Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2582 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2582-Shirley felt a tremor in her chest. Did Imogen truly harbor such intense feelings for Zacharias? To the point of disregarding her own life? Shirley couldn’t be certain, but she was convinced that nothing would ever happen between Imogen and him. While she couldn’t guarantee it, for now, it seemed unlikely that the man would reciprocate Imogen’s feelings.

‘Imogen, you’re still young, and you have a long road ahead. Just do what you should do and cherish your life.’ ‘Shirley, I mean it. I’m willing to give everything for Mr. Flintstone, Imogen replied.

Shirley felt that Imogen’s liking for Zacharias might be a bit excessive. How could she utter such irrational statements?

‘Imogen, it’s very late. Get some rest, Shirley advised. Imogen responded, ‘Okay. You should rest early, too. After sending this message, a cunning smile played on her lips. She aimed to instill a sense of guilt in Shirley, even if Shirley harbored feelings for Zacharias.

The next morning, Shirley received a call from Ava.

“Hey, Grandma!” “Shirley, come over to accompany me this Saturday at noon. I want to go out and have lunch with friends, and I want you to come with me.” “Sure, Grandma. Got it,” Shirley replied.

“Also, dress up a bit. Women should groom themselves. Don’t wear that uniform all the time. You look like an insurance salesperson.” Shirley couldn’t help but chuckle. “Grandma, this is a legitimate security uniform!” “In any case, you’re not allowed to wear it this Saturday, okay?” “Alright, I got it. I’ll make sure to dress up nicely to see you.” Shirley laughed.

After she ended the call, Zacharias was about to go out again. Shirley immediately followed him, announcing, “I’ll go out with you!” He shook his head. “No need. I’m going to a meeting, you’ll be bored.” As long as it wasn’t for entertainment, he didn’t want to take her out. Waiting outside for hours would be painful for her. It was better to leave her at home, enjoying all the good food she wanted in a cozy environment.

Shirley suddenly felt a bit aggrieved. “Do you not trust my abilities at work?” “It’s not that.” Zacharias denied it and explained, “When you’re around, my focus at work tends to waver.” She was puzzled by his words and asked, “Why?” “Because I’ll be too busy thinking about you and neglect my work,” Zacharias confessed.

This statement was a blatant confession. Upon hearing that, Shirley was speechless, unsure how to refute him.

Seeing that he had convinced her, he smiled. “Stay at home. Be good and wait for my return.” Fuming, she wondered, Why does he speak to me as if I’m a pet? She certainly didn’t want to be treated that way. “That reminds me. I need to accompany my grandmother on Saturday morning. Can I have two days off?” She took the opportunity to request a leave.

“Of course.” He wouldn’t stand in the way of her filial duties.

She nodded. “Okay, take care.” “Do you like flowers?” Zacharias suddenly asked. Shirley didn’t think much before she blurted out, “Mhm!” He smiled and left without uttering a word. Blinking, she pondered whether he had plans to give her flowers. Uncertain, she unexpectedly found herself her guess was correct.

In the evening, when the sound of a car outside reached her ears, Shirley came out of her room. She quickly descended the stairs and reached the door. When the door opened, Zacharias stepped in with a coat in his hand.

A faint sense of disappointment crept into her heart when she noticed the absence of flowers in his hands. Maybe she had set her expectations too high.

After all, this man was incredibly busy-how could he find time for such gestures?

His question earlier that morning might have been nothing more than a casual remark. Lost in thought, she was taken by surprise as he suddenly opened his coat, revealing a beautifully wrapped bouquet of roses in his hands.

Shirley’s eyes widened in surprise. Zacharias had actually hidden the flowers beneath his coat.

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