Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2559 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2559-Lo and behold, Zacharias fell asleep in no time, but his head suddenly slid down. Shirley Instinctively moved closer, and Zacharias’ head rested perfectly on her shoulder.

Shirley let him rest against her, but what she didn’t know was that the man was pretending to be asleep, and even this series of actions was all an act. The man’s lips curled up slightly, enjoying her shoulder, and then he peacefully rested.

Shirley’s thoughts were also on her shoulder. She turned slightly and saw the man’s tall nose and his lightly pursed, sexy lips. A surge of electricity ran through her body for no apparent reason, and she immediately sat up straight.

Shirley also couldn’t help but close her eyes because she had trouble sleeping last night. Due to drowsiness, her head lightly leaned toward the man’s side.

Sensing her situation, Zacharias, who was still pretending to be asleep, immediately opened his eyes, extended his hand, and caught the girl’s face leaning toward him, after which he gently placed her on his shoulder. Finally, he closed his eyes to rest.

The pair spent half an hour asleep in that posture until Freddie knocked on the door and entered, only to be stumped by the view on the couch.

Just as he attempted to retreat, Shirley woke up. As she opened her eyes and saw Freddie, she felt warm on one side of her face. At that, she turned, only to find she had fallen asleep leaning against Zacharias’ shoulder.

Wasn’t it he who leaned against me? Shirley blushed while a chuckle escaped Freddie before he said, “Sir, it’s about time we leave.” “Alright, one moment,” Zacharias said to him. Freddie tactfully left the room.

Shirley stood up, and Zacharias casually took hold of her wrist, using her support to stand up.

Shirley immediately applied some force on her wrist to help him up, and once Zacharias released her, she said somewhat bashfully, “I shouldn’t have fallen asleep just now.” After seeing her hair a bit disheveled, Zacharias reached out and smoothed her long hair. “You should tie your hair again. It’s gotten messy.” Mortified, she pulled the hair tie down, and her long hair cascaded down like a waterfall. Zacharias, deeply infatuated, gazed at her long locks and reached out, using his fingers to comb through it gently.

Hurriedly, Shirley tied up her long hair neatly to avoid allowing the man to play with her hair.

“Mind the occasion,” Shirley reminded Zacharias, who smiled and replied, “Thank you for the reminder, Miss Lloyd.” Downstairs, Zacharias’ convoy was already prepared. When Imogen saw him coming out, her chest tightened, and she stood up even straighter. Then, she noticed Shirley standing behind Zacharias as a matter of course.

A radiance enveloped this man, and Shirley appeared even more dazzling. Lost in her thoughts all along, Shirley didn’t greet Imogen behind her, and when Freddie opened the car door for her, she smoothly sat beside Zacharias.

Imogen watched with jealousy welling up in her eyes. She was keenly aware of her and Shirley’s identity, yet she still couldn’t let it go.

When Shirley entered the car, Freddie was handing Zacharias a document from the passenger seat. “Sir, this is the revised speech I’ve prepared. Please take a look during the journey.” Zacharias took the three pages of the speech and started reading in the car.

Shirley glanced at him with concern.

Even on the smoothest road, reading in a moving vehicle was still quite straining on the eyes.

The convoy headed straight for a nearby building where the speech was scheduled to take place. Even though the people coming to listen to the speech had their identities checked, it was still highly dangerous for Zacharias to be in a public setting.

The convoy stopped at a side entrance, and Roy’s men immediately approached. Roy himself stood by Zacharias’ side. Suddenly, Shirley was pulled out by a bodyguard. He said to her, “Sir has given orders; you are to rest in the car.” Shirley was startled. Zacharias intended to leave her in the car?! Just then, she saw Imogen standing next to Zacharias, dressed in a suit and wearing glasses, pretending to be an assistant.

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