The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 193

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 193

Sebastian and the two boys could not help feeling amused at the sight of Sasha fleeing from them with flushed cheeks.

Matteo stole a look at his Daddy and was surprised to find that his smile was so wide he’d have had to break it into sections to fit it through a doorway.

“Daddy, is Matteo a good boy?”

“Of course, both you and Ian are Daddy’s my good boys. Tell me, what do you want as your reward?”

Sebastian felt so proud of his sons.

“Hurray!” both Matteo and Ian yelled jubilantly and were about to tell their Daddy what they wished to have as their reward. Meanwhile, the little girl who was neglected by them all this while was staring at them unhappily.

“You’re bullying Mommy again!”

The little girl was really innocent. She totally had no idea what her two brothers and Daddy were up to.

In her eyes, her Mommy was upset because of them so she must pay them back on behalf of her. With her little fists gritted, she pouted her lips and moved toward them like a fierce cat fighting for its territory.

Both Matteo and Ian were at a loss for words.

Looking at the adorable little girl who was trying her best to speak up for her Mommy, Sebastian laughed heartily and could not help teasing her.

He lifted her up effortlessly like how he did previously.

“Uncle Sebastian, how many times have I told you not to lift me up like this! I’m not a bag of groceries. How can you lift me up like this?”

The little girl was even more furious when she was lifted to the eye level of her Daddy. She glared at him with her rounded eyes which were staring daggers are her father.

Sebastian suddenly recalled. Ah! She’s right! She was really unhappy when I lifted her up like this previously.

“Sorry, I forgot about it. By the way, why did you say that Uncle Sebastian and your brothers were bullying your Mommy?” Sebastian asked her softly, trying to appease her.

At the same time, he brushed the front part of her little dress and tugged it gently in order to smooth out the creases on it.

He was apparently treating the little girl with unusually great patience and gentleness today.

Vivian was stunned as her daddy had never talked to her with such a kind tone before. Blinking her eyes in disbelief, she almost forgot what she was supposed to say.

“Mommy… Mommy ran off because of all of you!”

“Mommy ran off because she’s shy.” Sebastian was not embarrassed at all.

Vivian became even more confused with his words.

So, Mommy ran off just now because she was shy?

Her round eyes widened as she tried to think hard.

Sebastian chuckled upon seeing her cute expression, but he did not tease her again so as not to infuriate her. Stroking her hair gently, he asked, “Tell Uncle Sebastian, what do you feel like having for dinner tonight?”


Dinner! There was a glint of delight in the little girl’s eyes. Before she could answer Sebastian, she was already drooling. Her displeasure had now vanished into thin air.

Sebastian was speechless at her temperament.

He could not describe the sudden change of feeling in his heart. It was as if the armor enveloping his heart softened and was melting.

“How about I buy you king crabs for dinner?”

“Yay! Yay! I love crabs!”

The two boys nodded excitedly. Their faces lit up in an instant.

Vivian blinked her eyes for quite a while before she could respond by mumbling, “Vivi… Vivi also… want to eat…”

Sebastian burst into laughter at her comical demeanor.

Later, he waved and signaled a housemaid to come over.

“Mr. Hayes, what can I do for you?”

“Bring them in, ask Wendy to shower the kids, and change them. Give The Palace a call too. Arrange for a chef to bring along two king crabs and prepare the dish here tonight.”

He instructed the housemaid casually, catering to the needs of the kids.

It was unbelievable that such a dignified man like Sebastian was behaving so differently at home. He was really considerate of the kids and even had the patience to please them.

The housemaid brought the kids in at once as instructed.

After they left, Sebastian also stood up and left without entering the villa at all.

Sasha was in her room at the first floor.

After she was back in her room earlier on, she headed straight for the showers impulsively. She needed to cool down as her entire body was burning with great embarrassment.

The moment she stepped out of the bathroom, Vivian was already in her room.

“Mommy, Daddy said we’re having big crabs for dinner tonight. Do you like to eat big crabs?”

She climbed onto her mommy’s bed with a lollipop in her mouth, sharing the great news with her in excitement.

Big crabs?

Sasha smiled and bent down to pinch her chubby cheek. “Is that true? Did Daddy said he’s treating you?”

“Yeah, Daddy said he’s treating us!”

The little girl replied confidently.

Sasha cheered up instantly and asked, “Nice! And did our sweetie say thank you to Daddy? See, I’m right after all. Daddy really likes you, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah!” The little girl agreed with her Mommy.

But, to thank Daddy?

I was not in time to say thank you to Daddy just now!

Vivian sprawled on the bed and looked at her Mommy sheepishly. “I will remember to thank Daddy when he’s back later!”

Sebastian has left?

Sasha was stunned.

She was about to say something, but her phone suddenly rang.


“Sasha Wand, you’re really good at playing mind games, and let my brother investigate this matter for you! Now that the truth is unveiled, do you think he will once again place righteousness above his family because of you?”

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