The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 213

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 213

Sasha moved away from the weirdo in front of her. “Brandon, have you lost your mind? Aren’t you supposed to join the rest of your family? They’re in the hall, okay?”

“What does that have to do with me? Am I supposed to be bothered by their whereabouts?”

“What do you mean? Aren’t you here to help them?”

“No. They got themselves involved in such a nasty situation. What happens to them has nothing to do with me. I’m here for you!”

Brandon tried to force his way through the narrow slit of the window right after he beamed his reply.

The window started winding up again before Sasha could respond to his flirting remarks.

Brandon was startled. Then he started growling in pain. “Sebastian, let go of me, you jerk! I will get you if my handsome face is ruined because of you! If I don’t get to stay in the showbiz, you have to compensate me for my loss!”

After hearing him shriek in pain for a few seconds, Sebastian, who had a wrathful look, finally showed Brando some mercy and wound down the window.

The latter stepped back quickly as he cupped his swollen cheeks and moaned.

The Bentley eventually left. Sasha, who was seated behind, dared not make a sound after she witnessed the shocking scene.

He’s such a horrifying man! Brandon is his cousin. Why has he gotten worked up over his cousin for no apparent reason?

When she turned around, she could still see Brandon pointing and yelling at them.

Sasha felt bad for Brandon. He had taken great care of her back in the day.

After they returned to Frontier Bay, Sasha was going to bring her children upstairs for a shower because they were drenched in sweat after the intense fight in the theater.

However, after she alighted from the car, Sebastian took the boys home, leaving a confused Sasha behind.

“Let’s go and have a shower.”

Why does he seem to be frustrated? He has been quiet throughout the entire ride home! What’s wrong with him? I don’t get it!

She decided to forget about it and take her daughter back into the villa.

“Welcome home, Ms. Wand! How was the show?” Wendy asked the moment she saw Sasha.

Sasha got Vivian a glass of water and shared the great news with the housemaid. “Everything went well. I guess it’s fine to make them their favorite dishes to celebrate the joyous occasion.”

Wendy was equally delighted. She headed into the kitchen to prepare the children’s favorite dishes as instructed.

Suddenly, she heard a little boy’s voice yelling from upstairs, “Mommy! Mommy!”

She couldn’t be sure if it was Ian or Matteo because she could barely hear the voice.

She reached the staircase and yelled in return, “What’s wrong? Who is it?”

The little boy, who was on the second floor in his father’s bathroom, yelled, “It’s Matt, Mommy! Can you please get us our underwears? Daddy can’t seem to find it!”

Huh? Does he really consider himself our sons’ father when he can’t even find their underwears?

Sasha made her way upstairs, into Matteo’s room to bring her sons their undergarment.

Little did she know there was another person in the room. He was standing in front of the wardrobe with his waist bent over, searching for something.


Before she could finish, Sebastian yelled at her, “What are you doing here? Get the hell out of the room now!”

Glaring at her, the indifferent man raised his volume without holding back.

What the hell is wrong with this scum?

Sasha was about to leave, but wrath slowly took her rationality over. As soon as she turned around, she recalled it was her son’s room.

Since she was the one who had brought Matteo up, she thought she shouldn’t be the one to get out of their son’s room.

She marched over to Sebastian’s side. “What makes you think you get to order me around? You’re the one who’s supposed to leave because this is my son’s room!”

Sasha pushed him away without giving him the chance to explain himself. Sebastian was infuriated because she started searching the wardrobe and ignored him as though he weren’t there.

From the moment they saw Brandon at the theater, he had been holding back his anger.

Is she trying to pick on me after Brandon shows up? How dare she push me away?

Sebastian’s expression darkened. The woman didn’t bother to show him any respect at all. Instead, she had the audacity to assert dominance when they were in his domain.

Completely engulfed by wrath, he grabbed Sasha’s wrist with all his might. “Sasha, it seems like someone has been getting pretty full of herself lately, huh?”

Sasha’s face puckered in pain. She returned the favor and started yelling, “Sebastian, have you lost your mind?”

He made light of her confrontation as though an evil spirit had possessed him.

“What has Brandon offered you? Why are you constantly picking on me because of him? Have you been keeping in touch with him over the years? Did you return to him because you know he’s one of Hayes Corporation’s shareholders? Sasha, I must say I’m impressed! It turns out you have been plotting against me all this while!”

What is wrong with him? Is it because he’s having a hard time falling asleep lately? Does that mean he’s not in his right mind?

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