The Return of God of War Chapter 1170

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1170

“You are begging for death, boy!”

“Who dares threaten Mr. Garcia? Are you tired of living?”

Up stepped two men – Cosimo Cuvier and Clarance Trent.

They were sons of the imperial families, variously the ninth and tenth ranking scions in the city.

Both of them were lifelong practitioners of martial arts and highly competent exponents.

“Clear out!” Levi warned.

“Get him!” Conrad commanded at the same time.

Cosimo and Clarance then simultaneously rushed towards Levi.



Levi pivoted on one foot and lashed out with the other, sending the two men flying back in the opposite direction.



The loudness of the fighting juxtaposed against the silence of the crowd.

The two young men crashed through several tables before falling heavily onto the ground, followed by their briefly quivering bodies before they lost consciousness.

As those awful sounds died down, the stillness of the air engulfed the entire room.

The masses were stunned as no one knew Levi could fight…

What was even least expected was how well he was able to manage against the ninth and tenth ranking scions, who were both martial Extraordinaires in their own rights.

Jerry and Conrad’s jaws hit the deck.

“Hmm. The boy has got some moves. But do you have any idea who you just laid your hands on? They are sons of the imperial family! You are done for! Finished!” Conrad pointed a finger at Levi as he directed his rage towards him.

“Of all of the people you could have beaten up, you had to choose them! You’re in big trouble now, Levi!” Jerry yelled.

It certainly spelled no end for trouble for anyone who dared to manhandle the offspring of the imperial families. It was no news that the prominent families were infamous for how protective they were of their own.

Levi Garrison snickered. “What’s that about them? That they are untouchable? Then I would love for nothing more than to give them imperials a good whopping!”

Conrad was about to throw a fit at Levi’s repeated provocations.

There was no way he could stomach this transgression.

“Move, or I’ll give you a taste of this too!” Levi raised a tightened fist steadily as he eyeballed Conrad.

“Bring it on then, if you dare!”

Conrad was too used to having his way and reckoned no one in Oakland City would ever think of laying a finger on him.

“All of you shall bear witness that it was he himself who asked for a good spanking!”

Levi’s foot raised the moment his voice fell and drove itself into his opponent’s left leg.


With another bone splintering sound, Conrad was brought to kneel before Levi.



Once, twice. Levi’s struck out again with his right foot.



These follow-up blows landed unerringly on either side of Conrad and took out both of his arms.


Conrad’s bloodcurdling scream echoed through the hall.

He is maimed!

All four of his limbs were broken!

That’s brutal!

This is insanely cruel!

All present were shell-shocked.

Has he gone mad?

He dared cripple Conrad Garcia?

Levi Garrison is really in for it this time!

No way he is going to get away with this!

“Mr. Garcia…”

Those who are able to react rushed to the side of the fallen man.

“Have you lost it, Levi? Is there anyone you won’t strike at? This is the scion of the second most prominent ancient family in Erudia!” Jerry shouted.

“You are done for! If you could live past today, I would take after your name!”

“Don’t you dare dream about leaving. You will die here this day!”

There was pandemonium as the masses of privileged young men and women joined in the reprimanding.

The spoiled youngsters then pulled out their phones to call upon the elders of their various families for help.

Unexpectedly for everyone, things had gone way out of control.

If the Garcia family came seeking answers, no one there would be able to evade responsibility.

Within a short frame of time, sixteen of the imperial families and thirty-two of the royal families in Oakland City were mobilized. With that, the heads of the families were on their way to the Dynasty Manor with their best fighters in tow.

It was as though the city had been turned upside down overnight.

This was something at a different level as the primary casualty was the scion of the second most prominent ancient family.

“You’ve a lot to answer for today, Levi!”

Everyone’s eyes were locked onto the lone figure who stood apart from everyone else.

He then pulled up a chair and settled himself down. “Good. Let them come so that we may resolve this once and for all.”

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