The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 195

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 195

“Ms. Wand, you haven’t fully recovered yet. You should go back to your room and have a good rest.”

“It’s all right. I’m feeling a lot better now. Moreover, I’m keen on learning how to prepare this dish so I can prepare for the kids next round.”

Sasha tried her best to convince Wendy that she was fine.

In the end, Wendy could only let her stay and help out in the kitchen.

Later, Sasha was absorbed in learning from the chef of The palace on the preparation of the king crabs.

She had almost forgotten about the ordeal.

Even though she could not put it out of her mind completely, but as of now the discomfort in her heart seemed to be eased as she glanced at her three kids who were waiting eagerly in the living room for the sumptuous dish to be served.

Even my three babies understand the importance of being united and protect each other well.

I have no right to blame the sister and brother duo.

After all, they are siblings and blood is thicker than water. There’s nothing wrong for him to take her sides. It doesn’t make sense for him to let Sabrina go to jail and pay for her sins. If she ends up in prison, the reputation of the Hayes will also be tarnished!

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief after talking herself into accepting the fact.

She was assisting the chef to get rid of the claws of the crabs with the crab sheller. “Do we need to get rid of all the claws?” she asked him courteously.

The chef who was in the midst of preparing a dish replied, “The claws are hard and sharp. Just cut all of them so the kids won’t get hurt.”


Sasha continued to cut the claws as advised by the chef.

All of a sudden, Wendy entered the kitchen hurriedly. “Ms. Wand, Luke is waiting outside now. He asked you to go out at once as he needs to bring you somewhere.”


Sasha was stunned. Bring her somewhere? Where is it?

She was puzzled.

Meanwhile, Luke could not wait any longer and stepped into the villa hastily. He dashed into the kitchen in a hurry once he caught a glimpse of Sasha’s figure.

“Madam, hurry up, Mr. Hayes Sr. had just called me to bring you back to the Hayes Residence at once.”


“Madam, hurry up! We’re running out of time! Mr. Hayes might send Ms. Sabrina straight to the police station. If so, the Hayes Corporation would surely be in big trouble later!”

Luke stomped his feet apprehensively while Sasha was in a daze and could not react at all. In the end, he grabbed her and dragged her out at once.

Sasha was stupefied and her mind went blank.

She was unaware that Luke had dragged her into the car and sped off. By the time she came to, they were already quite a distance away from the Frontier Bay.

“W-what happened?” she swallowed hard and stammered.

“Ah! Mr. Hayes didn’t tell you anything about it? Ms. Sabrina is the culprit behind everything. Mr. Hayes went straight to the Hayes Residence to look for her, demanding her to go to the police station and turn herself in. The two of them started to quarrel as she was reluctant to do so. Mr. Hayes was enraged and was about to call the police in order to arrest her on the spot. Mr. Hayes Sr. is trying to stop him now!”

Luke’s forehead was beaded with sweat; apparently, there was a heated argument at the Hayes!

Sasha chose to remain quiet.

She felt something exploded in her mind and it was turning to mush.

How is that possible? Did I get it wrong?

Sabrina had just called me a while ago and said provocatively that she intended to see whether her brother would stand up for her this round, or chose righteousness instead.

She even took a photo of her brother’s car at the Hayes Residence deliberately to show off to me.

But how did everything changed in just a split second?

Sasha’s fingernails sank into her palm as she tightened her fists. Mixed feelings crashed into her heart like a series of never-ending waves.

She was silent again as her mind sank into deep contemplation.

The car finally came to a halt after half an hour.

To Sasha’s great surprise, the yard of the Hayes Residence was unusually crowded and rowdy.

From a distance, she could hear faint voices of them giving their own opinions.

“Please enter at once. The situation is a mess!”

Luke’s heart skipped a beat again at the sight of the crowd in the yard. He immediately led Sasha into the residence.

This was the first time Sasha stepped into the Hayes Residence again officially since she left the place five years ago.

“Sasha Wand! Is that her? Look! She’s alive again!”

“My goodness! It’s unbelievable! How did she hide from us all this while? She’s indeed a lot more than meets the eye!”

“If I’m not mistaken, she’s also the major cause of the family dispute today. It’s really out of my expectation! She’s even more cunning now compared to five years ago. Is she here to seek vengeance?”

The moment she emerged, everyone in the yard was overwhelmed.

In a split second, their expressions changed; all of them glared at Sasha with rage and distrust on their faces.

They were even more agitated now compared to how they were debating about the family dispute between Sebastian and Sabrina a while ago.

Sasha kept her head lowered all the time, ignoring their glares, and pretended that she did not hear anything.

She could foresee their hostility towards her at the moment. Even when I was in such a piteous state when I was married to Sebastian years ago, they were reluctant to accept me as a member of the Hayes family.

What more to say now?

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