The Return of God of War Chapter 1081-1090

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1081

The second most powerful heir in Oakland City is going to deal with Levi personally.
Things were truly getting exciting.
When they remembered Levi’s attitude and how he chased them out, they were furious.

They wished for nothing more than to teach him a lesson.

Now that Martin was coming, Levi had no choice but to defer regardless of how powerful he might be.

Would he still dare to refuse to tear up the engagement contract?

Back in Oakland City, in the imperial Meyers family’s manor, a woman was dressed in a long white dress.

She looked as beautiful as an angel, with a well-defined oval-shaped face and exquisite facial features. She exuded breathtaking beauty.

Her almond-shaped eyes sparkled brightly, brimming with affection and tenderness.

Even her figure was slender and curvaceous— even more beautiful than professional models.

This woman was none other than Tiffany, hailed as the most beautiful woman of Oakland City.

She was woman of many men’s dreams.

Yet, no one dared to pursue her. The most they would do was to have a crush on her silently.

These men included the second most powerful heir in Oakland City— Martin Preston, who similarly hailed from an imperial family.

After all, Tiffany was engaged to Levi and everyone feared the Garrison clan.

“Ma’am, Mr. Meyers summoned you over, saying that it’s about something important,” informed a maid.

Tiffany soon arrived at the Meyers family’s meeting hall.

Her grandfather, Jordan Meyers, and her father, Arvin Meyers, were both present.

A smart woman, Tiffany immediately asked, “Grandpa, Dad, did something go wrong with calling off the engagement?”

“Yes, that’s right. Levi refused to tear up the engagement contract unless you go personally,” said Arvin with a sigh.

Tiffany started to panic. “What is he talking about? He already has a wife and a son! Why is he still clinging on to me? Hasn’t he ruined me enough for all these years? Must he drag me down forever?”

The Meyers family had a similar attitude.

Although Tyrone was the sole person responsible for the engagement, no one dared to voice out any dissatisfaction toward him.

All of them decided that the culprit was Levi— he was the one who sabotaged her.

He was the reason why she could not date or marry others.

Yet, Levi was completely oblivious to all these.

“We don’t know his objectives either. As of now, we have only two guesses. Firstly, he wants to marry you and not call off the engagement. Secondly, he wants to extort a huge sum of money from us using the engagement as leverage,” explained Jordan helplessly.

“This is ridiculous! How can there be a man like him? I’ll never respect a person like that,” spat Tiffany furiously.

“Grandpa, Dad, what should we do?” she asked.

“Now, the only choice is for you to go to North Hampton personally. As long as he doesn’t request for anything unreasonable, we will fulfill his conditions to the best of our abilities!” said Arvin.

A worried look crossed Jordan’s face. “But I’ll be worried if Tiffany goes alone.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll send more people with her so she’ll be safe,” assured Arvin.

“No, I’m not worried about this. I’m concerned that she won’t be able to settle the problem even if she goes there.”

Arvin frowned. “But we can’t possibly go with her, right? It’ll be quite inappropriate.”

“Mr. Meyers, I’ll accompany Tiffany there!”

A voice rang out as a burly figure appeared at the door.

The young man had a handsome and cold look, exuding a dignified aura.

He was none other than Martin Preston.

When Tiffany saw him, her eyes lit up.

Amongst all of her pursuers, she liked Martin the most.

After all, he was nearly perfect in all aspects.

Excluding the powerful ancient families, he ranked second amongst the other heirs.

“It’s inappropriate for elders like both of you to turn up because you might be gossiped about. After all, this concerns the Garrison clan! I can go there personally to settle the issue. I promise that Levi will tear up the engagement contract! After that, the Preston family will propose a marriage with the Meyers family, and I will take Tiffany as my wife,” promised Martin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1082

Jordan and Arvin were very satisfied. “This is great! If Martin goes, he can definitely resolve this matter!”
Even if Levi were reluctant, Martin could just force him to rip the engagement contract.
Everyone was very pleased with Martin.

Excluding the heirs of those powerful ancient families, he ranked second in Oakland City!

Naturally, he was worthy enough for Tiffany.

He had also been waiting for her all this while.

“Okay, then. I’ll leave this to you, Martin. You’ll bring Tiffany there to settle the issue.”

Then, Martin and Tiffany headed to North Hampton.

Back in North Hampton, Emma was very upset with Levi refusing to rip the engagement contract.

By doing so, he was making more enemies.

He could not afford to offend those people from Oakland City.

Morris Group was simply too weak and vulnerable when compared to them.

Even Zoey learned about this incident.

She joked, “Did you keep the engagement contract because you still want to marry your fiancée?”

“I don’t mind as long as you agree! Haha!”

“F*** you.”

Zoey pinched Levi forcefully.

“I just dislike how arrogantly they acted. If they refuse to humble themselves, I will never call off the engagement. Anyway, it won’t affect me at all. My child is going to be born soon,” said Levi dismissively.

“Deal with it properly, then. Just don’t make things more troublesome than it already is!” said Zoey exasperatedly.

She was really afraid that Levi would make more enemies.

After all, those people were from Oakland City.

At night, Tiffany and Martin arrived at North Hampton with more than ten highly skilled experts tailing them.

“Martin, Tiffany, this Levi rascal is simply too arrogant! He even chased us out,” complained Leia and the rest.

“It’s expected. If he’s not arrogant and presumptuous, would he have made a bet with the Garrison clan?” scoffed Martin.

Tiffany’s expression was extremely cold. “I heard many people remarking that he’s a madman! It’s expected that he’ll make such an abnormal move.”

“Tiffany, if this madman refuses to tear the engagement contract, what should we do?” asked Taylor.

“How dare he?” yelled Martin furiously. “Let’s go! We came here this time to make him call off the engagement. He won’t dare to refuse.”

A cold and sinister glint flashed across his eyes.

Soon, the group arrived at the residence Levi was living in. They were stopped at the entrance.

“We are from Oakland City. I’m Martin Preston. Let me in now!”

Martin declared his identity right off the bat.

However, the security guards responsible for guarding the residence scoffed, “We don’t care where you’re from. We don’t know you! Everything will be done in accordance with the rules.”


Everyone was almost mad with fury.

They had always been treated as distinguished guests wherever they went because of their background in Oakland City.

Yet, they were now stopped by a few measly security guards.

“This is indeed such a small, insignificant city. You haven’t even heard of Martin’s name!” mocked the rest, an arrogant look crossing their faces.

As residents of Oakland City, they always felt a sense of superiority compared to people from other cities.

They were in the capital city, the most legitimate city in the nation. The other cities were merely peripheral to it.

When Martin noticed their reaction, he smirked coldly and said, “So, Levi grew up in such an environment. No wonder he doesn’t even fear the Garrison clan. I finally understand now. These people are just ignorant pricks who’ve spent their lives cooped up in a hole.”

Tiffany agreed, “Isn’t there a saying that the oblivious know no fear, while the ignorant suffer from baseless confidence? They are blind to everything else. He’s been constrained to this tiny city, shielded from the real world.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1083

“What are you doing here? Who are you looking for?” asked the security guard.
“My name is Tiffany Meyers from Oakland City. I’m here to look for Levi Garrison. Tell him my name and he’ll naturally show up to see me,” said Tiffany.
The security guard returned soon.

“Mr. Garrison said that he’s still eating dinner, so he’s busy. He told you to wait a while longer.”

“What? Levi is going too far!”

Martin was on the verge of flying into a rage.

He had always been a ruthless and decisive person— someone who hated such situations the most.

“How dare he make us wait? Does he really think that he’s a big shot? This is outrageous!”

He was the mighty heir of Oakland City’s imperial family

Not only that but he was also ranked second in the Heir Leaderboard.

How was it possible for him to wait for someone else?

This was a huge humiliation to him.

Furious, Tiffany’s expression also turned cold.

“Forget it. Let’s wait for a while longer! Our priority is to tear up the engagement contract. Everything else doesn’t matter.”

Tiffany thought that they should wait.

It was true that Levi was eating earlier.

However, he had already finished his meal and was chatting with Azure Dragon and the rest.

“Sir, I heard that Tiffany Meyers and Martin Preston came. He’s even ranked second amongst the heirs of Oakland City.”

Phoenix possessed very comprehensive intel.

From the moment Tiffany and the rest acted, she had everything under her control.

At the mention of this, Azure Dragon’s expression changed. A strange look flashed across his eyes, which was noticed by Levi.

“Azure Dragon, I remember that you’re from Oakland City, right?” asked Levi.

Azure Dragon nodded.

Levi remembered that Azure Dragon had been selected from prison just like himself.

Naturally, not everyone had the chance to be chosen.

Firstly, only those who had been wrongfully accused like Levi stood a chance.

The authorities had actually investigated the cases clearly. However, as it involved classified secrets, they could not publicly announce the fact that the prisoners had been wrongfully accused.

Hence, Levi knew that Azure Dragon went to prison because he had been framed.

After being selected, it was only after a rigorous, life-threatening experience that they could rise up to their current position.

“Azure Dragon, why were you sent to prison back then?” asked Levi.

After a moment of hesitation, Azure Dragon spat, “I went to prison on behalf of someone else!”

Indeed, he had been framed too.

This was the reason why he had been selected to join the military.

Levi asked curiously, “Do you mind sharing with us the specifics?”

“Sure. Coincidentally, Martin made me remember some past events!”

Everyone gazed at Azure Dragon and listened to his story.

“Actually, I was born into a decent family. I came from the Stuart family, one of the top ten imperial families outside of the ancient families.”

The rest gasped upon hearing his words, not expecting him to have such a strong background.

“I was the eldest amongst the Stuart family’s younger generation and quite capable across all domains. According to the rules, I should be the heir. However, my younger brother, Curtis, surpassed me in every way. My Grandpa made him the heir, thinking that he was the hope of the Stuart family. I endured this. After all, I was not as capable as him. However, Curtis committed a heinous crime— one that even a member of the imperial family could not be pardoned for. He was supposed to go to jail for twenty years. Yet, the Stuart family made me the scapegoat and go to prison on his behalf. As everyone in the family agreed, my parents had no choice but to relent.”

After a short pause, he spat resentfully, “What’s more despicable is that after sending me to prison, Curtis married my fiancée. He said that he would take care of her forever, right in front of my face. That b**** even hugged him!”

By then, Azure Dragon was already fuming.

Everyone’s breathing quickened after they finished hearing his story.

Indeed, these wealthy families lived in a completely different world.

Anything— even the most outrageous things— could happen.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1084

He’s so pitiful!
His backstory is so tragic.
Azure Dragon actually suffered as much as Levi did.

At least Levi had Zoey, who silently waited for him for six years; Azure Dragon had nothing.

All he had was a merciless family and a fiancée who betrayed him.

No wonder he never mentioned his family for so many years.

Everyone even assumed that he was an orphan.

“Curtis? Could it be Curtis Stuart, ranked number one in the Heir Leaderboard?” asked Phoenix.

She was extremely knowledgeable about the Heir Leaderboard.

“Yes, that’s right! Curtis is extremely capable in all domains. He earned that rank with his own capabilities. This is why the Stuart family was willing to go to such lengths to protect him. Before meeting you, I thought that Curtis was the most powerful young man in the world. He was so terrifying that even I feared him. Back then, regardless of how hard I tried, I could never catch up to him,” lamented Azure Dragon helplessly as he sighed.

“Most importantly, my fiancée actually said that only the strongest man was worthy enough of her, and I’m not deserving enough! She said that I can stop dreaming about catching up to Curtis. Yet, I was at a loss on how to rebuke her. Back then, Curtis was simply too terrifying. He alone could suppress all the youngsters in Oakland City! He can really let you know how real despair feels like.”

By this time, Azure Dragon was already mad with fury.

“I can only helplessly watch as that b**** threw herself into his arms!”

Staring at him, Levi Garrison asked, “Do you still feel that way now? Do you still fear him?”

Azure Dragon suddenly laughed.

After all these years, his capabilities and mental strength had reached an unprecedented level.

Curtis, who used to be his greatest nightmare, was no longer someone to be feared.

Actually, he looked forward to battling Curtis.

He wanted to prove to the Stuart family and that b**** that he was stronger than Curtis; that their previous decision was a horrible mistake!

“Then, do you want to go to the Stuart family? Do you want to prove that you’re stronger than Curtis? Do you want to prove to that b**** that her choice was wrong? Do you want to make the entire Stuart family regret?” Levi shot these questions at him consecutively.

After a slight hesitation, Azure Dragon nodded.

This had always been his goal and dream.

Of course he wanted to!

However, bound by his current duties, he could not do so.

“Okay, I support you! You also know that I will go to Oakland City soon, right? The first thing will be for you to take your revenge on the Stuart family. We’ll turn the entire city upside down!”

Levi patted Azure Dragon’s shoulder heavily.

“Boss, with you supporting me, I have nothing to fear! I will definitely prove myself in this battle, and fight on your behalf as well!”

A determined look raged within Azure Dragon’s eyes.

He was already getting restless.

Time passed quickly while Levi and his friends were chatting.

Tiffany at the rest, who were waiting at the entrance of the residence, were already extremely impatient.

Half an hour passed, yet no one turned up.

Even after one hour passed, Levi was still nowhere to be seen.

Now, three hours had passed.

If it were not for Tiffany, who forcefully held Martin back, he would have charged into the residence and wreaked havoc.

“How can he eat for three to four hours? Who’ll believe him? It’s obvious that he’s doing it on purpose!”

Everyone was almost fuming.

“After Tiffany tears up the engagement contract, I’ll settle this score with Levi. I’ll not let him off the hook until he groveled to me!” bellowed Martin furiously.

After another half an hour, Levi finally showed up.

“I’m sorry to keep all of you waiting!” apologized Levi with a grin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1085
“I’m really sorry, I forgot that you guys are still waiting for me!”
Levi walked toward them with an apologetic look.
However, when the rest heard his words, they felt like they were on the verge of flying into a rage.

He actually forgot?

It’s been almost four hours!

We’ve been waiting for too long.

More importantly, it’s so unbecoming of our status—we’ve got the heirs and heiresses of two imperial families and five royal families of Oakland City here.

Scrutinizing Levi, Martin’s eyes blazed with rage.

“You’ve made us wait for almost four hours. Give me a reasonable explanation!” bellowed Martin.

He was never a patient person. Waiting for four hours was like torture to him.

Now, he even had an urge to kill Levi there and then.

Tiffany tugged Martin back, signaling him to not do anything rash.

“Fine, let’s not dwell on this first. Tear up the marriage contract now! I’m ordering you to do it right away!”

Martin sized Levi up with an arrogant and contemptuous look.

Levi’s expression turned cold. “Who the f*** are you?”

“I’m Martin Preston!”

“I’ve never heard of you. Get lost and let Tiffany talk to me herself!”

Levi did not show any respect for Martin at all.

Everyone else was stunned, turning their gaze to Levi in utter disbelief.

This was the second time today that Martin had been neglected so blatantly.

Not only was he ranked second in the Heir Leaderboard, but he was also the heir of an imperial family—a man who could get whatever he wanted.

Now that he was ignored once again in such a small city like North Hampton, Martin could not bear it anymore.

He was fuming now.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Martin’s aggressively murderous aura enveloped Levi.

The tension in the atmosphere was so thick one could cut it with a knife.

“I’m Tiffany!”

Tiffany stepped out in time.

She and Levi sized each other up, yet she felt extremely uneasy by his gaze.

It felt like he could see right through her.

He already has a wife, so why is he looking at me like that?

“What are you trying to do? Why are you staring at me so intensely? Please show some respect!”

Tiffany glared at Levi in disgust, her gaze plainly revealing her disdain for him.

Someone like you wants to marry me? Can’t he look into the mirror and see that he’s not in my league at all?

Oh no! What if Levi is unwilling to destroy the engagement contract and wants to marry me instead?

After seeing how I look, he might not want to give up on me anymore.

After all, his biological father abandoned Emma and him for Olivia.

Levi might do the same thing and abandon his wife and child for me!

On the other hand, Levi just wanted to see how the most beautiful woman of Oakland City looked like.

He did not know that he was currently being misunderstood.

“The most beautiful woman of Oakland City? Well, I now see that you’re just mediocre. Slightly inferior to my wife,” concluded Levi after a thorough scrutinization.

He did not want to say it out loud initially, but this woman’s attitude provoked him.


Fury crossed Tiffany’s face.

Levi is indeed so irritating!

When Martin heard Levi insulting the woman he loved, he instantly became infuriated.

“Apologize! Apologize to Tiffany right now!” yelled Martin as he pointed at Levi.

Frowning, Levi asked, “Apologize? Why should I apologize?”

“You said that Tiffany pales in comparison to your wife! This is the greatest insult you can give her. You must apologize to her right now!”

Martin was extremely adamant.

“Yeah! How can there be someone who’s better than Tiffany? It’s impossible.”

“You must apologize to Tiffany right now!”

The others insisted that Levi apologize.

Tiffany had the exact same thoughts too.

Since young, she had been doted on by the Meyers family and treated with utmost care.

No woman could even compare to her.

However, Levi claimed that his wife was better than her.

Tiffany refused to admit it.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1086

This was a humiliation to her!
Ever since she became an adult, her position as the most beautiful woman of Oakland City had always been undisputed.
No one could even compare to her!

In fact, it was a woman’s greatest honor to be compared to Tiffany.

However, even though she was okay with being compared with others, she refused to be deemed the inferior one.

“Levi, you must apologize to me for this!” commanded Tiffany coldly as she glared at him.

“This is ridiculous! I’ve never heard of someone needing to apologize for this!”

Levi burst out laughing.

This is utterly absurd.

It’s the first time I’m demanded to apologize for making a comparison.

“Levi, you don’t even know Tiffany’s status in Oakland City. She’s been known as the most beautiful woman in Oakland City for ten years! Who dares to compare others to her? Yet, you dared to claim that she’s inferior to your wife. By doing so, you’re insulting Tiffany!” explained Leia furiously.

She was not wrong— everyone in Oakland City shared the same sentiment.

However, Levi thought that they were just a bunch of crazy people.

“Apologize? It’s impossible. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.”

Levi spun around and left.

“Stand right there. Did I let you leave?” bellowed Martin as he dashed in front of Levi, blocking his path.

“Apologize right now! I command you to do so!”

Unable to endure it anymore, Martin was already on the verge of flying into a rage.

Levi smiled. “What if I refuse to apologize?”

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless, then!”

Martin clenched his fists tightly, with the sound of his knuckles cracking ringing through the air.

Having ranked second on the Heir Leaderboard, it meant that not only was he extremely capable in other domains, but he was also skilled in fighting.

Martin had learned how to fight since young. Through rigorous training, he perfected his martial arts skills, earning him the reputation of being invincible—not even knives, guns, or bullets could harm him.

Seeing that a huge fight was about to unfold, Tiffany quickly diffused the tense atmosphere. “Fine, I’ll endure this. You don’t need to apologize, but you must tear up the engagement contract and return me my freedom.”

Thinking about their main objective of coming here, Martin suppressed his anger.

As long as the engagement contract was destroyed, it was never too late for him to take his revenge.

“Yeah, tear it into shreds right now!” urged the others.

“You guys also know that you’re here to call off the engagement? Why did you waste so much time spouting nonsense, then?” rebuked Levi.


They became visibly awkward.

Tiffany was the quickest to react. “Tear up the engagement contract now. We will have nothing to do with each other afterward.”

“Tear up the engagement contract? I’m afraid that it won’t be that simple anymore!” declared Levi coldly.

If they spoke in a nice manner earlier, he would have agreed to call the engagement off.

It was not a big deal anyway.

However, he could not endure their arrogant attitude.


Stunned, they stared at Levi in disbelief.

He’s such a shameless bastard!

He’s actually refusing to tear up the engagement contract!

“What… What did you say? Could it be that you’re unwilling to tear it up?”

Tiffany was even more certain that Levi intended to marry her and abandon his wife.

It was obvious not only from his intense stare earlier, but also his current actions.

However, someone like him would never win her favor!

Tiffany’s standards for a man was extremely high.

Not even the top three heirs of Oakland City’s Heir Leaderboard could arouse her interest.

She believed that only the heirs of those ancient families were worthy enough for her— for instance, Damien.

It would be an utter joke for Levi to be her husband!

“Hahaha! Levi, we have already expected you to do this. Tell us, under what conditions will you tear up the marriage contract? Obviously, we won’t let you marry Tiffany!” said Martin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1087

Everyone knew very well that there were only two reasons why Levi refused to tear up the engagement contract— either to marry Tiffany or to extort a large sum of money from her.
“Well, of course, I have some conditions!” said Levi with a grin.
Everyone flinched in disdain.

As expected.

“All of you must apologize to me and my mother before I tear up the engagement contract! You, in particular, must kneel in apology!”

Levi pointed at Martin.

When he said that, Tiffany and the others were momentarily stunned.

Instead of asking us for money, he’s actually demanding us to apologize to him!

How is it possible?

As the heirs and heiresses of royal and imperial families, how can we deign to apologize to an illegitimate bastard?

We aren’t even at fault here! But even if we are, we will never apologize.

“You want me to kneel and apologize? Dream on! Can you afford to bear the consequences if I apologized to you on my knees?” scoffed Martin.

Tiffany pursed her lips and said arrogantly, “Levi, you can raise any other conditions, be it money or anything else. We will fulfill whatever terms you raise. However, we’ll never apologize! We didn’t do anything wrong, so why should we apologize? Furthermore, if we apologized to you— of all people— we’ll bear the brunt of everyone’s mockery.”

Tiffany was adamant that she would not apologize.

“You didn’t do anything wrong? Very well. Since you haven’t realized your mistake, it looks like I won’t be hearing your apology anymore. In that case, don’t even think about making me tear up the engagement contract! Look for me again when you find out what you did wrong.”

With that, Levi spun around and returned to the residence.

Martin was about to block him when a group of people suddenly emerged one by one and surrounded him.

“How dare you create trouble here in North Hampton? Have you sought our permission yet?”

There were more than a hundred people around him right now.

Martin was about to become angry when Tiffany pulled him back.

“Let’s resolve this peacefully! We’ll go back and discuss first.”

Tiffany did not want to blow the issue out of proportion, afraid that the Garrison clan in Oakland City would blame her.

“Do we just endure the humiliation just like this? I don’t want to!”

It was tormenting to suppress the anger building up within him.

They went back and had a discussion together.

“Apologize? But what did we do wrong?”

Everyone was puzzled.

They were too used to having their way and treating everyone with such arrogance that they found nothing wrong with what they had done.

After all, everyone they met in the past acted subserviently around them. It did not matter even if they were slightly more overbearing.

They mulled over it for ages, but no one could figure out what they had done wrong.

At this moment, Tiffany suddenly suggested, “Does Levi think that we’re too aggressive towards him? Have you guys scolded his mother before?”

Everyone only realized after being reminded by Tiffany.

“That’s right! We scolded his mother previously. However, we merely stated facts. It’s true that his mother ruined your life, Tiffany.”

“Yeah! If it were not for his mother, Tiffany would’ve already been married.”

Even though they knew why Levi was infuriated, they still did not think that they were wrong.

“He’s making us apologize for such an insignificant manner? Is that rascal deliberately putting us into a difficult spot? He even wants me to kneel and apologize! It’s impossible!”

A haughty look crossed Martin’s face.

“Then, what should we do?” asked Leia.

They felt disgusted at the thought of apologizing.

Despite their noble statuses, they had to apologize to an illegitimate bastard. If news about this got around, their reputation in Oakland City would be thoroughly ruined.

“Listen to me! I’ll kidnap that bastard here and force him to tear up the engagement contract. Don’t worry, Tiffany. This is just a piece of cake to me. We don’t need to resolve the issue the hard way,” said Martin with a sinister smirk.

Left with no choice, Tiffany could only agree.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1088

Martin arrived at the residence at midnight, flanked by numerous skilled fighters.
Tiffany and the rest waited outside.
“Don’t worry, Tiffany. This is simply a piece of cake! I don’t fear anyone in a small city like North Hampton.”

With that, Martin was about to lead his subordinates to kidnap Levi when his phone suddenly rang.

When he accepted the call, he realized that it was Damien on the other end of the line.

“Hello, Mr. Garrison!”

Immediately dropping his haughty attitude, Martin became extremely polite and servile.

No matter how powerful his family was, they were nothing compared to the mighty Garrison clan.

“I heard that you’re going to confront Levi?” Damien’s voice was icy-cold.

“I… I am…”

After a moment of hesitation, Martin eventually decided to admit it.

“I know that you are helping Tiffany tear up her engagement contract because you like her. However, you must deal with it in a peaceful manner, understand? Even though Levi is an illegitimate bastard, he’s still related to the Garrison clan. If you do anything out of the line, it’ll be deemed as disrespecting the Garrison clan. Understood?” warned Damien.

By then, Martin had already broken out into cold sweat.

Luckily, I was a step slower.

Otherwise, something tragic would’ve happened.

I didn’t even consider this point earlier…

What should we do to Levi, then?

Because of the infamous bet he made, everyone knows about his relationship with Tyrone.

If I do anything excessive, it’ll be seen as looking down on the Garrison clan.

Even a simple action like this can lead to the demise of the Preston family!

“Understood, Mr. Garrison!”

Martin took a deep breath.

“What happened?”

When everyone gazed at Martin curiously, they noticed that his face was already pale.

“We cannot touch Levi! There’s no choice but to think of another solution.”

Martin relayed Damien’s threat to the rest.

“What should we do now? Is apologizing the only solution left?”

Everyone felt helpless.

The next day, Levi took care of Zoey as usual, almost forgetting about what happened last night.

After all, those irrelevant people were not important enough to concern him.

At that moment, Tiffany and the rest visited him again.

“What’s up? Have you realized your mistake?” asked Levi.

This time, Tiffany’s attitude was much more friendly. She nodded and said, “Yes, we’ve realized our mistake. Mr. Garrison, I hereby apologize to you and your mother. Please forgive our rudeness earlier!”

In order to tear up the engagement contract and regain her freedom, Tiffany was ready to risk it all.

Just bear with it.

I’ll simply treat this as a slight inconvenience.

The others also apologized, albeit very reluctantly.

It was simply too humiliating for them to apologize to Levi.

However, in order to help Tiffany tear up her engagement contract, they risked it all.

Even Martin mumbled, “I’m sorry for being so rude earlier.”

“What did you say? You were too soft!” said Levi.

“I’m sorry!”

Martin was stunned for a while before quickly raising his voice.

Levi smiled. “Looks like you’ve really realized your mistake.”

Delighted, Tiffany immediately asked, “So, are you willing to tear up the engagement contract now?”

“Of course. However, your apologies are still inadequate!” replied Levi coldly.

“What? Are you going to go against your words? We apologized to you already!”

Tiffany started to panic.

Levi’s gaze landed on Martin. “Didn’t I say that he must kneel and apologize?”


Martin was furious.

Apologizing to a bastard like him was already the most humiliating thing he had done.

It was impossible for him to kneel and apologize to Levi!

“If he kneels and apologizes, I’ll tear up the contract immediately!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1089

After hearing Levi’s assertive response, Tiffany and the rest simultaneously glanced at Martin.
“No way… How can I possibly kneel to him? Tiffany, I can’t do it!”
He then looked at Levi. “You rascal, raise another condition and I promise that I’ll agree to it!”

“No. I want you to kneel and apologize to me!”

Levi was very adamant.

Martin wished for nothing more than to kill Levi there and then.

However, recalling Damien’s warning, he suppressed that urge.

“Martin, please help me this time! I really don’t want to be bound by this engagement anymore,” pleaded Tiffany earnestly.

After hesitating for five minutes, he took a deep breath and finally agreed.

“Fine, I’ll help you!”

Dropping to his knees in front of Levi, he yelled, “Mr. Garrison, I was wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive us!”

This act of kneeling was equivalent to having his pride trampled all over.

It was as humiliating as having Levi stomp on his face.

However, he endured it for the sake of the woman he so dearly loved.

“Now that’s more like it!”

As he spoke, Levi took out the engagement contract and tore it into shreds right in front of Tiffany.

“Listen up, Tiffany. From now on, our engagement is called off. I have nothing to do with you, so I hope that you won’t harass me anymore,” said Levi coldly.


Tiffany was stunned.

Shouldn’t I be the one saying this?

Why is Levi saying it instead?

“Don’t worry. I won’t harass you because you aren’t even worthy enough!” replied Tiffany proudly.

“Yeah! I think that this is the most unequal arranged engagement in the whole of history!”

“You’re nothing compared to Tiffany. Stop trying to aim above your station!”

Leia and the rest chimed in angrily.

Tiffany scoffed, “Levi, you said that I pale in comparison to your wife. I want to see how exactly I am inferior to her! Not to exaggerate, but I’ve never seen a woman more exceptional than me.”

Earlier, she did not dare to say anything because of the engagement contract. Now that it had been torn up, she had nothing else to fear.

“Yeah, that’s right. Anyway, I’m married now. Even if I wasn’t, I’ll still choose Zoey over you. The reason is simple— she’s better than you!” declared Levi.

When he said that, everyone fell silent for a few seconds.

A look of utter disbelief crossed Tiffany’s face.

Does Levi really think that I, the most beautiful woman in Oakland City, is inferior to his wife?

“Is this the reason why you’re willing to tear up the engagement contract?” asked Tiffany coldly.

“That’s right!”

“You’ll regret this when you go to Oakland City! You’ve made an extremely erroneous mistake. You’ll regret choosing her over me!” shrieked Tiffany.

For this trip to North Hampton, she did not put on any make-up at all. Her hair was disheveled and her clothes were very simple.

She dressed up in a low-key manner, deliberately trying to prevent Levi from taking a fancy to her.

To her surprise, things turned out like this…

Now that Levi had torn up the engagement contract, she actually found herself quite upset.

She even had the impulse to make Levi choose her instead.

After all, she must not lose to Zoey.

“On the day you come to Oakland City, I’ll appear in front of you in my greatest splendor. Then, you’ll finally understand how it feels like to have your breath taken away by my beauty. You’ll be embarrassed for your words today.”

Tiffany decided that she would dress up prettily when she next appeared in front of Levi. She was determined to make him regret it.

“There’s no need for that, Tiffany. I’ll make him regret it now!”

Unable to suppress his anger anymore, he shot a hostile glare at Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1090

He couldn’t take it anymore.
It was fine if he was insulted. He could even kneel before Levi.
However, he refused to allow anyone to laugh at Tiffany.

Hence, he strode over to Levi aggressively.

At the thought of what Levi did earlier, he had to hold himself back from strangling him.


When Tiffany and the others realized what he was doing, it was too late to stop him.


A clear slap rang out.

Everyone was stunned.

Even Martin was dumbfounded.

No one knew Levi would dare to hit Martin Preston.

“H-How dare you slap me?” Martin glared at Preston.




Levi’s forceful slaps landed on Martin’s cheeks continuously.

Flabbergasted, the crowd thought, He seriously slapped Martin?

Soon, Martin’s face swelled up badly as blood trickled down from the corner of his lips.

He stood in front of Levi, hyperventilating and about to explode in rage.

“I’ll kill you!”

Martin roared furiously, intent on killing Levi.


Tiffany and the others rushed up to stop him.

If he kills Levi, the Garrison clan will seek revenge! None of us could bear the consequences.

After they tried to persuade Martin, he calmed down considerably.

Recalling Damien’s warning, he held his anger in check.

“Just wait and see. You’ll die in my hands one day!” he announced before storming off.

Tiffany was gazing at Levi, her emotions a complex mixture.

Logically speaking, after their engagement contract was destroyed, she was no longer tied to Levi anymore.

However, she wasn’t willing to give up just yet.

She vowed to show Levi the best side of herself so he’d regret his decision.

After they left, Azure Dragon appeared.

“Boss, you should’ve let me help.”

“I want to defeat everyone whose name is listed in Oakland City’s Heir Leaderboard so the Stuart family will be full of regrets!” Azure Dragon was obviously upset.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to do so,” said Levi with a smile.

Tiffany and her entourage returned to Oakland City.

The news about the end of their engagement spread all over Oakland City soon.

It even reached Tyrone’s ears.

“The engagement got called off? What a loser. Why did I have such a son?” Tyrone was fuming mad.

He thought the engagement was broken off because Levi was useless.

“Yes, that’s right. How humiliating. Even if he’s a bastard, he represents us Garrisons!”

“We’ll become a joke after this broken engagement of his!”

Everyone was displeased.

Olivia responded, “Yes. Even if we remain silent, everyone thinks he’s related to us.”

“For example, Tyrone’s cheeks were swollen after the bastard slapped him but he dared not retaliate.”

After hearing that, Tyrone declared, “No, this won’t do. We can’t let this bastard use our name out there. Otherwise, other people dared not go against him. He could do whatever he likes!”

Damien refuted at once. “But Father, he’s still a Garrison. He represents us!”

Earlier, Damien had called Martin to warn him because, in his opinion, no one could hurt Levi.

“Says who? That will only be true if he succeeds in the challenge a year later. Right now, he has nothing to do with us!”

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