The Return of God of War Chapter 1159

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1159

Zoey and the rest arrived at Oakland City first, and they stayed at the Lehman residence in the meantime.

They saw an authoritative old man sitting in there the moment they entered.

Though he was seated, his aura was so intimidating and heavy that everyone found it difficult to breathe.

It’s Dale Lehman!

The head of the third ancient family in Erudia.

In the eyes of an ordinary person, he was just like a god.

“What? That b*stard is back?” Dale spat.

As a blunt and righteous person, he liked Zoey’s personality. At the same time, he was disgusted by Levi for abandoning his wife and daughter.

“Yes! He even tried to ruin the engagement you planned and take his daughter away,” Edwin said.

Dale glared at him and asked, “Where did that temper of yours go? Shouldn’t you have broken his legs for doing so?”

The latter hung his head. “Father, I was going to cripple him, but Jerry said that we should see just what kind of explanation he would give Zoey. Jerry’s a gentleman after all, and he wanted to give his blessings.”

Hearing that, Dale sneered, “Hmmph! What kind of explanation could a shameless person like him give? He’s just like his father. They would do anything just to get what they want. The excuses they give are just too much! Besides, so what if he’d given her an explanation? Is he worthy enough for my daughter? Based on his identity and his background, do you really think he’s worthy?”

He then changed the topic, “Unless he becomes the young master of the Garrison clan, I will not accept him! He needs to show me that he’s capable if he really wants his wife and daughter back. I will never accept it if I’m not satisfied.”

Zoey knew that it was bad when she saw that her godfather’s face was black with rage.

Yet, she didn’t have the guts to go against what he said.

After all, he was a person of virtue and prestige. Everything he did was for her sake.

“I heard that he wants to go to the Garrison residence?” Dale asked.

“Yes. Apparently, he wants to go there to give Zoey an explanation. Although, I don’t know what it is.”

“Alright, then. We’ll wait and see just what exactly he’d do,” Dale said furiously.

Meanwhile, Levi and his group arrived at Oakland City.

It was his first time here.

Well, technically, he had received awards countless times, but he rejected it every time.

I am here, and I’m here to conquer.

Azure Dragon seemed like a completely different person the moment he stepped foot into Oakland City.

He clenched his fists tightly.

I’m back!

I’m here to take back what belongs to me.

Curtis, Eldora and Grandpa. Are you guys ready?

“Boss, are we heading to the Garrison residence straight away?” Kirin asked.

“No, we’ll need to help Azure Dragon take care of his matter first. I’ll deal with mine a little later.”

Levi was always like that, putting others before himself.

“Alright. Thanks, boss!”

Tears of joy escaped Azure Dragon’s eyes as he had been waiting for this moment for so long.

It didn’t take long before the news regarding Levi’s return reached the Garrison family.

“What? He actually resurfaced?” Tyrone asked in shock.

He thought that Levi would stay hidden for the rest of his life and would never show his face anymore.

“Not only has he resurfaced, but he also even plans to come to us!” Damien replied.

“Does he have a death wish?” Tyrone’s eyes were ice-cold as he spoke.

“I don’t know. But based on the news I heard, Levi looked miserable, as if he was a refugee. I even heard that he coughed up blood after someone pushed him,” the latter said.

“He’s probably going to prove something to Zoey by coming here – probably to prove that he wasn’t going to back down.”

Tyrone snorted, “Hah! Using the Garrison family to prove himself? How naïve of him. Okay, then. Since he’s in Oakland City, we’ll make sure he can never leave!”

He became murderous upon the thought.

I’ll never spare Levi this time!

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