Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2532 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2532 -After breakfast, Tony and Shirley went out. On the way, she couldn’t help but ask him, “What does your uncle like?” He thought for a while before responding, “I’m not sure.” She continued to ask, “If a girl wants to give a gift to a guy, what kind of things should she choose?” “A belt, a tie, or a watch. Maybe not a watch. Watches are considered unlucky as gifts. Bracelets are a good option,” Tony replied. He then playfully asked, “Are you planning to pick a gift for my uncle?” “Yes. I’m planning to get him a gift.” “In that case, why not choose underwear?” He teased her.

“Be serious,” Shirley said while laughing.

“Alright. How about a bracelet? I know a shop that’s known for bracelets that have been blessed by masters,” Tony suggested.

“Really? Will he like it?” “He’ll like it as long as it’s a gift from you,” Tony replied.

Shirley didn’t have much confidence in that statement, but she thought that a bracelet was a good choice since Zacharias had personalized belts and ties already.

So, Tony took her to a bracelet store and she was amazed by some of the prices she saw. However, she found one that she could afford.

She picked up a purple sandalwood bracelet and examined it carefully. Then, she asked Tony, “What about this one?” “It’s good. The color suits my uncle. It looks mature and dignified.” “Let’s go with this one, then!” Shirley decided to choose this one. After making the purchase, Tony took her back to the residence. Shirley was in high spirits.

today. She felt like she had been liberated. She felt free and was full of joy.

Upon hearing from the servant that Zacharias was currently in the third-floor study, she went upstairs with the gift.

After opening the door, she saw the man standing by the floor-to-ceiling window.

He had already known that she was back.

“Here. I picked a gift for you. Take a look and see if you like it,” she said to him with a brighter and more playful demeanor.

Zacharias reached out to take the gift bag from her, and from inside, he retrieved a wooden box. Inside the box was a bracelet, which he put on his wrist. It complemented his wristwatch nicely.

“Nice. I like it.’ He readily accepted the gift. Shirley asked, “Do you know when my father and the others will arrive?” “They’ll be here in about half an hour, Zacharias answered since he was the one in contact with Richard. Her expression became visibly nervous and she said, “I’ll go back to my room and pack my luggage then.” As Zacharias watched her eager desire to leave, his heart was anxious, but he didn’t know how to hold onto her.

“Shirley, I want to ask you a question.” He called out to her. Shirley turned to him while asking, “What’s the question?” “Have you ever liked me during the time wer spent together?” he inquired bluntly.

She was initially surprised by the question but then answered seriously, “Mr.

Flintstone, you have always been someone I deeply respect. Regardless of where I am in the future, I will remember your care for me. Goodbye.” Having said that, she pushed the door and left, leaving him with an increasingly unpleasant expression on his face.

Half an hour later, a black SUV arrived. Shirley had already placed her luggage in the living room. She hurried out to greet her father, who had stepped out of the front passenger seat. She started feeling anxious, and as a result, she spoke in a softer-than-usual voice.

“Dad, you’re here.” As she looked around, she noticed Imogen getting out of the car. Imogen seemed nervous too, and the two of them exchanged glances.

At this moment, Zacharias’ imposing figure emerged from behind Shirley. When Imogen laid eyes on him, her gaze widened.

Imogen was three years older than Shirley, so she had a more mature mindset and higher emotional awareness. She had seen Zacharias on television before, but she hadn’t anticipated that seeing him in person would make her heart race, However, she suppressed all her emotions and didn’t let them show.

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