The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 276

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 276

However, the man didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. Roxanne clutched his arm, but he broke free from her grip with a mere flick of his hand.

“Get lost from my sight in three seconds.”

“Sure, but remember to come and look for me. Oh yes, lend me some money as well. My father froze my cards again.”

All of a sudden, the woman uttered that remark indignantly as she stood there staunchly.

Hearing that, the veins on Sebastian’s forehead popped up. Exasperated beyond belief, he finally shot a look at her again. “What did you do now? Your father already gave you five million before you came. You’ve only come back for a while, yet he has already frozen your cards?”

“Are you blaming me now? Do you know that a bottle of reagent costs a million? Five million is only enough for five bottles!”

Sebastian was speechless for a moment before he muttered, “What a nut!”

They, then continued bickering.

When Sasha returned to her room, those three words out of Sebastian’s mouth echoed in her ears.

What a nut… He said that she’s a nut, but I just can’t shake off the sense of vexation, exasperation, and even a hint of indulgence those words seemed to convey.

Stepping into the bathroom again, Sasha regarded the reflection of her countenance that was obviously much dimmer at present. As time ticked by, she realized that the envy within her was growing and spread uncontrollably, just like a vine.

Why are they so familiar with each other? He even knows the amount of her pocket money, and it sounded as though it wasn’t the first time her cards had been frozen. Instead, it seems to be a repeated occurrence. What exactly has their relationship been in those eight years?

Sheer jealousy inundated her, and that was a feeling she never had toward Xandra.

In the end, Sebastian went to Roxanne’s place.

Indeed, it was Frederick who called Roxanne back. Sebastian once suffered a mental breakdown during the Emmanuel family’s birthday party, so he was a tad worried and convinced her to drop by.

Sasha didn’t see the man when she came down, but she didn’t ask any questions about his whereabouts either.

“Is there anything to do today, Wendy?”

“No, no. Mr. Hayes asked you to wait for him to come back, and he’ll visit your father with you. I actually prepared some pastries. Do you want to take them with you?”


Sasha was taken aback for a moment, and she couldn’t quite wrap her head around it.

He actually knew about that?

The heavy stone that had been crushing her abruptly lifted. She didn’t want to admit it, but her mood improved significantly at once.


After giving her agreement, she stayed in the villa and waited for him.

But to her disappointment, the person who had gone out didn’t come back even after she had waited from morning until afternoon. Conversely, it was Frederick who phoned when she made no move to visit her father despite the hour.

“Sasha, why haven’t you gone over yet? The person whom I’ve contacted at the prison has been waiting for you a long time.”

“Eh? Uh… In that case, I’ll go over right away. Please ask him to wait for a bit longer. I’ll be there in a jiffy. Is that okay?” Sasha instantly panicked upon hearing that, and she frantically beseeched with the phone in hand.

Fortunately, Frederick didn’t censure her.

A few minutes later, Sasha drove off by herself and headed straight to the prison.

Unbeknownst to her, the reason Sebastian wasn’t home yet was that he had been hypnotized by Roxanne at Rocke residence.

Roxanne was indeed an expert in psychology. When she was still a child, she had already exhibited the ability to read other people’s thoughts through their eyes. And as she grew older, she could even manipulate people with her own methods.

For that reason, she had actually been dubbed a prodigy in Avenport at a tender age.

Back then, it made up a major part of the reason Sebastian’s uncle took him abroad.

It was because Frederick heard that the Rocke family would be treating him, so he agreed.

As Roxanne regarded the man whom she had hypnotized, she habitually turned off his cell phone beside him.

“Let him sleep for a bit, and don’t allow anyone to disrupt him.”

“Understood, Dr. Rocke.”

Her assistant promptly nodded when she heard that.

Shortly after, Roxanne left and only came back late at night.

Hypnosis was different from the usual sleep by the ordinary person. If the patient weren’t awakened by the person who conducted the hypnosis in the first place, he wouldn’t rouse naturally. What was more, the hypnotist in question was the incredibly talented Roxanne.

When her assistant saw that Roxanne was back, she initially wanted to remind her to awaken Sebastian.

However, after stepping in for a look, Roxanne did nothing at all. Instead, she went to the bathroom with her pajamas in hand.

When she exited the bathroom half an hour later, Sasha had just arrived in front of her house.

“Excuse me, but is Dr. Rocke in?”

“Yes, she is. May I know who you are?” Roxanne’s assistant was quite polite.

Sasha’s lips compressed into a thin line. Casting the black Bentley parked at the parking space of the small villa a glance, she took a step forward.

“I’m here to pick my husband, Sebastian Hayes, up. Dr. Rocke said she’s bringing him over for an examination, but it’s been an entire day. So, I came over for a look since he’s not home yet.”

“Pardon me? You’re… Mrs. Hayes?”

Sure enough, the assistant’s expression changed. She gaped at her in shock and even started stuttering.

At that, Sasha’s heart sank for some inexplicable reason.

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