The Return of God of War Chapter 331-340

The Return of God of War Chapter 331

“Let’s go, Luke.”

After Winston had left, Una led Luke and his men to Levi.

Soon, the Gonzales family arrived at the airport.

“Dad, this is Percy’s personal trip. He took a commercial flight. I can’t go to meet him, because even Xander won’t be here,” Andy professed.

Winston grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Today, I’ll bring Commander-in-Chief Covington… No, Mr. Covington around!”

Percy’s flight landed after a while.

Once Winston and the others had spotted Percy, who was dressed in a plain outfit, they immediately went over, to welcome him.

“Hello, Mr. Covington. I’m Winston Gonzales from North Hampton. After hearing news of your arrival, I am here to welcome you,” Winston smiled and greeted.

Percy was taken aback. Greeting Winston in return, he spoke, “Mr. Gonzales, I’ve heard of you.”

“Mr. Covington, I was wondering if you’d come over to my place?” Winston offered.

Percy grinned and rejected his invitation, “Mr. Gonzales, I am here in North Hampton to visit my relative. Sorry!”

Percy and the others were stunned. “Mr. Covington, you have a relative in North Hampton?”

“Yes, I regard him as my relative. He’s the third most important person in my life, other than my parents. He’s given me a second chance in life, so he’s a close relative to me!” Percy chuckled.

“Let me give you a ride.”

Percy was about to say no, but Winston hurriedly added, “Mr. Covington, please don’t refuse. Others will find out about your arrival in North Hampton and come to you. If you don’t want them to disturb you, I can arrange for your trip to be a smooth one.”

On second thought, Percy realized that Winston was right.

He could send him away, but others with the same intention would come to disturb him.

“Thank you, Mr. Gonzales.”

In the end, Percy got into Winston’s car.

“Where are you heading, Mr. Covington?” Winston inquired.

“Bayview Garden,” Percy answered with a smile.

Indeed, he came to North Hampton earlier so that he could meet Levi.

If he arrived in North Hampton just in time for his appointment ceremony, he would be busy with work.

The reason he arrived earlier was so that he could spend some time with Levi.

“Bayview Garden? Sounds familiar,” Winston mused. However, he thought little about it.

Meanwhile, Una arrived with her convoy of cars.

Hundreds of men alighted from the cars and strode towards Levi’s house menacingly.

Everyone who saw them hurriedly stayed out of their way, and the security guard had already disappeared.

Zoey and Iris were next door, when the men had arrived. Zoey instinctively wanted to head out, but Iris stopped her from doing so.

“You can’t go! The Gonzales family sent these men, so Levi has to handle them himself!” Iris urged.

Thump, thump, thump…

The Gonzales family’s security team knocked on the door continuously.

Their incessant knocks woke Levi up. He came to the door, utterly annoyed.

“You’re so noisy!” he roared once he opened the door.

“How insolent! Levi Garrison, do you know what you’ve done wrong?” Luke demanded.

“What did I do wrong?” Levi retorted.

“You knew that Park Guk-chang was backed by the Gonzales family, yet you’d harmed him repeatedly. Are you paying no heed to us?” Una questioned angrily.

“How dare a lowly family like yours act up in front of me? You have a death wish!” Levi was furious.

“Levi Garrison, d*** you!” Una glared at him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 332

Even Una was cursing angrily.

Right then, Winston’s convoy arrived at Bayview Garden’s entrance.

The security guard at the entrance was wondering, why has another convoy arrived? Is something going on?

“Thank you, Mr. Gonzales. I don’t think that you should come, as he dislikes strangers,” Percy smiled and thanked Winston.

“Okay, see you later, Mr. Covington!”

Winston and the others watched, as Percy walked into Bayview Garden.

However, they did not leave at once.

“Find out who’s the relative that Percy was talking about. I want details about that man!” Winston ordered.

“Yes, Sir!”

Winston summoned two of his men. “Come, let’s find out which building Mr. Covington is heading to.”

Meanwhile, Levi and Una were still glaring at each other.

Luke stepped forward with a mocking smile on his face. “I normally wouldn’t have to deal with nobodies like you, but as you’ve insulted the Gonzales family one too many times, I’m here to teach you a lesson!”

Una sneered, “If you’re willing to grovel at my feet, I might consider letting you off the hook.”

Levi fixated his gaze on Una.

Suddenly, he slapped Una across her face without warning.


That was a crisp and loud slap. Everyone who saw that happened was stunned, let alone Una herself.

As Una felt a stinging pain on her cheek, she belatedly realized that he had slapped her.

“You… How dare you slap me?” Una held her cheek as she stared at Levi in disbelief.

“B! Luke, get him!” she yelled in fury.

Upon receiving her order, Luke took action at once.


He struck his fist out, which was accompanied by a blast of air.

The force generated from his punch caused everyone to take a step back.

His punch was so powerful!

It was no wonder that he was the top fighter in North Hampton!

Levi stood rooted to the spot as if he were dumbfounded, so Luke was certain that his powerful and swift punch would wound Levi badly.


When Luke’s punch was about to land on Levi’s face, someone suddenly appeared in front of him and took his punch.

Luke immediately sensed a powerful energy attacking him.

He stumbled six steps back before he came to a stop.

His gaze was filled with shock as he stared at Percy, standing right before him.

Levi did not expect him to show up in person.

Percy might have retired because of his injury, but he was still a skillful soldier.

He was once a courageous soldier on the battlefield who had protected Erudia.

There were no wimps in the Iron Brigade!

“How dare you gather in public? Have you no respect for the law?” Percy inquired icily.

Una defended herself, “Ha! The Gonzales family is the law in North Hampton! You seem skillful. Do you want to work for us? We are going to beat this man up today. Get out of our way!”

Luke was still staring at Percy. It had been ages since he had encountered someone as skillful as him.

“I hate bullies, so I’ll intervene in this matter today!”

Levi might be the God of War, but he would also intervene, even if Levi was an ordinary citizen.

“Do you want to die?” Luke exclaimed in fury.


When he was about to take action, someone reprimanded him.

Everyone looked back to see Winston approaching them.

“Grandpa, I thought that you’d gone to pick Mr. Covington up from the airport? Why are you here?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 333

Una was curious.

Winston was close to exploding in anger.

Fools! Commander-in-Chief Covington is standing right in front of you!

“Grandpa, we were about to teach Levi a lesson when this fool had showed up. Luke, deal with him!” Una ordered.

Before Luke could take action, Winston strode up to her, slapping her, hard.

Una’s right cheek swelled up at once, and her pretty face was swollen like a pufferfish.

Una was dumbfounded.

She did not expect to be slapped twice in such a short time.

The others including Percy were astounded, too.

“Grandpa, why did you slap me?” Una wailed.

Luke questioned curiously, “Sir, what’s going on?”

Winston barked angrily, “Do you know who he is? He’s the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone, Percy Covington!”

Everyone gasped in shock upon hearing his words.

They were utterly flabbergasted!

It turned out that the man was a warzone’s commander-in-chief.

What a huge misunderstanding it was!

Luke belatedly realized what he had done.

He instantly broke out into a cold sweat.

Even Una was rendered speechless as she gazed at Percy.

She had never imagined that he would be the commander-in-chief.

S***, I’d even insulted him and claimed that the Gonzales family was the law in North Hampton!

After Percy figured out what was going on, he scoffed, “So you’re from the Gonzales family. You’re so different from Mr. Gonzales. He’s kind, yet you’ve acted like a tyrant, claiming that the Gonzales family was the law in North Hampton!”

Even Winston was shocked by Percy’s words.

Commander-in-Chief Covington is holding us accountable!

“Commander-in-Chief Covington, the ignorant are not guilty. It was a slip of the tongue. Please don’t take it to heart,” Winston apologized at once.

“Yes, Commander-in-Chief Covington, we’re sorry. Please forgive us!” Una and the others hurriedly apologized.

Luke was so frightened that he was about to grovel at Percy’s feet.

“Ha! You should be apologizing to him instead of me! How dare you bring so many people to disturb him in the morning?” Percy uttered in a wintry voice.

“Mr. Garrison, we’re sorry for disturbing you. Let’s call it even!”

Winston was a sly fox and hinted that he would stop finding fault with Levi over Park Guk-chang’s matter.

It was a show, for Percy’s sake.

“Yes, yes. Park Guk-chang and his son deserve to be beaten up!” Una chimed in.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Garrison!” Luke led his men to apologize to Levi.

Upon seeing their actions, Percy nodded in satisfaction.

“This is much better. Mr. Gonzales, I won’t pursue this matter again. Think of it as me returning your favor, as you’ve given me a ride here,” Percy announced.

If we were elsewhere, these people should die, for insulting my God of War!

Percy decided not to pursue the matter further as he did not want to make a big deal out of it.

“Err…” Winston seemed stumped.

It will be hard to bootlick Covington after what has happened.

“I will bring these fools away. See you later, Commander-in-Chief Covington!”

Winston was about to leave with the others when someone spoke up.

“Wait. Did I tell you to leave?”

It was Levi. He was glowering at Winston and the others.

The Return of God of War Chapter 334
Percy won’t pursue the matter, but I will!

“What?” Winston and the others were incredulous.

Percy allowed us to leave, but Levi won’t?

Is he a leech? Who does he think he is? How dare he provoke our family?

“You’ve disturbed me this early in the morning. Do you think I am an easy target?” Levi uttered icily.

Winston and the others remained indifferent, but Percy was terrified.

He knew that Levi was mad.

Winston tried to suppress his anger as he inquired, “Mr. Garrison, then what should we do?”

“If you want me to let you off the hook, everyone in the Gonzales family should come and kneel in front of me for one day! Otherwise, you’ll suffer from the same ending as the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce by disappearing from North Hampton!”

Levi’s voice was like a sharp knife.

Percy was certain that Levi really meant it.

North Hampton is crumbling, and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will be taken down as well, he thought.

“Hahaha!” Una burst out laughing.

“Levi, do you think you’re an influential man? Are you using Commander-in-Chief Covington’s influence to threaten us? You’re nothing but a leech! Dream on!”

Winston was infuriated too. “Commander-in-Chief Covington and us, hold no grudges against each other. Don’t use him to threaten us!”

Levi merely sneered, “I’ve warned you the last time, but you’d refused to pay heed to my warning. Fine, go down together with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi’s statement sent Winston and his men into fits of laughter.

It turned out that Levi was an ambitious man who’d wanted to take down both the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

“Haha! What a joke. No one in North Hampton can take down our family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! Not even Mr. Nielsen can do so!”

“Yes, no one is capable enough of doing so!”

Winston and his entourage were full of pride.

Messing with them was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation!

Who was capable enough of doing so?

“Just wait and see how I’ll deal with your family,” Levi announced coldly.

“Alright. We’ll soon see about that,” Winston and his entourage chortled.

After bidding Percy goodbye, they left immediately.

They were unafraid of Levi. Instead, they were afraid of offending Percy.

“God of War, I am here to see you.”

Percy gazed at Levi excitedly and he was about to kneel.

Three years ago, before he retired, if Levi had not saved him on the battlefield, he would have been dead by now.

Levi was the one who had given him a new life.

“Covington, why are you here earlier than expected?” Levi asked.

“God of War, I am here to see both you and your wife,” Percy smiled and replied.

“Come on in!”

Levi brought him into the house.

Meanwhile, Zoey’s movements were still restricted by Iris.

“Hmm? Why is it so quiet out there?”

Iris went to the window, but realized that everyone was gone.

She ran out together with Zoey. Those people had already left.

“Is Levi in trouble?”

Zoey and Iris entered the house at once.

The moment they entered the house, they were stunned by what they saw.

Levi was talking to a stranger.

Percy spotted Zoey and stood up at once.

“This is?” Zoey asked curiously.

“Covington, this is my wife. That’s her best friend,” Levi introduced.

“Honey, this is my good friend, Percy Covington. He has just arrived from Vermond.”

Zoey greeted Percy warmly upon hearing Levi’s introduction, but Iris folded her arms arrogantly.

She was looking at Percy, her gaze full of disdain.

Levi’s friend? How good can his friend be?

The Return of God of War Chapter 335

She had met plenty of people and thought that she saw right through Percy.

Percy might seem imposing, but he has lost his edge.

Judging from his outfit, he must be in dire straits.

Hence, she was uninterested in him.

“By the way, where’re the Gonzales family’s men? I’d thought that they were here to take revenge on you? Why are they gone?” Iris questioned.

“They’d scuttled away in fear. Just wait and see. They’ll come to apologize to me soon,” Levi declared.

“Ha! The Gonzales family? Apologizing to you? Dream on!” Iris refused to believe him.

Zoey was not going to believe him either.

Percy merely grinned, “I bumped into them, so I talked to Mr. Gonzales and he’d agreed to call it even.”

Iris scoffed, “Who do you think you are? Why would Winston listen to you?”

At once, Zoey made a call to confirm Percy’s claims.

“Iris, it’s true! The Gonzales family agreed to call it even!” Zoey exclaimed happily.

“What? Did that really happen?”

On second thought, Iris proclaimed, “Ha! Mr. Gonzales was kind enough to forgive you guys.”

Percy smiled and kept silent.

Meanwhile, at the largest and most luxurious villa in North Hampton.

“Sir, I’ve asked around, but no one knows who Commander-in-Chief Covington’s relative is,” the housekeeper reported in disappointment.

Winston answered, “That’s within my expectations. We would’ve found out about it if someone else had known about it.”

“We’ll send someone to spy on Commander-in-Chief Covington to find out who his relative is.”

“No, Sir!” Luke hurriedly cut in.

“Mm? Why?” Winston questioned.

“Commander-in-Chief Covington is someone who I had yet to grasp the depths of his abilities. He’s almost comparable to me! If you send someone to spy on him, he’ll discover for sure,” Luke explained.

“What? The commander-in-chief is that strong?” Clint drew in a sharp breath.

“I’ve heard that everyone in the Iron Brigade is horrifyingly strong. Looks like the rumor is true!”

“We should wait to attend the appointment ceremony.”

Winston shot a look at Una. “Una, dress up nicely. You must attend the event in your best attire!”

“Why so, Grandpa?” Una did not know what her grandfather was planning.

“I’ve heard that the God of War is in his twenties, and he’s still single. What if he fancies you?”

Winston’s words scratched at Una’s heart.

The God of War was the biggest hero in Erudia.

Every woman dreamt of marrying him.

Now that she was given a huge opportunity to meet him, of course, she was elated.

“Yes, we’ll set you up with him. You’ll be a perfect match for him. You can be the God of War’s wife!” Clint exclaimed in delight.

Winston stroked his chin. “Yes, now that we’ve gotten to know Commander-in-Chief Covington, we can ask for his help. That’s very likely to happen.”

Their words immediately stirred Una’s imagination.

She wished that the ceremony would start immediately, so she would get to see the God of War!

The Gonzales family’s plan was to marry Una to the God of War.

“What if the God of War doesn’t fancy her?” someone questioned.

Everyone was rendered speechless by that question.

That was highly likely, too.

Luke suggested, “I have an idea. We can trick the God of War to sleep with Ms. Una. He cannot undo his actions, so he would have to marry her after that!”

Winston’s eyes gleamed. “That is a brilliant plan!”

The Gonzales family was scheming so that Levi would end up marrying Una.

The Return of God of War Chapter 336

While the Gonzales family schemed, the members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were also busy making plans of their own.

After all, Morris Group was finally becoming a threat that they could no longer ignore. Things were getting out of their control, and they were running out of ideas for what to do.

The only plan they had was to somehow find a way to associate themselves with the God of War and Commander-in-Chief Covington.

That was why they had invited Grover Cooke over tonight. They hoped that he would be able to help them come up with an idea.

“Morris Group has been developing at a rapid pace recently. A lot of companies are offering them all sorts of preferential treatment! I guess since it’s helping the economy of North Hampton, that’s a good thing,” Grover mused.

“But at this rate, they’ll soon be taking over our market, which leaves us in a very precarious situation!”

“They’re so ambitious that they’re even going after the Gonzales family businesses! It’s only a matter of time before they come after us next.”

Eric and the others fretted.

“Do you have any ideas, Mr. Cooke?” Clifford asked.

The man in question shook his head helplessly. “Nothing much will come of working from the shadows. You have seen for yourselves their ability to resolve all problems thrown their way.” He paused before suggesting, “Maybe you should try forcefully buying over Morris Group?”

“That might just work!” Eric and the other men’s eyes gleamed viciously.

Baldwin seemed doubtful as he stated, “I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. I’ve heard about how mysterious the boss of Morris Group is. Nobody knows who he or she is.”

Shaking his head, Wallace rebutted, “It’s not that hard. Have you forgotten how we used to buy over the other companies?”

The men exchanged sly looks.

“Alright then, you guys should probably focus on preparing for the ceremony. I’ll have Jesse introduce you to the God of War and Commander-in-Chief Covington when the time comes. With those two supporting you, you’ll still be fine even if you dance a little too close to the illegal side of things,” Grover finished with a smile.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Cooke! The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce shall forever be grateful to you!” the men fervently expressed.

After the incident at the hospital, Morris Group had been flourishing at a quick pace.

The celebrities endorsing their products were also reaping the benefits of this with a huge upsurge of advertisement invitations.

By contrast, business for Everest Entertainment had been getting increasingly worse. It was only a matter of time before they went bankrupt.

Lil Lacey and her manager, Amelia, had it even worse. They had been blacklisted by the entire industry and had not been able to find a single way around the ban.

Their only options left were to either leave the country or change professions.

But there was no way they would just let this go. To them, this was all Levi Garrison’s fault. He had destroyed everything of theirs, and he had to pay!

He had to die!

They had been searching for an assassin to hire for several days now. Strangely enough, the underworld of North Hampton had been incredibly quiet, and they failed to find anyone.

In the end, they finally managed to locate a reliable killer who hailed from South City.

Presently, they were lounging on a luxuriously large bed in a five-star hotel. Both were stark naked as they cuddled against a man with a devil tattooed on his chest.

He was Quentin Lane, an underground boxer who they had only been able to hire through some connections.

Notorious in the illegal fighting rings for being ruthless, he had once killed forty-eight men in a single year.

Currently ranked number five in underground boxing, he was nicknamed ‘Devil’.

Other than boxing, he was also known for taking on contract jobs like killing or maiming someone. Whatever his mission was, he had never once failed.

Most people would not have been able to hire him. It was only because Lil Lacey and Amelia were willing to sleep with him that he had agreed to come. Of course, they still had to pay for his services.

The Return of God of War Chapter 337

“Mr. Quentin, the underground in North Hampton has been strangely quiet recently. I couldn’t even find an assassin…” Lil Lacey pouted.

Quentin snorted and replied, “That’s because the God of War, Liam Macy, and the King of North Hampton, Jack Smith, have been taken out. Someone cleaned up the underworld, so that’s why nobody took up your contract.”

A worried look crossed her face, “Then are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Hmph! The North Hampton rules can’t stop me. As long as I kill off the man and immediately return to South City, nobody can do anything to me!” Quentin said confidently.

In the past few years, a lot of rich people hired him to assassinate someone or another. It did not matter if it was within the nation or out; he had never once been caught after killing someone.

This time was no different to him, and he did not think much of his target.

With that, he pinned Lil Lacey beneath him…

One hour later, he got up to put on his clothes.

“Give me his photo. I’ll leave after I’m done with him,” he ordered.

Lil Lacey hastily handed a photo of Levi over to him.

Accepting it, he scrutinized the photo closely, memorizing the man’s features.

From beside him, Amelia piped up, “The money has already been transferred. Please check your account!”

“Alright. Wait for my good news; this shouldn’t take me more than an hour!”

Tossing that over his shoulder, Quentin left.

The two women exchanged gleeful expressions, their eyes shining coldly. “Levi Garrison, you dare to ruin us? Well, you can go to hell! This day next year would be the anniversary of your death!”

Quentin had not actually come alone. He had brought four men with him, each an excellent fighter themselves.

Stabbing a dagger through Levi’s photo to pin it to the table, he commanded, “Find out where he is!”

On the other side of things.

Levi was eating BBQ with Benny and Percy at the aptly named BBQ Street.

With his carefree personality, it was no surprise that Percy got along with Ben perfectly.

The three of them chatted happily about anything and everything under the sun, taking hearty gulps from their cups as they toasted each other.

Being a street that mostly sold food, the appearance of Quentin and his men did not attract too much attention.

However, the menacing aura they gave off had passers-by subconsciously backing away.

They stood just around the corner, spying on the three men drinking and eating BBQ.

One of the men Quentin had sent out came back to report, “Mr. Quentin, it’s confirmed. That man is Levi Garrison!”

Quentin nodded. “Okay. Everyone, wait for my signal!”

One of his subordinates queried, “What about the other two men?”

“Kill them too!” A bloodthirsty look entered Quentin’s eyes. Right now, Levi was nothing but another dead body in his mind.




The group of five dashed toward Levi, with their hands tightly gripping the weapons hidden underneath their suit jackets.

Within seconds, they were upon the three unsuspecting men.

Or so they thought.

In truth, Levi and Percy had detected their presence long ago. They abruptly turned around, taking the five killers by surprise.

“Levi Garrison? Someone badly wants you dead. Now, die!”

Quentin pulled out a dagger from underneath his suit, the glade glinting coldly as he swung it toward Levi.

His four subordinates did the same, attacking Benny and Percy.

Their movements were as quick as lightning and as fluid as water. No wonder they were experts!

All Benny could see was the steel blade flying toward him as he froze to the spot in shock.

The speed was just too fast!

The Return of God of War Chapter 338

A chill wrapped around Benny’s body, and he swore his blood was freezing in his veins.

At that moment, it was almost like his spirit had already left his body behind.

So this is what approaching death feels like!

Excitement coursed through Quentin at that moment. His weapon was less than one centimeter away from Levi’s neck now. All he had to do was stick it in, and his mission would be complete.


The next instant, there was a ringing sound, and he could feel pressure being applied to the blade.

To his shock, Levi had halted the dagger by clenching it between two fingers.


Unbelievably, all it took was a deft twist of his fingers, and the blade broke into two.


The broken dagger stabbed into Quentin’s body.

How terrifying!

Quentin had been underground boxing for twenty years, yet he had never seen a more terrifying man than Levi.

Thump! Thump!

Quentin stared in disbelief as his men were sent flying by Percy, blood spraying out of their mouths.

What kind of f***ing monsters are these two?

The five of them were some of the best fighters in the underworld, yet before these two men, they were practically trash!

Realizing there was no way they would win, he quickly called out, “Retreat!”

The five men scrambled to get out of there as fast as they could.

Before they could go far, a huge group of men came into sight at the end of the street ahead of them. There were at least a hundred men or more.

The veritable army of men charged toward Quentin and his ilk.

These were Nueve and Trey’s men. They had come to help the moment they caught wind of Levi being in trouble.

The assassins’ faces fell, and they turned around to head back in the other direction.

They had barely taken a few steps when another throng of men appeared before them.

These strongly-built men were different in that they had varying skin tones and were clearly foreigners.

Leading the group was none other than James.

“Holy c**p!”

Quentin could have torn his hair out with frustration as a cold sweat broke out all over his body.

Just who the hell did we piss off? If I had known this man would be so powerful, I wouldn’t have come! Now I’m in deep sh**! Will I even survive this?!

“Lil Lacey, Amelia Mackie, you b**ches! You set me up!”

“Brothers, these men actually dared to attack Mr. Garrison! Get them!” James yelled.

Immediately, the two big groups of men swarmed the killers.

Even with their fighting prowess, Quentin and his men were already suffered injuries beforehand. There was also the fact that they were severely outnumbered. In no time at all, they were beaten till they were close to death. Countless bones had been broken, and their own blood stained them crimson.

To add insult to injury, they were tossed into dumpsters at the end.

Shortly after, Levi received a message and departed.

It was from Azure Dragon, who said he had already found out who sent the assassins.

At Hilton Hotel.

Lil Lacey and Amelia were growing more and more anxious as they waited in their hotel room.

One hour passed, and still, there was no news from Quentin.

Needless to say, they were more than a little worried.

“Why isn’t he reporting in?” Lil Lacey gripped her phone and stared at it intensely. It was as if by doing so, it would miraculously chime with a message or phone call.

Certain something was wrong, Amelia urged, “We should leave North Hampton right this instant! I keep getting the feeling like something bad is going to happen.”


They quickly packed their bags before Amelia went to open the door.


The door was slammed open with a kick from the outside.


The force behind the kick was so much that Amelia was knocked unconscious by the door.

Azure Dragon and Levi appeared in the doorway.

“And where do you two think you’re going?” Levi asked with a smirk.

“What? How are you still alive?” Shock and fear shone in Lil Lacey’s eyes.

With a smile playing on his lips, he answered casually, “Hahaha, that’s because the men you sent to kill me are trash! I’m pretty sure they’re dead by now!”

“What? No, that’s impossible! He’s Quentin Lane, the Devil of the underground boxing ring. He’s supposed to be one of the best killers out there! There’s no way you could have survived him!” she shrieked madly.

The Return of God of War Chapter 339

“You have been proven guilty of attempted murder. Men, take her away!”

At Levi’s words, Xavier Fields came into the room with a squad of police behind him. Within moments, Lil Lacey and the unconscious Amelia were arrested and dragged away.

Levi was not impressed by this so-called ‘Devil’.

The impudent fool thought he could kill him? Hah! He bit off more than he could chew.

Within the night, news of how the Devil of South City, Quentin Lane, had come to kill Levi but had been killed instead spread like wildfire.

“Hahaha! Does Garrison know no fear? Quentin Lane is the godson of Sebastian Lopez! Killing Lane is basically asking for death!” Winston Gonzales roared with laughter.

Una had an excited look on her face. “Grandpa, does this mean Garrison won’t be able to escape death this time?”

“Of course! Mr. Lopez doesn’t have any children of his own, so Lane was basically his everything. Garrison has really done it this time!” Winston stroked his beard as he chuckled.

“Hah! How dare he threatened our family? This is really karma coming to bite him in the ass!”

Una could already imagine what fate would befall Levi, and she just could not wait.

The appointment ceremony was three days away. Percy had gone back to North Hampton Warzone to prepare, so Levi also went back to work at the company.

Iris, who had just come out of a meeting, received a phone call. A few seconds later, she hung up with her face pale.

Everyone around her could tell something was off about her. One concerned staff asked, “Ms. Annabelle, is everything okay?”

She shook her head and replied, “I’m fine. Casey, could you prepare a car for me, please? I need to go out for a bit. Remember, no driver!”

After that, she left alone to head toward North Hampton International Airport.

When she arrived, a bespectacled man in a suit got in the car when he caught sight of her.

“Louis Lont, get out of my car! I never said you could come in. You’re going to dirty my seats!” she hissed furiously.

Louis took off his glasses and wiped his lens. A smile played on his lips as he said, “Iris, I’m your ex-boyfriend. You should be a little courteous at the very least, don’t you think? Why the sour attitude?”

Rage twisted her pretty face as she growled, “Hmph! Who would want to be courteous to a scumbag like you?”

When she went overseas, she had had a brief relationship with this man. To her disgust, it did not take her long to discover that he was a true scumbag. He had been with eight other women while they were still dating. Eight!

She had instantly demanded to break up and treated this incident as a matter of personal shame.

Proud as she was, she refused to let anyone know about her brief lapse in judgment. Hence, even Zoey did not know about him.

“Why did you come to pick me up at the airport if you didn’t still have any feelings toward me?” Louis chuckled.

He even had the audacity to try and grab Iris’ hand!

“Go away!”

She shoved him away violently and spat, “I didn’t come to pick you up. Just tell me what I have to do before you’ll hand over those things?”

“What’s the hurry? I’m a trustworthy person, really! I’ve helped you keep them secret for so many years and have never once shown them to anyone!”

“You – !” Iris gritted her teeth so hard her jaw ached.

Ever since they broke up, he had been holding a very personal secret of hers over her head and used it to blackmail her.

She had already given him several million in the past few years.

“Speak! How much before you’ll give them back to me?” she asked.

“What I want this time might be a little difficult for you, but you still have to agree. If you don’t, I can assure you that I’ll immediately release your secret to the public. You can be certain that your reputation will be ruined then!” he threatened.

The Return of God of War Chapter 340

“You…” Iris was furious, yet there was nothing she could do about it.

She had thought she would be able to escape him by coming to North Hampton, yet here he was.

He was like a nightmare that she could never shake!

In a chilly tone, she queried, “What are your conditions? How much do you want this time?”

Snickering, he answered, “I don’t want money.”

Money was not something he was currently lacking. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had already paid him ten million to come here and had promised him forty million once he got the job done.

Indeed, they were going to use him to buy over Morris Group.

They had searched far and wide before they finally discovered him and his history with Iris. Realizing he held valuable blackmail material over her head, they had hired him to do their bidding.

This was one of the methods they loved to use to obtain other companies. They would either dig for blackmail material on the opposing company’s upper management or find the weakest link and use them to attack from within.

Another more ruthless method would be to threaten the upper management staff with their families’ lives.

When it came to forcefully buying over a company, loss of life was inevitable.

After all, the business world was like a battlefield.

Lives were lost and blood was shed.

This was why the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was so confident in its ability to obtain Morris Group.

A confused expression crossed Iris’ face. “Huh? Then what do you want?”

Chuckling slyly, Louis stated, “I heard you’re some bigshot who controls Morris Group now. Your current net worth is probably more than one billion, right? You seem to be doing much better here than when you were overseas!”

A fissure of unease shot through the woman. In a cautious tone, she asked, “What do you want?”

“You’re in charge of Morris Group, aren’t you?”

“I’m only the vice president, but most of the decision-making power is in my hands.”

“So that would mean the president actually leaves you to deal with running the company?”

She nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Great! Then you can make the decision right now if I want to buy over Morris Group, right?”

His words had the color draining from her face.

She shouted, “What? Are you crazy?! You want to buy over Morris Group? Do you have any idea how much the company is worth? Close to twenty billion! Where are you going to get that much money?”

“Well, not me per se, but my boss!” he amended.

The uneasy feeling in her grew, and she sensed there was something else going on here.

“Who’s your boss?”

“The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! They deliberately sent me here to negotiate with you,” he declared as his eyes scrutinized her closely.

“What? The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce?” she repeated dumbly in shock.

The next second, realization dawned, and she could have slapped herself.

They were purposely using Louis to threaten her exactly because he held something of hers!

He uttered, “You have two options. One, Morris Group joins the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and becomes one of their members. Two, they outright buy over Morris Group.”

Immediately, she shook her head. “No way! Morris Group and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce are business competitors! Our company will never agree to join them.”

“They knew you wouldn’t agree. That’s why I’m here. You said you were in charge of Morris Group, didn’t you? Then I would suggest you seriously consider joining them. It would be better for you in the long run.” That infuriating smile was still curling his lips.

“Never! We’ll never join them no matter what! You can forget about it!” she refused.

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