The Return of God of War Chapter 1061-1070

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1061

“Levi Garrison is still too weak. Wouldn’t it be more fun if he posed a little more of a challenge?”
Damien sighed resignedly and replied, “I have so many ways of taking him down right now! Take Zoey Lopez and that child inside her, for example. If I wanted to, I could make sure that the child won’t be born alive!”
“Exactly! Mr. Damien, we await your orders. One word from you and we’ll head off to torment him immediately!”

However, Damien shook his head. “No, no, no… Where’s the fun in that? I want to torment him to death slowly. By the time I’m through with him, he’ll realize how foolish he has been to hold on so tightly to his pride!”

“As for his wedding night, I’ll make sure nothing goes well for him, either! Tell my men to go…”

Levi was having drinks with his friends.

It was rare that his friends of “special status” could meet up.

The fact that his beloved mentor, Angus Belford, was also present made Levi feel overwhelmed with pleasure.

Angus said, “Levi, I understand your situation now. To tell you the truth, the Garrison clan of Oakland City aren’t ordinary folks. They have been around for thousand-odd years and numerous generations. Their fighting prowess is top-notch.”

“Shall I tell you some statistics? You know about Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard, don’t you?”

Levi nodded.

Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard was a ranking of Erudia’s best warriors. Everyone on it was the creme de la creme among experts.

However, warriors like Levi and those in the Iron Brigade were ranked in a separate and confidential list and not on the Saber Leaderboard.

All they knew was that those on the Saber Leaderboard were very strong; they only had a vague understanding of how powerful those warriors truly were.

“On Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard, the disciples of the Garrison clan take up a grand total of twenty-one spots, while the warriors related to the Garrison clan take up forty-six spots in total! This means that about half of the warriors on the Saber Leaderboard have connections to the Garrisons!”

After hearing these statistics, Levi and the others were stunned.

The warriors on the Saber Leaderboard were vicious military warriors.

All of them were devils on the battlefield and had gained quite a reputation even overseas.

Not only were they loaded with military accomplishments, but those warriors were also full of power and talent.

Were there really so many of them with connections with the Garrison clan?

Evidently, the clan was powerful beyond belief.

However, Levi had already had a taste of their power for himself before.

One of the servants of the Garrison clan had the power to make an entire city yield to him.

It was unimaginable what the real power of the Garrison clan could be if they turned it out in full force.

“Not only that. The Garrison family has other warriors with different areas of expertise, too. They are excellent fighters. There’s a reason for the Garrison family’s fearsome reputation in Erudia. They are more frightening than even I could imagine.”

“Besides, Damien’s mother, Olivia Garcia, is a beloved member of the ancient Garcia family, which is second only to the Garrison family. The Garrisons and Garcias are in this together. If we strike against the Garrisons, we’ll have two ancient families after our blood.”

Angus turned to look at Levi. “I hope that you, as the God of War, will exercise some caution while taking down the Garrison clan of Oakland City. You must absolutely tread with caution!”

Levi nodded. “Don’t worry, Master. I’ll do my best to do this properly, and I’ll make sure that the Garrison family pays for everything they have done to me.”

Hearing this, everyone knew that Levi had made up his mind to go against the Garrison family.

He was not even afraid when faced with the Eighteen-Nation Alliance in the past, and he certainly would not back off just because the Garrison family was powerful.

Just as everyone was drowning in high spirits, someone barged into the room.

Everyone recognized the intruder at once. It was one of Damien’s subordinates who had appeared with him during the wedding.

Upon seeing him, White Tiger growled, “What are you doing here?”

Damien’s subordinate, Vincent Garrison, looked at him and smirked. “Levi Garrison, I’ve been sent to tell you something!”


Damien’s subordinate laughed. “The person you owe your life to is in danger at this very moment. Do you wish to save this person?”

Levi’s expression changed. “The person I owe my life to?”

“Yes, indeed. He’s on the brink of death right now, I might add.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1062

“Who is it?” Levi asked.
Shaking slightly, Emma asked, “Could it be Dexter?”
If there was someone in the Garrison family whom Levi owed his life to, it had to be Dexter, the Garrisons’ butler.

Back then, Dexter had treated Emma like his own daughter.

He had helped her numerous times, often secretly.

Hence, he had a huge role to play in the fact that she was still alive today.

After Emma gave birth to her child, the child was taken away by Tyrone Garrison.

She had feared for her child’s life and wondered if he could live on.

However, Dexter promised her that he would find a way to ensure that her child lived.

“Right on the first try! Yes, it’s Dexter.”

Vincent laughed coldly. “I’ll tell you guys the truth. Initially, the Garrison family had no plans of letting Levi Garrison live. They took him and abandoned him in the mountains, leaving him to die. However, Dexter, that old hag, secretly left him on the streets of North Hampton instead. If not for him, Levi would have died a long time ago!”

A hush fell over the room. Emma felt as though she had just been struck by lightning.

The Garrison family had been lying to her all along!

Tyrone had tricked her!

They never had any plans to let Levi off the hook.

Back then, Tyrone hadn’t had the heart to kill off his son by himself, so he simply abandoned him in the wild. But how was this any different from committing murder with his own two hands?

The Garrison family had never planned on letting Levi live from the beginning.

Emma had thought that Tyrone would at least feel some sort of affection for his son and let him live. However, things had not gone the way she imagined they would.

How could a clan as prestigious as the Garrisons go back on their word like this?

How could they simply break their promises whenever they wanted to?

What she failed to comprehend was that for a family like the Garrisons, personal benefits came above everything else.

When it came to personal benefits, nothing else mattered.

Besides, Tyrone had gone behind everyone else’s back to do this.

“Tyrone, I’ve finally seen you for the brute you are! So much for tigers not eating their own children! You’re the worst savage I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet!”

Zoey clenched her hands into fists as her body began to shake with rage.

This is saddening, awfully saddening!

She finally experienced what it was like for trust to evaporate in an instant.

Levi felt extremely stunned by the news of his father’s cruelty too.

Had he really tried to kill me when I was a child?

He finally understood everything.

This was why it had always been the Garrison family’s servants who were sent to deal with him in the past.

Apparently, everyone in the Garrison family already thought he was dead!

Tyrone Garrison, how cruel of you!

As a father yourself, how could you have done something so horrible to your own flesh and blood? What a father you are!

Vincent snorted derisively. “You have that stupid Dexter to thank for all this! If not for him, there would be less trouble for all of us. As for you, Levi Garrison, you can decide for yourself whether you want to save Dexter! I’ll give you three hours. If you don’t come by then, I’ll make sure to bleed out every last drop of blood from his body!”

Vincent gave one last cackle before he turned around and left.

Levi turned to Emma and asked if what Vincent said about Dexter was true.

“My son, it seems that it’s really true! Dexter was the one who saved you from dying!” Emma said confidently.

Levi said coldly, “Alright, then. Since he was the one who saved my life and he’s now in trouble because of me, I must save him! I’ll get going now.”

“My son…”

Emma wracked her brains to think of how best to deter her son from going to Dexter’s rescue.

She understood what Damien’s plan was. He meant to lure Levi straight into his trap, where he would have the perfect opportunity to kill him off.

This way, the Garrison family would escape the consequences of his murder.

If Levi were to walk straight into Damien’s trap, he would be putting himself in great danger.

Besides, he had just gotten married today! There was no need for him to put himself into this sort of situation immediately.

As his mother, Emma was very reluctant to let him do it.

On the other hand, however, she wished for Levi to be a man who knew the value of courage and gratitude. Since Dexter was the person who had saved his life, Levi should go ahead and rescue him.

“Don’t worry, Mom! Damien and I are bound to meet each other before long anyway.”

With that, Levi turned and left to search for Damien.

Dexter was somebody he had to save.

Nobody, not even his mother, could hold him back from doing so.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1063

As Levi left, Emma gazed after him, her mouth agape as she stood rooted to her spot.
I can’t let this happen!

I can’t send Levi straight to his death.

Emma quickly left, too, but no one knew where she was headed.

The villa in North Hampton had originally been the residence of the Gonzales family, but they had moved away a long time ago.

Now, it was Damien’s year-round residence.

He was currently enjoying his wine in the enormous meeting room of the house.

He had a reputation for having a Machiavellian and deceitful personality. However, quite different from his character, he had quite a liking for hard liquor.

He enjoyed the feeling of the liquor burning its way down his throat like a ball of fire.

“Ah! That’s some good stuff.”

He gulped down another mouthful of liquor.

Drip, drip…

In front of him, blood dripped down onto the floor from the ceiling, adding to a pool of redness.

Dexter was hung upside-down from the ceiling and bleeding from head to toe.

Damien had just sliced another wound across his abdomen; blood could be seen gushing out of it.

If he didn’t receive medical attention soon, Dexter would most probably perish from blood loss.

Damien barked with laughter. “Hey, Mr. Butler, I really hope you’ll be able to hold up until Levi Garrison gets here!”

Adding injury to insult, he poured some of the liquor onto Dexter’s wounds.


Immediately, Dexter screamed in pain like a pig bound for slaughter.

He managed to squeeze out a single word from between his gritted teeth. “You…”

Damien was twisted beyond words.

Vincent turned to Damien and asked, “Mr. Damien, are you sure Levi is going to turn up?”

Damien nodded. “Yes, of course he will. I’m a good judge of people’s characters. Levi Garrison cares too much for loyalty and gratitude. These things are of no use to someone like my father. In fact, they’re a sign of weakness, and people will exploit your weakness to bring you down. Sometimes, it might even cost you your life!”

Tyrone had always taught his son one thing—to never be a man of emotion. One had to learn to abandon all else and be emotionless during crucial moments or risk losing everything. Only then could one be trusted with important missions.

This was also why Tyrone had been able to abandon Emma and their son without so much as a flinch.

Logic and indifference were the principles he abided by.

He could throw away everything in an instant if it meant achieving what he wanted.

Of course, Emma and Levi, who held almost no value in his heart, were easy targets.

And why not? They were like the stones that threatened to trip him on his way, so he had better get rid of them as soon as he could.

“That’s very true. If Levi Garrison didn’t value loyalty and gratitude so much, he wouldn’t come here at all. He would be able to save himself from certain death.” Vincent laughed.

Damien nodded. “That’s right, that’s right. That’s what I mean! If he doesn’t come, nothing will happen to him.”

From above, Dexter screamed, “Damien, you’re insane for instigating Master Levi to strike you first so you would have an excuse to murder him later on!”

Dexter’s smile widened. “That b*stard will never enter the Garrison family—I’ll see to that. But there are too many eyes on him right now so I can’t do whatever I want to him. Since I can’t kill him as and when I like, the only other option I have is to instigate him to start a fight!”

“You…cough, cough…”

Dexter was so agitated that blood started seeping out of his wounds again.

Every wound on his body pricked at his consciousness, making him groan in pain.

“Hold on a little longer! Levi will be here soon. When he arrives, I’ll send both of you to hell together so you won’t feel pain anymore.”

Damien picked up a steak knife and started slicing away at Dexter’s torso again.

Blood once again oozed out of Dexter’s heavily wounded body; he would die very soon.

Instead of dying from having lost too much blood, it was more probable that he would die from the excruciating pain.


“Dexter, I’m coming for you!”

At that moment, there was a loud bang as the gates of the villa swung open. Levi’s voice floated into the hall.

“Haha! Just as you’ve predicted, Mr. Damien! Levi Garrison has arrived to see himself off to hell!” Vincent laughed.

“Oh, dear,” Dexter sighed miserably.

This kid should not have come.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1064

At that moment, Levi kicked the gates open and strode into the villa.
He was greeted by the sight of up to a thousand of Damien’s men, who stared him down with murderous intent.
“Take him down!”

There was a buzz as the men started running towards him immediately. However, a slow drawl interrupted their progress.

“Slow down! Let him take his time,” Damien said from inside the meeting room.

Upon hearing Damien’s orders, the warriors moved aside and opened up a narrow path for Levi to walk across to the front door. They continued to watch him closely as he stepped into the house.

Levi noticed those men were top-class warriors.

The Garrison family really hires and trains the best of the best.

Very quickly, Levi found his way through the corridors and arrived at the meeting room.

When he spotted Dexter hanging upside down from ceiling, his eyes narrowed into a thin line.

Damien is too cruel.

Levi turned livid when he noted the pool of blood on the floor below Dexter.

Damien burst into laughter. “Levi, this is the man you owe your life to! If it hadn’t been for him, you would have died in the wilderness a few hours after you were born.”

By then, Dexter was already one foot in the grave. When he spotted Levi, he only had the breath to croak, “Master—Master Levi…”


Levi took a deep breath.

How could they treat the man he owed his life to in this inhumane way?

Coldly, Levi ordered, “Damien, remove him from the ceiling and set him down on the floor immediately!”

Damien burst into laughter again. “You want me to set him down? Sure! But that’ll depend on whether you have the ability to make me do it.”

Summoning the remaining energy in his body, Dexter whispered, “Master Levi, leave…leave quickly… It’s a trap…”

“Don’t worry. I must save you today! When I was a child, you saved my life once. Today, you risked your life for my sake again! I must save you.”

With that, Levi started walking towards Damien.

Suddenly, a large boom sounded across the entire room.

The meeting room, which had been empty of other people until now, was now a crowded place. Men stood shoulder to shoulder, filling the room from corner to corner. All of them were top-class warriors and there were at least a few hundred of them.

Everyone gazed at Levi, looking prepared to kill him if need be.


Instantly, the door of the meeting room was locked.

Even if Levi miraculously grew wings that very moment, it would be impossible for him to escape now.

Damien cackled with glee.

Now, Levi will die and his corpse won’t even be intact!

They are almost at their inevitable end. In a few minutes, both Levi and Dexter will be dead.

Damien had already thought everything through.

After he killed both of them, he would announce to the public that Levi had murdered the butler of the Garrison family, Dexter. As far as the public was concerned, Damien had killed Levi in retaliation.

This was a perfectly reasonable excuse.

Although everyone would know it was a set-up, nobody would be able to dispute his narrative.

Meanwhile, Emma had dashed back into her room and dialed a telephone number she had saved at the very back of her mind a long time ago.

“Come on, pick up! Come on! If you don’t pick up now, Levi is going to be in huge trouble,” Emma muttered anxiously to herself.

Finally, the person on the other end picked up the phone. “Who—who is this?”

“It’s me, Emma Jones!”

After Emma revealed her identity, the other party remained silent for a long while. She could sense that they were holding their breath.

Emma jumped straight into the topic and stated her reason for calling. “Mr. Tyrone Garrison, I won’t beat around the bush anymore. I just have one request!”

She was afraid that if they dragged this out, Levi would be dead.

“What is it?”

“I hope you’ll let my son go! Just this time, I promise! As long as you let go of my son this once, both my son and I will never have anything to do with the Garrison family again! You know I’m a person of my word! I’ll keep my promise!” Emma pleaded desperately.

“I don’t call the shots on this matter. Nobody asked him to be so reckless. He deserves this for trying to go up against the Garrison clan!” Tyrone replied icily.

“He’s young and doesn’t know the ways of the world yet. Please just let him go this time! Just this time! I’ve never asked you for anything before, but please let my son off this time! I can even die in his place!”

“Please, I beg of you…I’ll even kneel before you…”

Emma was crying so hard that her face was practically soaked with tears.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1065

However, Tyrone turned her down immediately. “Even if I let him off the hook, I can’t promise you that the other Garrison family members will do the same!”
“Tyrone Garrison! If you don’t promise me this, I’ll expose that secret of yours to the world!” Emma suddenly exclaimed.

Tyrone’s tone underwent a profound change when he heard that.

He roared angrily, “So much for your promise to love me for the rest of your life and to keep my secret forever! How dare you threaten to expose it to the world now, you wretched b*tch!”

Emma was forced into a corner. “I’m willing to do almost anything if it means saving my son’s life. If there’s anything that can get him out, I’ll do it!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll let him off, alright? I’ll make sure to keep him alive. But there’s still a problem—how will I know that you won’t use this secret to threaten me again?” Tyrone asked.

“I swear I’ll never use this secret against you again!”

However, Tyrone replied in a low and dangerous voice, “Preposterous. I’ve long understood that only the dead can keep secrets.”

A shiver ran through Emma’s body. She felt a little panicked by the implications of his words.

“Alright, here’s my proposal. Trade your life with your son’s. When Levi makes it out of there, I’ll send someone to fetch you back to Oakland City!”

There was no way Tyrone would allow his secret to be leaked to the public.

This had never been a source of concern for him before, because Emma loved him way too much and would take his secret to her grave rather than exposing him to the world.

However, now that her son’s life was at stake, it was a different story altogether.

Hence, Emma needed to die.

“Fine. I promise you!”

In order to save her son’s life, Emma didn’t care if she lived or died anymore.

Back at the villa in North Hampton, Levi smiled as he gazed at the hundreds of warriors surrounding him.

Blandly, he announced, “Today is my wedding day, so the last thing I want to see is bloodshed. However, some people are pushing me too far! I have no choice but to pull out all stops and kill all of you.”

Damien laughed shrilly. “Levi Garrison, that silly bravado of yours has always been a source of admiration for me! Look where you are now. Do you still dare to make those silly proclamations of yours?”

“And guess what, I arranged for all this to happen today, just for you!”

“Six years ago on this very day, you had your limbs broken by my men and were left for dead on the streets. Today, I’ll see to it that you’re beaten to death! Haha…life comes a full circle, doesn’t it?”

Damien threw his head back and guffawed.

Dexter was livid.

This devil is downright disgusting!

What a tyrant!

Damien’s subordinates laughed next to him. “Hey, kid, did you bring the coffin, gravestone, and funeral wreath we gave you earlier today? We prepared that especially for you!”

Levi’s expression remained placid. He said, “Damien, the biggest mistake you made in your life was to come to North Hampton!”

“Hmm! A mistake?” Damien asked in confusion.

“Because you’re going to die! Even though it’s my wedding day today, I’m going to bash your head in and make sure I decorate these walls with your intestines!”

Levi had already made up his mind to kill him.

Damien must die!

“Men, go…”

Just as Damien was going to order his men to kill Levi, he received a phone call from his father.

“What? Are you serious? But why? Oh, alright…I understand…Father…”

Damien hung up the phone and gazed at Levi with disbelief.

Vincent urged him, “Mr. Damien, your orders, please!”

To their surprise, Damien waved a hand dismissively and snapped, “Alright, that’s enough. We won’t be killing Levi Garrison today.”


Everyone was stunned.

Why did he suddenly change his mind about killing Levi?

In a very disgruntled voice, Damien grumbled, “Levi, count yourself lucky for escaping death today. I won’t be killing you for now. As for Dexter, you can have him, too. So there!”

He didn’t understand why his father had suddenly ordered him to spare Levi’s life.

Back then, his father had also given him the order to murder Levi without much explanation, either.

However, Levi didn’t move from his spot. He glared angrily at Damien and spat, “That won’t do! You might not want to kill me anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you off the hook!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1066

Levi thought the whole situation ridiculous.
Does Damien really think he’ll emerge from this without any consequences?
Has he ever considered what I might have up my sleeve?

Damien has no clue as to who will be killing who.

“Hmm?” Damien froze.

I have already agreed to spare Levi’s life, but this incorrigible jerk is trying to push it.

“Alright, everyone heard that, right? He said he wanted to kill me, didn’t he? If I kill him now, I doubt my father will blame me for it. Haha…”

Just now, Damien was feeling despondent when he realized there was no way he could kill Levi without angering his father.

However, Levi had decided to dig his own grave.

This is excellent!

Damien burst into laughter.

“Levi Garrison, you’re asking to be killed, aren’t you? Don’t blame me for being too awful to you!”

“Men, go! Empty out his guts!”

Immediately, there was a loud clang as the men drew their swords.

At that moment, someone yelled, “Mr. Damien, there’s a woman outside who seeks your audience! Her name is Emma Jones!”

Very quickly, Emma arrived at the meeting hall.

She cried, “Mr. Damien, your father has already agreed to let the both of us off. You can’t go back on his word!”

“Yes, I’ve already let him go,” Damien said agreeably.

“Mom, leave by yourself first! He might have let me go, but I sure haven’t let him go!” Levi was adamant about killing Damien before leaving the place.

Emma threw herself onto the floor and grabbed the leg of his pants. “My son, I beg of you to stop kicking up a fuss! We need to leave now! Stop trying to play the hero! It’s your wedding day today! Think about Zoey and your child she’s bearing!”

Levi seemed to hesitate. He turned to gaze malevolently at Damien and spat, “Alright, count yourself lucky today that you managed to keep yourself alive! Now get out of my sight immediately! If I change my mind, I’m afraid you won’t get to leave North Hampton alive.”

Damien burst into laughter. “Haha…To tell you the truth, I’ve never met anyone as self-deluded as you are. Don’t worry, Levi. I’ll leave today but there will come another day when I’ll have you in the palm of my hand.”

Still guffawing, Damien continued, “Didn’t you say you wanted to go up against the Garrison clan itself? I’ll wait for you at the gates of the Garrison residence, then. Be there or be square!”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll definitely be there.”

With that, Levi left the villa with his mother, carrying the barely alive Dexter on his back.


Damien was so enraged that he punched the wall next to him.

Almost instantaneously, the wall collapsed. With another loud rumble, the entire building collapsed in a huge puff of dust.

From this, everyone could see how much strength Damien possessed. He made an entire building crumble with his fist!

They could also see how furious Damien truly was. He couldn’t stand the idea that Levi had mocked him straight to his face, but he wasn’t allowed to murder him in retaliation.

“Mr. Damien, are we just going to leave it at that?” Vincent asked tremulously.

Even he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“If we don’t leave it at that, what else are we supposed to do? Now tell everyone to get lost!”

That very night, Damien left North Hampton.

He didn’t understand why his father had made such a strange decision.

When Damien asked his father previously, the latter gave him his permission to murder Levi.

After they finished making arrangements for Dexter, Emma received a phone call from Tyrone.

“I’ve let your people go. Isn’t it time for you to uphold your end of the bargain?” he asked coldly.

“Yes, I gave you my word. But I sure hope you won’t go back on yours!” Emma warned.

She was reminding him of the promise he broke years ago, when he said he would keep their son alive but then dumped Levi in the wilderness.

Tyrone replied frostily, “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t do that. Prepare yourself. I’ll be sending someone to pick you up soon enough.”

“Alright, then.”

The next morning, news spread all over town. Emma Jones was missing!

“This is bad!” Levi exclaimed, alarmed by the news.

Was this why Damien let me off so easily last night? There must be a reason.

It seemed the reason had something to do with his mother.

There was a possibility that his mother was in grave danger right now…

It was quite evident to Levi that Emma Jones had some past dealings with the Garrison family.

Otherwise, Damien would never have let him off so easily.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1067

Emma was now on her way to Oakland City.
She was brought before Tyrone Garrison.
It had been twenty years since the last time they met.

Now that they met each other again, Tyrone observed that the woman had changed drastically since he last saw her.

Tyrone still looked elegant and polished as ever. He still had that commanding vibe, albeit it had become more mature and made him seem even more impressive.

Tyrone had lived a perfect life from all perspectives.

Besides, he was currently poised to become the next patriarch of the Garrison family. When that happened, he would become the most respected man on earth.

On the other hand, age had significantly altered Emma’s beauty. The wrinkles that crept across her entire forehead made her seem older than she really was. She was so skinny that she looked like a walking skeleton.

She was once as beautiful as a flower. Now, she simply looked like an old hag.

The two of them were a glaring contrast to each other when they stood together.

Nobody would have thought they used to be a couple…

When she saw Tyrone again, a complicated mix of emotions welled up within Emma.

However, when Tyrone gazed down at her, his eyes were only full of mockery and contempt.

He mocked himself for falling for this woman in his younger years; he had been too naïve in the past.

At the same time, Tyrone was also laughing at Emma. How could she have ever thought of marrying me, much less marrying into the prestigious Garrison clan?

Oh, how stupid I was! How could I have been in love with this woman all those years ago? I nearly missed out on my future with Olivia!

Yes, I was too young and foolish. Oh, just look at Emma now!

She’s no match for me at all.

Not even a little bit!

Compared to his present wife, Olivia, Emma was practically nothing. The difference between the two women was simply too great.

With a little exaggeration, Tyrone would even say that looking at the present Emma made him feel like throwing up.

If he were a bird soaring high up in the sky, she would be a filthy bug crawling on the ground!

Did this loser of a woman think she’s suitable to be my wife?

Dream on!

She will never become my wife!

Tyrone would only regard her with contempt.

However, he had forgotten that he had a role to play in Emma’s current predicament.

Emma used to be a rose, too.

For Tyrone’s sake, she had gambled with her life and ruined her future in the process.

Without him in the picture, Emma would still be as beautiful as she had been back then.

“Wow, I didn’t think we would ever meet again! You’re quite a lucky person, do you know that?”

Tyrone felt that any opportunity for Emma to meet him was a boon for her.

He wasn’t entirely wrong. Someone as lowly as Emma didn’t have the right to meet him.

“Yes, we meet again,” Emma whispered.

Tyrone continued, “However, I must remind you not to harbor any hopes on me. There’s no way things will ever work out between the two of us, for as long as we live. I’ll tell you the truth. The difference in our status is simply too big, and the gap is only getting wider! You and I aren’t compatible at all.”

Tyrone rambled on, “Think about it yourself. Do you think you can hold a candle to Olivia? I don’t think so! I must have been blind in the past.”

Tyrone was afraid that Emma still desired some sort of romantic relationship with him so he had to dispel those thoughts immediately.

Hearing this, Emma bowed her head.

The last ember of hope in her heart was extinguished.

The difference between her status and that of Tyrone was simply enormous.

“Not only that, but your son is nothing compared to Olivia’s son,” Tyrone mocked. “Her son is of unparalleled talent and he’s the best and fiercest warrior in practically every aspect!”

Tyrone struck Emma emotionlessly with such harsh words. “As for your son, I must admit that he has made some small achievements on his own. To normal people, he is worthy of some respect. But to the Garrison clan of Oakland City, his achievements are nothing! What are his achievements as compared to those of Olivia’s son?”

Emma wouldn’t stand for it. He could insult her all he liked, but insulting her son was taboo for her.

Emma’s eyes widened as she stared at Tyrone. “That might not be so! Damien was brought up in an environment that was simply too perfect. In a less ideal environment, my son might easily beat him.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1068

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded at the door. “Ridiculous. Who said my son was brought up in a perfect environment?”
The woman sent an intimidating vibe as she glided into the room. Olivia appeared, looking as regal as a queen.
The difference between Emma and herself was obvious.

Tyrone laughed. “Olivia, I made the best decision of my life when I chose you to be my wife all those years ago.”

Olivia walked in front of Emma and said coldly, “Emma, let me tell you something that might shock the skin off those pathetic bones of yours.”

“My son, Damien, was never brought up in the warm environment of the Garrison residence, like you imagined. From the time he was born, Damien was abandoned at a training ground in the frigid north. During his time in training, he never knew his true identity and the Garrison family never provided him with any help. Instead, we made sure to place all sorts of obstacles in his way to ensure that he grew up strong.”

Olivia continued, “Damien managed to survive those challenges because of his own strength and intelligence. We only accepted him into the family when he came of age and proved himself to be a capable warrior. His achievements surpassed those of others in his generation; no one ever came close to defeating him.”

Olivia went into greater detail. “In order to create challenges for him, the Garrison clan spent tens of billions and lost more than three thousands of our men! Back at the training grounds, there were about eighty other recruits who trained alongside Damien, but only one could emerge alive. Damien was the one who killed off the rest and walked away as the victor!”

Hearing this, Emma was so shocked that sweat started to form on her brows.

It was evident that Damien’s experiences before he came of age were even worse than what Levi went through.

If he lost focus for even one moment, he would have died.

The Garrisons’ brutal training had produced a genius like Damien.

Even Emma had to admit that Levi’s achievements paled in comparison to what Damien had achieved.

Olivia continued, “Do you really think that b*stard son of yours can be compared to Damien? What rubbish!”

Emma remained silent.

Although she wished for her son to win, his skills were truly nothing compared to Damien.

Olivia turned to Tyrone and said coldly, “Tyrone, why has she come?”

She wasn’t afraid that their reunion would reignite old flames. Emma is so hideous now. Tyrone must be out of his mind to lust for her.

Tyrone replied coolly, “I brought her back to kill her!”

“That’s nice. Get it done as quickly as you can. There’s no use in keeping her around anyway,” Olivia said.

Emma knelt down immediately and pleaded, “Could the two of you give me some more time? I want to meet my grandchild and make the baby some clothes!”

In nine months, Zoey’s child would finally be born.

Emma wanted to see the child at least once.

As Emma looked up piteously at Tyrone, his expression flickered a little.

After all, Emma was still holding on to his secret.

“Fine, whatever,” he relented. “Since you’re going to die anyway, I don’t see how a few more months is going to do you any harm.”

Olivia didn’t think much of it, either. “Men, take her away and lock her up! Don’t let her escape.”

Tyrone tried to reassure her. “Don’t worry, Olivia. She’s being locked up by the Garrison family. Unless someone has God’s power, I doubt she could be rescued.”

After they locked Emma up securely, Olivia turned to Tyrone and smiled. “My dear, do you think that b*stard might come here and try to rescue his mother? I heard this boy is very reckless by nature. If he was foolish enough to rescue Dexter, don’t you think he’ll definitely try and get his mother out of there?”

Tyrone laughed dismissively. “Huh? Is he going to attempt a prison break on the grounds of the Garrison residence? How is he going to rescue her? How preposterous!”

So what if that b*stard is talented?

There was no way he will be able to take a step past the front door of the Garrison residence, much less break his mother out of jail.

“Well, I personally hope he’ll try and rescue her. It will be quite an entertaining scene, don’t you think?”

Olivia enjoyed seeing other people struggle helplessly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1069

However, Tyrone replied icily, “No way. That day will never come. He will never get that opportunity.”
Olivia froze before replying, “Do—do you mean you’ll kill Emma Jones?”
“Yes, of course. Does a b*tch like her really think she has any right to bargain with me? As for extending her life by a few more months, that’s never going to happen!”

Tyrone was deathly afraid that his secret would be exposed.

Emma had to go, and she had to go now.

He had only agreed to her demands on the surface.

Oh, what a shame. Emma has been tricked again.

Tyrone was never someone who took his promises seriously.

Besides, Emma was holding onto a secret that could have a devastating impact on his future within the family. He would be stupid to let her live.

He arrived at her cell.

Emma had already figured out his intentions. “You’re here to kill me off, aren’t you?”

Tyrone scoffed cruelly. “I once thought you could take this secret to your grave, but I don’t think you love me enough. Back then, who was the one who said she would love me for a lifetime and promised to do everything for my sake?”

Emma glared at him and hollered angrily, “Tyrone Garrison, I’ve finally seen you for the brute you are! You have no emotions at all, do you? You’re just a cold-blooded animal.”

Tyrone laughed apathetically and replied, “That’s what makes me different from common folks like you! In the Garrison clan, women must never become a stumbling block for their men. They must only be tools! This was exactly why I abandoned you! To me, you’re no different from other women. You proved to be of no value to me, and you might even be a stumbling block for me in the future!”

“Only a woman like Olivia is suitable for me. She’s the only person on this earth who is compatible with me,” asserted Tyrone.

Emma had to bite her lip in order to not cry.

Laughing coldly, she snapped, “You probably admire her for her family background and the resources of the Garcia family, don’t you? Do you even have any feelings for her?”

Hearing this, Tyrone kept silent.

That was true.

He had married Olivia because her family background was advantageous to him.

Laughing mockingly at him, Emma said, “You will stop at nothing to achieve what you want, won’t you?”

“Haha, you don’t understand me at all! If one wishes to make their way up in the world, one needs to be prepared to abandon many things! Unfortunately, you’ve never been in such a position, so you wouldn’t know about that.”

Immediately, Emma retorted, “Is that why you paralyzed your own younger brother?”

Tyrone was enraged. “You…”

That was precisely his secret.

The idea of everyone knowing about it filled him with fear and made him sleepless.

The Garrison clan of Oakland City was full of talented warriors.

Tyrone’s generation was an especially talented cohort.

However, Tyrone wasn’t the most talented one out of them all.

Among his peers, Tyrone ranked third in terms of talent and achievement. His fourth brother, Micah, was the one in first place.

While Micah was alive, his powers surpassed everyone else’s. He was practically the next patriarch of the family.

Tyrone could only watch and stew in jealousy as everyone lauded his brother with praise.

Finally, when he could stand it no longer, he set a trap and paralyzed his brother. Till this day, Micah was still confined to his bed.

Everyone in the Garrison family believed that Micah’s fall and subsequent paralysis was an accident.

The day after Micah was paralyzed, Tyrone was conferred the title of the next head of the family, his father’s successor.

Emma found out about this by accident, and Tyrone was deathly afraid that Emma would leak this secret to his family.

Once the Garrison family caught wind of his crime, Tyrone would lose his position immediately.

The Garrison clan had very strict rules, and anyone who broke them would be subject to grave punishment.

Out of the numerous rules they had, one was the most important—kill not your own brethren.

“Emma Jones, you’ve forced my hand at last. I’ll make sure to kill you today!”

Tyrone gazed at her with red eyes and a murderous look on his face.

Emma shut her eyes in despair…

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1070

Tyrone raised his right hand into the air.
In a moment, he would swing it down and bash it against the top of Emma’s head.
Emma could feel the wind as Tyrone brought his fist down with a whoosh.

She was only a few moments away from death…

Right before his fist made contact with her head, however, Tyrone froze.

Emma waited for a few moments with her eyes shut, but nothing happened. She opened her eyes timidly.

“Aren’t—aren’t you going to kill me?” she asked tremulously.

Tyrone gazed at her with a complicated look and didn’t say anything. He turned and left the room.

He slammed the door shut behind him with a loud bang.

Emma’s eyes glittered as she understood what was going on.

Tyrone feared the consequences of killing her.

He was afraid that Emma would’ve already told his secret to her son and he did not want to take that risk.

If Levi already knew his secret, he would definitely expose it once he found out that Emma was dead.

This was what Tyrone truly feared.

For the sake of his position as the future patriarch of his clan, he had to be cautious.

In the past, he needn’t have worried about this because Emma loved him enough to give her life for him and take his secret with her to her grave.

But now that Levi was involved, Tyrone could no longer count on Emma’s love for him.

In order to protect Levi, Emma had probably told her son about this secret.

Tyrone couldn’t kill off Emma without having his secret leaked.

I must find a way to confirm if Levi knows about it. Only then can I make a decision as to whether I should kill Emma!

Thus, Tyrone decided to go and look for Levi himself.

Once he had his answer, his first goal would be to kill off both Levi and Emma.

Even if this would upset the Garrison family and cause outsiders to despise him for being cold-blooded and cruel, it would be much better than having his secret exposed to the public.

If that happened, he would be subjected to the family’s most horrible punishment!

In North Hampton, everyone was busy looking for Emma.

Finally, Levi discovered a note left for him by his mother in his room.

In summary, she told him not to worry because she was doing fine. She also instructed Levi not to go looking for her.

“Mom, how could I not go looking for you?”

Levi banged his hand onto the table.

The more he thought about it, the more he was certain that the Garrison family was behind it.

He figured that his mother was going to die in his place.

However, Levi was adamant that he would not yield to the Garrison family.

If you haven’t held me back earlier, I would’ve killed Damien.

Levi felt helpless.

Initially, he had wanted to wait a while before making any move.

He wanted things to be peaceful until Zoey gave birth to their child.

As Zoey was pregnant, he was too afraid to leave her alone.

Zoey needs someone to take care of her…

However, now that this matter regarding his mother had cropped up, he had to speed things up a little. He decided to head up to Oakland City.

Just as he was about to summon Azure Dragon and the others, he received a phone call from an anonymous number.

As soon as he picked up the call, the person on the other end introduced himself. “I’m Tyrone Garrison.”

Immediately, Levi asked, “What? It’s you? Is my mother with you right now?”

Levi was quite surprised that Tyrone would give him a call.

“Yes, she is. She’s all fine and dandy. As for me, I’d like to meet you in North Hampton tonight. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Upon hearing that his mother was alright, Levi let out a sigh of relief.

If anything happened to his mother, he would tear down the Garrison residence, brick by brick, and kill every single person living within its walls.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you. However, if anything happens to my mother, I’ll kill you on sight!” Levi swore angrily.

“Haha…” Tyrone burst into laughter on the other end.

To him, Levi was all bark and no bite. His declaration of vengeance was nothing but an empty threat.

He wanted to kill me?

Can he even do it?

At eight o’clock that night, a private jet landed at the North Hampton Airport.

As quietly and swiftly as he could, Tyrone arrived at the meeting place they had agreed on beforehand.

Levi was already waiting there when he arrived.

The father and son finally met for the first time in their lives.

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