The Return of God of War Chapter 1189

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1189

Emma was slowly hit with the realization as well.

It can’t be? No way. It turns out what Levi said was all true!

My fantasies actually turned into reality?

Am I dreaming?

She gave herself a hard pinch and felt a sharp pain.

“You Garrison folks know nothing… We know better!” the Stuart family shouted.

The entire Garrison clan was struck with a deep realization, as though someone had just poured ice-cold water on them.

Why has Levi always been so disdainful towards the Garrison clan?

Why did he agree to the bet if he did not care about the Garrison clan?

In the past, everyone used to think that Levi was a dumb fool.

However, it turned out that he simply did not take the Garrison clan seriously at all!

The Garrison clan finally figured out why the God of War’s last name was Garrison.

The God of War is Levi Garrison!

They had spent a great deal of effort to investigate which branch of the Garrison clan he was from, but they did not expect him to be from their branch.

They also realized he was the same person that Tyrone almost killed.

That moment, Tyrone recalled Jonah’s warning to him and Damien.

They had disagreed with Jonah at that time, but Jonah already knew of Levi’s identity then.

Tyrone’s face suddenly turned pale as he recollected the first time he met Levi face-to-face.

He suddenly understood that Emma wasn’t the one who leaked the secret to Levi.

Of course, Levi found out by himself!

Given his status, it was a piece of cake for him to investigate this!

How naïve of me to think that he would use this to blackmail me…

I was wrong!

Absolutely wrong!

Someone of his status and position wouldn’t do this!

People generally regarded Levi as arrogant and aloof, but what they didn’t know was that his status was way above theirs.

On the other hand, the Garrison clan treated him as a lowly creature, but he was actually an extraordinary and mighty being.

The crowd took a deep breath when they thought about how easily Levi resolved the matter that the Garrison clan confronted him with.

They should have known better that he wasn’t a common man.

But they were blind-sided by Morris Group.

They underestimated the company and did not take it seriously.

All sorts of thoughts ran through their mind at that time. The God of War?

Levi Garrison is actually the God of War!

Who said a single man’s hard work over several decades cannot compare with the blood, sweat and tears of prominent families who have been around for generations?

Whoever said that was wrong. It’s absolutely possible!

The chances of this happening might be one in a million, but it is not impossible.

Levi Garrison is living proof of that possibility!

My son is the God of War?

With Levi around, would Damien still be of any use?

Could he possibly match up to Levi?

What a shame!

What an absolute shame!

If only the Garrison clan brought Levi back earlier, the God of War would be a part of the clan!

Who wouldn’t be convinced then?

The Garrison clan’s power would be on the rise, and going up the social ladder wouldn’t be a problem at all!

If that happened, it would actually be possible to dominate the whole of Bayview…

But it is too late to cry over spilled milk now!

We were the ones who pushed Levi to the enemy’s side…

Damien even ruined his wedding…

Now he’s taking revenge!

Levi looked at the thousands of people kneeling before him and shouted, “Get up!”

Everyone quickly stood up synchronously.

He then grabbed his mother and walked up to Tyrone.

“Did you ever dream of this day, that I would personally defeat the Garrison clan? Do you think it’s that difficult to defeat the clan? I’ll show you how it’s done! Mother and I are here to demand an explanation today!” he said with a contemptuous grin.

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