The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 314

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 314

Sasha was finally able to stay thanks to her quick thinking.

The kids were incredibly happy and ran up to her right after Sebastian left.

“Mommy, Mommy! I was the one who stopped Daddy earlier! Did Vivi do a good job?” Vivian asked while throwing herself into Sasha’s arms.

Sasha gave her a big hug and a few kisses on the cheek.

“Yes, sweetie! You’re the best!”

“What about me, Mommy? I was the one who discovered Daddy’s car and informed them to come over!”

“Me too!”

The other two tried to gain Sasha’s compliment as well when they heard her praising Vivian.

Naturally, Sasha did just that, and the four of them were having a great time in the room until Matteo went pale all of a sudden.


Sasha was quick to notice that groan. She hugged him as she asked worriedly, “What’s wrong, Matteo? Are you not feeling well?”

“Matt’s having a stomachache, Mommy! He’s been having them every now and then,” Vivian explained while rubbing his tummy.

Stomachaches every now and then? What’s going on? Does gastroenteritis last that long in children?

Remembering her original goal, Sasha carried Matteo in her arms and ran off frantically looking for Wendy.

“Wendy, what’s going on with Matt? Why isn’t he getting better? What exactly is his condition? Does the hospital have some sort of medical record I can refer to?”

“Huh? Oh, Mr. Matteo didn’t go to a hospital for his condition. Ms. Rocke is the one in charge of his treatment. Mr. Hayes handed him over to her when the hospitals couldn’t treat him.”

Wendy, who was busy in the kitchen at the time, told Sasha everything.

Roxanne was the one treating him?

Sasha had a bad feeling in her gut upon hearing that. “Even the hospitals couldn’t treat him? Is it that serious?”

Wendy frowned. “I’m not too sure about that, but Ms. Rocke says it’s a fungal infection and has been working on finding the right medicine for it.”

Sasha felt a shiver down her spine.

Roxanne’s a genius when it comes to psychology and is obsessed with medicine! If she’s still unable to find the cure, then… What on earth is this illness Matteo has?

Unable to contain her worries, Sasha handed Matteo over to Wendy and headed over to Roxanne’s research laboratory by herself.

“Sasha? What are you doing here? Thought you didn’t even want to let me see him this morning?”

Roxanne was the type to hold grudges and denied Sasha entry when she saw her at the door.

“I’m terribly sorry for my rude behavior earlier, Ms. Rocke. I came here to ask you about my son’s illness.”


Roxanne’s attitude worsened when she heard her mention that.

“You switched professions halfway through and didn’t even go to a medical university! How could you possibly understand a thing I’m researching?”

For the sake of her son, Sasha humbled herself and swallowed her pride. “It’s true that I’m not as good as you are in certain aspects of medicine, but please show it to me anyway.”

Fortunately, Roxanne was satisfied and let her in upon hearing that.

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure to get your son treated. In fact, I’ve already found a lead.”

Sasha looked at her and asked, “You mean that fungal infection? But those are pretty common, no? Can’t we just treat it with antibiotics?”

At that, Roxanne sneered and said, “That depends on the type of fungus. Do you have any idea what your son is infected with?”

Sasha felt her heart sink once she heard that remark.

What does she mean by that? What is Matteo infected with?

As she followed Roxanne into the laboratory, Sasha noticed a microscope on the table with a blood sample on it.

“I’m going to take a look at this.”

Realizing that the blood sample belonged to her son, Sasha went over to take a look at it before Roxanne could even say anything in response.

Although Sasha wasn’t well-versed in western medicine, she had been a doctor long enough to view blood samples.

Usually, the number of white blood cells would increase in the event of inflammations. However, the blood sample she saw had an abnormally low amount of white blood cells in it.

“What’s going on here? Has his blood always been like this?”

“Yeah. It’s gotten a lot better lately, though. There were barely any white blood cells when it all started!” Roxanne said with a cold snort.

Sasha turned pale instantly.

Barely any at all? That’s impossible! She’s probably exaggerating, but even so, it must’ve been really bad back then!

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