The Return of God of War Chapter 1163

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1163

Very soon, the Stuart family was in a frenzy.

All of the lights in the mansion were turned on, and almost everyone in the family went out of the house.

Everyone one of the familiar faces appeared before Azure Dragon.

The cowardly parents, who let people take advantage of them, and the uncle and aunts, who liked to add salt to the wound.

The Grandpa, who revoked his right of being the heir, Basil, was also there.

The ones who came out last were Curtis and Eldora.

The woman was still in his brother’s arms, showing off how affectionate they were.

After years of training, Azure Dragon’s powers were at the highest level.

It could be said that he was at the point where he wouldn’t even panic even when the world was falling apart.

However, now that he met his enemies, Azure Dragon couldn’t keep his calm anymore, and he clenched his fists tightly.

“Huh? It really is you. What is with you? Aren’t you supposed to be in jail for twenty years? It hasn’t even been ten years, why are you back already? Did you escape from prison and come back here? You know you’re ruining the Stuart family’s name by doing that!”

Basil and the others were afraid that he actually broke out of prison when they saw him.

Azure Dragon replied while shaking his head, “No. I got released a long time ago.”

Someone from the family immediately checked, and they nodded. “He’s right. He really was released from prison.”

Basil sneered, “It seems like your attitude in jail was great! You even managed to get released ten years earlier.”

“I’ve almost forgotten about this person. What is he doing here?” one of Azure Dragon’s uncles, who was also Curtis’ father, Ansel, snorted.

For all these years, the Stuart family was in the hands of the father-and-son duo.

To him, Azure Dragon didn’t exist anymore.

“Exactly. He must be full of bad luck since he had been to prison.”

“Stay away from me. I don’t want your bad luck to be passed to me.”

“It’ll be much better if you don’t step into our doors. We, the Stuart family, are the first imperial family. How can we have a criminal who has been to prison be in our family? That would be a joke to everyone else!”

How cold.

Every one of them is so cold and heartless.

I was in prison all because of Curtis!

And it was eight years in there too!

Not only are they ungrateful for what I’ve done, but they are also insulting and humiliating me.

They even told me that I shouldn’t step foot into the mansion.

To hell with that!

Azure Dragon looked at Curtis and Eldora.

The latter was still looking pompous as usual.

He was the first on the Heir Leaderboard after all. Hence, who could ever go against him?

In his eyes, Azure Dragon wasn’t even worthy of being his opponent.

As for Eldora, she was still in his embrace as a mocking smile appeared on her face. “What’s wrong? Did spending a few years in prison make you look like such a piece of sht? Well, you are a piece of sht! I made the right choice all those years ago. I, Eldora Seres, will only be with the strongest man.”

At that moment, he looked just like Levi, with tattered clothes and soot on his face.

Azure Dragon had only arrived in Oakland City, so he didn’t have time to tidy himself.

With an image like a refugee, he was basically a joke to the Stuart family.

He clenched his fists tightly again upon hearing Eldora’s words.

This shameless woman!

“Seriously, why the hell did you come back, Indigo? You don’t belong in the Stuart family! Besides, we will never let a criminal step foot into our residence,” Ansel said coldly.

Indigo was Azure Dragon’s real name.

“The reason is simple. I’m here to take back what really belongs to me all those years ago,” Azure Dragon sneered.

His cold eyes passed over each and every one of the family.

“Hahahaha…” everyone burst into laughter and looked at him as if he was an idiot.

Curtis finally spoke, “You’re here to take back what belongs to you? My position and your fiancée? And to avenge the fact that you took my place in prison? Do you even have what it takes to do that? Do you have the capability to do so?”

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