The Return of God of War Chapter 1209

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1209

All his enemies from overseas took great pleasure in hearing that, especially those who were dying to get their revenge on him.

Tenichi and a group of men were gathered on an island.

“Levi Garrison… You’re finally being banished from Erudia, eh?” Tenichi smiled gleefully.

He was the one behind everything that had happened.

Levi remained a threat to all of his enemies overseas for as long as he was alive, and they wouldn’t be able to rest until they got rid of him completely.

Winsor saw an opportunity when he discovered the “evidence” of Levi conspiring with the Blood King Palace, and he seized that opportunity immediately.

“Levi is going to leave Erudia tomorrow. We can make our move as soon as he steps out of the country’s borders, and we wouldn’t even have to be sneaky about it!” Tenichi sneered.

“You’re right, sir! Mr. Finch will send us the route that Levi takes on his way out of the country soon!”

“Hahaha! He sure is great help in getting rid of Levi!”

Tenichi broke into a sinister grin.

“Make sure all preparations are complete! We must kill Levi as soon as he leaves Erudia!”

Ensuring that Levi was truly dead was the only way to ease their worries.

It was soon the next day.

“Don’t worry, Levi! I’ve asked my godfather to have these elite fighters escort you to your destination! Just get us over there once you’ve settled down, okay?” Zoey said while pointing at the group of elite fighters from the Lehman family standing behind her.

She had really wanted to leave with him, but decided not to as she would only be a liability to him in the event of an attack.

“The Lehman family has also arranged for someone to receive you upon arrival, so everything will be fine!”

Zoey wiped her tears as she helped Levi into the car.

I’ll head over there with Evie once he’s settled down!

“Mom, Zoey… Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon! Take good care of Evie for me!” Levi said with a smile.

Zar had come over to supervise him. “You’re never coming back here, Levi! Don’t even dream about it!”

“If that’s the case, we’ll just spend the rest of our lives overseas. Either way works fine for us!”

Emma and Zoey broke down in tears.

“The God of War is innocent!” Sylas shouted.

Zar chuckled and pointed at Hades. “Funny how you say that when you have Hades of L Nation protecting Levi on this trip! It’s obvious that Levi has been conspiring against Erudia with these foreigners!”


Both Hades and Sylas were speechless with anger upon hearing that.

“That’s enough, you guys!” Levi shouted.

Even Hades has become evidence of my treachery…

With that, Levi began heading North towards the borders of Erudia.

After a lengthy drive, they arrived at the border and were greeted by a cold and barren wasteland.

Zar had personally escorted them to the border. “This is as far as I’ll go, Levi. You’re on your own from here. Once you step past that border, you’re no longer allowed to set foot in Erudia!”

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