The Return of God of War Chapter 561-570

The Return of God of War Chapter 561

“Slap him!” Bob, the butler, was infuriated.

“Russell, slap yourself!” Meredith said in a stern tone as a response to Bob’s suggestion.

She was infuriated at Russell’s brash comment.

All this while, Russell was one of the younger members of the Blacks whom she had no need of worrying.

However, she did not expect Russell to go against them at this critical point.

“I’m so disappointed in you, Russell! Slap yourself!”

Robert also felt disheartened at Russell’s rebellious attitude.

Yet, Russell shook his head stubbornly, “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong, grandpa and grandma. I will not apologize!”

“You’re wrong for refuting Mr. Caesar!” Meredith roared at him.

“Who proposes in such a tyrannical manner? What does he take Abigail for? A toy?” Russell asked. Clearly, he was not giving in either.

Abigail agreed, “Yes! That’s right! Why do we have to cater to the Caesar family’s every whim?”

Richard laughed as he listened to their exchanges.

“You may be right, but the Caesar family is indeed stronger than the Blacks. If I say you’re wrong, then you’re definitely wrong!” Richard said condescendingly.

Meredith relented, “Yes, it’s survival of the fittest. We are indeed weaker than the Caesars. So, we could only listen!”

She was an iron lady herself, so she knew better than any of them.

Thus, she could only give in when life demanded her so.

“So we are wrong simply because we’re weaker?” Russell asked.

“That’s right. You are wrong, so slap yourself, and I will drop the matter!” Richard shouted.

Then he looked at Russell like Russell was no more than an ant in front of him.

But Russell stood his ground and shook his head, “No, I will not surrender. I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Yes, Russell did nothing wrong. Why does he have to slap himself?” Abigail supported him.

They insisted because they knew Levi was going to back them up.

Nonetheless, she would not agree to this arranged marriage even if there was no Levi.

“Meredith, Robert, you really amuse me with how you discipline your younger generation…” Richard sneered at them.

When Richard said that, Meredith and Robert could not help but feel offended.

Then, she took a step forward and slapped Russell across his face.

For a brief heartbeat, drop-dead silence ensued.

Russell looked at Meredith with disbelief.

Ever since young, Meredith had never slapped him before.

But now she’s slapping me because of the Caesar family? How absurd!

The Blacks sighed.

Who would want to stoop so low if it weren’t for our deteriorating family status?

“Russell, you have to understand my position…” Meredith whispered to Russell.

Then, she turned over and ordered Abigail, “Say yes, Abigail! You have to agree to it today, no matter what!”

Robert said angrily, “Yes. You don’t have the right to reject!”

Richard would really be enraged if we keep this up, and we would suffer because of it.

Richard and Timothy regarded the Blacks with great interest, anticipating their next move.

They enjoyed toying with people with their power and influence.

“Abigail, what say you?” Timothy sneered as he looked at her.

“I will not marry you!”

A sound could be heard right then and there, and along came Levi.

Russell and Abigail’s eyes glinted with delight at Levi’s appearance.

“Levi, you’re here!”

Abigail rushed to his side at once.

All of them were stunned at the sight.

Levi is here?

Timothy’s face contorted after he saw Levi coming in.

Even though Timothy had no idea who Levi was, he presumed that Levi wasn’t just a nobody. After all, he had unrestricted access to that place.

Levi glanced at Richard, “I heard that you want to beat up someone?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 562

Meanwhile, Richard did not take heed of Levi and glanced in the direction of Robert and Meredith instead, “Who is this? Is he one of the younger members of your family too?”

Meredith and Robert sighed and lowered their heads.

They were indirectly saying yes to Richard’s query.

“Hah! Do all the younger members of the Blacks disrespect their elders?”

Richard deliberately mocked in a louder voice. As a matter of fact, he was almost roaring.

Meredith and Robert were terrified at the sight.

Richard is really mad right now.

They were well aware of the Chief’s temper.

He never lets people off the hook easily when he’s enraged.

The Black family would soon face an unparalleled crisis.

They glared at Levi angrily.

Russell has already pissed off Richard enough. Why does Levi have to appear and anger him too?

Haven’t we done that enough?

Levi laughed and glanced at Russell, “Did he ask you to slap yourself? Go, slap him back!”


Russell hesitated.

My family would never agree to me slapping Richard Caesar.

On the other hand, this is an order from the God of War himself.

Russell was on the fence about his next course of action.

At the same time, the others widened their eyes in disbelief at Levi’s brazen suggestion.

What? Did he just ask Russell to slap Richard Caesar? Is he crazy?

Even Richard was stumped at Levi’s audacity.

Nobody had dared to disrespect him. Not in South Hampton, let alone in Quebec.

Not to mention a youngster like Levi.

“Russell, what are you waiting for? Slap him! This is an order!” Levi’s tone was determined.

Russell straightened his back unconsciously at Levi’s orders.

I’m doing it!

If anything should happen, I have the God of War backing me up anyway.

Moreover, Russell thought it was impossible for them to be bullied by an outsider in his own manor.

With that thought in mind, Russell dashed toward Richard, his right hand was already in mid-air, ready to slap Richard across the face.

Richard froze on the ground, baffled at Russell’s brazen move.

This bastard dares to hit me?

“Russell, what are you doing?”

Meredith and Robert panicked at the sight.

They tried to stop Russell from advancing.

“Get away! All of you!”

Richard bellowed all of a sudden.


The Blacks were taken aback.

“Go away. I want to see who dares to lay a finger on me today,” Richard shouted.

He did not believe that Russell would really slap him.

Yet, the Blacks did not move a muscle.

What if Russell really slaps Richard across the face if we do not stop him?

The Black family will be wiped off the surface of the earth.

“I’ll say it one last time. Go away!” Richard roared.

He ordered his bodyguards as well, “Do not stop him. I want to see if this bastard really dares to hit me!”

The Blacks were terrified to see Richard all red from fury and finally decided to stay out of Russell’s way.

As for the bodyguards of the Caesar family, they had to stand aside too.

They were certain that Russell would not really hit Richard.

Unless… he’s crazy or an idiot!

At that moment, Richard beckoned at Russell.

The Caesars looked at Russell with wry smiles on their faces, positive that he wouldn’t strike.

“I will make sure that the Black family suffers if you don’t hit me today!” Richard said in an attempt to challenge him.


Russell was torn, yet again.

“Slap him!”

Levi’s voice could be heard loud and clear.

Hearing that, Russell seemed enlightened by Levi’s orders.

He stepped forward and slapped Richard across the face, hard.


The crisp sound shook everyone to their core.

Pin-drop silence ensued, once again.

Everyone held their breaths at the unexpected turn of events.

Richard was stunned.

Not knowing how to respond, he froze on the ground.

The Return of God of War Chapter 563

Richard let out a cry in pain after some time.

Everyone gasped in shock, their eyes widened in bewilderment.

A youngster from the Black family had slapped the quasi royal household head from South Hampton!

How dare he?!

Talking back to someone his station was already disrespectful enough, but a slap across the face was a whole new level of disgrace.

At the same time, Meredith and Robert were about to faint at the sight.

Is Russell freaking crazy? He really hit Richard!

Russell had always been the most capable and obedient child among the youngsters of the Black family.

However, he defied everyone’s expectations of him today. It was as if he had gone cuckoo.

Why did he do everything that Levi asked him to do?

The Caesars were equally surprised at Russell’s bold strike.

What a lunatic!

They were under the impression that Robert wouldn’t even dream of berating Richard, even if he were given the permission to do so.

Let alone slapping Richard across the face!

But Russell had done the unthinkable.

Richard cupped his slightly swollen cheeks and gave Russell an incredulous look.

The pain emanating from his cheeks made him grimace.

“Looks like we have a ballsy one here, eh?” Richard was oddly calm.

But everyone knew he was livid with fury.

Richard Caesar was someone who would not let anyone who enraged him off the hook.

In fact, he would fight till the point of life and death.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be an end to it.

But how could a powerless family like the Blacks fight against the Caesar family?

It would be like an egg dashing itself against a rock.

Hence, Russell knew things had gone to the point of no return.

It was either the Blacks or the Caesars who would survive.

He felt extremely apprehensive as well.

When he was trying to come up with an answer, Levi did him a favor by replying, “Yes, he is. So what?”


Richard was about to speak when Levi interjected him.

“You asked for Russell to be slapped, and he slapped you back. It was fair and square,” Levi grinned.

Timothy, who was used to act with impunity, held himself back from striking Levi because he did not know Levi’s true identity. Otherwise, he would have slapped Levi across the face right then and there.

He was afraid of Richard knowing the incident from the night before as well.

Thinking that Levi was ridiculous, Richard burst into a derisive laugh, “Fair and square, you say?!”

He looked over at Meredith and Robert, “You guys have done such a good job in educating your younger generation! Hahaha!”

It was clear as day that Richard was mocking them.

Then he added, “We are all players of the survival of the fittest game. Weaker players like you are doomed to be trampled all over! Robert Black, I came all the way from South Hampton to Quebec for this marriage proposal, observing every formality required to honor your family, and this is how you repay me?”

Richard then proclaimed, “From now on, I am cutting off all ties between the Blacks and the Caesars! I will stop at nothing till only one of us remains standing!”

The Blacks were in an uproar at the proclamation.

All of them shuddered at hearing it.

Are the Caesars and the Blacks fighting to the death?

Doomsday for the Black family is approaching.

The Blacks paled at the proclamation.

We are all going to die just because of these two idiots!

Turning over to Levi, Richard sneered and said, “Young man, did you know you are the culprit for the wipeout of the Black family?”

The Caesars burst into a laugh.

The Blacks are so naïve to think that they could fight against us.

The Return of God of War Chapter 564

This moment was akin to doomsday for the Black family.

They would not be able to fend against the Caesars.

Levi grinned, “You had the audacity to say that you’re going to wipe out the Black family!”

Russell was visibly relaxed to hear Levi.

The Blacks cast puzzled looks at Russell.

Has he gone nuts for real? How could he still smile in face of the possible crisis of a wipeout?

Meredith and Robert were about to stop Levi from degrading Richard further. However, Richard waved his hands to dismiss them, “Everybody stop talking!”

“Young man, do you think I am not capable of wiping out the Blacks?” Richard bellowed at Levi.

Levi smirked enigmatically, “From now on, I will be right here waiting. You could ask however many people you want to come here. I will succumb to defeat if I could not handle anything that you throw at me!”

Richard was not enraged by Levi’s frivolous remarks. On the contrary, he burst into a chuckle.

“I am so impressed that the Blacks manage to cultivate such overconfident youngsters!”

And then, Richard’s eyes burned with rage.

“Excellent! We will accept the challenge. I will give you one week to contact every possible connection that you could find. You guys better be well prepared, and don’t ever accuse me of bullying the Blacks!”

Levi and Richard had agreed to a fight… All this had transpired without the head of the Black family uttering a single word.

“Let’s go!” Richard left with his bodyguards and took the wedding gifts with him.

In the car.

Richard was fuming with rage.

This was the first time a youngster had provoked him.

“Grandpa, is it really okay for us to burn the bridges with the Black family this way?” Timothy couldn’t help but ask his grandfather.

He was still apprehensive about Levi’s true identity.

“What is there to worry about? It’s impossible for us to cultivate a puppet from the Blacks right now. We are only left with the option of marching right into the South City to grab our portion of the market! Seven days later, I will let everyone in the South City know the Caesar family’s wrath! All of them have to give way to us Caesars then!” Richard snorted.

Meanwhile, drop-dead silence stretched between the Blacks.

Meredith and Robert had slumped to the floor, spent from the confrontation just now.

Despair was written all over other family members’ faces.

We are essentially committing suicide for offending people like the Caesar family!

On the other hand, Levi looked calm and composed. He ruffled through Abigail’s hair, “Don’t worry, I’m here. Nobody could force you into doing anything you refuse to do.”

Russell was overjoyed, grateful for Levi’s presence.

Otherwise, the Blacks would be trampled all over by the Caesar family.

He was not at all worried about the upcoming fight between Levi and Richard.

The Caesar family has a death wish!

However, the Blacks could not understand this.

After regaining their composure, Bailey and Pamela approached Levi and reprimanded him, “Garrison, who do you think you are? Who are you to intervene in our family matters? You don’t have the right to interfere with my daughter’s marriage!”

“Yes, that’s right! Who do you think you are? Did you do it on purpose?”

“That is the Caesar family from South Hampton! They’re from the quasi-royal clan! How dare you offend them?”

Leonard and the others were infuriated at Levi’s recklessness too.

All of them cast death glares at him, wanting to skin him alive for them putting them in such a dire situation.

Meredith and Robert, however, did not confront Levi first. Instead, they turned to Russell.

“Russell, would you mind explaining why you did such a thing today?”

“That’s right. You’re usually the calm and composed one. Why are you behaving like a lunatic today? Don’t you know how strong the Caesar family is?”

They were immensely disappointed in Russell.

Their disappointment was a mirror of their high hopes in Russell since they had plans to cultivate him to become the next head of the Black household.

Having said that, it seemed near impossible that they would keep up with the plan.

The Return of God of War Chapter 565

“You have to give us a viable explanation!”

Russell spoke up with his head held high, “My reasons are simple. First of all, I will not stand idly by as the Caesars bully us. Second of all, their intention to marry Abigail was clear as day. They’re obviously planning to exploit our network here to get their foothold in the South City. I could never let these things happen!”

“Nonsense! You are so blind to your own errors!”

Just then, Robert could not hold it in any longer and slapped Russell across his face.

Despite being slapped across the face, Russell still stood his ground.

“I’ve done nothing wrong!” Russell insisted, “I will never admit that I’m wrong, even if you guys beat me to death!”

Meredith sighed aloud, and her knees almost buckled from her fury. All the others hurriedly steadied her when they noticed it.

Robert then explained his stand, “Do you think we are really oblivious to the intentions of the Caesar family? Do you think we have no idea that they’re oppressing us?”

“But what choice did we have? We are specks of dust compared to the Caesar family! Frankly speaking, the Caesar family only needs to move a single finger to annihilate us all!”

Meredith said furiously, “Exactly, Russell. When have you ever seen me stooping so low? Do you think I’m really happy to marry off Abigail just like that? That we are so happy to cater to the Caesars’ every whim? We just don’t have any other option. The Caesar family’s far-reaching influence is beyond our imagination… If we were stronger than the Caesars, why would I have to bear with them? I would have chased them out our door! You’re dooming us, Russell! Richard Caesar will pulverize us all, and we will suffer a fate worse than death! This is all thanks to you and Levi!”

Meredith looked at Russell in utter disbelief, “Why did you do what Levi told you to do?”

“I…” Russell was at a loss. He did not know how to explain it all.

Levi chimed in at this moment.

“I don’t think he went overboard when he returned Richard Caesar’s slap.”

Everyone turned their attention toward Levi.

“Levi Garrison, did you know you’ve made a grave mistake?”

Meredith could not help but question him.

“Who gave you the right to invite the Caesar family to a fight? You’re just an outsider. What does anything from the Black family have to do with you?” Quintus and Keane roared at him.

“Do you even understand the consequences of your actions toward the Black family? We’re going to be ruined for sure, and it’s even possible for us to lose our lives!”

Bailey felt the urge to slap Levi.

“Anything to do with Zoey is my business, so don’t worry. I will handle this on my own!” Levi was confident.

Crossed by his delusional remarks, Meredith spat at him, “I’m going to get someone to talk some sense into you!”

Meredith then called Caitlyn and Aaron. She recounted everything that happened to the two.

It was not even two hours before Aaron and Caitlyn rushed to the Black family manor together with Zoey.

“Is it true?”

Aaron and Caitlyn were about to faint when they knew about the incident.

Especially, Caitlyn – she was very agitated, “Garrison, did you know you’ve stirred up huge trouble? Why did you have to cause us trouble as soon as you reached South City? Do you wish to see us all die?”

She broke into an uncontrollable sob.

Aaron’s face sank.

Even Zoey had a despondent look on her face as she glanced at Levi.

She thought he was finally going to make himself useful after coming to the South City. However, she did not expect him to bring such a disaster to the Blacks.

“You’d better come up with a good explanation for this…”

Zoey gave Levi a death glare.

The Return of God of War Chapter 566

Nevertheless, Levi was all relaxed in his manner, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this!”

“And how exactly do you plan to do so?” Aaron challenged him right away.

Caitlyn was still sobbing, “Didn’t you see that the Blacks are all reduced to tears already? How are you going to deal with this? With that smart mouth of yours?”

“Why did you have to do this? Why can’t you just stay at North Hampton? And what are we going to do with this trouble that you’ve caused?” Zoey cried out of despair.

Not long after, Jennie and Logan reached the Black family manor as well.

“What happened? What’s wrong with you, Levi? Do you know you’ve offended the Caesar family? They’re the quasi royals of the North Hampton!” Logan could not help but bellow at Levi.

Jennie looked at Zoey and her parents in contempt, “I’ve long said that nothing good could come out of you guys coming here!”

“Logan, do you have any idea how to deal with this?”

Keane and the others rushed to Logan’s side, hoping that he would have a solution to their woes.

However, Logan’s face sank, “I’ve just heard the news that the Caesar family is going to go all out on this. What could we do anyway? The Zachs family still has some influence in the South City, but we will not be of much help here either. Why did you guys have to offend the quasi-royal clan of South Hampton?”

The Blacks were devastated to hear Logan’s reply, to say the least.

They had always depended on Logan.

If even Logan couldn’t do anything about their predicament, then they were truly doomed.

“Russell, what’s the matter with you today? You always seem like you know what you’re doing, but why did you do something so stupid today? Don’t you know who Richard Caesar is? Why did you slap him? Huh?” Logan chided Russell as well.

It was futile to play the blame game since the incident had been blown out of proportion. The piece of sensational news had traveled far and wide.

Hence, it was impossible for Richard to keep quiet on this matter that concerned his dignity.

There was no doubt that he was going to take action against the Black family.

“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong! The Caesar family is obviously being the bully here, so I can’t just turn a blind eye to that!”

Then, he glanced at Levi, “Moreover, we have Levi here. We will surely get this settled!”

Levi admired Russell’s firm stance.

This is what the Black family lacks.

“Right, keep bluffing! Yes, you have a bright future ahead. But this is the Caesar family from South Hampton that we’re talking about here. I don’t think even Scott Yates and his Triple Group could have dealt with this mess! The two of you really went cuckoo to have attempted a fight with the Caesar family. How are you going to fight against them?”

Logan was exasperated at their nonchalant attitude.

Russell was getting irritated at their ignorance as well. “Why don’t you guys believe in me? Don’t worry. This matter will be resolved!”

Logan glared at him, “You want us to believe in you?”

Then, Logan approached Meredith and Robert, “Grandma, grandpa. I swear to handle this crisis with all my resources. Leave this to me!”

“Alright, we have to depend on you to deal with this mess. There’s nothing much we could do!” Meredith replied.

“But please don’t get your hopes too high on this since the Caesar family is quite powerful. I will try my best to minimize the losses, though. Even though the Blacks would be spared in the end, you guys still would have to make some sacrifices…”

Logan meant that the Black family could only keep their essential members.

People like Russell and Levi might have to be sacrificed.

“Great! We don’t expect to come out of this unscathed. We just hope that we could minimize the damages!”

Logan sighed, “Grandma and grandpa, you guys could only depend on me during this critical time!”

Meredith nodded her head, “Yes, Logan! The rest are useless trash!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 567

Logan was exasperated as he cast a glance at his grandparents, “I’ve told you both that they had gone out of touch with the Black family matters. They would only cause trouble if permitted to come back. And voilà, look at what happens as soon as they’re back…”

Meredith glared at Caitlyn and her family, “You’re right, Logan. We regret not listening to you! We shouldn’t have asked them to come back…”

At the same time, Caitlyn was almost drowning in her own tears.

She was finally accepted by the Black family after such a long time.

And now, Levi had ruined it all…

“Garrison, what did we owe you? Why did you have to avenge us so?”

Aaron couldn’t help but shed a tear.

“Mom and dad, don’t be too sad. Maybe I could try asking Iris to seek help from the Morris Group!”

“Right, Levi also works for the Morris Group. He wouldn’t stand idly by!” Zoey added.

Aaron’s eyes glinted with delight, “Correct! Morris Group’s boss is very capable. I’m sure he would be able to help.”

With that, Aaron then approached Meredith and Robert, “Mom and dad, don’t be mad. Zoey knows someone really capable. He would be able to settle this…”

Logan questioned him right then and there, “Could you guarantee that you would solve this?”

“I…” Aaron hesitated.

“Hah! What kind of capable people would you guys know? What a joke! Nobody could compete with the Caesar family in the whole of Quebec!” Aaron retorted.

“What? Is the Caesar family really that powerful?” Aaron gulped.

Meredith then dismissed Aaron and his family, “Get out! You guys are an embarrassment!”

She did not wish to see them for a second longer.

Then, she added after recalling something, “Right, not one of you should leave the Black family manor this week! Keane, keep a close watch on them!”

“Understood!” Keane and the others exclaimed.

“Huh?” Zoey and her family paled.

Grandma is grounding us.

We could only leave after settling this.

They were going to be the scapegoats.

What do we do?

Zoey was worried about her work.

“Zoey, I’m sorry to say this, but you have to work from home in the meantime.”

In the end, Zoey and her family were grounded at the Black family manor.

“Levi, look at what you’ve done! How would you explain yourself this time?”

Aaron and Caitlyn glared at Levi.

“Mom and dad, why don’t you guys think of this as your holiday? We would head back to the North Hampton with our heads held high.”

Levi sounded casual. It was as if he was really here for a vacation.

“Levi Garrison, how do you still have the heart to joke around at this hour?” Zoey shouted at him.

Zoey was fierce toward Levi when her mother and father were around.

But as soon as her parents left, Zoey said to her husband, “Darling, I understand that you did it all for Abigail!”

“Good, at least you get me.” Levi smiled.

He was not afraid of not being able to solve the problem.

Actually, Levi was more apprehensive about having nobody to understand him.

“But this has been blown so out of proportion that you couldn’t solve it.” Zoey furrowed her brows.

“Don’t worry. Just leave this to me.” Levi grinned.

“How are you going to deal with this when we can’t even get out of here?” Zoey was stumped.

Levi, however, was all smiles, “Don’t worry. I could get out of the Black family whenever I want. I’d like to see who would dare to stop me.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 568

The Blacks had imprisoned Levi and his family in another heavily guarded villa.

Levi walked over to the entrance of the villa, and the security guards swamped him.

“You can’t leave! You’ve got to stay right here!”

The head of the security guards bellowed at Levi.

“What if I insist?” Levi grinned cheekily.

“You could try!” All of them glared at Levi. They would stop at nothing to prevent him from leaving this villa.

“Who gave you the right to restrict other people’s freedom?” Levi challenged them.

“We are at the Black family manor, and we play by their rules. You cannot go anywhere! Do you understand?” One of the security guards warned him.

Upon hearing that, Levi’s lips curved into a smile, “There is nowhere that I, Levi Garrison, cannot go.”

“Get out of my way!”

But the security guards did not move away and inched closer to him instead.

Then, Levi made his move and turned into a shadow, slithering his way out of the group of security.

With a few plops, all of them slumped to the floor.

They were all exorbitantly-priced security guards employed by the Black family.

However, Levi was the God of War – the undefeatable legend on the battlefields.

These security guards were mere mole crickets and ants to him.

When Zoey sensed that something was wrong and dashed outside, she was greeted by the sight of the security guards tumbling on the ground while wailing in pain.

As for Levi, he was already nowhere to be seen.

“Did he do all these?”

Zoey widened her eyes in disbelief, stumped by the sight before her.

The Blacks knew the news of Levi’s escape not long after.

Meredith and Robert rushed to the scene.

“You guys did a good job in educating your children!” Meredith and Robert mocked as they glared at Aaron and Caitlyn.

“Mom and dad, we have no idea that Levi escaped…”

Caitlyn and Aaron were indignant at the accusation.

Meredith scorned, “What do we do now? I don’t suppose he’s going to be back to deal with his own mess!”

Bailey and Leonard added, “He must have escaped and left this huge mess for us to follow up!”

“So despicable of him to leave right after he’s stirred up such a huge trouble!”

“He wouldn’t run away!” Zoey, Abigail, and Russell exclaimed at the same time.

Abigail and Russell knew about Levi’s true identity.

As for Zoey, she had faith in Levi’s personality. She believed that he wouldn’t leave her alone to face all this trouble.

“I will never understand why you guys defend him so.” Meredith and the Blacks looked at the three of them incredulously.

“I…” Abigail and Russell exchanged glances with each other.

However, they bit their tongue and did not say anything further.

It was a top military secret that they would be divulging after all.

Just then, Zoey held her head high and declared, “Because he’s my husband!”

At the same time, Levi left the villa and came to the Abyss.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Kirin, and Phoenix had all arrived at the South City.

“God of War, upon investigation, we have found out that the families that are recently snatching turfs are all backed up by certain forces. To conclude our findings, external forces are coveting to make South City theirs!”

“The Caesar family is here for the very same purpose as well. They want to make the Blacks their puppets to put a foothold in South City.”

Phoenix had obtained first-hand information.

Levi smoked on his cigarette and smiled thinly, “They’re going to make the commoners suffer because of their battle for territories. I will not let innocent people sacrifice for their selfish gains!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 569


The four of them nodded.

“Give me a list of all the forces that are stirring up trouble in South City recently. I want to get rid of them once and for all!” Levi ordered.

“Yes, sir. I will get to the bottom of this,” Phoenix replied.

“After Phoenix has identified them all, Kirin, please organize a banquet and invite them all under the name of Neil Atkinson. Let them decide the venue.” Levi said to Kirin.

Kirin nodded in acknowledgement.

Meanwhile, two breaking news spread like wildfire in the South City.

The first one was: The Black family and the Caesar family will engage in a life-and-death fight one week later.

The second one: Neil Atkinson from the Morris Group had arrived at the South City and had invited all the influential forces in the city to a banquet.

The piece of news on the fight between the Caesar family and the Black family did not have any suspense to it.

There was no doubt that the Black family would be wiped out of the South City a week later!

However, nobody had expected the second-in-command of the Morris Group would come to the South City.

Nobody knew what was going on.

The influential forces, who were invited to the banquet, were puzzled as well.

They did not know what was up Morris Group’s sleeves and started to engage in discussions with each other.

After a while, they came to a conclusion – that the Morris Group was here at South City for a foothold as well.

“Impossible! We will not tolerate such a thing!”

“We have not touched the North Hampton as well. How could they mark their territory here?”

This time, the forces were oddly allied on this front.

It was mainly because Yates’s departure had cleared off quite some space for the emergence of a new dominating force.

The local forces did not wish for others to make a mark on their very own piece of land.

The outsiders would have to step over their dead bodies.

“The Morris Group is really naïve to let us decide the venue. Do they have a death wish?”

“What kind of idiot he is to leave this to us?”

“What if we set the venue at Jagged Club?”

All of the leaders burst into a laugh.

They found it amusing because Jagged Club was actually the largest underground boxing arena in South City.

It was full of the finest underground boxers in the East.

They planned to make it a trap for the Morris Group.

All of them agreed on triumphing over the Morris Group at the Jagged Club three days later, and that included beating Neil Atkinson to death.

“Brothers, let us show our trump card and let them witness the locals’ power!”

“Sure, we can’t let them leave South City well and alive. How dare they think of taking over the South City?”

They were anticipating the sight of Morris Group swarmed by thousands three days later.

On the other hand, the Black family was still shrouded in gloom.

They were so disheartened that they skipped dinner altogether.

The Blacks pinned all their hopes on Logan. Even then, they knew their chances were slim.

Since Logan’s grandfather had retired, his words did not carry much weight as they used to.

Even though the Zachs family indeed had a great network, they would probably not risk offending the Caesar family just because of the Blacks.

All of a sudden, Meredith turned to glance at Zoey and Abigail, “Didn’t the two of you say that he would come back? Where is he?”

“Um…” Abigail was at a loss for words.

“Grandma, don’t worry! Levi will be back after resolving the trouble he caused,” Zoey replied in a determined tone.

She had just gotten news from Iris saying that Neil from the Morris Group was coming to the South City, and she planned to contact him for help.

Hence, she seemed confident in her reply just now.

“Zoey, why won’t you believe that he’s escaped? Let me be frank with you, I’ve asked for people to track him down, and there’s no sign of him in South City…”

The Return of God of War Chapter 570

The Black family had already done a round of search, but there was no trace of Levi. At all.

“He must have already left South City. Stop waiting for him foolishly!” Keane said coldly.

Aaron and Kaitlyn agreed as they said, “Sweetie, why are you still holding on to hope? He must have run away!”

“Yeah, why else would he disappear suddenly?”

In her defense, Zoey replied, “Dad, Mom, you know how Levi is as a person…”

“This time, the situation is not the same! We are talking about the Caesar family. If I were him, I would also run!”

“That’s right! If you don’t believe us, just wait and see if he shows up!” Caitlyn added angrily.

The couple was already determined that Levi had run away.

However, Zoey was conflicted.

Indeed, the opponent this time was too strong.

No one could be certain of the situation.

After all, the Caesar family was a quasi-royal clan, and they were at a different level from them.

However, she believed that Levi would never leave just because of the power of the Caesar family.

Darling, where are you? Come back quickly to clear up everyone’s misunderstanding!

Zoey desperately wanted Levi to appear now.

If only he could descend like a god and settle the matter directly.

Yet, on the following day, Levi had not appeared.

On the third day, he did not appear as well.

There was no news of him for the past few days. Whenever Zoey called him, his phone would be switched off.

Now, even Zoey was panicking.

Did he really run away?

But in her heart, she still firmly believed that Levi did not run away. She believed in his character more than anything else.

“Look, here you are, still foolishly waiting. How about Levi? He hasn’t appeared yet!”

“Now that he turned his phone off, what else is it if he did not run away?” Everyone in the Black family ridiculed her aggressively.

Bailey sneered, “I just asked someone to search in North Hampton, but they couldn’t locate him at all. I guess he really ran away!”

At this time, Russell said, “Everyone should return to doing what they usually do! Levi will definitely show up and resolve this matter!”

Everyone got stumped by his words.

Meredith stared at Russell incredulously and asked, “Are you implying that we are worrying for nothing?”

Russell shook his head and said, “Grandma, I’m just saying that Levi will come back. Rather than these useless chatter, it’s better to go on with our lives.”


Meredith slapped Russell’s face all of a sudden.

The slap sounded crisp and loud, shocking everyone.

The last time Meredith gave a slap was due to the Caesar family and not her own intention.

But that day, she intentionally slapped the junior she valued the most.

“Grandma, you…” Russell covered his face and looked at Meredith, baffled.

“How could you say that? If it weren’t for you and Levi, would the Black family end up this way? You caused big trouble and are still speaking such nonsense. Are you able to solve this matter?” Meredith trembled violently with anger.

Russell stared at her seriously and said, “Yes, I can!”

“How are you going to solve it?” Meredith asked.

“As long as Levi is here, the matter will definitely be resolved…” Russell stated stubbornly.

“He’s not even here now, and you still expect him to solve the problem? How ridiculous! Are you still in your right mind?” Meredith scolded.

“You guys don’t have a clue. Actually, Levi is…” Forced into a corner, Russell wanted to reveal Levi’s identity.

“What?” Everyone looked at Russell curiously.

Even Zoey was getting suspicious.

Did Levi have an identity unknown to them that Russell knew and supported him so surely?

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