Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2577 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2577-Soon after, Tony came up to check on her. “Goddess, my uncle helped you apply the ointment, didn’t he?” Tony asked with a grin.

“I couldn’t have done it myself,” Shirley replied.

“Do you like Uncle Zacharias, then?” Tony pressed on.

“Sure! He’s the vice president. Who wouldn’t like him?” Shirley replied super calmly, leading Tony to glare at her. “You know exactly what kind of like I’m talking about.” However, Shirley played dumb. “I’m not very good at reading underlying messages.” Still, Tony saw through her. “I know you definitely like Uncle Zacharias.” Despite knowing that Tony was only joking, her heart still skipped a beat, as though her deepest secret had been discovered.

“Just now, I heard Uncle say he would sort the matter out. Those people are in big trouble; they might spend the rest of their lives behind bars for daring to mess with my uncle’s woman.” “Watch your words,” Shirley gave him a stern look. What do you mean by your uncle’s woman? Tony grinned. “I don’t see a problem with what I said.” Shirley chose not to argue with him. Tony expressed his gratitude, “Thanks a lot, Goddess, for saving my life tonight. Without you, I might have been in big trouble.” “It’s nothing,” Shirley replied. “However! I have a feeling that we might become family in the future! You could be my aunt-in-law, hehe.” With that, Tony quickly headed toward the door, fearing retaliation, and left.

Sure enough, Shirley became exasperated, but she couldn’t do anything about him. That said, she liked Tony’s personality-a playful and cheerful younger brother-like figure.

Tony left. Shirley couldn’t take a shower that night, so she changed into a set of pajamas and lay in bed. Zacharias’ words from earlier echoed in her mind. You must not die in front of me. Shirley thought it was somewhat ominous, not for her but for him.

Will it be any better if he died in front of me? Of course not! Shirley strongly refuted that idea. She wished him a long and healthy life.

In the middle of the night, gentle rain began to fall. The sound of raindrops hitting the window woke Shirley up. She opened her eyes and checked the time- it was 3.30AM.

Just then, a lightning bolt streaked across the sky, illuminating the entire room.

Soon after, a loud clap of thunder followed, sounding particularly striking as if it originated from the top of the house. Shirley lost any desire to sleep. She decided to sit up and contemplate some things.

Then, she heard a noise outside. Despite the thunder, Shirley remained vigilant.

As a bodyguard for Zacharias, she had to investigate any unusual sounds inside the house during such weather.

Shirley gently pushed the door open, moving quietly like a cat as she checked her surroundings. Since she was on the second floor and Zacharias stayed on the third floor, she had to go up and see if everything was alright especially the master bedroom.

Shirley took each step carefully as she ascended to the third floor. Meanwhile, on the third floor, Zachary was preparing to return to his room when he sensed someone coming up. Recognizing who it was, he couldn’t help but smirk and hid behind a nearby pillar.

Shirley reached the third floor and found everything quiet except for the thunderous noise outside the room, which was somewhat intimidating.

Just as she let out a sigh of relief, she suddenly noticed a shadow on the floor moving. Immediately, she approached the pillar with clenched fists.

Simultaneously, a figure emerged from behind the pillar, startling her.

It turned out to be Zacharias. What is he doing, wandering around in a robe in the middle of the night? Pretending to be a vampire?

“What are you doing out here, not sleeping?” Shirley felt a little annoyed. Can’t this man just stay in bed?

“Woken up by the thunder, went downstairs for a drink,” Zacharias explained.

He didn’t sleep well at night, and a drink usually helped him fall asleep. Shirley looked at him speechlessly. Since it was a false alarm, she said to him, “Don’t stay up too late.”

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