The Return of God of War Chapter 1218

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1218

In just a few short minutes, all that was left of the brave bunch was a heap of mangled bodies.

Not even a single person survived the ordeal.

However, none of them backed out of the fight or wavered in their stance.

All of them were willing to die for Erudia.

“What a bunch of pests!” the Harbinger of Death scoffed.

The fighters have held him back for a mere twelve minutes, and Levi would not have gotten far in just twelve minutes.

However, he quickly realized that something was wrong the moment he tried to lift his leg.

Why can’t I move?

He looked down and was horrified to find the dead bodies of Johnny Lawrence and everyone else clinging onto his legs tightly.

Now that rigor mortis was setting in, their hardened bodies held him down like a deadweight.

Their collective strength managed to hold him down, making it impossible for him to even make a single step.

It was their last-ditch effort as brave Erudian men to keep the enemy occupied.

They refused to admit defeat, even after death had befallen them.

“Get out of my way!” the Harbinger of Death bellowed, shaking the dead bodies off him. “You will never get away from me, Levi Garrison!”

With that, the Harbinger of Death was on his way again.

The Erudian warriors have held him up for a mere fifteen minutes, but their efforts have not gone to waste.

Those fifteen minutes had cost them their lives, and that made it priceless.

Meanwhile, Jonah and the others rushed towards the designated town at full speed with Levi in tow.

Time was ticking, and they could almost visualize the fates of Johnny Lawrence and the rest who chose to stay behind.

The Harbinger of Death was practically undefeatable, after all.

“Three more kilometers!” Hades yelled.

Everyone’s eyes brightened up at his statement.

No one knew what the town they were heading towards looked like, but they trusted Levi when he said that they would be safe once they arrived.

It was a huge source of motivation for them.


However, before they could rejoice, a giant rock crashed into the side of the car.

If not for Hades’ quick reflexes, they would have toppled over on impact.

By the time everyone wrapped their head around the situation, another person had appeared before their eyes.

It was the Harbinger of Death!

His supersonic speed allowed him to catch up with Levi before he could get to his destination.


An explosion went off in everyone’s heads at the sight of him.

All of them are dead…

None of them survived!

“Nice! Well done!” Jonah yelled. “That’s how Erudian men should be!”

“Thank you! We will avenge you!” everyone chorused.

“I owe you one!” Levi said, gritting his teeth and holding back tears. “When I get better, I’ll paint the sky red with those scumbags’ blood!”

He hated how things turned out.

For all his life, he had spent years fighting to keep Erudians safe from threats, and yet there were still people dying for the sake of his own life.

I can’t allow this! I won’t!

“You won’t have a chance to do that! Time to die!” the Harbinger of Death bellowed with a cold smirk.

“Hades! Send the God of War to the town! We’ll buy time for you!” Jonah said as he trained his eyes on the Harbinger of Death.

Everyone was ready to battle to the death.

However, just as Hades was about to drive off, the Harbinger of Death lifted his foot and brought it down upon the hood of the car.



The hood of the car was shattered into pieces immediately.

His powerful stomp had destroyed the car completely and even Hades was injured from the sudden attack.

“Don’t you dare leave!” the Harbinger of Death scoffed.

All of you are dead meat to me!

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