The Return of God of War Chapter 1177

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1177

Rumors had it that Teneb was so strong that his feats surpassed human limits.

Yet he had lost to Levi!

He demanded, “Just who are you!”

“My name is Levi Garrison! I came to scout out the Garrison clan ancestral compound today. Tomorrow, I’ll personally arrive at your doors. I had no choice but to retaliate since you pushed me,” Levi answered in an exasperated tone.

“Levi Garrison?” Teneb muttered the name to himself.

Abruptly, he remembered where he had heard the name.

“It’s you!”

Although Teneb had retreated to the mountains behind the Garrison clan compound to practice his martial arts, he was still well aware of what went on in Erudia and the Garrison clan.

Thus, he knew about Levi Garrison.

Recalling what he knew of the younger man, he could not help but sigh silently.

Damien was known by all to be a genius.

However, when compared to Levi, he was practically nothing.

Just what did the Garrison clan lose out on?

“Alright. I’ll be coming over again tomorrow. I hope you won’t interfere then. Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to kill you!”

With that said, Levi left.

Meanwhile, the Garrison clan ancestral compound was in an uproar.

Due to the earlier commotion, they realized that something must have happened at the forbidden grounds.

Tyrone and Damien hurried over to see what was wrong.

Tyrone asked, “Elder Teneb, did something happen?”

Instead of actually answering them, Teneb ordered, “Go home!”

Tyrone and Damien exchanged bewildered looks.

Just what was going on?

Something big seemed to be stirring in Oakland City as strange occurrences were happening everywhere.

There were rumors that the imperial family and royal families had gathered together and done something huge.

However, despite being one of the ancient families, the Garrisons had not heard anything about it.

Then there was the fact that Conrad Garcia had been crippled. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any clues about who did it either.

Now, even Teneb was acting strangely…

“Since you’re okay, Elder Teneb, we’ll be taking our leave.”

The father-son pair departed from the forbidden grounds.

Damien felt unease welling within him. “Father, I think something bad is going to happen. I can feel it in my gut!”

Tyrone’s expression was grim as he replied, “I get the feeling it’s going to be something to do with Levi! That damn jinx really does bring misfortune with him wherever he goes! Only bad things have happened ever since his appearance! I even heard that he’s coming here!”

Damien nodded in agreement. “Supposedly, he’s coming here tomorrow!”

“Okay then. I’m definitely going to get rid of that damn brat once and for all!”

A murderous glint flickered through Tyrone’s eyes as he said that.

On the other side of things, Levi had not gone far from the Garrison clan compound when he suddenly tasted something salty and metallic in his mouth.

The next thing he knew, blood was dribbling from the corner of his lips.

I’m injured?

He had not realized he had been hurt.

That old man really is quite powerful. Luckily, he’s only a little stronger than the Bloodking so I can still handle him relatively easily. But how did I get injured?

After a moment of thought, realization dawned on him.

The Bloodking’s poison! It must be acting up again!

Cough cough!

At that moment, a wave of weakness washed over him, leaving him feeling extremely feeble.

It was even worse than that hit from Jerry Gott last time.

His earlier fight with that old man had taken more out of him than he thought. He had actually put quite a bit of power behind that punch.

Once again, he forcefully suppressed the poison’s toxicity.

After a short while, his body returned to normal.

Since the poison did not seem to be harming him directly, he put the matter out of his mind.

That night, Kirin reported to him, “Sir, the items you requested have already arrived in Oakland City!”

“Alright. Get everything ready. We’re going to the Garrison clan ancestral compound tomorrow!”

Early the next morning, Levi brought Emma with him to the Garrison clan ancestral compound.

He also made sure to call Zoey and have her go there as well.

Dale stated in a cold voice, “Fine! Let’s go over too. I would like to see him explain all this!”

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