The Return of God of War Chapter 1001-1010

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1001

Levi wouldn’t allow anyone to question anything he said.

Nevertheless, Yale, Jayden, and everyone else present was startled.

Lyndsay immediately asked, “Levi, who are you to bar us from entering?”

How dare he bar us from entering even when we’re not stopping him from going in?

Jayden then said, “Mr. Freeman, you’re the person in charge of the project. Can he actually bar us from entering? I mean, shouldn’t you be in charge of everything here?”

Yale glanced at Levi before he replied, “You’re right. Mr. Garrison, I think there’s been some misunderstanding. Since you’re only a tender, I’m afraid you can’t bar anyone from entering.”

“What I say goes! Your word means nothing against mine!”

Levi entered the hall as soon as he finished speaking.

Unperturbed by his outburst, Jayden, Lyndsay, and the rest began to head into the hall but were all stopped by Kirin.

“All of you are not allowed to enter!”

“What if we want to go in anyway?” Jayden retorted.

“Restrain them!”

Once Kirin gave the command, a few personnel came up and restrained them.

As such, the whole lot did not have the chance to participate in the tender event.

It wasn’t difficult to guess the outcome – Morris Group had obtained the project.

After all that had happened, the people in the hall dared not to offer a price.

Jayden and Lyndsay were exasperated as they couldn’t do anything until the tender event ended.

Levi Garrison is even more overbearing than us!

We only obstruct other tenders to buy ourselves time, at the very most.

However, that man dared to bar us from participating in the tender event directly!

“Levi Garrison, just you wait! We will never let off for this!” Jayden yelled and glared at Levi resentfully.

“Well, here I am, waiting.” Levi smiled coldly.

Meanwhile, Zoey had finished settling all of her matters, and Iris had been released.

“We’re not ruthless enough compared to them!” Zoey sighed.

She was no match for those from Pinnacle Group, who would resort to every possible means to achieve their missions, no matter any lives were at stake.

She had lost the project – her plan had failed.

Without achieving success, the Lopez and Black families will continue to belittle me. In that case, will they still stop me from marrying Levi? It’s not enough to only depend on having a baby…

Zoey heaved a long sigh.

At that moment, Iris came to her office and handed a document to her.

After flipping through the document, Zoey was puzzled. “Oh? We obtained the project?”

“Iris, didn’t someone stop you from entering the tender event? How could you have obtained the project?” Zoey couldn’t figure out what had happened.

“They stopped me, including the men whom I secretly sent to the event. However, the boss successfully obtained the project by himself this time!” Iris explained.

“What? We got this project because of the boss again?”

“That’s right.”

“Who even is the boss? Why did he go to great lengths to help me?”

Zoey was flummoxed.

“Why are you bothered by it? After all, we got our hands on the project in the end.”

Iris rolled her eyes at her best friend. It’s because you’re the boss’s wife!

After recollecting herself, Zoey immediately went looking for Levi.

Once the woman owned the project, her wealth would instantly skyrocket.

As such, she had amassed enough bargaining chips to negotiate with the Lopez and Black families.

Grandma can’t control me anymore when I’m seen as successful!

No one can stop the two of us once I get pregnant!

Levi’s time hasn’t come yet, but it doesn’t matter because I am successful now.

“Zoey, why do you look so emotional?” Levi asked.

“Can we decide on our wedding date? I’ve checked the calendar, and there will be an auspicious day one and a half months later. Do you think we should get married then?” she asked, wanting to get his opinion on things.

“Alright. Let’s set a date. I will give you a wedding of which the world has never seen before.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1002

Exactly a month later, the bridal chamber that Levi designed was completed.
It’s time to give Zoey a perfect wedding.
To him, their wedding will be perfect as long as his mother, sister, and brother attended it.

He vowed to tell Zoey the truth about who he really was on their wedding day.

I want to tell her about the truth by myself. I want her to know that her husband is Erudia’s God of War!

Then, I will hold her hand and overlook the world like an emperor with his empress!

“We should also make early preparation to get pregnant before our wedding!” Zoey added bashfully.

“Certainly. In that case, we shouldn’t go home today!” Levi put on a sly smile.

“Sounds good.”

Levi and Zoey didn’t return to their homes that night.

After a night of intimacy, both of them grew to cherish each other more.

The two of them were finally together after going through ups and down for ten years.

From that moment onwards, no one would be able to separate them from each other.

They would eventually be able to build a family of three.

When Iris saw Zoey the next day, the former stated curiously, “Zoey, something seems different about you…”

“Oh? What’s different about me?” the other woman asked while her face turned red.

“I can’t pinpoint it, but you seem to be more feminine now,” Iris explained.

That remark made Zoey lower her head and blush even more.

“Since you and Levi have decided on the wedding date, I’m sure you both plan to have children soon, right?”

Zoey didn’t respond to her question. She merely glanced at her friend and chided, “Iris, you should get a boyfriend as soon as possible. Aren’t you fond of the boss? Just court him already!”


Iris was taken aback upon hearing that.

Well, I do hope to court the boss, but he’s Levi! How could I possibly do that to you?

“The boss isn’t single.” Iris flashed her a smile.

“Oh? Wasn’t he single some time ago? How did he get a girlfriend so soon?” Zoey asked, surprised.

“Yes, everything happened very fast. Speaking of which, aren’t you going to marry Levi soon?”

The good news spread like wildfire. Soon, everyone in the company had heard the news of Zoey and Levi deciding on their wedding date.

Zoey’s curiosity was piqued when she saw how thrilled all her workers were.

Why does everyone seem so excited about it? Is Levi really a respected figure in the company?

After all, Zoey used to hear complaints about Levi all the time.

It’s strange…

Miles way, the Black family caught wind of the news.


“So, the wedding date of Zoey and Levi Garrison has been fixed? As her grandpa and grandma, why weren’t we informed about this?”

Meredith and Robert were shocked upon hearing about the wedding.

“We had no idea about it either…” the rest murmured.

Robert immediately made a phone call to Harry to ask about it.

However, the latter also wasn’t aware of it.

When Meredith contacted Caitlyn and Aaron, the answers she received were the same.

Both of them were clueless about it too.

“How could outsiders know about it when even her parents aren’t aware of the wedding date yet? Zoey has gone overboard!” Meredith grew infuriated with them all.

“Come back as soon as possible. Your daughter is going to marry someone soon,” she yelled into the phone.

Not long after that, Aaron, Caitlyn, and Harry gathered at the Black family’s manor.

Everyone seemed to be confused about what was going on.

Has the marriage between Zoey and Levi Garrison really been fixed?

The news spread widely even before the family was informed…

“Look at how your daughter behaves! You two weren’t even aware of her marriage! Humph! She doesn’t respect you as parents, nor does she treat us as her elders! I mean, is she planning to disregard us once and for all?” Meredith scolded.

“What an unfilial daughter she is!”

Aaron heaved a sigh helplessly. At this moment, he and Caitlyn were greatly embarrassed.

“How do you tolerate her? I can’t take it anymore!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1003

Meredith, Robert, and Harry were all exasperated.
Meanwhile, Zoey’s parents were indignant at the sudden news.
Immediately, they called Zoey and asked, “We heard you have decided on your wedding date. Is that true?”

To which their daughter replied composedly, “It’s true, I’ve discussed it with Levi. I was planning to give you a call to inform you tonight.”

“Why have you not discussed your wedding date with us? Do you even treat us as your parents? Do you even respect the elders in the Lopez and Black families?”

“Are you planning to ditch your mother? Oh right, I guess Levi’s mother is your new mother now. In that case, who am I to you?” Caitlyn scowled, almost smashing the phone out of anger.

Zoey hurriedly explained, “Mom, I’m already an adult. I can make my own decisions now. I’ll discuss certain things with you all when it’s necessary. However, I can make most decisions on my own.”

“Since marriage is a life-changing event, how can you decide on it all by yourself? Besides, all of us don’t agree to your marriage to Levi Garrison again!”

Caitlyn continued on without listening to her daughter, “Also, why don’t you listen to your grandpa and grandma? They will gladly arrange your marriage for you!”

“Mom, why should all of you decide everything for me? I understand that you’re afraid of Grandpa and Grandma, but they hold no authority over me. Besides, I won’t be manipulated by anyone else because I have enough bargaining chips now,” Zoey said.

“Come home as soon as possible to discuss with us! If you don’t home, Grandpa and Grandma will look for you by themselves!”

As such, Zoey and Levi had no choice but to go to the Black family’s manor.

The atmosphere was rather tense in the meeting room; everyone had on grim expressions.

“Kneel!” Meredith commanded coldly.

“Grandma, what do you mean by that?” Zoey asked.

“I’m asking you to kneel before me! Do you not understand? Both of you have to kneel as well!” Meredith fixated her gaze on Levi when she yelled.

“Why should we kneel? You must at least give us a reason,” Levi said.

“Aren’t you aware of your wrongdoing? How could you decide on your marriage all on your own? You even decided on the wedding date without consulting all of us!”

Zoey’s grandmother trembled violently with anger.

The next moment, Zoey explained smilingly, “I can make my own decisions. I don’t have to trouble all of you about this trivial matter. On that day, all of you only have to attend the wedding and enjoy the ceremony,”

“Bullshit! Did we agree on such an arrangement?” Meredith couldn’t help but blurt a curse.

“Grandma, I have to get it straight – Any decisions about my wedding have to be decided by me!” Zoey immediately retorted.

“That will happen only when you’re competent enough!” Meredith sneered.

“I am competent enough, and the Lopez and Black families can’t tell me what to do anymore. Here, take a look by yourselves!”

As soon as she finished, Zoey threw a document on the table in front of Meredith.

All her family members were taken aback after they took the document and read through it.

“What? Zoey, are you really that wealthy now?” Meredith asked; the shock she felt was evident in her voice.

“Yes. Under such circumstances, can I make my own decisions?” Zoey questioned.

Meanwhile, everyone in the room was startled and lost in thought.

“I have something else to tell you all. I’m bearing Levi a child now. Therefore, all of you can never separate us!”


The woman nearly threw everyone into a fit as the news had come like a bolt from the blue.

After ten minutes, her parents and grandparents eventually recollected themselves and reluctantly accepted the fact.

“My god! What have we done?” Aaron heaved a sigh.

Meanwhile, Meredith glanced at Levi and said, “Your wedding has to be a grand ceremony. I will agree to it on one condition… His mother cannot attend the wedding! I can’t allow her presence to dishonor the Black family!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1004

Immediately, the rest added, “That’s right. The grand wedding will certainly become a popular topic among the people in the entire South. Won’t we be embarrassed if his mother attends the wedding?”
“Exactly. We mean no offense, but both the Lopez and Black families have to maintain our reputations!” Harry agreed.
“Look, Zoey. Everyone agrees to the condition I’ve set!” A triumphant smile appeared on Meredith’s face.

Aaron suddenly interjected, “As your father, I have to list down some conditions too!”


Everyone looked at Aaron in bewilderment.

“Your marriage is unavoidable because you two have already become husband and wife. So, I will agree to it. However, Levi has to marry into our family!” the man commanded coldly.

“Marry into your family?” Levi was stunned by his demand.

How can I, the God of War, marry into someone’s family?

At the same time, Zoey was startled too.

Why should he marry into our family?

“That’s right. You have to marry into our family if you want to marry my daughter. It’s not easy to marry into our family, though. There are several conditions you will have to obey!”

“Firstly, after marrying into our family, you will have to change your last name to Lopez. From now on, you’re not Levi Garrison but Levi Lopez! I don’t want you to mention your original name under all circumstances!”

“Secondly, after marrying into the Lopez family, you must follow all rules set by the Lopez family without protest. I don’t want to hear a “No” from you, not even once!”

“Thirdly, your daily routine will be arranged by the Lopez family. You’ll have to report who you meet with every day and how much money you’ve spent!”

“You’ll also have no right to say a word on important occasions, such as our family meetings. You can only speak when we allow you to do so!”

Aaron spelled out ten extremely harsh rules in total.

Harry and Meredith backed him up almost instantly. “Sounds great! Aaron has come up with many good ideas. You’re to marry into our family. Also, you will have to follow all the rules from that day onward. Otherwise, you can never marry Zoey!”

The main reason they had listed those rules was because Zoey had so much wealth now. They believed that Levi should not be allowed to marry her so effortlessly.

Since they couldn’t stop the marriage, they looked for other ways to make up for their “loss.”

Their thought process was as simple as Aaron’s – Zoey is wealthy, so they feel embarrassed and dishonored to see Levi marrying her.

Hence, they hoped to reduce the negative impact on Zoey and the Lopez and Black families by having Levi marry into the family.

“Furthermore, there has to be a ceremony when he marries into our family! He must first kneel and bow before the head of the Lopez family in our family’s manor. Then, he must kneel and bow again before our ancestors in the ancestral shrine!” Harry added.

“Yes! There has to be a grand ceremony since Levi is marrying into the Lopez family. The Black family agrees to this suggestion!” Meredith and Robert fully supported the idea in unison.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn said sobbingly, “My precious daughter has to marry a poor lad in the end! I really can’t accept it!”

“Caitlyn, we can’t do much about it. Now, what we can do is to make sure that he marries into our family!”

All of them let out a heavy sigh.

Zoey had thought that she could control everything; she didn’t expect things to turn out in such a way!

Are they treating me like a tool? What’s so wrong with Levi? Why are they doing this to him?

Levi might not be a prominent figure like he was before, but he’s sincere about me and is willing to sacrifice his life for me. That’s what I love about him!

“Sweetie, don’t utter a word! If you respect me as your father, Levi must marry into our family! Otherwise, the wedding will be called off!”

The man then glanced at Levi and continued, “So, Levi, are you willing to marry into the Lopez family?”

Everyone present shifted their gaze toward the man in question.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1005

Zoey wished that Levi would pretend to agree to the conditions to avoid any trouble.

She was ready to deal with the problems afterward once he pretended to agree.

She made a promise to herself – she would not make Levi embarrassed.

As such, the man definitely wouldn’t have to obey the rules.

“Of course I don’t agree! It’s still acceptable if you only want me to marry into your family. But to make me change my last name? No way! I’m Levi Garrison for the rest of my life, and no one can ever change my last name!” Levi retorted coldly.

My mother gave me this name. No one can ever change it!

Everyone was startled at how Levi sounded so resolute.

“In that case, are you also saying you don’t want to marry Zoey?” Meredith asked immediately.

“I certainly want to marry her!” Levi replied smilingly.

“Marry into our family if you want to marry her then. Otherwise, the marriage is out of the question!” Aaron firmly stated.

“Let me get this straight. Firstly, I’m going to marry Zoey. Secondly, I won’t change my last name nor marry into your family. Thirdly, my mother must attend our wedding.”

Levi spelled out his thoughts resolutely – he didn’t allow anyone to question him.

All the members of the Lopez and Black families froze for a moment.

How dare he talk to us in such a manner?

“Levi Garrison, do you think you have the right to speak here? Are you aware of who you are? Zoey is worth about a hundred billion. Do you think you really deserve her?” Zoey’s father yelled furiously.

They felt that the marriage was totally unfair. After all, Zoey was way out of Levi’s league in terms of social status and wealth.

In other words, the two were from two different worlds and not meant to be together.

The Lopez and Black family had felt that it was a huge loss to let Zoey marry Levi from the very beginning.

To them, their relationship was practically identical to the one in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Unexpectedly, Levi put on a smile and asserted, “To tell you the truth, I do deserve her!”

At this moment, his imposing look was engraved on Zoey’s heart. It was as if the high-spirited Levi Garrison whom she met six years ago had finally returned.

Zoey knew that everything the man was about to say was right.

Nonetheless, she foresaw Levi explaining that they were a good match in terms of social status.

After all, as Tyrone Garrison’s son and the Jones family’s grandson, he certainly deserved her hand in marriage.

However, deep in her heart, she also hoped that Levi could be as successful as her, making them a perfect match.

She wished Levi to regain his success and be as powerful as he was six years ago.

“You deserve her? Hahaha…”

The next moment, everyone in the room burst out in laughter.

How could you possibly deserve her? Zoey is way more successful than you! You don’t even deserve to be a maid who takes care of her shoes!

“In which aspect do you deserve to be with her? Are you kidding us? Levi, do you have the slightest idea about your own status?”

Amused, Logan Zachs stared at Levi like an idiot.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the latter only chortled in response.

Levi was the one-and-only God of War, who commanded the army of Erudia like a monarch.

Putting that identity aside, as the boss of Morris Group, he still deserved to be with her.

Moreover, apart from Zoey’s own effort, she was only successful because Levi had helped her on many occasions.

It could be said that Zoey had only come this far because of the help Levi gave to her!

In that case, why don’t I deserve to be with her?

“Rest assured that I will reveal my true identity to Zoey during the wedding! On that day, all of you will keep your mouths shut once you are aware of my identity,” Levi retorted.

He began imagining their change of attitude once they knew who he really was as he spoke.

“Hahaha! Your true identity? Are you kidding me? Do you think we don’t know who you are?”

Everyone burst into mocking laughter.

“This brat wants to shock us to our core? Impossible!” Meredith shot Levi a look full of disdain.

After glancing at everyone in the room, Levi announced, “In that case, I will tell you a secret!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1006

A secret?”

All of them were startled at first, but they soon glanced at him curiously.

Zoey looked at Levi curiously. Does he have a secret?

Levi said smilingly, “I actually wasn’t in jail for the past six years!”

Indeed, this was a startling revelation to everyone in the hall.

All of them looked at him in disbelief; they used to think Levi had been imprisoned for six years.

However, it turned out that they were very, very wrong.

Stunned and surprised, everyone wondered what had actually transpired.

Meanwhile, Zoey was more flabbergasted than the rest.

No wonder they didn’t allow me to visit him three months after he supposedly went into jail.

She hadn’t visited Levi in prison for several consecutive years because she had not been allowed to enter.

All her doubts were cleared. I couldn’t see Levi because he wasn’t even in prison!

“You… You weren’t in prison?” Aaron’s teeth ground as he spoke.

“I was acquitted not long after I was jailed. They soon found out that I had been framed by the Garrison family and their dirty tricks.” Levi smirked.

Meanwhile, Zoey, who was equally shocked by his revelation, asked sobbingly, “Where were you the past six years? Why didn’t you come back?”

Apart from Zoey, everyone in the room had the same doubt.

If Levi wasn’t in prison for the past six years, where was he?

The man shifted his gaze toward Zoey and replied lovingly, “I can’t tell you right now. I’m only planning to reveal it to you on our wedding day!”

He paused for a moment and added, “But I can promise you that I deserve to be with you. I can give you everything you desire! I will make you the happiest woman who is admired by everyone else in the world!”

A rush of excitement washed over Zoey when she heard that.

Perhaps Levi will surprise me.

She began to look forward to their wedding more than ever.

Upon hearing Levi speak so firmly, everyone stopped ridiculing him and began to take what he said seriously.

He gazed at everyone slowly and asserted blandly, “Once I reveal my identity, none of you will dare impose any rules on me! Wait and see during our wedding if you don’t believe me!”

After pondering over the situation for quite some time, Aaron glanced at him and replied, “Alright! I’ll wait until the wedding to find out who you really are. I’ll withdraw the rules I’ve set if you really do deserve Zoey. However, heavy punishment awaits you if you have lied to us.”

“I agree. We shall make life difficult for you in the future if you lied to us!”

The other family members began to threaten him mercilessly.

After leaving the Black family’s manor, Zoey asked in a low voice, “Did you really tell them the truth just now?”

“Of course, everything I said is true! I was never jailed!” Levi replied with a grin on his face.

“Alright, I will wait until you tell me everything!”

Deep in her heart, Zoey increasingly looked forward to their big day.

Lately, the woman was busier than ever because she had to work and handle the project worth one hundred billion. She also had to prepare for her wedding.

Apart from all that, she also had to take part in shooting for a TV drama.

Fortunately, Damon, the vice president of Oriental Star Group, assisted her in many ways to minimize her workload, including dealing with reporters and visitors who came.

If not for him, Zoey would be overwhelmed with all sorts of tasks.

“Mr. Trudon, I’m truly sorry for all the troubles lately!”

Damon didn’t mind helping her, so he flashed her a smile to put her at ease. Due to many trivial problems, he frequently went in and out of Zoey’s office and even looked for her after office hours.

Meanwhile, Jayden, Lyndsay, and the others were having a meeting in Golden Plaza.

“Zoey Lopez is about to get married soon. Hehe, I hope she and Levi Garrison will like the gift that we’ve specially prepared for her!”

Lyndsay added smilingly, “It will be how things end for anyone who goes against Pinnacle Group!”

A chilly glare flashed across Jayden’s eyes.

Ever since Levi took away the project, they had held a grudge against him. They refused to let him off the hook for what he’d done to them.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1007

Time flew by, and Zoey and Levi had stayed in the hotel for many days.

After more than ten days, Zoey suddenly said to him, “My period hasn’t…”

“Oh? Really?” Levi asked excitedly.

“I’ll go to the hospital to do a pregnancy test later. Sylas will join me, so you don’t have to come with me,” she said.

Actually, Zoey had already secretly taken a pregnancy test at home; she knew she was pregnant.

Nevertheless, she would be relieved only after she went through the proper pregnancy test in the hospital.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your good news then!”

Levi actually wished to go along with her. However, after giving it a thought, he felt that it was better to wait for her news because he was too nervous.

Zoey and Sylas soon arrived at the hospital for a pregnancy test in the afternoon.

“Why do I feel like someone is following us?”

Sylas instinctively felt something unusual in the air, but the woman didn’t manage to notice anything out of place when she turned around.

There was no one behind them, save for a few patients who wore face masks passing by.

“Sylas, you’re being oversensitive.”

Zoey headed into the ward for her test.

After a long time of waiting, the test result was out in the evening.

“Congratulations, Ms. Lopez! You’re indeed pregnant!” the doctor told her the result smilingly.

Tears of joy escaped Zoey’s eyes upon hearing his confirmation. We’re going to have a baby after going through ups and downs together for almost ten years.

After obtaining the test result, she rushed back to the company with Sylas excitedly.

Just as she was about to share the good news with Levi and Iris, her secretary came up to her and said nervously, “Ms. Lopez, this doesn’t look good. We’re in big trouble!”

“What’s going on?” Zoey asked, totally perplexed.

The secretary pushed a notebook in front of her.

Zoey read the content and was flabbergasted.

A headline on the screen read: Bombshell: President of Oriental Star Group Zoey Lopes is Pregnant! Who is the baby’s Father?

“What’s going on? How on earth did the media get the news and reveal it right after we obtained the pregnancy result?” Sylas was at a loss for words,

Zoey’s heart sank.

She instantly knew that someone wanted to target her.

It’s a set-up! Someone must have orchestrated it!

Zoey had recently become a popular figure, attracting a lot of public attention.

Thus, it was no surprise when the news of her pregnancy immediately became a hot topic as soon as it was released.

A minute after this newspaper revealed the news, hundreds of newspapers began reporting on it as well.

In no time, Zoey’s pregnancy became the hottest news in every newspaper.

Almost everyone in North Hampton, South Hampton, and different regions in the South was aware of the news.

Zoey’s popularity continued to increase as time went by.

Ten minutes after the news was released to the public, many newspapers began digging for news into another related aspect – the identity of the unborn baby’s father.

Zoey and Levi had divorced for a long time; they weren’t related in any way anymore.

There had been no single scandal about Zoey throughout the six years when Levi was in jail.

Levi has never touched Levi.

Zoey had been seen going in and out of a hotel lately. The woman had even bought medicine for herself from a nearby pharmacy.

After listing down many reasons, the reporters deduced that the baby was definitely not Levi’s.

On the other hand, Zoey was pregnant after she and Levi divorced.

Therefore, they could only come up with two conclusions.

First, it was a fact that Zoey was pregnant before marrying anyone. After all, even her pregnancy test result had been revealed.

Second, Zoey could probably have a long-term secret relationship, and it existed when she was still Levi’s wife.

The two conclusions spread like wildfire as soon as the reporters wrote about them, and the netizens’ comments were blowing up.

As such, Zoey seemed to be doomed. Everything was spiraling out of her control.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1008

The media were still trying to find out who the father was.

Soon, the secret would come to light.

Even the paparazzi and private detectives were also investigating this case in secret.

With that, Zoey’s pregnancy became the talk of the town.

Who is the father of her child?


Upon reading the news in the media, Zoey was thunderstruck. Her face instantly turned pale.

Sylas exploded. “Someone is trying to stir up trouble!”

We all know Zoey well!

Yes, she’s pregnant, and without a doubt, the child she carries is Levi’s!

What’s with all these rumors?

Zoey knew who the mastermind was, but it was too late for her to control the damage now.

Upon receiving the news, Iris rushed over.

“Bad news, Zoey. We’re surrounded by journalists and paparazzi! They must have come for you. The office is not a safe place for you anymore. You got to go!” Iris suggested.

“All right. I’ll find a place to hide.”

With Sylas’ help, Zoey managed to leave the building without being noticed by the journalists and paparazzi.

Initially, they thought of taking shelter in the company’s condominium, but by the time they arrived, members of the press were already waiting for them at the entrance.

“We can’t go to the villa either. I’m sure there will be people there as well!” Zoey analyzed.

“Let’s go to my place then!”

Sylas then brought Zoey to her condominium.

Just when Sylas was about to drive into her neighborhood, she noticed that a group of people emerged.

“They’re here! They’re here! Let’s get hold of them!” A group of paparazzi started snapping photos of Zoey and Sylas in the car.

After they had successfully entered the building, Damon called.

“I heard you’ve gone into hiding, but I need you to sign a few documents urgently. Where can I find you?”

Damon sounded anxious.

“All right. Come and find me at…”

Half an hour later, Ebone Beard, the most experienced paparazzi of the bunch, shouted, “Look! Here comes our target. Stay focused!”

These paparazzi were known for exposing the private lives of celebrities and wealthy people.

They all gathered here after receiving a tip-off.

At first, they did not believe it but were convinced that the information they received was real after seeing Zoey.

Soon, a black car arrived and parked right in front of the Sylas’ condominium.

A man in a suit then got out of the car. He was wearing a cap and even had a mask on.

Zoey was taken aback by Damon’s look when she saw him. “Why are you dressed like this?”

“Better to be safe than sorry. Please sign these documents as soon as possible!”

Damon then passed all the documents to Zoey.

Without hesitation, Zoey dropped her signatures on all the documents.

Little did she know, it was all a scheme, and she had unknowingly fallen into the trap.

After collecting all the documents from Zoey, Damon turned around with a smirk.

He then left the place in his car.

Ebone asked, “Have you all gotten the shots?”

“Yes, we got them. So this man is the father of Zoey’s child? Unbelievable!”

“Looking at the way he dressed, he must be her lover.”

Ebone said with a smile, “Sort everything out, do some research on that man, and send the pictures out to the media. We’re going to be rich soon!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1009

“We’ve got updates on the man! His name is Damon Trudon, the vice president of Oriental Star Group, and he’s Zoey’s right-hand man. He’s thirty-nine years old and a father to two kids!”

One of the men burst out laughing.

Ebone sneered, “Useless woman. She must have been having an affair with this man for quite some time now, and she’s even pregnant with his child!”

“Shame on her! How could she hook up with a married man who already has two kids?”

“Let’s expose her! Everyone should know what kind of woman she is!”

The paparazzi were very excited.

Ebone let out a cold snort. “Zoey Lopez is doomed!”

He had not been so ecstatic in years.

Not only could he make a quick buck out of this scandal, but he could also destroy someone who sat on top of the social pyramid.

What a great feeling!

An hour had passed when the media released the groundbreaking news simultaneously. They claimed that they had identified the father of Zoey’s child!

To everyone’s surprise, the man was Damon!

The news also provided extensive background details about him: Damon Trudon is Zoey Lopez’s vice president. They have been working closely for the past six months and have spent a lot of time together. Not only is Damon thirty-nine years old, but he is also a father to two children.

In other words, Zoey was a homewrecker!

The news reports also published quite a number of photos and videos as evidence.

First of all, the media released photos and videos that showed Damon and Zoey walking into a building during work.

Next, they showed proof that Damon and Zoey entered a hotel at about the same time. They even included a list of items both of them spent on when they were there.

The news reports then went on to explain how Zoey went into hiding and had a private meeting with Damon in a condominium. They also included a video of Damon walking into the building with a cap and a mask on.

Last but not least, the media released another video of Zoey undergoing a body checkup at a hospital this morning. The same man who had a cap and a mask on was also present in the clip.

All the evidence gave the impression that Zoey was carrying Damon’s child.

There was no way she could deny their relationship as he accompanied her to the hospital for her prenatal care visit.

Zoey was utterly dumbfounded.

It was apparent that Damon was involved in this scheme, and he definitely played a crucial role in it.

Getting Zoey to sign those documents was just an excuse for him to shoot the video.

No wonder Sylas felt as if someone had been following us, so she was right. Apparently, Damon was at the hospital too!

I should have been more alert.

The social media was soon awash with criticism, and netizens started calling Zoey a shameless b*tch and a homewrecker.

The news spread like wildfire on the internet, especially the videos.

There were even fake and edited videos circulating the social media. However, many netizens believed what they saw without verifying their veracity.

After all, people had the tendency to regard what they saw as reality.

Upon receiving the news, Iris immediately contacted Zoey. “This is bad! We can’t find Damon anymore. We’ve been tricked!”

At this point, how could Zoey defend herself when all the evidence the media presented was against her?

“You need to move to a new place soon since they know where you are now.”

Just when Zoey and Sylas were about to leave, they noticed that a group of people had surrounded the building.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1010

There was no way they could escape from the building anymore.

“What do we do now?” Sylas asked.

“I’ll give Levi a call.”

She got through to Levi on the phone. “Darling, something terrible happened!”

Levi did not know what was going on as he was still at home. “What is it?”

When Levi checked his phone, he was stunned by what he read.

Did all this happen in just one morning?

“Where are you? I’ll go and get you now!”

Levi sped to Sylas’ condominium and noticed that a large group of paparazzi and journalists were swarming into the building.

Hence, he immediately called Azure Dragon, who then came and expelled the crowd.

Levi finally managed to enter the building and find Zoey. He then brought her to the Warzone compound.

To him, that was the safest place for Zoey.

Yet, the fact that Zoey went into hiding caused the rumors about her to blow out of proportion.

At the Black family’s manor, Meredith got so mad that she nearly fainted.

“What? Levi is not the father of Zoey’s baby? The baby belongs to another married man?”

It had not been easy for Meredith to accept that Zoey was carrying Levi’s child.

Needless to say, this rumor further fueled her anger toward Zoey.

How do you expect me to sit quietly and watch this happen?

“Mom! How could you not trust Zoey?”

Aaron and Caitlyn immediately defended their daughter.

“I want to trust her too, but there’s all this evidence against her! How do you expect me to trust her based on my gut feeling?” Meredith roared.

“That’s right. Some of the evidence might be fake, but most of them are real! Even the guy involved has fled!” Robert said.

“Why is this happening to our family? I don’t even have the courage to face the public anymore!”

“She’s a disgrace to the Lopez and Black families!”

“I’ll not hesitate to give her a slap if she dares to step into this house!”

“I don’t care what you say, but I have faith in my daughter. She must have been framed!”

Meanwhile, a group of journalists gathered in front of the office building that Morris Group and Oriental Star Group co-owned.

Noelle Sinsler, another vice president of Oriental Star Group, addressed the matter before the media, “On behalf of Oriental Star Group, I apologize for the problems caused, and we’ll take full responsibility for the scandal!”

“Zoey Lopez’s personal life has always been a mess. Though she’s divorced, she doesn’t actually have a clean breakup with her ex-husband. Besides this, she has been hitting on our young male talents from the entertainment department. But there was nothing we could do at that time because she’s our president. We sincerely hope that the public could accept our apology!”

Having said that, Noelle bowed to the camera.

The act of Noelle making a public apology on behalf of Oriental Star Group was equivalent to admitting that Zoey was indeed a homewrecker.

In no time, the media released another news article with the headline: Oriental Star Group comes clean about the Zoey-Damon affair and the truth behind her pregnancy.

Once again, the scandal became one of the trending topics on social media.

All the employees looked at Noelle in shock. Hasn’t she always been a low-profile person? Why did she bash Zoey all of a sudden?

They were taken aback by the sudden change in her behavior.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you doing this to Zoey?”

Iris immediately stepped in and interrupted her.

Noelle responded with a cold snort, “I’m absolutely embarrassed by what my boss has done. She should be ashamed of herself! Besides, the evidence is conclusive. What else have you got to say?”

Noelle then turned around and looked at the rest. “Zoey Lopez doesn’t deserve to lead the company anymore. She should step down and leave the company!”

“How dare you!” Iris’ eyes glowed with a towering rage.

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