The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 319

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 319

Never did he imagine that the woman he so detested would commit such an earthshattering act.

Uncle Roderick tried to administer poison to my son? But why? So that his incompetent son can take over? The nerve of him. I can’t believe he dared to mess with me, Sebastian Hayes. Plotting to get rid of my offspring then spread the word to the board of directors that I’m mentally ill, just so his own son can lawfully inherit Hayes Corporation.

Sebastian suddenly recalled what the shareholder had said to him that afternoon.

Creak! Out of the blue, the crisp sound of cracked bones came from the hand that was holding onto the lab report.

Oh God!

The horrifying scene left Sasha bereft of speech.

“You’d better stay at home and don’t go anywhere!”

The incensed Sebastian ordered her to stay put before he swiftly changed and left the house.

Sasha stared blankly ahead, dumbfounded.

It took a long time for that murderous aura to dissipate before she snapped out of it. Her legs almost gave way as she leaned against the door and let out the breath of air she was unconsciously holding in.

She was well aware of what the man had left to do.

It was exactly what she had hoped for.

Nonetheless, she still could not help but feel unsettled and wished she had gone along with him.

Sasha returned to her room, but she was unable to regain her composure. She took out the remains of the sweets and soaked them in a mug to take a better look at them.

Roxanne had already analyzed the toxicity of these sweets.

However, she had yet to determine its antidote. If the situation persisted, her son would have to suffer for an indefinite period of time.

Hence, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Ms. Wand, you haven’t had your dinner. It’s already so late, so you should come down for dinner.”

“Alright, Wendy.”

Sasha was deeply engrossed in her experiment and gave the housemaid an offhanded reply.

Wendy could only sigh and left the room quietly.

When Sebastian returned reeking of blood, the entire villa was pitch dark save for that room on the second level.

She’s still awake?

In long strides, Sebastian entered the villa.

Just as he was about to head upstairs, he lowered his head to look at his hands. In the end, he decided to wash up in the bathroom on the ground level before going upstairs.

Even though spring had just begun, the weather was still chilly. A thin layer of mist could be seen forming whenever someone exhaled.

It’s rather cold tonight. Why hasn’t she slept?

Sebastian arrived at the room where a warm, orange light was spilling out from the crack of the door.

He raised his hand and was about to knock when he realized the door was open. From the crevice, he could see Sasha on her knees in the room. There were papers on the floor. What the heck is she doing?



The woman’s head shot up and immediately turned towards the door.

He’s back?

An elated Sasha instantly got up, totally forgetting about what she was working on. She made a beeline for the door and opened it, saying, “Sebastian, you’re back?”

As the man stood at the door watching her run toward him in an animated manner, his breath momentarily stopped.

“Yes, I’m back. What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to find a remedy for Matt… Roxanne has yet to find the cure, so I thought of trying other methods. But… it’s been a whole night of experimenting and I’m still nowhere close. The remnants of the dessert are way too microscopic, and I don’t have much left to work with…”

Her sentence trailed off as she looked increasingly distressed.

Sebastian silently observed her while she explained herself. Despite constantly reminding himself to lose all hope in her, he could not help but soften at her actions.

“It’s fine. He’s already fessed up.”

“What? Really? Did he confess to everything? Did he really admit that he attempted to poison our son?”

When she heard his response, she grew agitated and gripped Sebastian’s wrist tightly.

Sebastian shot a quick glance at her hand. The corners of his lips faintly turned upwards as he continued, “Yes, he owned up to everything. I’ve already killed him.”

Such horrid words seemed to roll off his tongue casually.

At that, Sasha’s eyes widened in shock.

Killed? So fast? Oh god.

Dumbfounded, she was rendered completely speechless. In an instant, fear gripped her as she cowered slightly, feeling chills travel down her spine.

Her reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Sebastian. His face instantaneously hardened as he questioned, “Why? Are you unhappy about what I’ve done?”


The woman regained her senses and rapidly waved her hands. “No, no, that’s not it… I’m just… I… You took his life so quickly… Won’t your father have anything to say about that?”

Sebastian snickered, “I doubt so. He was out to end his grandson’s life. You think my father would have any qualms?”

His response left Sasha at a loss for words.

There was some truth in his words.

Still, Sasha could not help but find the whole situation difficult to accept.

It wasn’t because that heartless monster didn’t deserve to die, but because Sebastian was so indifferent about murder. His impassive face gave her the impression that homicide was nothing out of the ordinary.

In a split second, two starkly gory scenes she had once seen in her childhood flashed in her mind.

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