to build a solid foundation in the city, which made work easier for Iris.
Therefore, she was able to enjoy the leisure days to follow.
At the same time, the preparation for Levi and Zoey’s wedding ceremony had been ongoing in an orderly manner.
The preparation mainly centered on the renovation and construction of their family home.
In the meantime, the business of Morris Group was heading on the right track to slowly replace the electrical products produced by Triple Group in the market with their own.
Products like smartphones and laptops produced by the company were ready to be released to the market.
On the other hand, two movies and a drama produced exquisitely by Oriental Star Group were about to be aired soon, too.
Helena Engler, as well as other celebrities, were hired to be the ambassadors for the electrical products of Morris Group.
The future looked bright as the businesses in different fields were benefitting one another.
In the meantime, Levi had been spending every single day enjoying tea and smoking because he knew all he had to do was to reveal his identity at the wedding ceremony.
As for Zoey and Iris, they preferred to focus their attention on the business instead of making the effort to care about what he did.
With the two hardcore businesswomen around, Levi would have a comfortable life without the need to do anything.
One day, Abigail visited him all of a sudden.
“What are you doing here?” Levi asked her in consternation.
“I’m going to start my internship soon!” Abigail replied with excitement.
“Why don’t you just intern in North Hampton? There are so many more companies there than in South City,” Levi said.
Abigail glimpsed at him and countered, “Of course, I have to come here because you’re not staying in North Hampton.”
“Eh? What has it got to do with me?” Levi looked puzzled and resigned.
“Someone at school told me that you’ve divorced Zoey. Is that true?”
“Yes, it is.”
“If that’s the case, can I start dating you now?”
Levi went speechless in response.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 673

As soon as he heard Abigail’s answer, Levi spurted out the entire mouthful of tea he just drank.
“What’s wrong with that? Why can’t I date you now that you’re single after the divorce?”
Abigail stared at him confusedly.
Levi responded with a smile, “I’m indeed single, but I think you should get Zoey’s permission first before asking me out.”
“Well, I’ll do that now!”
Abigail left after that.
When she was in North Hampton, she was so thrilled to hear about Levi’s divorce that she actually lost some sleep for several nights because of that.
She couldn’t wait to make her way over to South City so she could start dating Levi!
Finally, her golden opportunity came.
She immediately visited Levi when it was time for her to do her internship.
Zoey was having a business discussion with Iris when Abigail visited her room.
“Abigail, how come you’re here? What’s the matter?” she questioned with a trace of astonishment in her voice.
“Yes, I have a question for you!”
Abigail spoke with a poker-faced expression.
“Let me give you girls some space.” With that, Iris prepared to leave the room.
“Iris, you may stay.”
Then, Abigail looked at Zoey and asked, “Zoey, are you and Levi divorced?”
“Yes. I even received the certificate of it.”
“Since both of you are single now, may I ask him out?”
Her question came as such a shock for both Zoey and Iris that their eyes widened in disbelief.
Is this girl crazy? I can’t believe she’s going to ask Levi out.
That was what both of them were secretly thinking at that time.
“Abigail, are you serious?”
Zoey staggered backward as she asked Abigail in a quivering voice.
Abigail nodded at her and affirmed, “I’m serious! I think he’s a nice guy who fits most of the requirements of my ideal man. Since he’s single now, I’m going to ask him out!”
Iris bit her lips in anxiety.
At that moment, she found herself resonating with Abigail because she, too, thought Levi was a nice guy.
Ever since he had saved her life that night, she had changed her views on him.
Yet, Zoey snapped with a crease on her forehead, “No, you can’t do that!”
“Huh?” Abigail appeared puzzled.
“Zoey, why can’t I? I mean, he’s single now!”
“Even though we’ve divorced, he’s still your brother-in-law! It’s inappropriate of you to date him, and it’s weird! Also, you should really focus on your studies since you’re still a student,” Zoey spoke sternly.
“I’m no longer a kid because I’m graduating soon. Besides, I have the right to ask him out as long as he’s single. Now that you are no longer his wife, you have no authority to stop me from dating him!”
Abigail looked determined.
No one could stop her from doing things that she had set her mind to!
Seeing how resolute she appeared, Zoey let out a sigh.
Why didn’t I notice Abby had a thing for Levi back then?
How on earth did she fall in love with him?
“Zoey, I’ll ask him out if you can’t give me any valid reason,” Abigail vowed.
Zoey struggled to come up with an answer.
Fortunately, Iris came to her rescue. “Abigail, the truth is, someone else from your family filed for the divorce on their behalf. In fact, Zoey and Levi are still together now, and they will remarry each other soon. In fact, Levi’s been busy organizing a wedding ceremony for your sister lately! That’s to say they aren’t divorcing each other!”
“Say what?”
The moment Abigail learned about the truth, she fixed an incredulous gaze at Zoey.
Things went so tense and awkward that Zoey dreaded to even meet her eyes.
Abigail stormed out of the door with tears dribbling down her face.
Because of the misunderstanding, things went rather awkward between the three of them.
After the incident, both Zoey and Levi decided not to go out and search for her.
However, a mishap befell Abigail when the night fell.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 674

After their awkward encounter, Levi and Zoey didn’t go out and search for Abigail, preferring to give her some space.
However, when night fell, there was still no news from Abigail.
She hadn’t gone back to her house, and the people at her usual haunts reported that they hadn’t seen her all day.
She seemed to have disappeared without a trace.
The Black family was thrown into chaos.
“Abigail told us she’s coming back today. Why isn’t she answering her phone, and why is there no trace of her anywhere? Did something happen to her?
Bailey and Pamela were so frightened that they burst into tears.
Beside them, Meredith and Robert broke out in cold sweat.
Zoey was so anxious that she was nearly crying.
“This is all my fault…” she murmured, silently castigating herself.
She would never forgive herself if something had really happened to Abigail.
Iris tried to calm her down. “This has nothing to do with you. Nobody would have thought that Abigail’s crush on Levi was real…”
Zoey let out a series of miserable sighs.
When Levi caught wind of the fact that Abigail was missing, he immediately sent his men out on a city-wide search for her.
The whole city was on the lookout for the missing girl.
Levi felt extremely guilty. This would never have happened if he hadn’t sent Abigail to look for Zoey.
How was he to know that Abigail was truly in love with himself?
She was really in love with him…
If something had happened to Abigail, he would never be able to forgive himself.
Unknown to everyone, Abigail was currently drinking herself silly in a private bar.
After the sadness of the day’s events, she had gathered a few of her friends from high school and headed to the bar to drink her woes away.
After drinking the entire night away, Abigail was completely drunk.
If it hadn’t been for her friends who had held her back, she would have been wasted a long time ago.
At that moment, however, a few more ex-classmates arrived to join their little group. They were all muscular and built, and the average height between them seemed to be roughly 1.9 meters.
They had been in the same class as Abigail in high school and were now studying in sports schools.
Upon hearing that Abigail had drunk herself silly in a bar, they quickly came over.
Their leader was a man named Drake Lindon. He had developed a huge crush on Abigail in high school.
He had been the school bully back then and had used to force himself upon whichever girl he happened to fancy.
However, he had never dared to lay his hands on Abigail, the Black family’s precious daughter.
When it came to Abigail, he could only try to woo her like a respectable suitor.
However, she had rejected him in the end.
It had been many years since, but Drake still hadn’t gotten over the idea of luring her into his bed.
When he found out that Abigail was drinking in a bar, he had took off for the bar immediately.
Seeing her lovely, intoxicated figure, Drake felt a strong rush of excitement.
Abigail, you won’t be able to escape from me tonight!
Drake knew that, for all her scandalous drinking habits, Abigail was an exceedingly conservative person.
If he got her to sleep with him, Abigail would have no choice but to marry him.
When that happened, Drake would become the son-in-law of the Rogers, the most prestigious family in North Hampton, and the Blacks.
Thinking about this drove him nearly crazy with desire.
Turning to Abigail, he said, “Abigail, let’s drink until we’re drunk tonight!”
He poured her a drink.
Try as they might, the girls couldn’t hold him back.
What Abigail needed most now was wine to drown her sorrows in. Drake managed to convince her to down a few more glasses of wine until she passed out completely.
Drake had already booked the hotel room in advance. Now, all he needed to do was to find a way to bring her there.
While that was going on in the bar, a manhunt for Abigail Rogers was happening in South City.
The disciples of the underworld and the Southern Union were combing the entire city for any sign of the missing girl.
Phoenix and Russell had joined the search, too.
At that moment, Levi received a lead from Derek. “Mr. Garrison, my men have found her. She’s currently at Majesty Private Bar.”
Hearing this, Levi made his way to Majesty Private Bar immediately.
At the bar, Drake had grown tired of waiting. Trying to get everyone to leave, he announced, “We’ve all been drinking too much. Everyone, take your friends home first. I’ll send Abigail back to her house.”
A few of the girls tried to protest. “No, we’ll send her back home!”
Drake glowered angrily at them. “Trying to go up against me, aren’t you? I already said I’ll send her home!”
The girls could only watch helplessly as Drake led a drunk Abigail towards the exit.
Just as Drake was about to drag her out of the door, someone gave the door a kick, and it flew open with a loud crash.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 675

A man walked into the room, a stormy expression on his face.
Without a single word, Levi walked over to Abigail and picked her up in his arms before leaving the room.
Levi had acted so quickly that Drake and his cronies had no time to react until he had already disappeared out of the door.
When they recovered from their shock, they immediately dashed out of the room and caught up to Levi and Abigail.
Accosting them in the front yard of the bar, Drake and his men surrounded them to stop them from leaving.
Drake bellowed, “Who the hell are you? Where do you think you’re going with this girl?”
He was very angry indeed. He had already arranged for a hotel room beforehand and had successfully managed to make Abigail drink herself drunk after a great deal of effort.
However, this stranger had thrown a wrench in his plans by whisking Abigail away right under his nose.
To Drake, this was intolerable.
Levi was undeterred. “Don’t test my patience,” he warned. “I’m not in a very good mood right now.”
He didn’t want to start a fight with these kids.
Drake refused to back down. “Tell me who you are! And put that girl down—she’s my ex-classmate!”
His cronies glared at Levi, preparing to strike.
“I’m her brother-in-law, and I’m here to pick her up,” Levi replied, completely nonplussed.
“Huh?” Drake was so shocked that he felt rather dazed.
This man was Abigail’s family member?
If that was true, there was no way Drake’s plans were going to succeed!
However, he wasn’t about to let go of this golden opportunity so easily.
He had to succeed in getting Abigail into bed with him!
Foolishly, Drake bellowed, “Abigail’s brother-in-law? I’ve never heard of you! Put her down right now and get out of my sight immediately!”
Levi scoffed. “Get out of my way! I don’t want to hurt you guys.”
Hearing this, Drake burst into laughter.
He was specially trained in mixed martial arts and wrestling at school.
There was nobody he couldn’t beat in a fight.
Did this man seriously think that he was going to be able to defeat him?
How laughable!
Drake tried again. “Put her down immediately! We have to guarantee her safety.”
To his chagrin, Levi simply ignored him and walked away with Abigail still in his arms.
Thoroughly annoyed by now, Drake roared at his men, “After him!”
Because Drake and his cronies were all from sports schools, they were pretty confident that they would be able to take down Levi in a fight. They rushed towards him, preparing to strike him down.
At that moment, a loud bang sounded as the gates of the main entrance collapsed.
A crowd of people rushed into the yard. All of them looked tall and threatening, and some of them were even armed with weapons.
Very quickly, the entire yard filled up as hundreds more people flooded in through the broken gates.
The number of people in the yard continued increasing without any sign of stopping. More reinforcements were waiting to enter outside.
This flurry of activity sent Drake into a panic.
Had these people been summoned by Abigail’s brother-in-law?
Levi announced coldly, “Take care not to kill them.”
“Beat them up now!”
A few hundred people dashed up to Drake and his men and surrounded them. The people in the innermost ring of the circle started beating them up without mercy.
Levi carried Abigail all the way home, where he and Zoey watched over her the entire night.
The next morning, Zoey left before Abigail woke up. Before she stepped out of the room, however, she instructed Levi to stay behind.
“You must make your intentions clear to her!” she said.
She didn’t want Abigail to do anything so silly again.
When Abigail finally woke up, the first thing she saw was Levi’s face.
“Levi, you…” Her words trailed off awkwardly as she didn’t know what to say.
Levi asked gently, “Do you know what happened to you yesterday night?”
“I think I drank a little too much…” Abigail replied sheepishly, massaging her throbbing head.
Levi pretended to be angry and said, “In the future, you’re not allowed to drink outside, or have your phone switched off! Even if you wanted to drink your sorrows away, there was no reason for you to behave like that. Do you know how worried the whole family was? You put yourself in so much danger yesterday night!”
Abigail laughed to hide her awkwardness. “Drinking my sorrows away? I hope you and Zoey didn’t take yesterday’s matter too seriously. I was just joking! I can’t believe the both of you actually believed me.”
“Good. In the future, listen to us and keep yourself out of trouble!” Levi said, smiling.
Abigail nodded.
The next moment, however, there was a swoosh of blankets, and Abigail had thrown her arms around him.
Levi froze and looked at her in disbelief.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 676

Too afraid to move, he remained completely still. “What—what are you doing?”
“Stop talking! Let me hug you for just ten minutes. For these few minutes, you belong to me.”
Hearing this, Levi stopped himself from breaking free of her grasp. He simply stood still and let her hug him silently.
After ten minutes, Abigail let go of him.
That very day, Abigail left South City for her internship in South Hampton.
Both South City or North Hampton contained her memories of Levi, and she needed to leave them behind for a while.
In the end, the three parties involved wrapped up the incident with a laugh.
However, all of them knew exactly what had gone on in Abigail’s heart.
With the help of the Black family, Abigail arrived at her lodgings in one of the five-star hotels of South Hampton.
When she walked into the lobby, however, she immediately heard someone mention Levi’s name.
Immediately, she stopped in her tracks and listened to their conversation intently.
A few people were chatting on the sofas nearby.
“Are you sure? Is he really called Levi Garrison?”
“Yes! This man was adopted by the Garrison family of North Hampton. He was an orphan before that.”
“He has been missing since he was a kid. I can’t believe they finally found him in North Hampton! They actually found the kid!”
“Exactly! I only heard about this recently because the Gates and the Caesars have gone down to South City to make trouble again…”

Hearing this, a rush of excitement coursed through Abigail’s veins.
Are they talking about my brother-in-law’s birth family?
Are Levi’s birth parents and family in South Hampton?
Although Abigail had known for a long time that Levi was an orphan, nobody had ever mentioned his birth family to her.
She couldn’t believe that she had discovered such an important piece of information about him in South Hampton.
She wondered if she should call Levi and inform him.
However, after deliberating on it for a long time, she decided not to tell him.
After all, she had already made up her mind to forget him. It would be best if she refrained from contacting Levi for the time being.
The Edburg Manor in South Hampton had been built in an architectural style that was distinctly German. Within it, stately villas stood like trees in a forest.
This was the family home of the Joneses, who were one of the royal families in South Hampton.
The Joneses were one of the few clans that had actually earned their position. They were much more powerful than the average aristocratic family.
Even members of the Gates family had to humble themselves before the Joneses.
Their enormous wealth alone wasn’t enough to illustrate the massive scale of their achievements and power.
Like the other royal families, the Joneses understood the importance of having family members in every sector of society ranging from the business world to politics to the military.
Only by extending the sphere of their influence in society could they maintain their powerful position for generations to come.
When it came to their offspring, things became even more complicated. Determined to ensure the proliferation of their clan, the Joneses men left their seed everywhere they went.
At that moment, someone dashed into Edburg Manor, yelling as he went. “Bad news, Mr. Jones, bad news!”
The head of the Jones family, Michael Jones, was seated in the drawing room, his legs crossed like a Turk. He was sipping tea slowly, his brows furrowed in deep thought.
Recently, the Joneses had encountered a difficult issue. As powerful as he was, even Michael was unable to find a solution for it.
A dark cloud hung over the entire Jones family as everyone wondered how the matter was going to be resolved.
Hearing the loud yells of the man, Michael frowned in disapproval.
The housekeeper beside him hissed angrily, “Who’s that making such a racket? How utterly disgraceful!”
Very quickly, the person had arrived in the drawing room. Kneeling before Michael, he said, “Mr. Jones, I’ve discovered something of utmost importance!”
Michael looked up from his teacup and gazed directly at the man. “Well, what have you discovered?”
“Do you still remember Miss Emma’s son? The one who was called Levi!”
Hearing this, Michael shot up from his seat. His bulging eyes were full of disbelief.
Utterly shocked, he demanded, “What do you mean by Emma’s son? Didn’t he die of exposure on the streets a long time ago? How is he still alive?”
The man replied, “He’s still alive! After he was abandoned in the streets of North Hampton, the Garrison family took him in and raised him as their own. When I went down to South City to investigate the conflict between the Gates and the Caesars, I coincidentally discovered that he’s still living there. He’s still alive, Sir!”
“So my grandson is still alive?” Michael asked, bewildered.
Levi Garrison was the son of Emma Jones.
That made Michael his maternal grandfather!
“Send our men down to fetch him back quickly!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 677

Hearing Michael’s urgent demand, the man replied immediately, “Got it, Mr. Jones. I’ll send our men to find him now!”
After he left, the housekeeper walked up to Michael and said, “Mr. Jones, if Levi Garrison is truly Miss Emma’s son, there’s an idea I’d like to propose.”
Michael understood her words immediately. Rather nonplussed, he said, “Do you mean that Levi can help resolve our family’s problem?”
The housekeeper smiled and said, “Exactly! If he comes back and claims his place among us, we can simply make him accept the punishment on our behalf. That’s one big problem resolved for us!”
Hearing this, Michael smiled as well. “There is a God, after all!”
“What a coincidence that Miss Emma’s son showed up just as our family was facing this problem! The gods must have sent him to help us!”
In South City, life returned to normal for Levi and Zoey after Abigail left.
However, there was a feeling of unease in the air.
One day, the head of the security detail, Seth Wilson, gave Levi a call. “Mr. Garrison, there’s someone looking for you downstairs!”
“Looking for me?” Levi felt a little startled.
When he arrived at the plaza in front of his office, Levi found a Rolls-Royce waiting for him.
Seth pointed at the car and said, “That’s them, Mr. Garrison!”
At that moment, a few people got off the car and walked towards them.
The leader, a middle-aged man, looked at Levi and exclaimed in surprise, “Are you Mr. Levi Garrison?”
“Yes, that’s me.” Levi was very confused. He didn’t know any of these people at all.
“Would you happen to be the orphan taken in by the Garrison family?”
Levi asked, “Yes, is something the matter?”
Clasping Levi’s hands warmly, the middle-aged man shed a few tears of happiness. “Mr. Levi Garrison, we’ve finally found you!”
“You might not know this, but after you went missing as a child, our family spared no effort in searching for you! We finally found you today…”
The middle-aged man’s expression did not change even as he lied straight to Levi’s face.
Actually, they had found out about his location by a mere coincidence.
The Jones family had never bothered to search for him at all.
Given how powerful they were, they could’ve found him in a jiffy if they wanted to.
Besides, Levi was very famous in North Hampton.
He looked at the men and frowned. “Who are you guys?”
“Mr. Garrison, we’re from the Jones family in South Hampton. My name is Julian Jones. The current head of the family is Mr. Michael Jones, your biological grandfather!”
Hearing this, Levi froze in shock.
That unfamiliar word sent shock waves rippling through his body.
When Levi was old enough to start remembering things, he was already an orphan.
At that time, he had sworn to himself that he would never go looking for his biological family!
If they were cruel enough to have abandoned him, why should he bother to strike up a relationship with them now?
There was no need for him to search for them.
He was fighting for the glory of the Garrison family, and living for the sake of Zoey Lopez.
As far as Levi was concerned, he had no biological parents or family.
Actually, considering his status in South Hampton now, it would be the easiest thing in the world for Levi to find out who his biological parents were.
However, he had never done it.
They had abandoned him, and he was determined to steer clear of them for the rest of his life.
Hearing Julian mention the word ‘grandfather’, Levi was extremely stunned.
Julian smiled. “Mr. Garrison, please pack your things and return to South Hampton with us to claim your position as the young master of the Jones family! The Jones family is one of the royal families of South Hampton. Once you enter our family, you’ll have the whole of Quebec under your thumb!”
These weren’t empty words.
Rather, it was a promise that only a royal family like the Joneses could make.
They were quite different from the Gates and the Caesars.
The Jones family had no interest in Quebec. To them, it was too small of an enterprise to be worthy of their attention.
Julian handed Levi a credit card. “To prove that we’re really from the Jones family, here’s a bank card from Mr. Michael Jones. Treat this as your pocket money—there’s one hundred million in it!”
He swiped it on a nearby card reader, and found that it really did contain one hundred million.
Julian was quite confident that Levi wouldn’t turn down their offer.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 678

He refused to believe that anyone would reject an offer like this.
Which ordinary person would refuse an offer to become the young master of one of the royal families overnight?
From then on, they would have unapparelled power. Backed by the status of the Jones family, they would be able to lord it over everyone else.
They could have as much money, women and power as they wanted.
Their every need would be satisfied.
Who would reject such an opportunity?
To Julian’s surprise, Levi turned him down without so much as glancing at the bank card.
Coldly, he snapped, “Please go back. I have no relation to the Joneses. In fact, I have no parents or relatives from that family!”
His answer stunned Julian and the other men into silence.
They all looked at him in shock.
How could he have rejected their offer?
It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to get his hands on one hundred million, and he had turned it down?
Was there something wrong with his brain?
“Remember this. Forget this ever happened, and don’t ever come back to find me in the future!”
With that, Levi turned around and left.
“…” Julian looked extremely chagrined.
He had really turned them down!
Turning to his subordinates, he demanded in confusion, “What’s going on?”
“He won’t turn us down! In fact, he’s just playing hard to get. If he had simply accepted our offer, he would come across as weak-willed and greedy. He probably really wanted to say yes!”
“Exactly! He’s a smart person. He knew we were going to come and look for him one day, so he purposely put on airs and acted as though he didn’t care about our offer.”
His subordinates analyzed the situation, suddenly feeling more confident.
Julian nodded. “That’s what I think, too. Nobody has ever been able to resist the temptation of becoming the young master of the Jones family!”
Someone butted in, “Perhaps he thinks the entire Jones family is beneath him!”
“How’s that possible? It takes someone of incredible power to demean us like this. How could he have that sort of courage?”
“Right? He might have Quebec in the palm of his hands, but that’s nothing compared to the Jones family! What a joke.”
“Besides, we’ve investigated his background thoroughly. All he does is sit around and make merry all day!”
Hearing this, they all burst into laughter.
Very quickly, news of Levi’s rejection came back to Michael Jones.
“What? He pretended that we’re beneath him and turned down our offer?” Michael asked in disbelief.
With their offer of money, Michael had thought they had Levi Garrison in the bag.
The housekeeper laughed, “Mr. Jones, he’s just acting coy. He probably wants us to invite him a few more times!”
“Alright, let’s satisfy that desire of his! After all, he has finally become useful to us!”
With that, he announced, “Tell all the males of this family to gather up for a meeting!”
Quickly, three generations of the Jones family’s males filed into the drawing room.
Only Michael and a few of the elders were seated comfortably in chairs. The rest of them remained standing.
Everyone had a downcast expression of their face. It was evident that they were all worrying about the Jones family’s recent troubles.
“I have something to announce to all of you. We’ve finally found Emma’s long-lost son!”
A murmur rang through the crowd.
Everyone looked up at Michael in shock.
“The boy who was abandoned by the Garrisons has been found?” asked Michael’s oldest son, Daniel Jones.
The housekeeper replied, “Yes! Mr. Jones has already sent his men to fetch him back.”
The younger boys giggled mirthfully. “What’s the point of bringing a homeless man back into our family? He can’t contribute anything to this family.”
Michael thundered, “That’s rubbish! If we accept him back into our family, he’ll be my biological grandson! Won’t he be considered a legitimate heir to the Jones family then?”
Everyone concurred. “Yes!”
Michael continued, “Since he’ll be a legitimate heir to our family, we can send him to bear the punishment on our behalf! No one can say anything about that!”
“Oh my gosh, is that true?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 679

Everyone in the Jones family was ecstatic.
The problem that had been pestering them for so long was finally going to be resolved.
As people always say – when there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, they’ve found Michael Jones’ grandson.
The younger ones were especially excited, so much so that they almost screamed out loud.
At last, they’ve managed to find a scapegoat.
Recently, the Jones family had gotten involved in a deadly feud during their business trip to Quebec. They had provoked a certain warlord in Quebec and were severely punished by the local military.
The compensation was fifty billion. Not only did they have to expend profits from multiple projects, but they also had to send 10 people from the Jones family to prison for a sentence of 30 years.
Those who would be sent to prison were basically giving up their lives.
The living conditions in the prison were hellish. The prisoners there were tortured every day and usually died a few months after imprisonment.
Besides having to send 10 members of the family to prison, another condition they had to fulfill was that among the 10 members, two of them had to be a male and a female who were direct descendants of the main family.
This was to appease the warlord.
The people who had to suffer needed to be from the main branch of the Jones family, so other branches of said family couldn’t substitute them.
Michael wasn’t willing to let his sons and grandsons suffer.
He didn’t want them to die in vain.
Each one of them were the Jones family’s future.
They were his precious sons and grandsons.
Patriarchal thinking was deeply ingrained within the Jones family.
The female descendant had already been decided. Even though it was Michael’s own granddaughter, he had no qualms sending her over.
However, he was reluctant when it came to the male descendants.
The Joneses have been struggling with this matter for the past few days.
Now that another grandson has appeared, he could replace them as a scapegoat.
They were finally able to work out a solution.
They hurriedly asked, “Grandpa, where is this person? We need to bring him over immediately.”
Michael smiled and replied, “You all won’t need to worry about this. I’ve already sent some people to pick him up.”
The eldest son, Daniel Jones, had questions of his own. “Dad, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use Levi as a scapegoat recklessly. If the Garrison family finds out, the blame is….”
“Don’t worry about it. He’s been abandoned by the Garrison family. Otherwise, why has the Garrison family not searched for him even once in the past 20 years? There’s no such person in the Garrison family tree! We don’t have to worry about anything.”
Everyone was relieved when they heard Michael’s definitive answer.
The Jones family problem was finally resolved.
No one could say anything if Michael’s grandson, Levi, was sent to prison.
“Dad, you must have been doing a lot of good deeds to receive God’s blessing like this,” Daniel stated with a smile.
“That’s right. Did you think such a grandson would appear out of nowhere?”
Everyone cachinnated.
The younger generations, in particular, were exceptionally joyful.
Some of them were performing badly, so they were constantly worried about getting chosen to become the scapegoat.
With the appearance of Levi, nothing was going to happen to them anymore.
Michael stroke his beard and laughed. “Since this kid is going to take the fall for the Jones family, we shouldn’t let him go in vain. We will fulfill all his wishes until then.”
“Dad, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it!”
Everyone in the room was excited.
The entire Jones family was waiting for Levi Garrison’s arrival.
He had no idea that he was already selected to become the Jones family’s scapegoat.
The situation was far worse than he had imagined.
The sudden appearance of his grandfather caught Levi off guard.
Parents? Family? Relatives? Are they related to me? If they really did care about me, would they have abandoned me? If they really regretted leaving me behind, they should have found me a long time ago!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 680

It has been almost 30 years, and no one has ever come looking for me. Yet now this so-called grandfather decides to make a sudden appearance? From the looks of it, the Jones family is up to something.
Levi was an old-timer, so he knew something was up with the Jones family instantly.
Soon, Phoenix’s call came.
“Sir, the Jones family of South Hampton really aren’t what they seem. They’ve offended the Quebec warlord Elijah. Now, they require a male and a female descendant from the main family branch to go to prison for 30 years. The Jones family most likely selected you as the male descendant, sir.”
“Heheh…” Levi laughed as soon as Phoenix finished speaking.
I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.
He knew one had to differentiate between familial love and business when it came to big families such as the Joneses.
This was especially true for a homeless man who had been abandoned by his family for almost 30 years and was of no use to them.
Why would they want someone like that back? They even offered money and power. It’s not like they’re sick or anything.
The only reason he could think of was that such a man was of use to the family.
In this case, the family wanted Levi to become their scapegoat.
Levi laughed out loud.
How ironic.
So this is what 30 years’ worth of familial love is like.
Having such cruel intentions even though they’re my grandfather and uncles.
They’re no different from the Garrison family of North Hampton.
On the other end of the call, Phoenix could clearly hear Levi’s breathing change.
He was angry.
This man was angry.
Phoenix asked tentatively, “Sir, the Warlord Elijah was almost wiped out by us three years ago. Should we send White Tiger to finish the job?”
Levi shook his head. “No need for that since they aren’t messing with us. This is the Jones family’s business. It has nothing to do with me.”
“Remember this – the land Erudia is my only family. The rest have nothing to do with me,” Levi declared.
“Yes, sir!”
Phoenix and the rest of them were all orphans, so they understood how Levi was feeling.
No one would be fine if a relative emerged out of the blue and demanded to be treated like that.
“Levi, what’s wrong? You seem unhappy.”
Levi had an unusual look on his face when Zoey came visiting him.
She had never seen him this way before.
“I’m fine,” Levi replied with a smile.
“I heard somebody came looking for you early this morning. Is everything alright?” Zoey was a little worried.
“I’m fine. I would definitely tell you if something happened!”
“Alright then. We’ll have dinner tonight, so wait for me.”
Levi and Zoey walked side by side as they got off from work. This was when Julian Jones and his men intercepted them.
“Honey, wait here. Let me take care of something quickly.”
Facing the Joneses, Levi stated impassively, “Didn’t I tell you all to leave? Why are you here again?”
Julian laughed and answered, “Young Master Garrison, we’re here to escort you back to South Hampton! You’ve been wandering around for almost 30 years. It’s about time you reaffirm your identity. You have the blood of a noble, so you shouldn’t be in a place like this.”
Julian had orders to bring Levi back to South Hampton regardless of what it took.
This was why Julian tried his best to convince Levi to return. If it didn’t work, he would have to resort to some extreme measures.
Levi retorted with a smirk, “Leave! I couldn’t care less about becoming a young master of the Jones family. I wouldn’t do it even if the Master of the Jones family begged me.”
With a wave of his hand, Levi left the scene.
Julian and his men fell deep into thought as they watched Levi’s figure fade away in the distance.
After some time, Julian spoke up. “If this doesn’t work, we’ll just have to capture him.”

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