The Return of God of War Chapter 451-460

The Return of God of War Chapter 451
Colin Shanks immediately doled out the punishment.


Johnny Lerns and his gang grew infuriated.

We didn’t get a single cent, but we still need to be suspended without pay for three months?

Isn’t this a huge loss to us?

But this guy is someone powerful… so what can we do?

“Additionally, two movies from the Oriental Star Group have passed the audit. We’ll start showing them after three days!” Colin announced.

Meanwhile, the higher-ups from the audit department exclaimed, “We’ve never seen such a well-produced movie! This will be a huge hit!”

Zoey and her colleagues breathed a sigh of relief.

The person in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration grinned and said, “Ms. Lopez, are you happy with this result?”

However, Colin stared at Levi, who stood by the side.

“I’m pretty satisfied! Mr. Shanks really is amazing!” Zoey smiled and said.

“It’s alright!” Levi answered.

“Phew!” Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else isn’t pleased with the results; only her opinion matters.

Shanks Entertainment received the news in no time.

Meanwhile, Johnny’s investigation came to a dead-end because he couldn’t delay the release of the Oriental Star Group’s films.

They needed to release their movies three days later.

“Useless! You can’t even do a simple task like this!” Zachary Suarez was irate.

Niall Xander grinned. “It’s fine, Mr. Suarez. We already achieved the effect we wanted. They will definitely lose to us when our movies are released concurrently!”

“That’s right. The movies’ contents are identical, so they will definitely watch ours instead. Besides that, I already bought a lot of spots on the recommendations list on streaming websites. On the other hand, the viewers can’t find their movies even if they wanted to. How can they possibly compete with us?” Zachary was confident.

Their promotions undoubtedly completely overshadowed Oriental Star Group’s efforts.

Besides that, the plagiarism accusations plaguing the Oriental Star Group doomed them.

That was what Zoey and the gang were the most worried about.

“We contacted most of the streaming websites just now. They said that there weren’t any spots left in the recommendations list on the main page and even the subpages, because they have all been bought by Shanks Entertainment. It will spell disaster for us if this continues. Our movie qualities are good, but the viewers can’t even find it.” Zoey sounded frustrated as she spoke.

Levi stroked her hair. “Honey, forget about the promotions for now. Things will get better as time passes. When they compare our movies with theirs, our movies’ reputations will soar. Besides that, we are still popular from the plagiarism accusations! Everyone is waiting to compare our movies to see if we copied them!”

“Hahaha! You’re right. Our haters are our fans as well. They’ll probably turn into real fans when they watch our movies!” Zoey chuckled.

Levi flashed an indecipherable smile. “Besides that, I still have some tricks up my sleeve I can use after the movies get released!”

The day everyone was waiting for finally arrived.

It was eight p.m.

Seven movies from Shanks Entertainment were released at the same time on four major streaming sites.

They hogged all the spots on the recommendations list on the main pages; the first thing one would see if they opened the streaming website was advertisements about their movies.

As their popularity soared, a few million people were waiting expectantly for their release. They all rushed to watch it when they came out.

The reviews quickly came pouring in.


All seven movies are terrible!

The acting, special effects, and plot are terrible. Everything’s terrible! There’s nothing redeemable about it!

Apart from a few good reviews by some fans, the rest of the viewers gave bad reviews.

The average score for all seven movies was only six point seven.

“Oh, right. Isn’t the Oriental Star Group’s movie plagiarized from somewhere? I think it got released today too. Let’s go watch it!”

Everyone started to search for the Oriental Star Group’s movies.

The Return of God of War Chapter 452
In the Shanks Entertainment’s president’s office.

Niall, Zachary, and a few other people were present. They all looked displeased as they watched the real-time box office results.

Niall snorted. “It seems like the audience isn’t that gullible anymore!”

The manager, Winnie said, “That’s right. Viewers nowadays tend to care more about the content of the movie. Movies rarely cast young, handsome men now! Focusing on production quality is important!”

Niall chuckled. “Yes. That is why we need to take this opportunity to scam the dumbass fans’ money!”

Yvonne Wren agreed with that statement. “That’s right! The fans are stupid and easy to scam. We need to hurry up and make more movies of this kind! Once the dumbasses realize what’s going on, they won’t be so easy to scam anymore!”

If their fans heard what they said, they would probably blow up in rage.

“Oh, aren’t the Oriental Star Group’s movies being released as well? How are they doing?” Zachary couldn’t help but ask.

Niall chuckled. “I tried searching them in the streaming websites just now, but I still can’t find them.”

“They’re destined to fail! Even though our movies are trash, we are hogging all the spots in the recommendations lists! They can’t possibly succeed!” Yvonne chuckled coldly.

“President Shorts said he found their movies. They only have two of them, not seven!” The assistant showed Niall the tablet.

“Haha! Are they afraid of cutting a loss? They only filmed two movies, and who the f*** are the main actors? I haven’t even heard of them! They should be prepared that their movies will become a box office bomb!” Zachary guffawed as he played the movie.

After about three years, the netizens finished watching the two Oriental Star Group’s movies.

“Can those who already watched the movies tell us if it’s good or not?” Some netizens were eager but afraid to watch the movies. They were scared the movies might turn out horrible.

“It’s amazing! It really is super good!”

“This is the most well-produced movie I’ve ever watched!”

“The plot is well-thought-out, the art is tasteful, the pacing is appropriate, the special effects are perfect, and the acting was superb! I give five stars out of five!”

“This movie is showing in the cinemas! It’s so amazing! I need to watch it again!”

Good reviews started to appear all over the internet.

The netizens regarded the Oriental Star Group’s two movies as masterpieces!

Furthermore, the ones who gave good reviews weren’t fans. They were the ones who had lambasted Oriental Star Group before for plagiarism. They had watched the movies just because of the scandal.

When the higher-ups in the Oriental Star Group saw the good reviews and the rising popularity of the two movies, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well done! Levi, you’re amazing!”

Zoey hugged Levi.

Cough cough… Levi coughed out of embarrassment.

Zoey’s face immediately flushed red because Gerry Wade and the others were in the office. She had been so excited she forgot that they weren’t alone.

Levi chuckled. “Let’s officially start our promotions! Try to generate as much public attention as possible, including doing what Niall did before. In short, do everything you can to promote the movies!”


The higher-ups were excited. Judging by how things were progressing, the two movies might generate more revenue than they have ever imagined!

“I still have a trump card. I’ll use it tonight!” Levi chuckled.

“I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Levi grinned. “Besides that, the people in charge of those streaming websites will start knocking on our doors soon enough!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 453
“What? I can’t believe their movies are this good! Even I was engrossed!” Zachary seemed genuinely entertained after they finished watching the movies.

Niall, Yvonne, and the rest were anxious.

“How are their movies so good? Look at how their popularity is booming! I can’t find a single bad review!”

“Even though they’re not on the recommendations list, they’re one of the top ten most popular movies right now! Their popularity is still rising too!”

“What now? Should we do something about it?”

The artists were as anxious and as nervous as cats.

The fact that the Oriental Star Group’s movies were spectacular was a huge embarrassment to them.

More importantly, the main actors were the rookies that they’ve seen before.

How are they so good at acting?

This made them feel indignant.

Their manager, Winnie sighed.

She was good at judging the current consumers’ needs.

People like Niall are more suited to join variety shows or just become a public figure.

Acting in movies requires actual acting skills, which they lack.

Oriental Star Group’s two movies’ popularity was rising in streaming websites.

“I get it now. The fact that Shanks Entertainment said that Oriental Star plagiarized their movies is a whole ruse to sabotage them! You have seven movies and they only have two, how dare you accuse them of plagiarism?”

“Yeah! Can your seven terrible movies be compared to their two masterpieces? How shameless can they get?”

“Everyone listen to me. Don’t watch those terrible movies anymore. Go and watch the Oriental Star Group’s two movies instead! They really are good!”

An intense discussion sparked in the comments section of the seven movies starred by Niall and the rest.

While everyone was lambasting the seven movies, everyone went to watch Oriental Star Group’s two movies instead.

Furthermore, the Oriental Star Group’s publicity team reignited the discussion about the plagiarism accusations to hype the movie up even more.

They then brought up the incident where Niall and his gang had acted all high and mighty and quit their jobs.

There was even video proof about how Niall had splashed Horace Engler with water, and how he had beaten Maurice Lorraine up.

The netizens were enraged when they caught hold of the news, and they started to lambast artists like Niall and Yvonne.

Even their fans started to attack them.

“Niall Xander, you b**d! Give me back my fing money!”

“This bastard only knows how to scam people! He can’t even act! What a piece of trash!”

“Helena Engler is my idol from now on! Yvonne Wren can get lost!”

“Pigs like Niall Xander don’t deserve to be artists. I’m gonna be Maurice Lorraine’s fan from now on. He’s so handsome and so good at acting!”

After that incident, Shanks Entertainment not only suffered a major loss, Niall and the other actors’ and actresses’ reputations were tarnished as well.

In no time, everyone knew that Shanks Entertainment’s seven movies were horrible; no one bothered to watch them anymore.

The only ones watching them right now were the ones who wanted to lambast them.

On the other hand, Oriental Star Group’s two movies rose in popularity even though they weren’t on the recommendations list.

They quickly took the first and second spot in the popularity rankings.



Zachary was so furious that he smashed the tablet on the floor.

Niall and his colleagues had thunderous expressions as they fell silent.

At that moment, Zachary received a phone call.

“Hello, President Shorts, I am a representative from Penguin Films. I’m here to inform you that your films have been kicked off the recommendations list!”

“Hello, President Shorts, I am a representative of Kiwi Films. I’m here to inform you that your company’s seven movies’ reviews were too bad, so we took it off the recommendations list!”

“Hello, President Shorts, I am a representative from U-Cool. Your movies are not gaining enough revenue, so we’re planning to take them off the recommendations list!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 454
Zachary felt despondent when he received the calls.

He had never thought the major streaming sites would call him one after another to inform them that they would remove the seven movies from the recommendations lists.

Eventually, none of the movies they produced were left on the recommendation lists.

All seven movies were replaced by the two movies from the Oriental Star Group; those two movies dominated the main page of the streaming websites.

Furthermore, Zachary had spent about fifty million to buy the spots on the recommendation lists, while the major streaming sites had offered the same thing to the two movies from the Oriental Star Group of their own volition without requesting any form of payment.

The popularity of the two movies continued to rise!

Zoey beamed brightly when she saw the real-time box office results.

The production costs of the movie were two hundred million; they gained that much revenue is just six hours.

This broke the box office records of all the major streaming sites.

It was originally estimated that it would take about one week for the movie to offset the costs.

“It’s time to use the trump card!” Levi chuckled.

Not long after, the superstars from Erudia, Zak Copland and Yelda Zamora started their promotions at the same time.

“Up next, I would like to recommend two movies… they are absolutely awesome! I guarantee that with my honor!”

“If you don’t like it, I can refund you your membership fees! I, Zak Copland, promise you that!”

Twenty of the country’s A-list stars stated to promote the Oriental Star Group’s movies together, and its popularity boomed once again.

The members they gained exceeded fifty million, and they were about to reach the one hundred million members milestone.

Furthermore, all the major media companies started to give coverage to those movies as well.

The two movies were considered the pinnacle of the film industry.

The industry experts were excited as well. Everyone started to guess how much the movies would gain in revenue in a month.

One billion is probably a piece of cake. Can they reach two billion?

A box office result like that used to be reserved for movies traditionally shown in cinemas. But movies streaming online managed to achieve such a spectacular result! It’s unbelievable!

However, while some rejoiced, some suffered.

For example, Shanks Entertainment was one of those who were in a tough spot.

The negative influence from the public opinion about the movie itself was overwhelming. That caused a lot of investors to revoke their funding.

Their artists started to terminate their contracts as well.

In no time, a crisis befell the company, something Zachary had not been expecting.

After all, the Shank family’s venture into the entertainment industry was their most successful one. Yet now, everything was crumbling apart in just one month!

Zachary’s father, uncle, and grandfather all called to berate him.

“Useless pieces of trash! You can’t even act! Why are you even acting? What were you f***ing doing?” Zachary vented his rage at Niall, Yvonne, and the rest of the actors.



He slapped them forcefully; they didn’t dare to say anything.

“Get lost! Get the hell away from here! Give me back your salaries. I’ll kill whoever wants to keep the money!”

Zachary flailed around furiously and chased all the people out.

When the actors stepped outside, Niall discussed something with his team and manager.

“We never thought something like this would happen! We can’t stay in Shanks Entertainment anymore!”

The manager, Winnie, replied, “Yeah. Your reputations are heavily tarnished! We can’t keep doing this anymore! How about we go back to Oriental Star Group?”

Yvonne asked anxiously, “Can we really do that?”

“Sigh. They will definitely be angry, but no matter what happens, we can still bring profits to them. I don’t think they won’t take us back!” Winnie said.

Niall nodded. “That’s right. After all, we were the most important artists there! They don’t even have anyone else except for us! And those rookies? They are not even experienced!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 455
“We shouldn’t have left. We would’ve executed the direction of those films much better. Our wealth and reputation would’ve increased as well. Let’s go back and get those guys to plan something for us,” Yvonne said coldly.

She had a feeling Helena and Maurice were popular only because the movie itself was good.

The next morning.

“Ms. Lopez, Niall Xander’s and Yvonne Wren’s managers want to meet you!” Gerry Wade approached her and said.

“Alright. Let them in!”

A posse of people showed up in the office in no time.

“Ms. Lopez, we were foolish. We’ve made a mistake. Please forgive us!” The manager, Winnie, said.

Zoey smiled. “It’s alright. You all just wanted to go to a better company. They really are stronger than us!”

“We really made a mistake! We hope to rejoin your company now. After all, we were once a team, and we know each other well!” Winnie smiled.

At that moment, Levi suddenly appeared and mocked, “How shameless can you get? Didn’t you say we will regret our actions? What happened then? Are you here to get a taste of our wealth now that our movies became popular?”

Niall and the rest felt indignant, but they still needed to keep their tempers in check. After all, they were the ones asking for a favor.

Niall stared at Zoey and asked, “Ms. Lopez, can you tell us what we should do to rejoin your company?”

Zoey was about to say something when Levi interrupted her. “Rejoining Oriental Star is a piece of cake. You just need to show us how sincere you are.

How about kneeling here for six hours? It shouldn’t be that tough, right?”


Niall was about to lose his temper before Winnie stopped him.

“Alright. We agree with that. I hope you keep your promise as well!”

“Yeah. I promise!” Levi guaranteed.



Niall and the rest kneeled on the ground; that pleased everyone.

After all, Niall and his gang had bullied them for the longest time.

They kneeled for six whole hours, and Niall was utterly embarrassed.


He exhaled sharply and smiled coldly. “Alright, we’ve kneeled for six hours already. I hope you keep your end of the promise!”

“What promise?” Zoey asked.

“Didn’t you say that if we kneeled down for six hours you would let us rejoin the Oriental Star Group?” Niall almost shouted.

Zoey smiled. “Go and look for the one who promised you that!”

“The man beside you just now promised us that. Why are you eating your words right now?” Niall tried his best to suppress his anger.

“I’m so sorry. That guy isn’t even an employee from our company. Did you really just do whatever he said?” Gerry chuckled.

“Hahaha…” Everyone else laughed too.

“D-Did you trick us?” Niall and his team soon realized that they had been fooled.

“We are not responsible for that. You haven’t seen that guy before, have you?”

Niall exchanged a horrified glance with his team because they knew she made sense.

They had indeed never seen him before.

“I’ll kill you!” Niall finally lost his temper.

“Security, chase them out!”

The security guards kicked Niall and his team out of the building.

Zachary hit a stump. He started to ask about what was happening in South City.

At the same time, there were some news on the dark web today.

“Stepdad, the Morris Group’s boss doesn’t have an interesting background, but he’s very sly and methodical! That was how he managed to devastate Winston Gonzales and his allies!” Fernand Yates said.

Scott stopped turning the prayer beads in his hand as he slowly opened his eyes and said coldly, “Alright. Let us begin now!”

The most prominent character in Quebec was about to make his move.

The Return of God of War Chapter 456
“Stepdad, I’ll bring someone there!” Fernand Yates volunteered himself.

“Alright! Bring Bones, Titan, and Golem with you! The fact that they can handle the Black and White Guards signifies that they are pretty powerful!” Scott Yates ordered.

His Four Mighty Generals were individually stronger than the Black and White Guards, so the fact that Scott dispatched three of them was a testament to his resolve.

Fernand hesitated for a while before saying, “Stepdad…”

“Bringing Typhoon along is out of the question! He’s way too intent on killing! It took a lot of effort over the past few decades trying to tame him, so we can’t afford to let him massacre everyone in North Hampton!” Scott said.

The Four Mighty Generals under Scott all had their own individual strengths.

Bones was ruthless and apathetic. During a underground boxing battle where he had to face a few hundred opponents at once, he pulled someone’s ribs out and used it as a weapon to kill everyone.

Titan was exceptionally skilled in wrestling ever since he was young.

Golem was like a beast because his body was as tough as steel. Normal weapons couldn’t dent him.

However, the strongest of them all was Typhoon.

He had been raised by an assassin’s organization ever since he was young.

The organization adopted one hundred orphans and made them fight and kill each other after a few years of training. Only the final child left standing had the right to enter the organization.

Typhoon was the one who had killed all of his comrades and made it out alive.

His murderous intent was overwhelming, and at least seven hundred people have been killed by him.

Once his bloodlust was triggered, he couldn’t be stopped.

Scott was once captured during a war in Quebec’s underground scene, and Typhoon had killed a few thousand people just to rescue him.

He derived pleasure from murder, and he was quite literally the harbinger of death.

That was why Scott wouldn’t request his service unless it was necessary because Typhoon would cause a whole flurry of catastrophes.

“Besides, the three of them will be enough to handle the Morris Group! I can’t take responsibility for the consequences that might arise if we use Typhoon this time!” Scott sighed.

Fernand was incredulous. “What? Stepdad, why do you have something you can’t responsibility for? How is that possible?”

“Have you forgotten who’s in North Hampton right now?” Scott asked.

Fernand’s expression changed as he said in horror, “Are you referring to the God of War?”

“Yes. He will definitely turn a blind eye to the melee in North Hampton, but if Typhoon went there and stirred up trouble, he might step out personally to deal with it…”

Scott was afraid of the God of War.

“Wow, stepdad, you really are prudent. I never thought of that! I’ll go to North Hampton now in that case!”

“Go and take care of that issue quickly. Keep a low profile. If things spiral out of control, I won’t be able to help you anymore,” Scott reminded him.

When Fernand took his leave, a casually dressed, average-looking man appeared.

He was the Harbinger of Death, Typhoon.

He said, “I heard the God of War has a team called the Five Great Wars Regiment, and they are all exceptional. I want to challenge them…”

“Hahaha. Typhoon, what are you saying? We can’t possibly offend them! Regardless of how strong we are, we are still mortals, and they are gods! They can kill us with just a snap of their fingers!”

When Sebastian found out about Fernand’s plans, he headed to North Hampton with Fernand.

“Three Mighty Generals are here! I thought Mr. Yates would only send one of them with us!”

Sebastian was excited when he saw that Bones and the other two mighty generals were embarking on the same mission.

He had thought only one of them was required to solve the problem; he had never expected Scott to send out three of them at once.

This is a piece of cake. Morris Group will definitely be obliterated.

“North Hampton, just you wait for the South City’s ire!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 457

Sebastian was excited when they arrived at North Hampton.

Zachary and his friends, who had received the news of their arrival beforehand, waited for them at the highway.

“Mr. Yates, Sebastian, we are being oppressed by them ever since we came from South City! The people in North Hampton kept bullying us because we didn’t have anyone around, so it’s great now that you’re here! They can go screw themselves!” Zachary said.

Everyone started to exaggerate about what happened to them during their stay in North Hampton, and that infuriated Sebastian and Fernand.

On the surface, Fernand seemed poised and methodical, just like a sly fox. However, he was actually a ruffian!

He had committed a lot of crimes and was cocky and arrogant.

He just never showed that side of himself because Scott loomed over him at all times.

Now that he came to North Hampton and no one was here to control him anymore, he wanted to unleash his wild side.

“Hmph! Underestimating the South City? They’re digging their own graves!” Fernand exclaimed furiously.

“Mr. Yates, what should we do next?” Sebastian asked.

“Didn’t the Rogers family publicly support the Morris Group? We’ll go to the Rogers family’s residences in that case!”

A menacing glint flashed in Fernand’s eyes.

Meanwhile, in the Rogers family’s house.

The Rogers family was having dinner together.

The Rogers family’s wealth had boomed lately; their assets had already exceeded a hundred billion in value.

Even though they were just taking care of the money on behalf of Levi, they were still overjoyed by it.


A loud bang could suddenly be heard as the dining room’s door was kicked open.

A large horde of men barged inside with menacing expressions on their faces.

Glenn Rogers recognized a few of them. Sebastian and Simon among the others.

However, Sebastian wasn’t the main character today.

They stood aside as a young man stepped forward.

The young man looked docile and polite, yet the three people standing behind him were terrifying.

Golem was two meters tall; he towered over everyone and everything.

Moreover, Bones was emaciated to the point where his bones could be seen. His face was deathly pale.

Titan’s bald head was shiny, and he had a murderous expression on his face.

The three of them had an oppressing aura, and the atmosphere was suddenly suffocating to everyone.

Glenn knew Sebastian would never forgive him. That prospect seemed even more unlikely now.

“Glenn Rogers, let me introduce them to you. This is the stepson of Scott Yates from the South City, Fernand Yates!” Sebastian grinned.

“Scott Yates?” Glenn gaped in shock.

Isn’t that the person rumored to oppress the entire Quebec area?

Scott Yates!

The most powerful figure in Quebec!

Even people as powerful as Sebastian need to show that man respect.

“Hm? Didn’t you say he’s retired for thirty years already?” Glenn asked.

Fernand smiled. “Thanks to the Morris Group, my stepfather came out of his retirement.”

“What? He came out of his retirement?” Glenn was so shocked he almost shrieked.

“Yeah! My stepfather said the Morris Group should be exterminated!”

Fernand then approached the dining table, sat down and smiled, “It looks delicious! Make me an extra portion!”

He was being cocky and rude.

One of the younger people from the Rogers family snorted. “Get up! Who do you think you are? How dare you come to the Rogers family’s territory and make a scene! Are you looking for trouble?”

The Rogers family have been doing very well lately, and they were a powerful presence in North Hampton.

That was why they looked down on everyone, especially people who taunted them.

Glenn was about to warn him, but it was already too late.

Of course he doesn’t know who Scott Yates is!

Fernand didn’t speak. Instead, he just glared at Franklin Rogers.

“What are you staring at? Are you gonna beat me up?” Franklin shouted angrily.


In the next moment, Titan suddenly swung a punch at Franklin’s head.

The Return of God of War Chapter 458


Franklin was sent flying, and when he landed on the floor, blood flowed out of all of his orifices.

He was undoubtedly, dead!

One punch from Titan was enough to make someone bleed profusely.

Suddenly, the room was as silent as the dead.

“Who are you? How dare you kill my son! B*ds!” Franklin’s father, Alexander was furious. Something like this shouldn’t happen in the Rogers family’s territory!

Alexander and his wife, Snow Wahlberg, pounced at them.


Golem landed a kick on Alexander’s head, causing everyone to be dumbstruck.

On the other hand, Bones swung a punch as fast as lightning and felled Snow.

At that moment, the Rogers family was petrified, and they didn’t dare say anything anymore.

Zachary and his friends, who had come along with Fernand, were mortified by the gory scene as well.

They tried to stop themselves from puking when they saw that, and they finally understood how Scott Yates could rule over Quebec.

They are absolutely merciless!

Snow squirmed on the floor in pain, her shrieks lasting for a few minutes.

“They are Mr. Yate’s Three Mighty Generals – Bones, Titan, and Golem. Don’t move!” Glenn soon recognized who they were, and he started to perspire out of horror.

“Happy now?” Fernand smiled and asked.

The room immediately fell silent. No one dared to speak or doubt their power because they were the kind of people who killed without hesitation.

Crossing them would only mean certain death.

“Where’s my cutlery?” Fernand asked.

“Go and get it!” Glenn instructed.

In no time, the cutlery was prepared.

Everyone stood and watched. They trembled while Fernand ate.

“Come, eat! What are you doing?” Fernand smirked.

Glenn forced a smile. “We already ate. We won’t be joining you. Mr. Yates, please enjoy your meal!”

Fernand looked up and scanned through the people present in the room, his gaze lingering on the women.

“Eating alone is so boring. Come and eat with me!” Fernand stared at the women in the Rogers family and said.

Sebastian and Simon knew Fernand was a pervert and that his tastes were very varied.

He fancied all types of women, from ten-year-old girls to forty-year-old ladies.

The women in the Rogers family were quite attractive, so they suited Fernand’s taste.

“Hm? Mr. Yates, do you want us to accompany you?” Glenn’s voice wavered.

Fernand’s expression changed abruptly. “Get lost! Do I look like I need a man to eat with me? Are you playing dumb or are you actually dumb?”

The Rogers family exchanged glances of apprehension because Fernand made it very clear what he wanted.

He doesn’t want a man, so that means he wants women, right?

The Rogers family’s women trembled out of fear.

They realized Fernand probably didn’t just want them to eat with him!

He wanted to sleep with them as well!

Anthony immediately said, “Mr. Yates, you like pretty ladies, don’t you? I’ll arrange a few for you. You can have anyone you want, from celebrities to models! North Hampton is famous for its ladies!”

Leo added, “Yeah. We can get any woman you fancy for you!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 459

Fernand glared at both of them. “I don’t want any other woman because the women I want are right here. You… you, you, you, and you…”

Fernand pointed at seven or eight women present in the room.

Anthony’s and Leo’s wives, as well as their cousins’ wives, were included in Fernand’s list.

Besides that, the wives of the younger people in the Rogers family were included as well.

“No! We can’t do this! Mr. Yates, please find someone else! They are ordinary ladies!” Anthony’s cousin, Silas Rogers, said.


Zachary slapped Silas forcefully.

“How f***ing shameless can you get! Mr. Yates wants those ladies! How dare you talk back to him!” Zachary shouted.

Silas rubbed his face and said pitifully, “But that is my wife! No, means no!”


Golem, who was as tall as a large boulder, approached him and picked him up.


He then slammed Silas forcefully on the floor.


The cracking sound signified that Silas’ waist had been broken.


Everyone felt numb when they heard Silas’ screams, and they could feel their blood run cold.

“Hm? Keep talking!” Zachary laughed.

“What are you doing? Go to Mr. Yates!” Zachary commanded.

Silas’ wife and the other ladies approached Fernand.


Fernand pulled two women into his arms, and they screamed while the other women surrounded them.

Fernand groped and kissed them from time to time.

“What are you two doing?”

Zachary stared at Anthony’s and Leo’s wives, Fiona and Marybelle.

He then stepped forwards and forcibly pulled them towards Fernand.

Fiona and Marybelle urgently shot Anthony and Leo looks of desperation.


“Yeah! Not in your wildest dreams! How can our wives be humiliated like this?”

The brothers Anthony and Leo protested vigorously and they were about to pounce on Fernand.

However, Bones and Titan approached them as well.

Anthony and Leo felt their chests constrict because they could feel a menacing aura.

“No, no!” Glenn immediately stopped Anthony and Leo in their tracks because he didn’t want his sons to die.

“Anthony… Leo…” Fiona and Marybelle cried out helplessly.

They were then trapped in Fernand’s arms and molested.

The men in the Rogers family watched as their wives, daughters, and sisters get violated, yet they couldn’t do anything even though they were furious.

They could only stare as the scene unfolded.

This is so utterly humiliating!

When Anthony and Leo saw their wives getting groped in front of them, they clenched their fists so hard that their fingernails dug into their flesh and bled.

They felt so despondent that tears started to stream down their face.

“Get out! Or do you want to stay and watch the show?” Fernand chuckled.

The men in the Rogers family were so angry they almost lost their marbles because they knew what Fernand was about to do.

How could they tolerate the fact that Fernand harassed their women in their own territory?

However, they couldn’t fight back because death awaited them if they did so.

They were all chased out of the dining room. The three mighty generals guarded the entrance so they couldn’t get in.

Shrieks of horror were heard from the dining room.


Anthony and Leo kneeled on the floor and exclaimed, “Revenge! We must have our revenge. Let’s go and look for Mr. Garrison!”

The two brothers exchanged a glance.

The Return of God of War Chapter 460

Glenn had that thought too. Only Levi could stand up against Scott.

He was the only hope the Rogers family had!

However, Sebastian stopped them in their tracks.

“Are you about to ask the boss of the Morris Group for help? It doesn’t matter anyway because Mr. Yates is here to deal with him too! It’ll be great if you asked him to come over!”

Glenn had a despondent expression because they didn’t even get the chance to ask for reinforcements.

An hour passed, and Fernand soon stepped out of the room with a tired expression.

In the dining room, the women’s clothes were tattered, and they huddled together and wept softly.


Leo and Anthony bellowed in rage.

They wanted to kill Fernand right there and then, but they fell silent when they saw Bones, Titan, and Golem.

Pouncing on him would only mean death for them!

“From now on, we will be staying here!

Fernand really took it too far; not only did he humiliate the Rogers family, but he now wanted to live in their house.

The Rogers family’s women were horrified when they heard that because this meant they would fall victim to him again.

Glenn had a sudden realization that Fernand was forcing them to call Levi over!

If they didn’t call Levi, Fernand would never leave.

“Hm? Are you not happy with Mr. Yates staying here?” Golem asked in a low voice.

The Rogers family didn’t dare protest.

“It’s an honor to the Rogers family that Mr. Yates is staying here!” Glenn immediately answered.

The news that Fernand Yates was staying in the Rogers family’s house quickly spread across North Hampton.

Everyone in North Hampton soon knew Scott’s stepson was here along with three of The Four Mighty Generals.

The Mighty Generals were way more powerful than Sebastian, so everyone in North Hampton felt terrified.

The Mighty Generals were the ones who had oppressed Quebec, and their arrival meant that the person who had retired for thirty years had come out of his retirement!

Besides that, Fernand Yates’ behavior was absolutely abhorrent.

He headed straight to the Rogers family after he arrived at North Hampton, killed a few of their men, and raped their women.

He was even living in the Rogers family’s house now!

Furthermore, Glenn Yates was forced to extend his warmest welcome to Fernand and satisfy his every need!

He was willing to go that low to protect the Rogers family.

Glenn knew that if they angered the three Mighty Generals, they would probably massacre the entire Rogers family.

Meanwhile, at night, Fernand was visited seven or eight times in the Rogers family’s house.

He wore a bathrobe and swirled his glass of wine as he chuckled and said, “My stepfather suppressed me so much back in the day! This is how I’m supposed to be living! I think I need to extend my stay in North Hampton.”

Being in North Hampton meant that he could do whatever he liked.

“These two movies are pretty popular these days. I can see them everywhere! The main actress is pretty good. I heard that she’s a rookie,” Fernand said in amusement.

Zachary, who stood by his side, immediately said, “Mr. Yates, I know who the main actress is. Her name is Helena Engler, and she’s under the Oriental Star Group.”

“Oh? You know her?” Fernand looked up and asked.

“I’ll bring her to you if you’re interested!” Zachary chuckled.

Fernand patted Zachary and exclaimed, “Good. You know your place. The Suarez family is blessed to have someone like you!”

“I’ll bring her over right now! Um… but… “ Zachary hesitated.

A hint of frustration could be seen on Fernand’s face. “What’s wrong? Why are you stuttering?”

“The Oriental Star Group’s female president, Zoey Lopez, is a stunning beauty as well! Let me show you some pictures of her!”

Zachary wanted someone else to do the dirty work for him.

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