The Return of God of War Chapter 1175

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1175

“Kneel! Repent!”

“Kneel! Repent!”

Levi surveyed the vicinity as the Lehman guards echoed in unison all around him.

This was what Dale had planned out for Levi.

Kneel first, talk later!

Levi regarded the spectators coldly and did not seem like he was going to comply.

“Where is your sincerity? Where is your guilt? Don’t you think she has done enough to earn your repentance?” Edwin chided.

Upon hearing that, Levi was mildly annoyed. “Where is Zoey?”

“She is inside. But if you want to see her, you must show your worth by demonstrating genuflection!”

Levi laughed coldly, “Am I here to explain things, or am I here to bend the knee?”

“We will hear you out, without question. But for that to happen, the kneeling is a prerequisite!”

The Lehman family was especially harsh to Levi as they wanted him to understand in no uncertain terms how displeased they were.

Yet, Zoey had no idea that her family was going to intentionally make things difficult for him.

“Is this what Zoey wants?” Levi inquired.

Edwin nodded. “But of course! If you only knew how upset she was with you!”

Levi smirked.

As someone who understood Zoey better than anyone else, he was positive that there was no way she could be involved in this fiasco.

“Fine then. In that case, I should be going as for me, bending the knee is an impossibility!”

Levi then turned to depart.

“Hey, where do you think you are going?” Edwin bellowed.

Even so, Levi did not look back the slightest bit.

They had only intended to humble him just a little and had not anticipated this reaction.

“Insolence!” Edwin spat angrily.

In the Lehman family’s hall.

“Huh? Where is Levi? He told me that he was at the door a minute ago.” Zoey asked of Edwin.

Edwin replied, “This Levi Garrison is not a man! Guess what, Zoey? When I gave him a little ticking off outside and commented on how hard it had been for you, that kid blew his top! He also said that you must be insincere and distrustful of him since you were not there to receive him. After that, he questioned the need for him to explain anything! Said you changed the surname of his child, and he did not run away a year and a half and all that crap… I got into an argument with him over it, and then, he decided he was going to leave!”

Edwin added more concoctions into the mix but neglected to mention how he tried to get Levi to prostrate himself.

“Levi Garrison!” Zoey shrieked.

“I couldn’t decide whose name the child would take after! My hands were tied as the Garrison family forbade it! You ought to give me a reason for your going missing during this time! If you do not see the need to explain yourself, then I have no wish to hear it!” Zoey was agitated to the point of tears.

“I wish I could deliver one tight slap across the face of that detestable fool!” Dale fumed.

“Right! He clearly had no intention of clearing the air. If he wanted to, surely there was no need to come up to Oakland City as he could have done so in North Hampton. He’s obviously playing tricks on us! What more is there to explain? He abandoned his wife and mother. That is the plain truth that had been laid bare!”

Hearing the Lehman family’s commentary reduced Zoey to a sobbing mess.

“Mom, don’t cry. Don’t cry…” Forlevia wiped at her mother’s tears with her tiny hands.

In the meantime, Levi did not go back after leaving the Lehmans but made straight for the Garrisons.

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