The Return of God of War Chapter 441-450

The Return of God of War Chapter 441

“Argh!” Niall screamed and spat the water out on Helena.

“What the hell?”


Niall splashed the remaining water in the cup towards Helena.

“The water is so hot! Were you trying to burn me?” Niall roared.

“Huh?” Helena covered the parts of her body which were wet and was taken aback.

“Newcomer, what’s up with you? Did you do this on purpose? What’s with the hot water?”

“Yeah! What’s up with this? Do you not want to act anymore?”

“Are you looking for trouble?”

Several people started accusing Helena.

Several dozens of people ganged up on a young lady.

Helena was frightened and started sobbing.

“Heh, see? Zoey is here to make life difficult for us!” Yvonne started fanning the flames.

“That’s right! The timing was too coincidental! The newcomers came right after what happened last night!”

“She’s sent them to deal with us!”

They quickly pushed the blame to Zoey.

Niall cast his gaze upon Helena and demanded, “Hey! Kneel down and apologize! Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

“That’s right! Kneel!” the others chanted.

Helena was frightened out of her wits.

It was her first day and something so major had happened.

If she had known earlier, she would have stuck to sales.

Just as Helena was about to kneel down, Maurice stopped her.

“Apologize? What for?” Maurice demanded.

“She gave me a cup of boiling water on purpose! She’s clearly trying to scald me,” Niall burst out in rage.

Maurice argued, “You only said to get you some water. You didn’t specify if you wanted it hot or cold! That’s your own problem.”

Niall scoffed, “You could have asked! That’s common sense. God gave you a mouth for a reason. If you don’t even have this much common sense, you shouldn’t be an actor!”

“I…” Maurice was speechless when faced with the unreasonable Niall.

“Is this the way you should be taking to a senior? I didn’t offend you, did I? Do you really take me for granted?” Niall continued ferociously.

Maurice was scared as well.

Offending a famous star like him would mean the end of his career.

They were just some commoners from rural areas, to begin with. They were no match for these people.

“W-we’ll apologize…” the other two stammered.

They were worried that things would blow up.

Niall sneered at Maurice and pointed at the water on the ground. He demanded, “You’ll kneel down to apologize to me as well and lick the water on the ground clean. If you do that, I’ll forgive you!”

Maurice was a hot-blooded youth and got angered by Niall.

“Don’t push your luck. I’ve got nothing to lose here!” he spat as he glared at Niall.


Niall slapped Maurice hard on the face.

Maurice was bewildered.

“You’re a few years too young to talk back to me like that!” Niall scoffed.

“I’ll kill you!”

Maurice was about to pounce on him, but several people held him down.

At this point in time Niall, Yvonne, as well as the other actors Zachary had assembled exchanged glances.

They would carry out the plan the Suarez family had requested.


Niall kicked a camera aside and yelled, “Damn it! I’ll quit! This is taking things too far!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 442

Niall went berserk and smashed anything he could see.

“Right! We’ll stop acting! This is just bullying us! They got a few newcomers to come and pick on us!”


Yvonne kicked the equipment aside as well.

“Zoey is trying to force us to quit by using these newcomers! Why bother acting? I won’t work for her!”

“Exactly! What’s the point?”

The other artistes and managers were livid and started destroying the equipment.

The other filming crew was scared out of their wits. Have the actors gone mad? Surely being offended by two newcomers won’t warrant such a reaction! What’s going on?

The ones who were most confused were the four newcomers.

Their illustrious career had ended the moment it started, just because they had offended a few top actors.

They had no way to take responsibility. Even the men started crying out loud.

Unbeknownst to them, Niall and Yvonne had planned this from the start. They were bribed by the Suarez to destroy Oriental Star Group.

They were simply being used as an excuse. Even if they had not shown up, Niall would have found trouble with someone else!

Not only that, but the top artistes from other groups had gone on strike as well! The part that was affected the worst was that Niall and Yvonne had co-starred in five movies.

Several filming sets worth of artistes had gone on strike.

“Ms. Lopez! Something terrible happened! Actors and actresses from seven different sets have gone on strike! They even started smashing the equipment and the scene is in a mess! Follow me and have a look yourself!”

Zoey was shocked when she received Gerry’s call.

However, she quickly calmed down.

There must be a reason for the strike. First, I offended Niall Xander. Second, Zachary Suarez might be behind this.

Zoey rushed to the scene as soon as possible.

When she saw the set in such a mess, Zoey’s heart sank. Why do things like this happen all the time?

Gerry had arrived at the same time. He inquired, “What happened? What’s going on?”

Winnie scorned, “Mr. Wade, Ms. Lopez is trying to make life difficult for us!”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“The four newbies you just brought in were here to make life difficult for us! One of them tried to scald Niall with boiling water while the other tried to hit him! If you want to fire us, just say it outright! Why does it in such a roundabout manner?” Winnie demanded.

“That’s right! Just fire us! We’ll be welcome everywhere else!” Yvonne and the other artistes burst out in rage.

Gerry took a look around and questioned, “Is that so?”

The others agreed, “It’s true! These newcomers were clumsy and making life difficult for Niall!”

“That’s right! Ms. Lopez, Mr. Wade, I’ll have to discuss things with you two. There’s nothing wrong with getting new members, but you’ll have to train them first before sending them here. How could you just send them here?” Shaw Timmons, the director with a neutral stance, grumbled as well.

He did not care about who was in the right and who was in the wrong. All he was concerned about was that these newbies had affected his shoot.

“You guys? You’ll be the death of me!” Gerry was furious. However, since they were brought here by Zoey, he did not dare to comment too much.

Zoey bit her lip. She knew that this was no simple matter and these newcomers were simply unlucky.

Niall and the others used Helena as an excuse to vent their frustration.

She had to admit that that was a powerful move. It was the perfect excuse!

The Return of God of War Chapter 443
“Mr. Wade, we’re going on strike. This isn’t fair at all!” Niall protested.

Gerry consoled him, “Niall, please calm down. This is a small matter!”

“How can we calm down? You’ve already pushed us so far. If you’re unhappy, just fire us!” Yvonne snarled.

Zoey asked, “What are your terms?”

Niall smirked, “Someone’s quick on the uptake. Winnie, tell them our terms!”

Winnie looked Zoey in the eye and began, “Ms. Lopez, if you want us to continue to work, you have to be sincere about it!”

“Well? How much do you want?” Zoey had seen this coming. They will definitely ask for an increase in pay.

Winnie held up three fingers and demanded, “We want triple the pay for all seven films with the ten actors involved! Otherwise, we will continue going on strike!”


Gerry was stunned. Triple the pay! That’s fifty million! The budget for the seven movies combined was fifty million already. Yet, they were demanding for all fifty million to go to the cast! Have they gone mad?

Director Timmons inhaled sharply. That’s outrageous!

However, they were in no position to bargain. The Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business only survived because of these ten actors and actresses! If they left, the entertainment business would crumble. They were severely disadvantaged and had nothing to bargain with.

“Wait, can we…” Gerry tried to negotiate.

Niall interrupted him, “Triple. I won’t be taking a cent less!”

Helena and the others were perplexed. Because of them, Oriental Star Group was now in a crisis.

“Zoey, you’re new to this place, so you don’t know how important we are! Oriental Star Group only made it to the top of North Hampton because of us! Why else will Gerry listen to our every demand?” Yvonne declared fearlessly.

Gerry hung his head and did not say anything in response. They’re right! These ten people are our source of income! We need to take good care of them!

Niall sneered, “Not only that. If you want this matter to be resolved, I want the rights to deal with the two of them as well!”

He then pointed at Helena and Maurice.

Helena was a beauty that he had set his sights upon.

Meanwhile, Maurice had attempted to defy him. He would not let him off easily.

Gerry pleaded softly, “Ms. Lopez, please agree to their terms! Even if we make a loss here, we need to keep them!”

Niall looked at Zoey smugly.

“Give us a day to reconsider. I’ll give you a reply tomorrow!” Zoey decided.

“Alright! A day off today then!”

With that, Niall and the others left.

Maurice, Helena, and the others ran towards Zoey and apologized, “Ms. Lopez, we’re sorry. This all happened because of us!”

“It’s not your fault. This would have happened anyway,” Zoey assured them.

Meanwhile, Levi, who was in the office, heard of this matter from Helena.

He immediately looked Zoey up.

“Why are you hesitating? Fire them all! How hard is it to hire a new star?” Levi scorned.

Under Levi’s encouragement, Zoey called Niall and the other actors’ managers and said, “Let me inform you that you’ve been fired!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 444
When they received the call from Zoey, Winnie and the other managers had a smug look on their faces.

They had not expected Zoey to fire them.


“What did you say? Repeat yourself!” Winnie nearly dropped her phone onto the floor.

“Let me repeat myself then. Niall, Yvonne, and the other eight actors have been fired by the company!” Zoey roared.

“Tch, don’t regret this, Zoey!” Winnie had an icy expression.

“I won’t regret it! Get the paperwork done and leave. Oriental Star Group doesn’t welcome you!”

When Zoey finally hung up, she felt immense satisfaction.

She had finally gotten a weight off her chest.

“What? Zoey actually fired us? That’s impossible!” Niall and the others were fuming when they heard this.

How dare Zoey fire us?

In the past, they had acted arrogantly because they were the Oriental Star Group’s pillars of support. They were sure that Zoey would not dare to fire them. Yet, the result was not as they had expected.

“Tell that to Gerry! I’ll make sure she regrets it!” Niall instructed with his eyes narrowed.

Yvonne smiled, “Just wait. Sooner or later, Zoey will beg us to return!”

When Gerry and the upper management of the company found out about this, they confronted Zoey.

“Ms. Lopez, you can’t do this!”

Zoey was adamant, “Give up. I’ve already made my decision!”

“Please rethink your decision! Without these ten people, Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business is a goner! We owe our viewership to them!” Gerry pleaded between tears.

“That’s right! The loss is too great! The moment they leave, the seven movies we’ve planned are toast! We’ll lose fifty million!”

“That’s right! We’ll lose all of our contracts in the entertainment business!”

The others tried to highlight the severity of the issue.

At this point in time, Levi laughed, “What do you mean? The show must go on! We’ll just get another actor!”

“You’re not from the industry, so you wouldn’t understand! The advertising had already been done and the movies will only earn money because of their popularity! If you change the cast, you’ll still lose money!” Gerry spat angrily.

“Hehe, perhaps I’m not from this industry, but from the point of view of the audience, the quality of the movie matters the most. If the movie is entertaining, it will spread through word of mouth and definitely sell well! In fact, movies that star famous actors have been losing a lot of money!” Levi defended himself.

Gerry and the others were speechless. That is indeed the case! Nowadays, the movies to be screened in cinemas no longer hired actors who had a large fanbase. The poor quality of the movies often resulted in losses. Most of the movies that starred these internet celebrities were online movies which targeted fans with a hit-and-run policy.

“You’ll definitely earn money from the fans by hiring celebrities to act, but your reputation will only get worse! Without good reviews, it’ll eventually be toast!” Levi continued.

Gerry sighed.

Levi was right.

The first movie would earn the greatest revenue, but the rest will have diminishing profits.

There would be an increase in the number of complaints online as well.

In essence, if the quality of the movie were bad, the fans would no longer watch them to support their idols.

The Return of God of War Chapter 445
“How about this? Zoey, the four people I’ve recommended have good acting skills. Get a few good actors and let them be the lead actors instead!

That way, we’ll be saving a lot since we’re not paying the celebrities. We can spend that money on special effects and other scenes! Other than that, we’ll increase the commission for the directors, scriptwriters, and editors. If we focus on quality for these seven movies, I don’t believe that they won’t sell!” Levi declared.

Zoey felt that it made sense and agreed, “Alright, we’ll do it as you say!”

Gerry agreed with Levi’s proposal but hesitated, “We’ve already announced the cast for these movies. If we change the cast at the last minute, there’ll be a lot of protests!”

“That’s a good opportunity! The fact that there’s protests would mean that many people pay attention to this. We’re using new actors without any fame, so this will pique the attention of the audience!

The advertising team can just create some hype for this movie. When the movie airs, we’ll become popular through word of mouth and the movie will definitely sell!” Levi explained.

Gerry’s eyes lit up, “Mr. Garrison, you’re a sharp man! Although Niall and the others left, we can use their popularity to hype up our new movies!”

Levi nodded, “Just go ahead and do it! Nurture a few new stars and I’ll try my best to advertise the movie when it screens!”

Meanwhile, Niall and the others were still waiting for Zoey to apologize.

When Gerry arrived, he declared sternly, “This is the official statement. All of you are fired. Leave now!”

“Huh?” Niall was perplexed.

Gerry came to fire us? What’s wrong with him?

“Gerry, have you gone mad? If we leave, what will happen to the seven movies? What will happen to Oriental Star Group?” Niall and the others spat furiously.

Gerry was livid as well. After all, he had let these people lord over him for such a long time.

He scoffed, “All of you are cancer to Oriental! If you stay, then we truly are finished! As for these seven movies, we’ve already found replacements for all of you!”

Gerry glanced at Helena and Maurice, who were trembling with fear.

“Maurice, Helena, you’ll be the main lead!”

Helena and the others were bewildered. What a roller coaster ride! Earlier, we just got ourselves in trouble! Moments later, we’re suddenly the lead of a movie with a budget of fifty million!

“Hahaha…” Niall, Yvonne, and the others burst out in laughter.

“Gerry, have you gone mad? You’re getting these newbies to act in a fifty-million movie? How will you secure your box office? You’ll definitely lose everything! Idiot!”

To these artistes, getting newbies to act in such a movie is absolutely impossible!

Without our fame and fanbase, they’ll definitely make a loss!

“Haha, let’s leave! We’ll just watch them struggle! Don’t beg us to come back when that happens!”

With that, Niall, Yvonne, and the other eight artistes left promptly.

Gerry was nervous as well. After all, no one had dared to try such a plan before. The road ahead was full of unknowns, and if they had made the wrong bet, Oriental Star Group would be a goner.

After leaving Oriental Star Group, the ten artistes immediately got a contract under Shanks Entertainment under the Suarez family.

The news quickly spread across the entire North Hampton.

They regretted it!

Gerry and the others had regretted it after all. Even Zoey started to wonder if she had made the wrong call.

They had essentially sent their aces to their competitors for free.

They would use them to deal a huge blow to Oriental Star Group!

“Oriental is full of idiots! Especially Zoey! Oriental Star Group will be mine sooner or later!” Zachary was unbelievably excited.

He suddenly felt that he had overestimated Zoey this whole time.

The Return of God of War Chapter 446

“Hahaha, next, we’ll create seven online films to air at the same time as their movies! I’ll have them wallowing in regret!”

“Sure, no problem! We’ll put in our best effort and destroy Oriental Star Group!”

Niall and the others looked forward to it.

“How about this? We know their script, so let’s create seven movies with similar content as well!”

Zachary was bent on destroying Oriental Star Group.

“Good idea, President Suarez! If the content is similar, we’ll take up all the viewership! Their films are full of newbies, so no one will watch them! Their fifty million will go down the drain!”

“After that, we can sue them for copyright! They’ll be a goner!” Yvonne suggested.

Zachary smiled, “You’re more devious than I am! We copied their ideas and are even suing them for copyright!”

“Hahaha… We’ll wait for the downfall of Oriental Star Group!” All of them laughed maniacally.

That was no time for regrets.

Since she had already made such a decision, Zoey would have to do her best to make it happen.

She assembled the cast, directors, screenwriters, and producers for a meeting.

“I’ll triple your pay for these seven movies! If the film succeeds, I’ll give you a bonus as well!” Levi suggested. Shawn and the others were extremely motivated by that.

It was useless to give a motivational speech or anything like that. Money was the most reliable motivator.

If you paid them well, they would help you earn more revenue.

“Ms. Lopez, Mr. Garrison, relax! We will take this seriously! Furthermore, I’ve decided to change these seven movies into two! We will release the best quality films in the shortest time frame possible,” Shawn declared.

To begin with, these seven movies had never focused on quality. There were seven of them so that they could scam the fans of seven times the money.

They focused on quantity rather than quality.

However, this was different. With sufficient funds and support, they could produce a film of good quality.

The screenwriter, Sylvester Zoldyck, nodded, “Alright, I’ll improve the script to keep the audience hooked throughout.”

“Alright, we can guarantee the special effects. Back then, the funds were all spent on the cast and we barely got enough money to do it well. Now that we have sufficient funds, this is no problem!”

The special effects team nearly burst out in laughter. That was the first time in decades they had so many funds.

Several millions worth of funds on special effects; that was something they had previously never dreamed of having.

“I will make sure everything runs smoothly, so don’t worry, Ms. Lopez!” the producer assured her.

The young cast knew that this was a rare opportunity, so it was a given that they would do their best.

The production of the movie was set.

The only problem left would be advertising.

The advertising team had already started to work on promoting the movie, but Helena and the others were completely new actors. It would be hard to maintain the hype.

“Nevermind, let’s focus on finishing the movie first!” Levi smiled.

He had predicted that Zachary would steal their content as well, so he had recommended for the drama team to lock up all information such that he would have no idea what they were filming.

After Zoey heeded his suggestions, there was no news from Zachary.

“Hmph! So what if they film in secret? We already know the script of all seven movies!” Zachary scoffed.

Shanks Entertainment continued to film the seven movies as they had previously planned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 447
At this point in time, Shanks Entertainment was gaining popularity in North Hampton.

The change of company by Niall and the others was a hot topic.

The audience and fans looked forward to the movies produced by Niall and the others for Shanks Entertainment.

As the days passed, the Morris Group and Rogers Family progressed greatly as usual.

However, the business in the city was not doing badly either.

In the short time span of one month, they’ve bought over several enterprises and finally got a taste of profit.

Business in North Hampton was great. It was the top economy in Quebec after all.

This was coupled with the fact that there was no regulation on their extreme measures. Hence, they decided to take things up a notch.

More and more people moved into North Hampton to get a piece of this pie.

The Suarez family was a notable example. Zachary had entered to test the waters and lead the way for his father and uncles.

The Lopez family was progressing in secret as well, taking advantage of Harry’s influence.

In this month, Scott had been checking on the background of the Morris Group.

It was no easy task, so it took an entire month.

“Godfather, as of now, we aren’t able to find out who is backing them. Moving forward, we’ll have to wait for the search results from the dark web. After that, we can make a move on the Morris Group.” Fernand reported.

The so-called dark web referred to sites which specialized in intelligence in the dark web.

These websites had a membership system, and there were less than a hundred members in the entire Erudia.

In the entire Quebec, only Scott was a member. Other than him, no one else could gain intel from the dark web.

“Alright. Tell Lopez to be prepared. I’m ready to take down the Morris Group!” Scott replied plainly while fiddling with the prayer beads in his hand.

Throughout the course of the month, the Oriental Star Group worked overtime to finish the two high-quality films.

Helena and the others did not disappoint and displayed all their skills.

They were truly skilled actors and actresses!

“These are the two most perfect movies I’ve filmed!” Shawn sighed.

The other crew members were excited as well due to the sheer quality of these movies.

No other movies could compare.

On the other hand, the Suarez family’s Shanks Entertainment filmed all seven movies in that one month.

The content was shabby and the quality was mediocre. However, Niall, Yvonne, and other famous actors were starring in them. There were a lot of pre-booked tickets from fans, amounting to a total of four hundred thousand in revenue.

Coupled with the fact that they had done their advertising in full force, they expected the total number of pre-bookings to total one million!

Niall and Yvonne scoffed, “Let’s destroy the entire Oriental Star Group!”

Both movies had already been sent to the National Radio and Television Administration for screening.

As long as they passed the screening, they would be able to start airing immediately.

Shanks Entertainment had bought over all the main pages of major streaming sites. To them, the cost was no issue. They simply wanted to drive Oriental Star Group out of business.

“What should we do about advertising? All these proposals are no good!” Zoey expressed her dissatisfaction with the proposals given to her.

That was why there was no hype for the two movies up to that point.

The only news about those movies was how Niall and the others had flamed Oriental Star Group.

“Let me handle it!” Levi requested. He had plans for advertising.

“I’ll leave it to you, then!”

Zoey had a fair amount of confidence when it came to Levi.

The following day, the headlines read: Oriental Star Group’s seven newest movies had copied content from Shanks Entertainment!

The news spread across the entire North Hampton.

The Return of God of War Chapter 448
For the past month, Oriental Star Group and Shanks Entertainment had been exchanging blows.

Now that such a thing had happened, everyone was shocked.

These seven movies were copied? Has Oriental Star Group gone mad?

The one who reported such news had even listed evidence.

He did a side-by-side comparison of the plots of the seven movies.

Anyone could tell that it had been copied.

To the fans, the screenwriters used were Yvonne and Niall’s private screenwriters and did not belong to Oriental Star Group. After they were fired, they had become a part of Shanks Entertainment. Hence, to them, the Oriental Star Group’s seven movies were all copied!

The net was suddenly bustling with people criticizing the Oriental Star Group.

This was especially so for the fans of the ten artistes who had left Oriental Star Group. Some fans had already organized protests on the internet attacking Oriental Star Group. They were prepared to stop at nothing to drive Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business out of business.

The relevant departments had even formed an investigation team and prepared to look into this.

The Oriental Star Group was shocked by this.

“That’s playing dirty!” Gerry slammed the table.

“I know, right! They copied our script and now they’re accusing us? How despicable!” the other executives spat. They were enraged as well.

Zoey laughed, “Levi, you’re so smart! You predicted their moves up to this point. Do they honestly think that they can sue us for copyright? How naïve. We’re airing two movies instead of seven, and the content is greatly different!”

Gerry was excited, “I can’t wait to see their faces when they see our movies!”

Levi had a glint in his eyes, “And here we were worrying about advertising! Let’s leave the internet be about the copyright issue. The more they attack us, the better! This will be free advertising for our movie!”

Zoey’s eyes lit up. Levi is a genius in finance and business!

“Alright, I’ll get straight to it!”

Levi added, “Release the news that Oriental Star Group’s movies will be airing soon. Don’t give away any titles or information! Just keep it as mysterious as possible!”

“Alright, got it!”

The news of Oriental Star Group’s film being aired in all major streaming sites had spread soon.

For some unknown reason, the media started attacking them more heavily.

All major mass media, blogs, and news channels were filled with criticisms.

It was as though they were going to force Oriental Star Group out of business entirely.

“That was brutal of them! That’s a few dozen times worse than what we had expected! Have we stirred up a public outrage?”

Niall, Zachary, and the others were excited.

Oriental Star Group would soon crumble and Zachary would be able to purchase it at a low price.

Yvonne analyzed this calmly and felt skeptical, “Why do I feel that something is amiss? The attacks on Oriental Star Group seemed to have increased tenfold, as though someone was behind it.”

“You worry too much. It’s just because the Oriental Star Group was accused of copyright. Soon, the investigation group will take action!” Niall replied.

Yvonne bit her lip, “I sure hope I’m overthinking things.”

“You definitely are. It must have been the people I’ve planted to attack the Oriental Star Group!”

“Furthermore, I’ve talked to the leader of the investigation team. They’ll be able to delay the release of Oriental Star Group’s screening by a week,” Zachary added.

The Return of God of War Chapter 449
“Haha, our movie will be airing in three days! By the time their movie airs, we’d have already stolen the entire market! They won’t get a single cent!” Niall quipped excitedly.

The others looked forward to it as well.

The following day, the National Radio and Television Administration and related agencies formed an investigation team and headed to Oriental Star Group.

“We’re the investigation team! We’ve received a public complaint that the movie you’re about to air has copyright issues! Get your boss here!” Johnny Lerns, the head of the investigation team, demanded emotionlessly.

In the meeting room, Zoey, Gerry, and the others had arrived shortly.

“Zoey Lopez, was it? Your movie was accused of copyright infringement and we have sufficient evidence! How would you like to defend yourself?” Johnny demanded as he passed a thick stack of evidence over.

Zoey did not bother looking at that so-called evidence.

The others were calm as well, as though nothing had happened.

This made Johnny infuriated.


Johnny slammed the table and got up.

“Why? Are you proud of the fact that your work is copied? Are you happy that you’ve violated copyright laws? No wonder everyone says the Oriental Star Group is a lousy enterprise! I’ve finally seen it for myself!” Johnny bellowed.

Deep inside, he was laughing.

Before this, Zachary had instructed him to stir up as much trouble as possible.

This made things a lot easier for him.

“Oriental East Group! What’s the meaning of this? Can’t you see that we’re angry? Why are you laughing?” the other members of the investigation team were fuming as well.

Johnny pointed at Zoey and demanded, “I order you to pass me a copy of your film now! I’ll investigate it!”

Zoey chuckled, “I’m sorry, the film has been sent to the National Radio and Television Administration for screening. Now, the film is top-secret and no one has the right to order me to give it away!”


“I’m the leader of the investigation team. How dare you ignore me?” Johnny spat.

“Tell the related departments to delay the screening of Oriental Star Group’s movie by at least two weeks!” Johnny instructed.

“Got it!”

Johnny then turned to Zoey, “Zoey Lopez, I’ll ask you this one last time. Will you cooperate with the investigation? Otherwise, I’ll decide that you’re guilty of copyright! When that happens, you’ll be blacklisted, your reputation will be ruined, and you’ll have to pay the penalty!”

Zoey laughed, “I didn’t copy anything. Do whatever you want!”

“You…” Johnny was bursting with rage.

How can the Oriental Star Group be so calm? It’s like they don’t care at all. Have they given up?

“Very well then,” Johnny sneered. “Since you refuse to cooperate with the investigation, I’ll hereby conclude the investigation!”

“Oriental Star Group is charged with infringement of copyright! Below are the penalties. Firstly, the entertainment business of Oriental Star Group shall be shut down for half a month. Secondly, the movie shall be modified and its airing delayed. Third, a fine of ten million! Finally, the person in charge will have to make a public apology!”

Gerry and the others’ faces fell. They did not expect the investigation team to deem them guilty of infringement of copyright directly.

Even if they had not copied anything, they would not be able to screen those two movies. At this point in time, Levi dialed a number, “Hello? Aurora, I need you to contact the person in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration in North Hampton!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 450
Now that Levi had a personal secretary, Aurora, his work became a lot smoother.

Aurora immediately contacted the man in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration in North Hampton, Colin Shanks.

She then told him everything.

Colin got the shock of his life. He set aside all of his work and brought his men to the Oriental Star Group.

The Oriental Star Group conference room was filled with dead silence.

Many had a worried expression while Johnny was smug.

“How’s that? Do you still refuse to cooperate? To tell you the truth, I decide whether your movie gets to air or not! If you have a better attitude, perhaps I’ll reconsider my decision,” Johnny kept dropping hints.

He had already received a bribe from Zachary, so he wanted to get some benefits from the Oriental Star Group as well.

Everyone in the National Radio and Television Administration knew that this was a part of the competition between two companies.

It was not necessarily the case that Oriental Star Group was copying them.

Johnny was no exception. He knew that this investigation team was just a sham. Since he could get some benefits out of it, he would try to milk them as much as possible.

He would side with whoever paid him more.

“Sir, what do you mean by that? I’m a little slow, so you need to explain it in simpler terms,” Levi requested.

Johnny smiled, “Stop feigning ignorance. Well then, let me make this clear. I alone decide whether you guys are copying or not. As long as you guys make me happy, I can choose the fate of your movie.”

“Johnny Lerns, how dare you!”

The door to the conference was slammed open.

Colin and the other executives of the National Radio and Television Administration burst in.

“Huh? Sir, why are you here? I can’t possibly trouble you for such a trivial affair,” Johnny and the rest of the investigation team said.

“If I didn’t come, you’d be a disgrace to the entire National Radio and Television Administration!” Colin spat.

“What do you mean by that?” Johnny was perplexed.

“I’ve heard everything you said earlier!” Colin roared.

Johnny hurriedly attempted to cover it up, “That was a misunderstanding! I was scaring the Oriental Star Group. I had no choice since they refused to cooperate with the investigations!”

“Wrong! You’re completely wrong!” Colin glared at him.

“Huh? Who’s in the wrong, sir? What’s wrong?” Johnny and the others were perplexed.

“Why should the Oriental Star Group cooperate with you if they haven’t copied anything? This entire matter is absurd!”

“Sir, please be clearer. I don’t understand at all!”

Colin threw the script at Johnny and bellowed, “Take a look at this! Copyright? Shanks Entertainment made seven movies, but Oriental Star Group only made two! Can you even count? Look at the content! It’s completely different and it’s much better than Shanks Entertainment’s movies!”

Johnny immediately understood after seeing the scripts.

Zachary didn’t get the situation clear at all! He didn’t know what Oriental Star Group was filming and accused them of copyright infringement! So that’s why Oriental Star Group filmed in secret! They didn’t want others to know what they were filming!

“Johnny Lerns, you and your investigation team did not investigate based on facts and carelessly believed others, causing misjudgment. All of you are suspended for three months without pay! We’ll settle things based on your future performance!”

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