The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 147

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 147

Raymond quickly agreed, but he disapproved of the idea of them staying in a hotel. “Of course! But how can you stay at a hotel when you came all the way here? You’re welcome to stay at my manor. I’ll take you guys there. Let’s go!” Then, the blond man carried Vivian in one hand, pulled Sasha’s luggage in another, and headed to the parking lot. Ian didn’t look very happy. Seeing this, Matteo immediately held Ian’s hand. “

Mr. Leonard is just a business associate of Mommy’s. Don’t worry. Mommy won’t be with him.” “Really?” After hearing that, Ian finally looked at his brother feeling a little uneasy. Matteo immediately assured him. “It’s true. Mr. Leonard is a nobleman. Although he’s single, his family would not allow him to marry a commoner. Besides, Mommy has her hands full with little troublemakers like us.” The little kid actually mocked himself as a troublemaker. Hearing this, Ian was finally relieved. However, when he thought of the current situation, he felt a little frustrated again. “Then, what about Daddy? Mommy really doesn’t want him anymore?” “Don’t you talk about him anymore! Honestly, Ian.

Mommy and I already gave him lots of chances before. But look at what he did? Do you have any idea how Mommy came back yesterday?” When Matteo brought this up, his tiny fists tightened with incipient tears swelling in his eyes. Indeed, after the incident yesterday, Sasha only remained calm in front of them. However, no one knew about the slap she gave herself when she got into the car after coming out of the nursing home. She even had to stop the car and got out to vomit on the way home. No one knew, except Matteo, who had always placed a tracker on his mother. He didn’t understand why she threw up, but he heard her painful, suffering voice when she was vomiting. In the end, she moaned and wailed bitterly.

Matteo would never forget about it. Ian finally fell silent. He lowered his head and pinched his robot with his tiny, pale fingers without saying another word. When Matteo saw it, he was at a loss for words. He only held his brother’s hand and followed after their mother. Twenty minutes later. When the mother and children drove by the lane filled with sycamore trees on both sides, a magnificent and luxurious Erihalian manor appeared before them. Their eyes lit up at the gorgeous sight. “Is this your house, Mr. Leonard?” The sweet Vivian asked excitedly when she saw such a magnificent-looking manor. Raymond nodded. “

Yeah. Do you like it, Vivi?” “Yeah, I like it. It’s bigger and prettier than Daddy’s house.” She mentioned her father once again and even compared it to his house at Frontier Bay. Ian couldn’t hold it in anymore. “No! My house is bigger and prettier!” Since the little guy wasn’t good with words and was highly aggrieved, he burst out these few words. When Sasha heard it, she sensed her eldest son’s temper and immediately turned her head. “Little Ian, don’t be angry with Vivi. She’s still young. And that’s right! My sweetie’s house is the biggest.” She reached out her hand to soothe the tense little guy.

Vivi leaned over too. Her round eyes flickered at Ian apologetically. “Ian, are you angry? It’s Vivi’s fault. Vivi won’t say anything like this again. Don’t be angry, okay?” Ian stayed quiet. He could only swallow his bitterness when Vivian apologized, even if he felt wronged. It was not his fault for experiencing mood swings because he had never left Sebastian before. Besides, his mother found another man as soon as she left his father.

Hence, he was worried that he would never be able to see him again. The little boy was heartbroken. Sasha knew that Ian was upset, so she took the boy to a room to be alone with him after they reached the manor. “Little Ian, do you regret leaving with Mommy?” “No!” The boy denied firmly. Yes, I don’t regret it because Mommy didn’t abandon me this time. Sasha was relieved at her son’s answer. “Then, you just don’t like it here, right? Don’t worry. We’re only here temporarily. When Mommy’s friend arranged everything, Mommy will take you back to Clear.” “Really?” The teary little boy finally broke into a smile, and his eyes lit up.

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