The Return of God of War Chapter 1276

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1276

Everything was going according to Jeong-seok’s plan.

He had wanted to force Zoey to talk to him personally from the very start.

Clearly, his plans had worked.

Tyrone was taken aback by Triple Group’s efficiency once again. He had also imposed sanctions upon Morris Group before, but with much less satisfactory results.

The more cruel, the better.

Obviously, Triple Group is willing to be much crueler than the Garrison family had been.

This is what it meant to be truly ruthless!

Tyrone was full of respect toward their cruelty.

He realized how much he still had to learn.

The place of discussion would be held at Morris Group’s council room.

Jeong-seok’s entrance remained as flashy as ever.

Over twenty cars marked his arrival along with a private jet.

All of the bodyguards he brought with him were Ultimate and God class warriors.

There were more warriors next to Jeong-seok than there were on the average battlefield.

All that proved was how powerful the Lee family truly was.

They could accomplish things even the Eighteen-Nation Alliance couldn’t.

The moment Jeong-seok and his party arrived, members of Morris Group were taken aback.

We’re actually going against someone this intimidating?

Zoey and some others were already waiting for him in the large conference room.

Their demands were simple, which was to work and live peacefully.

They already had little to no expectations.

No matter what ridiculous conditions Triple Group forced on them, they could only accept it.

Once he stepped into the conference room, Jeong-seok took one look at Zoey and sighed. “As expected, what a national beauty. Such a pity indeed!”

If she hadn’t gotten married and didn’t already have a kid, Jeong-seok would have had a go at her himself.

After the two of them sat down, Zoey didn’t hesitate to ask, “Mr. Lee, we’ve never messed with Triple Group before, have we? So why are you doing this to us?”

Jeong-seok was toying with an intricate dagger as he replied, “Because of Levi Garrison.”

“What?” Zoey said in surprise.

She hadn’t expected Jeong-seok to come right out of the gate like that.

“That’s right! Two years ago, Levi chased Triple Group out of Erudia. Now, we’re back for revenge. Everything we’ve done so for was for revenge!” Jeong-seok announced.

Instantly, the atmosphere started to change.

Many Morris Group’s council members who had risen to position a little later on started to glare at Zoey.

They all felt that the hundreds of thousands of workers in Morris Group had been dragged along for no good reason.

At the end of the day, it was all because of Zoey’s personal business.

We’re all about to die because of her!

Zoey could feel how the situation was starting to take a turn for the worse.

Jeong-seok chuckled coldly and said, “What, isn’t Levi here? Is he just going to let me trample over his company and his people like this?”

His subordinate instantly replied, “Mr. Lee, Levi Garrison is already dead.”

“Oh? Is that so? What brilliant news!” Jeong-seok laughed, elated by the news.

Zoey clenched her fists tightly and replied in a cold voice, “If my husband was here, none of you would have even dared to step into this building!”

Zoey’s words struck the Triple Group members’ nerves instantly.

They started chattering in anger.

“Bullsh*t! Even if he were here, he wouldn’t have managed to stop us!”

“Who does he think he is? He can’t even hold a candle to the Lee family of Keerea!”

Even Jeong-seok chuckled. “Ah, it’s too bad that he’s dead, then. I’d love for him to come here and beat me up if he could!”

“Just wait. It will happen one day!” Zoey nearly said too much in her fit of rage.

“I’m looking forward to it! If you can resurrect the dead, of course!”

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