Pursuing my ex-wife is not easy chapter 3078 by Thomas novel

Pursuing my ex-wife is not easy chapter 3078 -Luna raised her brows at Tara questioningly. “Are you saying you’ve known about Anne and John since six months ago?”

Tara was silent for a moment before finally nodding. “Yes.”

She exhaled and stared solemnly at Luna. “In the past, all I had ever heard about you was that you married my long-lost cousin and were blessed with triplets. I also heard that at one point, you were close with Christian, but I didn’t have any more information apart from this. One day, my aunt confided in me that you, my long-lost cousin-in-law, were none other than Moon, my favorite jewelry designer.

“Ever since this discovery, I started paying more attention to you and kept tabs on any news regarding you. With this, I was no stranger to your murder and trial, so I knew of Anne and John’s existence.”

Luna’s eyes widened in shock.

She could not believe that Tara was secretly one of her fans, so much so that she would keep her eye out for any news of Luna even though they lived in different cities.


If Tara truly admired her so much, why would she attempt to get close to Joshua despite knowing Luna despised this?

Tara seemed to know exactly what Luna was thinking. She pursed her lips but did not respond to this. Instead, she

changed the topic and asked, “Why don’t I bring you to visit Gwen and her father now?”

Luna was silent for a moment, then finally shook her head.” No, I want to see John.”

It had been a long time since she last saw John. She wondered how he was doing, and whether Sammie was coping well in this new city.

The truth was, she used to not be fond of John. At one point, she could not help blaming John for dragging Anne down with his unfortunate fate.

If Anne had not married John, she would have followed in her mentor’s footsteps and become one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world.

Because of John, Anne gave up the chance to further her training overseas, sacrificed fame and glory, and instead chose to remain in Banyan City as a rather ordinary plastic surgeon. Not only that, but after Sammie’s birth, she even quit her job and became a full-time housewife to take care of John and their daughter.

As her friend, Luna could not help feeling that Anne had wasted her future, but she was in no place to comment.

Therefore, she could not help blaming John for this turn of events, since he was the main reason Anne had chosen to do all this in the first place.


After witnessing John’s reaction to Anne’s death, Luna

finally knew Anne’s decision and sacrifices were right.

Anne had never been an ambitious person; all she wanted was to lead an ordinary and peaceful life.

If it were not for Luna, Anne and John would still be living peacefully in Banyan City…

With Anne no longer around, Luna could finally let go of her frustration toward John.

She wanted nothing more than to sneak a glance at John and see what he was up to like old friends did. At the same time, knowing that he was doing well would give her some peace of mind.

Tara fell silent for a long time before finally nodding. “Alright then, but you have to control yourself and not make a sound, Luna. Otherwise, he might see you.”

Luna nodded. “I will.”

She knew that the last thing John wanted was to find out she was ‘spying’ on him.

“Come with me.” Tara exhaled, grabbed Luna’s hand, and led her to John’s room.

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