The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 105

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 105

Matteo’s eyes watered as he thought about his mother. He knew he was the reason why she was so badly wounded. The boy blinked his eyes hard to force back his tears. Before long, he finally came to terms with his emotions and turned towards Sebastian. “Do you blame Mommy?” Sebastian looked at him, puzzled. “Mommy lied to you. Do you blame her for that?” He looked at Sebastian in the eyes. From his unwavering gaze, Sebastian could tell there was worry and fear. Do I blame her? The question resounded in Sebastian’s mind as he thought about everything that had happened. He would be lying if he said he did not blame her at all. She hid Matteo from him for five years and even told him that Ian was the only one who survived.

But what about now? Do I still blame her? Thoughts battled in Sebastian’s mind. First, she faked her death. Now he even found out that she kept his son from him – one who was still alive. If Sasha were not in the operation room right now, Sebastian could have well thrown her into the deep seas. But do I still blame her? The bloody scene of how Sasha protected Matteo flashed before his mind. Sebastian pursed his lips and shook his head determinedly. “No, I don’t blame her. She’s the one who raised you.” “Really?” A smile broke out on Matteo’s face when Sebastian finally elicited an answer. “Yes, it’s true. I don’t blame her,” Sebastian assured him. “Then will you take care of Mommy?” “Sure!” Sebastian replied without the slightest hesitation. What Sebastian said was heart-felt. Sasha was severely injured after the incident. Thus, Sebastian would definitely provide the care she needed since she was his kids’ mother. After that, Matteo finally forgave his father, and the two made up. Sebastian decided to bring all the three kids back to Frontier Bay throughout Sasha’s stay at the hospital, although he was still not comfortable around Vivian. “Let’s go. You can’t stay here since your mother’s still in the ward,” Sebastian called out coldly to Vivian.

Things were still a little awkward between the two. Incipient tears rolled furiously in the girl’s eyes. Why is Daddy so cold to me? He was so nice to Matt just now. I’m also his child, but he didn’t recognize me… Seeing his sister so upset, Matteo came over and comforted her. “Vivi, we have to head home first. Mommy will definitely be disappointed when she finds out that Daddy already knew about my existence. She will be even more upset if she finds out Daddy knows about you too.” “Yeah, we should just wait till Mommy wakes up,” Ian came over and urged. Vivian nodded firmly and went with them in the end. She was the last child Mommy could claim as her own, so Vivian was determined to keep it that way. At that moment, she had made up her mind to not let Mommy feel hurt. The three kids followed Sebastian home to Frontier Bay.

A huge reason why Sebastian did not recognize Vivian was because she was the smallest among the triplets when they were born. Sasha gave birth to the triplets prematurely eight months into pregnancy. If it were not for Dr. Kaye, who performed a C-section on her, the children would not have survived. But because Vivian was the smallest in size when they were born, she still looked like she was a year or two younger than her brothers. That was why it never occurred to Sebastian that she was one of the triplets. Besides, daughters usually took over their mothers’ appearance, so Sebastian was totally unsuspecting of Vivian’s identity. He brought the three kids home, thinking only Matteo and Ian were his children.

Over at the Greens, Xandra was fuming when she found out about what happened. “That sl*t! I can’t believe she actually kept another child to herself. The other twin did not even die in the first place!” Her whole face twisted in fury and hatred. Beside her, Kelly was equally mad as she was the one who arranged the whole kidnapping The original plan was to kidnap Ian and make Sebastian realize that his son had been visiting Sasha at her place. Kelly wanted to incite Sebastian against Sasha so he would get rid of her. But just as she was feeling proud of her fool-proof plan, the long-lost twin came out of nowhere and spoiled her plan. “I can’t believe she has been hiding one of the twins all this while! That cunning b*tch!” Xandra screeched.

Kelly was busy making other arrangements to make sure everything did not trace back to her when she caught Xandra wallowing at the corner. “What do you think you’re doing? All you know is to complain. Will that solve the problem?” Xandra finally quietened down after her aunt scolded her, but the abhorrence in her eyes was still obvious. “With things turning out this way, Sebastian will definitely not go easy on the main culprit behind this. We have to lay low for now,” Kelly warned her niece. “So I’m supposed to just sit here and watch her go into Hayes Residence like it’s her own house? Do you know that her two kids are at Frontier Bay already?” Xandra howled. She knew she could not just wait and do nothing. Regardless, Sasha was not an incompetent rival, and Xandra knew it full well from her past dealings with her.

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