The Return of God of War Chapter 1255

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1255

Kawasaki Zando had hoped to engage in combat with the youngsters of Erudia. He wanted to see what they were truly made of.

Otherwise, he would’ve come out of solitude for nothing.

“Our Raysonian Bushido will be restored to its former glory! In fact, the news should come as no surprise. In less than half a day, it’ll spread like wildfire and rock the world!”

Tenichi was also waiting eagerly for this moment to arrive.

If he could send Levi to his death on Raysonian soil, the glory would be insurmountable.

Meanwhile, both Levi and the North Sky Lord were cornered by thousands of people. The numbers were increasing still.

Including the group outside the Military Division, it was an army of five thousand strong.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

There was only one possible solution to undo the shame they had to endure five years ago, kill Levi.

“Begin!” came the order from Tenichi.

Levi and North Sky Lord shared a look before beginning their assault.

North Sky Lord charged into the battlefield like a hero with superhuman strength.

Instantly, he summoned a hundred-meter-tall shockwave that he sent hurtling into the oncoming crowd.


The dense crowd was abruptly torn apart and scattered by this attack. Numerous casualties could be seen as the panicked troops struggled to move out of the way.

“Get out of my way, or perish!” bellowed Levi as he breached the opening created by North Sky Lord.

Levi eyed an adversary that was standing in his way. He threw a punch that sent the man flying into the crowd like a cannonball.


That blow was devastating enough to knock more than a hundred men out of the way.

They lay there in a writhing mass, with plenty of broken bones. Levi clicked his tongue impatiently as he observed the next wave of enemies coming his way.

A battle cry was heard as a squad of more than a dozen God class warriors charged towards Levi with sabers in hand.


Nobody could foresee what happened next.

Upon impact, the sabers broke. It was as if Levi’s body was made of steel for it was completely impenetrable.

Levi nonchalantly dodged an attack that came from his right flank. He reached over and gently grabbed the katana of his opponent. With a plucking motion, Levi snapped the blade clean in half.

His opponent tried to escape, but it was too late. With a flick of his wrist, Levi tossed the blade into the person’s body. Blood spattered all over the floor before the dead assailant crumpled to the ground with a dull thud.

Everyone was stunned. These were God class warriors! Seasoned fighters were being treated as if they were mere playthings!

The battalion started to sweat in their armor. How were they going to defeat Levi?

His expression, on the other hand, was one of indifference. The fight was nothing but a walk in the park for him.

He walked around the area leisurely despite being completely surrounded.

But North Sky Lord painted a completely different picture. He attacked like a vicious animal, sending thousands scattered in complete disarray.

The pair had two completely different combat styles. One was calm, and the other, wild.

However, they made a terrifying team. It was as if the demons from hell had risen to fight.

Each attack they unleashed maimed or killed anyone in their path.

In a short period of time, the grounds of the Military Division had turned into a mass grave. Piles of bodies were scattered throughout the courtyard.

The army of five thousand was no match for Levi or North Sky Lord.

Soon, the pair left the area with less than two thousand men attempting to stop their advance.

The troops were samurai, believers in the spirit of Bushido. Even with the odds against them, they would not back away without a fight.

“We kill!” came their cries as they rushed towards the pair.

North Sky Lord attacked again, with Levi following closely behind.

A crushing battle was currently being staged.

A mere five minutes had passed, and there was nobody left standing. Levi and North Sky Lord had successfully plowed through a battalion of more than one thousand strong.

The battle had left many wounded. Despite this, they still burned with the desire to stop Levi and North Sky Lord.

However, the severity of their injuries prevented them from getting up. The troops had no choice but to watch helplessly as they walked past them.

Five thousand seasoned warriors only managed to deter the pair for about ten minutes.

They were horrified. Those defeated were ultimate samurai masters, who, without a doubt, outclassed the thirty-thousand that Levi had fought five years ago.

This only showed how much power Levi had gained throughout the course of five years.

Now, he had even gained a powerful ally. He was practically invincible.

“Onward, to the Tower of the Sun!” yelled Levi, his eyes ablaze with a chilling glow.

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