The Return of God of War Chapter 1138

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1138

In North Base One, a battle had been waged on the vast glacier. The battlefield was baptized in blood and effluvium of death as dead bodies were scattered everywhere.

Levi and his men had just fought another wave of the Blood King Palace’s ferocious attack off and were now resting and reorganizing themselves.

Sitting on a huge rock, Levi was smoking his cigar when all of a sudden, restlessness crept around his heart as he broke into a cold sweat. It felt as if his extrasensory perception was being triggered, and it was an odd feeling that he had never experienced before.

Oh no! Something bad happened!

Levi felt a gloomy foreboding that something must have had happened to Zoey and his mother.

However, since he was on Erudia’s top confidential and secret mission, he couldn’t possibly allocate his men for his private affairs in protecting his family.

Even though he knew Percy wouldn’t be able to fend off the attacks if they were being set as a target by his enemy, he could only count on him now.

This is bad! Zoey and Mother must be in imminent danger! Levi was soaked in a cold sweat as he couldn’t help feeling panicked.

If he couldn’t be there to protect his family when they needed him, he was in no way a dependable husband or son. But as the situation stands now, he could only choose between his country or his family.

In fact, most of Erudia’s soldiers faced the same dilemma as Levi. They couldn’t be by their parents, wives, and children’s side because they were being entrusted with missions. Some of them might even miss some of the most important events in life because of that.

Even when they were spending time with their families, the soldiers must be at the military’s beck and call and leave whenever they received orders. It was inevitable that their families and loved ones might feel disappointed, and their friends might find them distant.

Nonetheless, they had no choice because they needed to protect their country. It was their conviction that allowed the citizens, their families, and friends to live peaceful and stable life.

Not only the soldiers, but many from different industries were also facing the same situation as them. These people were the ones who made contributions to Erudia’s development, but they were also constantly being misunderstood by their close ones for the same reason.

Unknown to anyone, there existed a group of people who were selfless enough that they were willing to contribute all of their time and efforts in exchange for the country’s better future. It was because of heroic people like them bearing the cross that the citizens got the chance to live a peaceful life.

The stability of the country was the result of sacrifices by countless people like Levi. Being entrusted with the mission to destroy the Blood King Palace and protect his country, he must give up his family even though his wife was pregnant with his baby.

“God of War, we don’t care if we receive military punishment for disobeying the orders. Please allow us to head back to save Aunt Emma and Zoey!” Azure Dragon volunteered himself upon noticing the paleness on Levi’s face.

White Tiger, whose body was covered in blood, kneeled in front of Levi. “That’s right! God of War, let us save Zoey even though it would mean disobeying military orders. We are willing to accept any punishment!” Both of them were unwilling to see Zoey and Emma in danger.



Soon, all the soldiers followed suit and they kneeled before Levi.

Levi raised his head, trying hard to hold back his tears as he uttered through gritted teeth, “The military order is absolute; no one can disobey it! As the leader of the team, I should set a good example. This is the end of the discussion, and don’t ever bring it up again.”

From the moment he put on his military uniform and stepped onto the battlefield, he no longer held the identity as anyone else’s husband, son, or father. As Erudia’s soldier, he must prioritize his duty in protecting his country over his private affairs.

Phoenix broke out into tears. “Then what should we do now? They must be in imminent danger right now! A month has passed, and Tenichi must have prepared for revenge. Are we just going to sit here and let him harm Zoey and Aunt Emma?”

“Sir, the Blood King Palace is back again!”

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