The Return of God of War Chapter 601-610

The Return of the God of War Chapter 601

Meredith pulled Levi away from Zoey.

“Since both of you know the truth, then I will be straightforward. Zoey, from now on, you will treat Levi as nothing more than a stranger. Understand?” Meredith ordered sternly.

Zoey nodded obediently. “Understood.”

Her face was still full of smiles.

Everyone was confused.

Is it so easy to talk Zoey into something?

Or perhaps she’s always wanted to divorce Levi?

“Levi, let me warn you. If you ever harass Zoey again, I’ll skin you alive!” Logan threatened Levi in a menacing tone.

Both Caitlyn and Aaron exclaimed, “Since you’ve accepted the ten million, you must do as we say and leave Zoey alone from now on.”

Levi sneered, “Why must I stay away from Zoey? I have returned the money to you!”

“Bah! Don’t lie to us! Since when have you returned the money to us, huh? What nonsense!”

The Blacks were now boiling in rage, as they have seen clearly with their own eyes that Levi had the check in his hand earlier.

How dare he say he’s returned the money to us?

This kid really is full of lies!

“Okay, why don’t you tell us who have you returned the money to?”

Everyone in the Black family was now glaring at Levi questioningly.

“I’ve thrown it into the trash can on the right side of the manor’s gates.”

With that said, Levi left the place.

Everyone at the scene hurriedly returned to the Black family’s manor.

Once they got off the car, they immediately rushed to the trash can Levi mentioned earlier.

“Someone come and empty the trash can for us!” Logan ordered anxiously.

A few servants showed up at once and poured the contents of the trash can onto the ground.

With his nose pinched, Logan rummaged through the trash scattered on the ground for the ten-million cheque.

After half an hour of digging and poking around, Logan still did not manage to find the cheque.

Quintus and Keane also joined the search, but to no avail.

“That brat must have lied to us!” Logan howled in rage.

Zoey commented in a hurry, “That’s not possible! If Levi said the cheque is in the trash, then it must be in the trash!”

She didn’t believe that Levi would lie just to get his hands on the ten million the Black family had offered him.

“Zoey, you just can’t accept the truth that he lied, right?”

“Let’s search the other trash cans!” Logan sniggered.

With the servants’ help, the Blacks dug into the other trash cans, but they still could not locate it after much hustle.

“It’s not possible! It must be in one of the trash cans around the house! Someone must have gotten ahold of the cheque!”

Zoey was starting to feel panicky.

I can’t let Levi take the blame here!

I won’t allow that to happen!

In the first place, the Black family was the one who bullied Levi.

If the same thing happened again, Zoey would not forgive herself.

“Why don’t you ask around? Perhaps someone picked it up from the trash can!”

Zoey was panicking.

Meredith ordered all the servants to gather in front of her and bellowed at them, “Did anyone see a cheque lying around? The lot of you better be honest! If I catch any of you holding on to the cheque, the punishment will be severe!”

Nonetheless, all of the servants shook their heads. “We didn’t see anything at all!”

“Also, if we find anything valuable, we’ll definitely report it to you!”

However, one of the servants had a streak of fear in his eyes.

He clenched onto the side of his shirt with his sweaty palms, but no one noticed.


Zoey’s mind went blank.

Is this how things will turn out?

Levi will be framed for something he hasn’t done again?

Logan snickered, “What do you have to say now, Zoey?”

“How could Levi pass up so much money? Perhaps he already knows the two of you are not fated to be with each other, so why not take the cheque? That way, he could at least gain something out of this whole drama? “

Jennie also jeered at Zoey, “That’s right, Zoey. I think he doesn’t even love you at all! If he really loves you, then he would have torn the cheque right in our faces!”

“How dare that rascal cheat us! No, I can’t let him get away with this!”

Meredith’s blood was boiling.

“I need an explanation from him!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 602

Robert shook his head profusely. “It’s alright. We can leave him alone now. He’s nothing to do with our family anymore! Just let him be!”

“Yeah, Grandma! Just don’t mess with him anymore! Who knows, he might have other tricks up his sleeves?”

It took all the Blacks to convince Meredith that it was not worth her time to hound Levi down.

Meredith then exclaimed to Zoey, “Although it costs us ten million, I think it’s all worth it now that you’ve seen his true colors.”

“No, Grandma! Levi’s a good person, believe me!”

Zoey had complete faith in Levi when he said he threw the cheque into the trash can at the Back family’s residence.

There was a high chance that someone had seen it and picked it up.

Right now, Zoey wanted nothing but to prove that Levi was innocent.

Robert added, “My dear, that man has nothing to with us from now on. Whether if he’s a good person or not, we don’t care.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter to us anymore whether he lie!”

The rest of the Blacks also chimed in.

Even though everyone in the Black family said they could not care more about Levi, Zoey knew they would bring the incident up from time to time to shame him in the days to come.

Alas, there was nothing she could do.

Now that Zoey was officially out of her marriage, Meredith wanted to set her up with another man right away.

With Zoey’s current achievements and the powerful Black family at her back, she would be a woman sought after by many.

“The two of you just relax. I will definitely find Zoey a husband that stands out from the rest. You two just have to wait and watch her walk down the aisle!”

Having heard Meredith’s words, Caitlyn and Aaron could now picture in their head their daughter’s wedding and how they would be all tearful yet excited for her.

Once again, Meredith called for a meeting with the rest of the family.

“Zoey, you remember how Grandpa and Grandma promised you to invest two billion into your company if you part ways with Levi? Now that you have broken off from him, we will honor our promise!” Meredith proclaimed to the family.

Zoey was surprised. “Really, Grandma? That’s so awesome!”

“You still have any problems on your side? Tell us,” Meredith asked her granddaughter in a caring tone.

Zoey paused to think for a while before replying, “Grandma, I’m afraid I do have a problem.”

“Just tell me, my dear.”

“We’re about to enter the electronics market in the South City, but my company still doesn’t have a suitable place for our office. Also, we still lack production centers and our technical team is underdeveloped,” Zoey hurriedly added.

“That’s simple! I’ll settle it for you.”

Logan let out a hearty laugh.

Zoey’s problem was a piece of cake to Logan.

“Logan, I don’t think things are simple at all. Morris Group has already handed to us all of its e-commerce business. As of this moment, our target is Triple Group before they pulled out of the market. I think it’s a bit too much for us. Our initial target is set at around fifty billion.”


Everyone in the room took a sharp breath.

Their initial target is fifty billion?

How is that even attainable?

It’s true that the two billion Meredith had promised Zoey was already a hefty sum.

But in comparison to Zoey’s current target of fifty billion, it was a speck of dust.

“This is what I’m worried about. Morris Group said that they will provide us with the funding, but we still haven’t settled the logistics and manpower. I really have to own everything that Triple Group had before I could embark on my mission.”

Zoey had a gloomy expression on her face.

This mission is impossible!

The affluent families in South City have already laid their claims on parts of Triple Group’s old playground!

Zoey had no idea on how to reach her target.

Robert queried in an astonished tone, “Zoey, you mean we have to reclaim every property of Triple Group?”

“Yep, that’s right! And let’s not talk about the issues with finding an office. The demand for electronics in South City can only be met if we have Triple Group’s enormous production capacity! Everything they owned was bundled together, which made it cost-effective for them to operate on such a large scale.”

Zoey’s words left everyone in the room speechless.

Everyone knew that in the previous feud between all the great families in South City, Triple Group’s properties were split up into many fragments, each of which was now under a different family.

They also knew that the Black family did not have enough power to reclaim everything.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 603

Out of puzzlement, Pamela questioned Zoey, “Zoey, Morris Group really have such high hopes for you?”

“Pamela, I have no idea why Morris Group sees me as their superstar too! This task is insurmountable!”

Zoey herself was flummoxed.

She could understand if Iris were trying to help her out.

But there was no reason for the head of Morris Group to have so much faith in her capabilities.

Why? I just can’t find an answer to it!

Pamela now viewed Zoey in a different light.

She was a Rogers, and naturally, she knew that the Rogers family was the most influential family in North Hampton.

However, it was Morris Group that bestowed that much power upon the Rogers family.

Thus, she knew better than anyone in the room that Morris Group was indeed a force not to be reckoned with.

“Mom, Dad, Zoey’s net worth is sure going to boom in the future! Morris Group holds her with so much regard. Mark my words, she can easily become a billionaire in the future!” Pamela uttered matter-of-factly.

“A billionaire? Gasp!”

Even Meredith and Robert both had their jaws dropped to the ground.

If Zoey were really that terrific, the Black family could emerge as one of the noble families in South City.

“Since Zoey is the rising star in Morris Group, we have to help her tackle her problems at all costs!” Meredith declared to everyone.

“With that said, I need all of you to pull whatever strings you can to aid Zoey in her conquest to reclaim Triple Group’s markets,” Robert chimed in.

If Logan and Russell were the guardians of the Black family, then Zoey was the fertilizer of their growth.

Her success was crucial in determining the future of the Black family. If she managed to come through, the Black family would be geared up to climb onto the upper echelons in South City.

As such, Zoey’s mission was also the Black family’s mission.

After a lengthy discussion, they split off to negotiate with the other prominent families in South City about renting their production facilities and offices.

Jennie and Logan came to the house of the Oliver family, one of the four noble families in South City.

The head of the family, Mark Oliver, welcomed the two of them into their manor.

“Sir Oliver, I shall cut to the chase. The Black family would like to rent three of the office buildings originally under Triple Group. We are willing to pay you handsomely for it, so please, just give us a number!” Logan said with a deferential smile.

“Bah! The Black family has no right to make use of our assets! Please leave!” Mark sneered with derision.

Right away, Logan and Jennie were ushered out of the house.

The two of them then visited the Cayman family and the Herman family, but were also turned down by them.

Back at the Black family, the air around the place was heavy and suffocating.

Everyone was down in the dumps.

Literally, all of them were turned down in their attempts to request favors from the prominent families in the South City.

Right now, they had no means to tackle the current issue they had at hand.

Zoey could only sigh when she received the unfortunate news her family members brought home.

“Zoey, I’m afraid you’ll have to take the matters into your own hands. Still, do not let your spirits be dampened, everyone! At least, we have successfully pried Levi away from Zoey. Now that he is not around her anymore, Zoey can soar high without any burden tying her down!” Meredith exclaimed gladly.

At that moment, Levi was contacting the Rogers family of North Hampton on the phone.

“I need you guys to start on the construction of the Royal Villa as soon as possible. It will be my future home. I will send you the blueprints right away!”

Six years ago, Levi designed and built a mansion for his future family, but it was demolished as he did not want anyone to tarnish his home before his family could move in there.

Right now, Levi was trying to have the Royal Villa rebuilt so that Zoey’s wish could be granted.

From now on, he would devote all of himself to the preparations for a wedding of the century.

“You want me to stay away from Zoey? Over my dead body!”

Levi’s lips curled up into a wicked smile.

At the Morris Group’s office in North Hampton.

Iris Isabelle received orders from her boss to send a team to South City to assist the Oriental Star Group in making a head start in the markets over there.

In the name list of the people to be dispatched, Levi was included.

He was responsible for the team’s safety on this mission.

The office, the production factories, as well as the research center of Triple Group were recovered at an earlier date. All of them were ready to start operations anytime now.

The team only had to show up and get the production line moving.

Their current objective was to fill in the gap that Triple Group left behind.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 604

For the past two days, Zoey was flustered because of two things.

First, she had to settle her divorce papers with Levi.

Second, her work was haunting her in her dreams every night.

The Morris Group handed the mission to her in hopes that she would perform well, but Zoey made little progress.

She was so stressed that her nights were sleepless.

Little did she know, the Black family was aware of the state she was in.

Late in the night, Meredith and Robert were pacing in their house.

They seemed to be more anxious than Zoey herself.

After all, Zoey’s mission would rule the future of the Black family.

“What should we do?”

Even Logan was sighing.

“We have already tried everything we could. The issue at hand is that the Black family does not have the power to request anything from the noble families whatsoever,” Bailey spoke in disappointment.

Zoey also sighed, “If we are already at the end of our wits, how about I just turn in the mission for someone else at Morris Group to take over? It’s indeed a difficult task that I don’t think we can conquer.”


Zoey’s decision received the disapproval of everyone in the Black family.

“Where can we ever find such a good opportunity again? How can we just give up?”

“That’s right! Zoey, you must complete the mission at all costs!”

“We’ll help you with any obstacles you face on your way!”

The Black family was in an upheaval.

“We can surely find a way ourselves to secure us an office, but as for the production factories and the research center as well as the equipment required, we will have to beg for it! I volunteer myself!” Robert uttered determinedly.

The research center was the centerpiece of Triple Group’s operations. Now, it was in the possession of Brock Green.

Brock was a smart and insightful person.

Even though he wasn’t producing any electronics himself, he knew to get his hands on Triple Group’s research center ahead of all of his competitors.

He even recruited the original researchers at that particular research center at the first chance he got.

He knew the research center would be most valuable in the future. By then, many would be dying to have it.

His goal was actually very simple. He wanted to sell it at a sky-high price and earn a lot from it.

As of this moment, he had been visited by over twenty prospect buyers of the research center.

He was just waiting for someone to show up with the highest price.

He was dead certain that he could profit at least five billion from the research center.

However, Brock suddenly received an order from the God of War to surrender the research center unconditionally.

Without any hesitation, he transferred both the research center and his priced team of researchers to the God of War right away.

“The Black family has split Zoey and Levi up. How foolish they are!”

Brock’s subordinate informed Brock of Zoey and Levi’s divorce.


Brock leaped to his feet.

“Are they crazy? They want Zoey to divorce the God of War?”

Brock was beyond shocked. His eyes were almost flying out of his eye sockets.

“Can you believe it? Mr. Garrison was chased out of their household!”

Even Brock’s subordinate was in disbelief.

Brock growled in rage, “The Black family are fools!”

Coincidentally, Robert and Bailey showed up at Brock’s doorsteps at that instant.

“It’s our utmost pleasure to meet you, Stone Buddha!”

Robert greeted Brock in a careful yet servile tone.

However, he noticed there was something wrong with the latter’s expression.

It was as if Brock was watching two clowns at the biggest circus in town.

“So you’re from the Black family?” Brock replied with a sneer.

Tsk, I really want to see what’s inside your head!

Is it full of garbage?

How foolish the bunch of you are for making Zoey break up with Levi! The fact that you even chased him out of your house is even more embarrassing!

Who in the right mind would do any of this?

“We have a request, Stone Buddha.”

Robert was on pins and needles

“Alright, just tell me what you’re here for.”

Brock was straightforward.

“We are here on behalf of the Black family to request your permission to rent the research center in your possession, which once belonged to Triple Group. I believe my son-in-law, Logan Zachs, has paid you a visit before too,” Robert responded politely.

“Oh, about that…”

Brock answered wryly with a smile. But before he could finish, Robert interrupted in a desperate tone.

“The Black family is willing to pay you an annual fee of one billion!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 605

Indeed, Robert Black offered a handsome sum of money.

The Black family was very determined in renting the research center currently under Brock, even if that meant shelling out a large portion of their savings.

The benefit that this transaction would bring them was definitely more than fifty billion.

Brock stroked his chin and laughed. “One billion for a year is indeed quite a lot.”

However, his tone changed in a snap. “But who do you think I am? You think one billion is anything to me?”

“No! That was not what we meant!”

Robert was desperately trying to defend himself.


He knelt on the ground.

In all sincerity, Robert pleaded, “I beg you, Stone Buddha! Please let us rent the research center! The Black family will forever be indebted to you!”

Brock scoffed disdainfully when he saw Robert on his knees.

What a fool!

Who asked you to chase away Levi?

Pfft! With him around, you can have every research center in the world!

“My, my, I am touched by your sincerity. However, I have bad news for you. Someone has taken away the research center from me. I advise you to forget about it,” Brock said with a straight face.

“What? Someone else has gotten ahead of us?”

Robert’s mind exploded at the unexpected piece of news from Brock.

Crap! We have no hope now!

“Yep, that’s right! Everything once owned by Triple Group is now under another person’s possession. You guys have to accept your fate.”

“What? Someone has taken away everything?”

Robert was dumbfounded.

“C-Could you tell me who’s that person?” Robert inquired with his voice shaking.

“Fine, I’ll let you in on a small tip. This person is so powerful that not a single soul in Quebec would dare to offend him.”

Robert could feel all embers of hope inside his heart stomped out by Brock’s words.

Now that the Black family could not lay their hands on any of Triple Group’s past properties, Zoey’s mission was basically done for.

With her failure to deliver, Morris Group might give up on her.

It’s a 50-billion project! There’s no way Morris Group will allow this project to fail!

I cannot accept this!

This is so unfair!

But what can we do?

Even Brock said that person is dangerous. Will the Black family dare confront that person?

When Robert told his family about the current state of the research center, everyone in the room fell dead silent.

They were in total despair.

The sole reason why the properties of the Triple Group were able to survive until today was because they were collectively well-established as an effective system for product development and production.

If any part of the system were to be replaced, the efficiency would definitely be lowered.

It’s time.

To call the time of death on this mission.

Zoey let out a long sigh.

Of course, she was disappointed, as it was her long-awaited chance to shine.

She did not think it would turn out like this.

However, Meredith was even more bummed out than her.

To Zoey, this might be only just a challenge she had failed.

Yet to Meredith, it was a big loss, as the Black family had spent several billions to get things going.

The loss was most probably unrecoverable in the near future.

“Do we really have no other solutions?”

Meredith’s breathing was heavy as she spoke.

“I’m afraid in such a short period of time, we might not find any replacements! This project is too much for us to handle!”

Jennie Black also shook her head helplessly.

Meredith gazed forlornly at the night sky. “Perhaps, the Black family was fated to be ordinary.”

“Alright, Grandpa, Grandma. I will let Morris Group know that I will be getting off this project tomorrow.”

Zoey had totally surrendered to her fate.

It was mission impossible.

No matter how much hard work she put into it, she was bound to fail.

“I failed.”

“Zoey, don’t be sad! You’ll definitely get another chance to prove that you’re capable!”

Meredith consoled her granddaughter.

Regardless of everything, Zoey was still the hope of the Black family.

The Morris Group was not the only channel through which the Black family could prosper.

For instance, Zoey could also marry a powerful man to strengthen the Black family’s influence in the South City.

“I can solve this problem if you let me!”

Out of the blue, a familiar voice came from outside.

“Levi Garrison?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 606

Zoey Lopez was stunned for a second before she was overcome with joy.

“Levi is here?”

The next moment, Levi appeared in front of the Black family.

Everyone was flummoxed.

What is he here for?

“Levi Garrison, what’s your purpose in showing up at our household? I don’t think our business is any of yours.”

Logan questioned Levi in an unfriendly tone.

“Yeah! From the moment you left the gates of our manor, you have no right to set foot in this place ever again! Get out of our sight now!”

Everyone in the Black family was spitting threats at Levi.

A few of the Blacks’ security personnel stood in the path of Levi to block him from approaching.

They were just waiting for their master’s order to throw him out.

“What’s up with you now? Are you regretting your actions? Oh, I know! You don’t want a divorce!” Logan snickered in mockery.

“Logan, why are you still wasting your time talking to him? Let’s throw him out now!”

The younger ones in the family were about to chase Levi out when Meredith bellowed, “Hold your horses, people!”

She strode forward and asked Levi, “You said you can help us with our problem?”

“That’s right!” Levi responded with much confidence.

“Do you even know what problem we are facing?”

Meredith wanted to test Levi’s knowledge of their situation.

Levi grinned perfunctorily. “What problem are you facing? Pfft! Doesn’t your problem only concern Zoey? Anyway, I know you guys are trying to get your hands on the production system left behind by Triple Group.”


Everyone was again shocked, as they had no idea that Levi would know.

“Are you sure you can solve it?”

Meredith followed on with another question.

“Of course I can!”


Logan broke up into a scornful fit of laughter. “Levi, do you really take us for fools? Perhaps you don’t know about it, but the news has it that Triple Group is now taken over by a powerful mogul!”

Levi nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. In fact, you’re looking at that mogul now.”



In an instant, everyone in the Black family was laughing uncontrollably.

They stared at Levi as if he were the dumbest person to have ever lived on this planet.

“Levi, you are actually nuts!”

“Do you think we will buy your nonsense?”

However, Levi had no time for them.

He went straight to Zoey and told her, “There’s nothing to worry about now. I’ve already settled everything for you.”

Zoey smiled beautifully in response.

She still had total faith in Levi.

“Alright, then I will see you first thing tomorrow morning. By then, everything should be settled.”

Having said what he needed to say to Zoey, Levi turned to leave.

“Wait! Did we say you can go?”

Logan and a few of the younger ones in the Black family halted Levi in his steps.

“Do you think you can come and go as you please? Is the Black family a public park to you?”

Jennie scoffed, “Oh right, didn’t you say you can help us with our problem? Show us what you’ve done. You think you can fool us?”

“This guy’s really got issues with his personality. He took ten million, but lied and said he threw it into the trash can!”

“Yeah! I hate this kind of person the most!”

Everyone in the Black family was expressing their dislike for Levi.

“I threw the cheque into the trash can by the gate! I’m not going to repeat myself!”

Levi had a dour expression on his face.

“You’re lying! We looked through not one, but all the trash cans near the gate. Still, we couldn’t find the cheque!”

“Yeah, let’s see how much longer are you going to lie to us!”


Levi was bemused.

Did someone pick it up?

Never mind. I’ll have someone to track down the flow of the money from the cheque later.

“Let’s get him out of here! I don’t want to let him ruin my day.”

Meredith glared at Levi with abhorrence.

Again, Levi was kicked out of the Black family’s manor.

“Let’s see if our problem will magically be solved by tomorrow morning,” Meredith scoffed.

“Haha! Meredith, you don’t have to expect anything out of that brat! He must be lying again!” Logan guffawed in a demeaning tone.

The next morning, the Black family was roused awake by a commotion in front of their house.

Someone was shouting in the front yard. “Oh, no! Brock Green is here! Wait, aren’t those people from the Cayman family and the Oliver family? Oh crap! Are we in trouble?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 607

The commotion in the front yard awakened everyone in the Black family’s household.

They gathered in the living room.

“What’s going on?”

“I think those people are here for the matters regarding Triple Group.”

Everyone in the Black family was shocked. “What?”

Was Levi actually not lying when he said he will solve the problems we are facing?

Are our problems actually solved?

Very soon, Brock and the rest showed up.

Meredith and Robert were about to greet Brock and the others when they walked past without even glancing at them.

It was as if Meredith and Robert were transparent to them.

“May I know which one of you is Zoey Lopez?”

Brock stood in front of the Blacks and sized up the lot of them.

“It’s me!” Zoey answered in a hurry.

She had a hunch about what was going to happen.

“Ms. Lopez, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. From now onward, both the research center owned by Triple Group and its team of researchers belong to you. Please look through this contract on the transfer of ownership.”

Brock was straight to the point. He then handed the said contract to Zoey.


Robert almost passed out when he saw what was rolling out ahead of him.

Brock Green actually brought the contract to us himself?

Could it be that the mogul Brock has mentioned has something to do with Zoey?

“Hi, Ms. Lopez! Here is the contract for the original production factories of Triple Group! Everything in the production factories, including the materials belongs to you now.”

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Lopez! This is the lease for the office buildings once owned by Triple Group! They are all yours now!”

One by one, the head honchos from the prominent families in the South City passed Zoey the contracts to the properties of Triple Group they held on to.

Right now, Zoey had the complete set of the production system that kept Triple Group running.

What on Earth just happened?

This is not a dream, right?

Our problem is solved!

“Oh my, so our problem is actually solved?”

Caitlyn and Aaron exchanged a joyful glance with each other.

Meredith was so overjoyed that she was tearing up.

Robert was also on cloud nine.

The bearer of the 50-billion mission, Zoey, could not contain her elation.

Now that Zoey was successful in completing her task, the future of the Black family was filled with hope and light.

The Black family would surely prosper in the very near future.

“We did it! The Black family is going to join the ranks of the noble families in South City soon!”

Logan Zachs and Jennie Black were leaping in excitement.

The entire Black family was in a hurrah.

“This has nothing to do with Levi, right?” One of the Blacks asked.

Everyone in the Black family was taken aback by the question.

If Levi is the person behind all of this, then how are we going to face him ever again?

Will he make us pay for our mistakes for rejecting him?

Everyone feared the consequences for throwing Levi out of the house now that he had offered so much to the Black family.

Zoey asked politely, “Mr. Green, could you tell us who’s made all of this happen?

All of the Blacks wanted to know the answer to Zoey’s question.

They were staring at Brock with so much curiosity in their eyes.

“Hahaha, I’m afraid you have to find out the answer yourself, Ms. Lopez! You can start with the office buildings of Triple Group,” Brock answered amusedly.

“Alright! Thank you so much!”

Right afterward, Zoey took off.

Almost everyone from the Black family went with her.

They wanted to know which saint had saved them from their troubles.

When the lot of them arrived at the building that used to be the headquarters of Triple Group, they were astounded.

The 50-storey tower looming ahead of them in such a magnificent splendor.

The Black family was reduced to nothing in front of what represented the wealth of Triple Group.

However, from that day on, the tower belonged to Zoey.

In other words, the tower was in the possession of the Black family.

The crowd was super excited.

By the time the Blacks sauntered to the entrance, there was already someone waiting for their arrival.

“Ms. Lopez, this way, please!”

The person at the door was given specific instructions to welcome Zoey on her first day there.

He took Zoey and the rest to the CEO’s office.

“Ms. Lopez, he’s waiting inside for you! All of you can enter this room whenever you like.”

All of a sudden, the Blacks were on tenterhooks.

Who’s the person inside?

It can’t be Levi, right?

What if it’s actually Levi?

We just forced him to divorce Zoey!

If he’s actually as powerful as everything so far has suggested, we are so screwed!

Meredith and Robert were both covered in a cold sweat.

The two of them awkwardly wiped the sweat off their foreheads.

An anxious Logan was hiding behind everyone else.

Zoey had a feeling that Levi was waiting for them inside the room.

After all, he said to her the day before that they would meet the next morning.

As the door was opened, everyone froze in their places.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 608

A stranger was in the office, and it was not Levi.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Lopez, I’m Neil Atkinson.”

It turned out that this man was Kirin.

“Oh, nice to meet you too, Mr. Atkinson!”

Zoey was pleasantly surprised.

Neil was only a step away from the most mysterious figure in the Morris Group.

Even Iris could barely see him.

Yet, he actually came here personally!

The Black family had also heard of Neil.

They were shocked as Neil being here showed how much he valued Zoey.

At the same time, they breathed a sigh of relief as well.

Luckily, it’s not Levi!

They were scared out of their wits earlier.

“Ms. Lopez, you’ll pioneer our entry into the electronics market! The boss believes in you and has specifically sent a team to assist you!” announced Kirin.

“That’s great!” Zoey replied with a smile.

Having Morris Group as her backing filled her with more confidence.

“Well, the team will meet with you later! I’m taking my leave!”

Soon, Neil left.

“Hahaha. I was wondering who is this person who we can’t mess with? It turns out it’s the boss of Morris Group!”

“You have to work hard, Zoey. We fully support you! Looking at it now, we’ve underestimated your potential.”

“In the future, you’ll definitely be the most powerful person in Quebec!”

The Black family was thrilled.

Meredith thumped her chest and said, “Fortunately, I asked you to divorce Levi! Considering your future achievements, he will be a drag if he’s with you! It’ll be troublesome over time!”

“Grandma, you’re so clever!”

“Mom, you’re so clever!”

Everyone in the Black family could not help but praise Meredith for her judgment.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Caitlyn exclaimed in excitement, “Getting a divorce is the right choice!”

“Levi doesn’t deserve to be Zoey’s husband! By the way, didn’t he claim that he’s the one that solves this matter? Where’s he now?”

Logan suddenly thought of Levi.

“Yeah, he’s nothing but a liar! How can he be so shameless that he actually claimed to solve this matter?”

Before long, the team sent by Morris Group arrived.

Everyone was surprised to see Levi on the team.

The Black family was struck dumb when they found out that Levi was also a member of the team.

They realized why Levi went to their house last night and left them in suspense.

The matter’s really solved, but does it have anything to do with you?

It’s solved by the owner of Morris Group!

Another problem also plagued the Black family.

Wouldn’t this give Levi a chance to be in contact with Zoey?

“We object to this! Levi can never come into contact with Zoey!” Meredith protested.

“Sorry, Ma’am, you don’t have the right to do so! Levi Garrison is appointed by the company! Even Ms. Lopez has no right to reject!”


Meredith was stunned.

She dared not to go against Morris Group.

“Well, I’d like to know what Levi’s job is,” she asked.

“He’s in charge of our logistical support and our safety!”

Logan gave a cold snort. “So he’s a security guard?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


Everyone burst out laughing.

They initially thought that Levi had an important position in the team.

Unexpectedly, his position was similar to that of a security guard and chef.

This kind of trash would never be good enough for Zoey.

No matter how hard he worked, he was only a low-ranking employee of Morris Group, whereas Zoey would be at the top in the whole of Quebec in the future.

They were from two worlds so different that there could be no comparison between them!

Fortunately, Levi and Zoey had divorced!

Meredith warned Levi, “Listen, don’t ever get close to Zoey! It won’t end well for you if I find out!”

Everyone in the Black family threatened Levi and also told Zoey not to interact with him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 609

With the help of Morris Group, Oriental Star Group successfully settled in South City.

In just a few days, the preparation works were done, and the project kicked off.

With the strong support of funds and talents, the prototype of their electronic products had taken shape.

The Blacks were also basking in the reflected glory.

Feeling proud, Meredith and the others were in a good mood every day.

The younger generation of the Black family, like Russell and Zoey, was so successful.

“I’ll look for a good husband for Zoey. You guys can ask around too. He must be a perfect and outstanding man, otherwise, he’s unworthy of her!” Meredith announced with a smile.

She was also treating Aaron and Caitlyn better.

This made the two of them very excited.

Everything had indeed become better after Zoey left Levi.

They were once again glad that they had divorced.

People in other places noticed a strange phenomenon in South City.

There was actually no powerful figure and family in the city that sought to assert control over the many territories left by Triple Group and Scott’s faction.

Oriental Star Group was left gnawing at the huge piece of the pie.

Many external forces and families in other provinces began to look into the background of Oriental Star Group.

They utilized all their resources, only to find out that Oriental Star Group did not have any impressive connection except for Morris Group, with which they were cooperating.

Morris Group was well-known by now.

“I know Morris Group is very powerful, but it can’t be so overbearing that it wants to lord over everyone.”

“That’s right. Isn’t it good for everyone to get a share of the huge pie?”

“Humph, I don’t believe that I can’t get my hand on it.”

It turned out that the external forces were all watching from the sidelines during the previous tussle in South City.

Now that peace had descended, everyone was eager to act.

The Davies family in South City.

Ever since the incident that night, Derek had been staying at home and did not go out for a long time.


The gate of the Davies’ residence suddenly blasted open.

A dozen people in black rushed inside, taking everyone in the Davies family by surprise.

“Who are you?” questioned Leslie, Derek’s father, coldly.

There was no response from them.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom drove into the front yard and pulled up.

A young man got off the car.

Dressed in a blue suit, he was holding a prayer garland, and had a pair of sunglasses over his eyes.

Standing next to him were two men, one in black and the other in white.

Both of them were wearing a gruesome mask, exuding a presence that was as cold as ice.

Those near to them could even feel the chill brushing against their faces.

“Who are you?” a bodyguard of the Davies family asked.

The masked man in white shot him a cold look.


What happened next was horrific.

The severed head of the bodyguard suddenly fell to the ground, and blood spurted out from the big wound.

Silence ensued.

Everyone in the Davies family was petrified.

All color was drained from the faces of Derek and Leslie.


One after another, they fell to their knees in fright.

Who is he?

How can he kill others with just one glare?

How terrifying!

The blue-suited man in the middle stepped forward and patted Leslie on the face. “Don’t be afraid! You’re all of value to me, so I won’t kill any of you!”

“T-Tell me what you need. I won’t l-let you down!” Leslie, who had long drenched in his cold sweat, replied tremblingly.

“Very well. I’m here for a very simple purpose—I want to be the boss of South City!”

The man in blue sounded extremely domineering.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 610

“Boss of South City?”

The eyes of Leslie and Derek were popping out of their heads with astonishment.

Does he know what he’s talking about?

Never has anyone been so pompous!

Not even the quasi royals of South Hampton, the Caesar family.

How big of an appetite must he have to take over South City?

But this group of people was far more vicious than anyone they had ever met.

It was terrifying to see that one glare could decapitate someone.

But of course, one glare could not literally kill someone.

It was mainly because that man attacked so fast that the human eye could not catch the movement, resulting in such an illusion.

He was definitely the best of the best, whom even Scott and Typhoon were no match for.

The man in blue took off his sunglasses, revealing an evil face.

He said with a smile, “Why are you all on your knees? Get up.”

After the man talked, only then did Leslie and his family feel relieved.

But their knees were still weak, so they could not stand up at all.

The man in blue pulled a chair over and sat down. With his eyes on the Davies family, he asked, “Who is the boss in South City now?”

“The Grandmaster controls the underworld, but the strongest man in South City is actually Brock Green, the Stone Buddha. He owns the largest and most underground boxing arenas, with hundreds of top fighters around him. No one dares to cross him! I heard that he even keeps the Caesar family from South Hampton in check!” Leslie gasped.

“Great. I’ll visit the Grandmaster and Stone Buddha tonight then!”

An evil smile appeared on the face of the man in blue.

“Huh? Are you sure you want to go and meet them, Sir?” Leslie asked in surprise.

“Can’t I?” The man in blue smiled.

The two masked men behind him shot Leslie a warning glance.

He immediately lowered his head in fright.

Their glare will kill me!

The masked man in black suddenly placed his hand on the stone table.


There was a rumbling sound.


The stone table cracked from the top to the bottom, and was blown to smithereens, filling the air with dust.

The Davies family was struck dumb.

The masked man in white killed with a single glare earlier, and now, the one in black shattered a stone table.

Are they even human?

How horrifying!

Leslie, who was about to stand up, fell back to his knees, whereas Derek wet himself.

Life was fragile in the face of these two experts.

One would be killed in an instant if they were offended in the slightest.

Leslie and Derek no longer questioned their capability anymore.

They were not pompous or reckless!

They were totally capable!

Delighted, the man in blue asked with a smile, “Do you have doubts about my identity?”

“No, we wouldn’t dare to!” replied Leslie with his head down.

No matter who the man was, the Davies family could not mess with him!

“Well, let me tell you who I am! My name is Jacky Lawson!”


Leslie and the others had a look of incomprehension on their faces.

We’ve never heard of this name.

Jacky leaned in and whispered in Leslie’s ear, “I come from…”

After listening to what Jacky had whispered into his ear, the look on Leslie’s face changed drastically.

His face was instantly drained of all color, looking white as a sheet.

Intense horror could be seen from his eyes.

It was a horror that came from the depth of his heart.

“Oh, you’re Jacky. My warmest welcome! I apologize for the delay.”

After Jacky revealed his identity, Leslie knelt and touched the ground with his forehead so hard that it started to bleed.

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