The Return of God of War Chapter 1239

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1239

“Olivia! Come out this instance!”

A cold voice reverberated throughout.

The manor’s hundreds of security guards charged ahead.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

One by one, the security guards were sent flying.

Two figures walked into the manor’s living hall with bodies strewn all around them.

The Garrison clan’s elite security guards fell like flies.

In the hall.

Olivia’s expression drastically changed.

Even Sampson’s entourage was shocked.

Who is it?

How dare they cause trouble here?

A moment later, two figures emerged in the hall.

“What? How can it be y-you…”

“Levi… Garrison… How can you still be alive?”

Levi’s sudden appearance threw Olivia and Sampson into utter shock.

After all, a dead man had just appeared right before their eyes. It would be weird if they weren’t surprised at all.

Olivia’s eyes looked as if they were going to pop out.

“I have died a wrongful death. As such, I’m here for my revenge!” Levi declared as he burst into laughter.

“No… I didn’t kill you. It wasn’t me, it’s them…”

Olivia was on the verge of despair and couldn’t believe that Levi was still alive.

Even Sampson, who was from a great family, was stunned for almost a minute. Gasping in disbelief, he asked, “How is it that you’re still alive?”

Levi stared at him and sneered, “Mr. Finch?”

“You actually know me? Damn… I’ve fallen into a trap.”

Mr. Finch was a smart man and immediately realized what was going on.

“How is that possible? You could hardly move then and all your bodyguards were killed. How can you still be alive? If you have recovered, you should have taken action then…” Sampson ranted in surprise.

The mention of that incident struck a raw nerve within Levi.

All the comrades that died for me…

Damn it!

Wouldn’t it be great if I could fight back earlier?

Everyone wouldn’t have to die then.

However, his recovery simply needed more time.

Sampson glanced at North Sky Lord and said, “No, someone must have saved you. From there, they created the illusion of your death. Even your own subordinates have been fooled.”

“But, how can you still recover? It’s just impossible!”

Sampson had sent his men to examine Levi’s body and was sure that there was no way he could recover.

He was supposed to be paralyzed for life.

Even the ancient medical techniques and doctors of the Great Family of Frostford couldn’t heal him, let alone Levi healing himself.

How the hell did he recover?

It was already a surprise that he didn’t die, but to recover in such a short time?

The Great Family of Frostford had many ancient texts and Sampson had gone through them many times.

But he never came across such a scenario.

Furthermore, he had a good grasp of modern medical technology and clearly understood that Levi’s condition couldn’t be treated.

So how did he do it?

Levi ignored him as his gaze fell upon the Four Warriors standing behind Sampson.

“Were you the ones who attacked at the crucial time when the Garrison clan, myself, and Winsor were engaged in battle?” Levi asked.


The Four Warriors were stunned and hung their heads subconsciously.

They were indeed the ones who helped Winsor cheat in the battle with Levi.

As they were also members of the Great Family of Frostford, it was humiliating for them to be exposed for cheating by Levi.

At the end of the day, their pride still flowed strongly in their blood.

“So it really was you!” Levi sneered.

“Nonsense! My disciple, Winsor, beat you fair and square. Thousands witness it with their own eyes. How can you say that they helped in the shadows? It’s just ridiculous!”

“Every member of the Great Family of Frostford is exceptional. They would never use such unscrupulous means.”

There was no way that Sampson was going to confess to something like that.

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