Pursuing my ex-wife is not easy chapter 3065 by desirenovel

Pursuing my ex-wife is not easy chapter 3065 -“Sir,” John called out. “I never pegged you for such a loyal friend.”

Scarface glared at him. “Don’t talk to me. You’re a slippery eel. I know you’re just talking to me because you’re trying to escape. Well, let me tell you this; you won’t stand a chance.”

Since he had chosen to sacrifice himself by staying behind with the hostages, he was determined not to be fooled by this man anymore.

John’s heart sank. “Sir, I’m not trying to escape. I just wanted to make small talk, that’s all.”

Scarface sneered. “Well, if you’re feeling lonely, you can talk to that old geezer next to you. He’s been here a long time and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Perhaps you guys can be friends and accompany each other when you go to heaven!”

Scarface’s words made John’s skin crawl. He was about to say something else, but Scarface pointed the gun at him.” Shut up, or I’ll shoot you.”

John froze and decided not to bother him anymore. Instead, he turned to the man next to him. “Hello, sir. Tell me, how rich are you?”

Andy had been held captive for so long that his voice had turned raspy from misuse. He could not utter a word and instead stared at John in puzzlement.

“You must be rich, huh?” John snickered. “Why else would these men kidnap you in the first place? Come on, tell me. I’m just curious. I’ve never seen that much money in my life.”

Andy mustered all the strength in his body to open his mouth. “You wouldn’t be able to get your hands on my money even if I told you anyway, so why should I?”

John was displeased to hear this. “So what if I can’t get it? I just want to fantasize about it. Why can’t I? Besides…”

He glanced sneakily at Scarface.

Although Scarface was holding a gun, the clothes he wore looked cheap and poorly made.

It was clear that Scarface was probably just as broke as him and had been forced to do this for a living.

He let out a cough and winked at Andy. “Well, if you’re willing to promise us some of your money, we might actually stand a chance of getting it. I’d like to experience what it’s like to be rich before I die!”

Andy chuckled at this. “Well, you’re right. I’m getting old now, and my daughter is nowhere to be found. My money won’t go anywhere anyway, and if I give it to you, you might finally fulfill your dying wish of being a rich man. Sadly…”

Andy sighed. “You won’t have a chance. You’ll never be able to experience what it’s like to be a rich person.”

Scarface stiffened when he heard this, it was clear Andy’s words had struck a chord.

John secretly gave Andy a thumb-up, then added, “Well, if only we can get out of here, we might be able to actually spend some of your money.”

He glanced at Scarface. “Sir, have you ever been rich? Do you know what it’s like?” “Shut your hole!” The next moment, Scarface had his gun pointed at John’s head. “Shut up, or I’ll kill you!”

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