The Return of God of War Chapter 1283

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1283

“Levi will come? Little girl, how naive can you get?”

“Your father is dead. How will he come?”

Jeong-seok ripped through Forlevia’s innocent hopes.

Everyone knows Levi’s dead.

But Forlevia obstinately fixed her eyes on Jeong-seok and glared at him. “Shut up! Daddy is still alive! I talked to him on the phone!”

“Just you wait! Daddy will be here before you know it! He’ll kick all your butts!” Forlevia exclaimed ferociously to the people watching.

No one took her seriously.

“Do you teach your child to lie, Zoey? Levi is obviously dead. What’s the point in claiming otherwise?”

Zoey was about to reply when Forlevia cut in, “You idiots! Daddy isn’t dead at all! He’s been tricking you on purpose!”


Jeong-seok was stunned by her declaration. Something felt fishy to him.

Zoey glowered at the people around. “Stop talking, Evie. You might scare them! My husband is definitely still alive. He coming after all of you!”

The expressions of the crowd instantly shifted.

A few of them could feel cold sweat dripping down their backs.

If Levi is still alive, we’ll be in trouble.

He’s a danger to us all.

“She’s right. My son is still alive! I bet none of you expected this outcome. When he comes for each and every one of you, you can kiss your lives goodbye.” Emma hollered.

The color drained from the faces around the women as fear started to consume them.

What if it’s true?

“Stop spouting crap, Zoey! Someone separate these two! I only want Forlevia here!” Jeong-seok bellowed, absolutely livid.

His lackeys quickly separated Zoey and Forlevia.

Zoey and Emma started to weep.

“Don’t worry! Daddy will come save me!”

Only Forlevia maintained her composure.

The mother and daughter were eventually forced apart.

Zoey and Emma were taken away to an unknown location, leaving Forlevia onstage.

Although the noise had subsided, many of the people present were breathing raggedly.

None of them wanted to believe that Levi still walked the earth.

The anxiousness had gotten to Jeong-seok as well. He wiped the beads of cold sweat from his forehead using his handkerchief.

“Childish nonsense! Why are all of you so scared?” Mr. Williams said scornfully.


At this moment, a thunderous noise akin to an explosion sounded.

The entire hall shook, sending the people inside teetering off balance.

The crowd screamed as they whipped their heads around in fright.


The front door burst open.


The entire wall was demolished.

Someone wrecked the whole wall from the outside.

The people in the hall froze in shock.

Almost instantly after, a group of people clad in black garb stormed in.

They were dressed in black garments from head to toe and had their knives ready.

Masks obscured their identity.

The intruders were familiar yet alien to the crowd.

“The Calamity!”

“It’s The Calamity!”

Jeong-seok was the first to recognize them. He proceeded to shriek wildly.

Although Winsor had gained victory over The Calamity, the group’s presence still struck terror into the hearts of everyone.

The sight of them alone was enough to petrify a person.

The Daelee Group members scrambled to band together to protect Jeong-seok.

The skilled members of Noir Group also immediately went on high alert.

Everyone else in the hall were in a state of hysteria as they watched members of The Calamity draw near.

“It’s Daddy! Daddy’s here to save me! Yay!” Forlevia squealed in glee.




Another batch of people from The Calamity made their appearance.

They had been waiting in ambush for the right opportunity to reveal themselves.

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