The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 347

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 347

“You’re here, Sebastian! Come here, look at what they did to Roxanne. You’ve got to teach them a lesson!”

Diana noticed Sebastian almost instantly and she rushed towards him while shouting and crying.

Hearing that, Sasha quickly turned to look.

Her expression changed when she realized that he was really there.

Crap. He’ll never let me off the hook now.

Sebastian walked over and his eyes turned cold when he saw that Roxanne was lying motionless on the floor. Cold rage filled all over him in an instant.

“What were the both of you thinking? Don’t you have anything else better to do? Why did you hit her?” he shouted at Brandon.

The latter feared nothing and could be considered a person who everyone feared in Avenport. However, he shook with terror whenever it came to his cousin.

Sebastian’s words had knocked his arrogance down a notch.

“I- I didn’t hit her on purpose. She was the one who slapped Sasha first!” Brandon stuttered, throwing Sasha under the bus.

As she stood on the spot, she saw that the man who had just walked in and looked at her finally.

She couldn’t get words out of her mouth.

There was a moment where she felt so aggrieved that her heart hurt. Sasha covered her face as she watched the man before her with watery eyes.

However, to her disappointment, Sebastian had swept his gaze past her.

He didn’t even stop to look at her properly.

It was as though she was just a stranger to him. His cold eyes were filled with disgust as he took a quick glance at her before he returned to staring at Roxanne.

“Did she lose her mind from the slapping? Or is she crippled now? Do you know how many slaps you could’ve given her when you kicked Roxanne?”

Sebastian’s words were so cruel that even Brandon was shocked for a long while.

This asshole! Has he really gone crazy?

How could he say such a thing?

“Sebastian, do you know-”

“That’s enough. Let’s just leave.”

An extremely soft voice sounded and interrupted Brandon.

Sasha’s face was extremely pale as she stopped him from causing any more trouble. All she wanted to do at that moment was to leave.

Nonetheless, things were not as simple as she thought.

“Leave? Where are you planning to go? What are you doing, Sebastian? She wants to leave but you’re not doing anything about it?”

Surprisingly, the first one to speak was Roxanne.

She was still on the floor as she clutched her stomach with both hands. However, she was glaring at Sebastian, questioning him on why he hadn’t done anything.

Sasha’s face seemed to pale even more upon hearing her.

She wanted to say something but Diana snapped back to her senses after hearing her daughter’s voice.

“Yes, Sebastian. What is wrong with you? Even though she’s your ex-wife, she brought someone and caused trouble for us when she hasn’t gotten a clear idea of things. She even did this to Roxanne. Aren’t you going to do something about it? Don’t tell me you’re actually trying to protect her?”

“You’re reading too much into things. I’m just thinking about what I should do with her.”

The man finally said something.

Yet, not only did Sasha and Brandon feel hopeless after hearing his words, they felt like a bucket of cold water was just poured on them.

They knew they would be doomed right then.

“You f**king as*hole!” Brandon shouted.

The Rocke family, on the other hand, was extremely happy to hear that, especially Diana. She instantly suggested what Sebastian should do after hearing that he was still deciding.

“What’s so difficult about it? She was trying so hard to get Roxanne to persuade you to give up your children. You should just send her to the police. I think it’ll be the safest way.”

“She has a good point. With such a thought in her mind, we have to be careful, Sebastian. What if she kidnaps the children one day?”

Unexpectedly, even the reputable professor of the Rocke family had joined in and agreed.

Overwhelmed with sorrow and anger, Sasha let out a cold laugh.

Brandon started to lose his temper after hearing his words.

“Are you crazy? They are Sasha’s children. What do you mean by kidnap? You’re a professor. Is this how you talk to people normally?”


“Enough! I have my own plans for what I’m going to do. Stop arguing!”

Sebastian was no longer able to tolerate them and finally snapped.

After that, two of the Hayes family’s bodyguards walked in and took Sasha and Brandon away.

“What are you going to do about her?”

Roxanne asked after seeing what happened. What on earth is he going to do to that woman?

All Sebastian did was give her a blank stare as he said, “You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll handle it. You’re hurt so you better get it checked out.”

With that said, he left.

The woman went quiet.

A strange feeling slithered into her heart.

Although he was caring for her and reassured her, she couldn’t help but feel that he was only brushing her off. His eyes were oddly calm, so much so that she felt that he was just here to bring Sasha home.

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