No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 521-530

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 521
Unable to keep a straight face after hearing Jack, Selena burst into laughter. “I’m just joking!” she spoke, laughing as she did. “How can I be angry at you? I can only imagine Ivan’s face as he wiped your shoes; it must’ve been very interesting. It’s strange, though. Why didn’t you take a photo of such a long-anticipated scene with your phone and share it with me? You should’ve shared the fun with me!”

“Hey, I just forgot about it at the time. I promise I’ll take a picture next time!” Jack laughed and pushed the swing in front of him, where Kylie sat giddily.

Swung together with the swing, Kylie felt like she was flying; as though she was a bird joyfully soaring in the sky. This young girl was finally experiencing the love of her father. Nobody would call her a wild child anymore.

At that moment, a thought occurred to Selena. “Oh, right. What’s your relationship with that rich woman? Will she really be coming over?” she asked. “I had no idea that you’re a Head Commander!”

“Truthfully, I’m much higher than that, but I can’t take my token out. You only need to know that your husband is really powerful, and even the Gods of War had to respect me.” Jack had a tight smile on her face. He could only give his wife a small hint after noting that no one else was around.

“Keep boasting. You’re a head commander, Jack, and it’s not bad for you to have two billion. It’s actually astounding that you became Head Commander within five years!” Selena rolled her eyes at Jack. “I’ve never met the Gods of War. I heard that this Goddess of War is a beautiful woman.”

“Honey, the rich woman they’re talking about is the Goddess of War. I’ve told you before that I know her, and we’re friends!” Jack smiled bitterly. He had said all these before, and he even said that the Nine Great Gods of War were his apprentices. In the end, Selena merely shrugged him off, believing he was pulling things out of thin air.

This was why Jack did not bother bringing it up anymore.

“Really? If that’s the case, are you kept as the Goddess of War’s side piece? If you truly are, then I’d be happy. It’s considered as ‘making a sacrifice for the country’, right?” Selena jokingly teased Jack. Still, it seemed so impossible to her. How was it possible that Jack knew the Goddess of War? After all, many head commanders did not know the Gods of War, let alone be their friends.

It was an incredible feat if one managed to befriend the Gods of War; an achievement worth gloating over.

Jack only told these things to Selena, not to Dennis and the others. It was obvious Jack was afraid that others would expose him, and it would only embarrass him.

“You actually want me to be the Goddess of War’s side piece?” Jack smiled, though dissatisfied. She had taken this joke too seriously.

Jack never had other thoughts about this apprentice of his. Of course, he would admit she looked prettier and sexier after she changed from her army clothing to a more feminine outfit after she left the army. Outside the battlefield, she was much gentler. Nonetheless, Jack only saw her and treated her as his apprentice.

“In your dreams. Even if you’re willing to do it, she isn’t willing for that. She’s the Goddess of War! How would she fall for some married man like you? This is just a joke between us, so don’t get any ideas. If someone overhears us and tattles on us, the Goddess of War might slap you the moment she hears it! By then, your death would be a wronged death!” Selena grinned, her mood seemingly much better.

“Honey, why don’t we move tomorrow in the morning? By that time, there would be lots of rooms there. Didn’t you say that we can’t do it if Kylie sleeps with us? It’ll be only the two of us in that room. Can we…” Jack spoke, trailing off.

“You pervert! So the real reason why you bought this house in such a hurry was for… Hmph! I wouldn’t give chances to a person with impure motives like you!” Selena’s blush seared across her face. Despite turning her head to the other side in a form of disagreement, it felt as though there were butterflies in her belly.

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 522
Jack instantly cleared his throat when he heard Selena’s comeback. “Honey, that’s not the case. The main reason was we were lacking a house, right?” he spoke in his defense. “Apart from that, this house is conveniently opposite the Taylors’ mansion, and you can easily go visit as you pleased! Furthermore, it’s in the center of Kylie’s kindergarten and where we work. This location is perfect, so I bid for it!”

“Five-star King of War, Xyle Walker is here to congratulate Old Master Taylor on his seventieth birthday! He presents…”

More and more people trickled in. Nobody anticipated that another important person, a 5-star King of War at that, would come.

Old Master Taylor had a huge smile on his face. There were a few Kings of War here and quite a number of majors and marshals. Apart from that, a large number of Head Commanders and Assistant Commanders were also present.

Not only that, but an impressive number of first-class and second-class aristocratic families were also here.

This small party turned into a grand gathering. He began to worry if 200 tables were enough to go around.

The attendees were generous, their gifts rather expensive. It was fair to say that the Taylors had earned a lot with just the presents.

Of course, Old Master Taylor was not ignorant. Most of the people were here because a certain person was said to be coming: Eastfield’s Goddess of War, a powerful unrivaled existence that had great achievements.

He had no idea why the Goddess of War would come to the Taylor family just to congratulate him, but that was not an important thing to fret over. The most important thing was that the Taylor family was heavily celebrated on this day, and their future would no doubt develop smoothly.

He even received name cards of many businessmen. Not only that, but some Marshals and Commanders also approached him and offered their name cards.

Everyone was conversing with one another in the courtyard, either in groups of twos or threes. Of course, these conversations were started for the sake of possibly establishing beneficial relationships.

Skyler, for example, was talking with Quin. “Why is the Goddess of War not here yet? Is it possible that she won’t be coming?” The 8-star King of War looked at the door and frowned.

Had it not been for the rumor that the Goddess of War was coming, he would not have come to this party.

“Women; they need time to dress up! We’re not on the battlefield right now, and our Goddess of War is a woman. I heard that she’s much prettier once she dresses up nicely.”

Quin laughed. “I’ve seen her in feminine outfits before. I dare say she’s gorgeous!”

“Is it? To be honest, I’ve never seen our Goddess of War in such clothing. Still, she’s quite tall and has legs for days. It’s only logical she’d look very nice in women’s clothing!” Skyler laughed as well, all the more excited about seeing her.

Needless to say, they held respect for the Goddess of War’s appearance. Such a person was regarded highly.

Skyler’s eyes slowly wandered and, without realizing it, found himself looking at the garden.

It was fine before he took a look. Upon proper inspection, he noticed a man grinning as he stood with a rather beautiful lady and a young girl, chatting happily.

“That person’s side-profile looks… So much like…” Skyler frowned. That person in the garden looked so much like a man he knew on the battlefield.


No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 523
Quin, who was by his side, looked to where he looked at and laughed. “You’re talking about that person? I know him: He’s the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family. That woman, on the other hand, is Selena Taylor. She was the obsession of many rich young masters in Eastfield and was even dubbed the province’s ‘Number One Beauty’. However, for reasons I don’t know, they got married!”

“How could it be? Is he truly just a son-in-law married into the wife’s family?” Skyler frowned. He could no longer see Jack’s side-profile as he had turned around.

Still, he was convinced that this man’s figure was too much of a match with ‘that’ man’s figure.

“Yes, and he so happens to be a veteran as well. He’s been in the army for five years and is only a normal soldier. I’m not entirely sure about the details, though. My ex-subordinate, Dennis, is more familiar with him!” Quin added nonchalantly.

“Five years?” Skyler’s frown grew deeper when he heard this. “The Supreme Warrior supposedly stayed in the army for five years, too!”

“Yes. I remembered that I entered the army in later days and was there for three years. That time, I heard about a young man utterly skilled on the battlefield. Rapidly scaling up the ranks, he became Head Commander in just two years on the battlefield, and I heard that he only got better and better. He wore a mask shaped like a dragon’s face and was to be honored as the Supreme Warrior! There was supposed to be an official announcement about this, but for some unknown reasons, they canceled it. This man’s identity was left unknown, protected by his anonymity.”

Quin began to lament as well. “The world should know the name of such a powerful person. Everybody called him ‘Dragon of Daxia’ on the battlefield because he was the soul of Daxia. That title was bestowed to him because of his dragon mask, but not many people know his actual name!”

“Exactly. He’s too bright, and his existence is godlike!” Skyler exclaimed. A thought then occurred to him as he added, “I remembered that his surname is White, but I don’t know his full name. He became the only Supreme Warrior one year ago, and everybody addressed him as Supreme Warrior!”

“You know that his surname is ‘White’?” Quin spoke as he laughed at his own ignorance. “I don’t even know his surname! I only know that he’s the Supreme Warrior and was called ‘Dragon of Daxia’!

“Now that everyone has retired from the army, our chances of seeing the Supreme Warrior slimmed down significantly. He seems to have retired into the forest and became a dragon slumbering in private. Since he doesn’t like to be disturbed, then let him be!” Quin spoke before a sigh escaped his lips. “My only wish is that I want to see what the Supreme Warrior looks like, just once. My life would be complete if I do. Alas, I’ve never seen him, let alone see his actual face. This is my only regret.”

“By the way, Quin, do you know that man’s surname?” Skyler’s eyes kept focusing on Jack’s back. The more he looked at him, the more he looked like the Supreme Warrior. This caused him to wonder.

“Him? Why are you interested in him? His surname is White, and his name is Jack White,” Quin answered nonchalantly.

“His surname is White and his name is Jack White…?” Skyler trailed off. “And he’s only a normal soldier after being on the battlefield for five years? Could it be…?”

Skyler eyed his surroundings before he slowly confessed, “Brother, I don’t want to hide this from you, but I’ve seen the Supreme Warrior’s face. There was a moment when his mask fell during a skirmish, and I caught a glimpse of his face for a good two seconds before he placed it back on.”

Once he heard this, Quin inhaled sharply through gritted teeth. “King of War Celestino, I envy you so much,” he muttered. “You actually saw his face under the mask. I really envy you!”

Lips formed into a tight smile, Skyler then added, “And there’s one more thing… I can see that the Taylors’ son-in-law has a similar back figure and side-profile with the Supreme Warrior!”

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 524
Skyler’s words stunned Quin for a good seven to eight seconds.

Eventually, the corners of his mouth twitched. “Who did y—you say he looked like? The Supreme Warrior?”

“Yes, he looks very much like him. His side-profile and back figure looked very similar. I remembered that this was how the Supreme Warrior looked!” Skyler looked at Jack standing at the garden not too far away. Skyler’s eyes never left Jack’s figure the moment he got that epiphany—the revelation that these two men seemed to look alike.

“How’s that possible? There are so many people that look like one another. It feels surreal to even think he’s the Supreme Warrior. He’s just a normal soldier!” Quin laughed and patted Skyler’s shoulder. “I think that you’ve gone crazy from thinking about the Supreme Warrior, but I get you. I also want to see his elegant demeanor in person too!”

“Quin Hayes, everybody says that you’re quite the airhead, and I now feel that way as well. Can’t you use your brain and think?” snapped Skyler. “We all know that the Supreme Warrior’s surname is White, and strangely enough, this son-in-law also has the same surname. Moreover, the Supreme Warrior stayed on the battlefield for five years, and this young man was also on the battlefield for the same duration. Do you think these things are purely out of coincidence?”

“Isn’t t—this normal?” came Quin’s meek reply, hands splayed out as though defending himself.

“You’re right, absolutely right. It’s normal if all of this is coincidental and it would be explainable.” Skyler nodded before adding, “Then why do you think the Goddess of War will personally come and congratulate Old Master Taylor for his birthday? Do you think that it’s for Old Master Taylor? Will you say she’s just giving him face? They didn’t know each other before this, so this is definitely not the case!”

When he felt his excitement was getting the best of him, Skyler paused for a moment. “That’s why I feel that Goddess of War Lana is here because she’s indirectly honoring the Taylor family’s son-in-law. It’s more than likely that he’s the Supreme Warrior. Do you think that the Goddess of War would honor and proactively please anyone else?”

As he heard all these, Quin then attempted to connect the dots, a frown on his face as he did.

It was not long before a snicker escaped him. “Brother Celestino, you’re worrying too much! It’s a shame you didn’t join the veteran’s gathering that Magnus Sutherland held. That day, the Goddess of War was also there and, later on, killed Master Miller and Magnus. Do you know about this?”

Skyler nodded. “I’ve heard about this. I regretted it so much. I would’ve gone had I known she would come.” Skyler paused here before he continued, “I didn’t go because I sensed Magnus had changed, and not for the best. He wasn’t the man who loved his soldiers like his own son, and he was no longer the kind man he was once known for. He might’ve done many bad things in secret but nobody could prove it. It was only for the best that the Goddess of War got rid of such a danger to society.”

“I second that. I had no idea that Magnus Sutherland was someone like this. He wanted to do unspeakable things to those two female celebrities,” Quin lamented. “When they refused, he forced them to…”

Quin trailed off before he added, “This incident happened because Jack saw it. He knew he was no match for Magnus, so he searched for Dennis and the two of them thought of a way together. Eventually, they called for the Goddess of War, Lana. It so happened that she was nearby, so she rushed over and killed this bastard. Thankfully, the two female celebrities were saved before they were raped.”

Skyler frowned. “So you’re implying that the reason Lana would do Jack a favor was that he exposed Magnus for what he was doing?” he surmised. “And that’s why she would be coming to Old Man Taylor’s seventieth birthday?”

Quin nodded. “Yes, it surely feels like it. This is the reason the Goddess of War would be here. The others should think this way too!”

Skyler merely laughed. “I feel like it’s just too much of a stretch that she’d be coming only for that reason!” He then eyed Jack, who stood in the garden still. “Let’s go and take a look. I only need to take a look and I’d know if he’s the Supreme Warrior. After all, I’ve seen the Supreme Warrior before.”

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 525
“That’s right!” Quin spoke, chuckling as he did. “It’s pointless for us to make guesses over here, but I can promise you he’s not the Supreme Warrior. They look alike, that’s all.”

As the men conversed with one another, a sports car rolled in from the entrance and into the compound. Parked at one side, a prepossessing lady with a nice figure wearing traditional Chinese cheongsam came down from the car.

Oddly enough, the lady had a mask on, and no one knew whether it was because she was sick or afraid of being recognized.

“Hey, who’s that? She just drove right in at such a speed!” Ivan yelled. “Is she not afraid of hurting people?”

Both Kings of War—the two who initially wanted to meet Jack in person—and the other attendees had their attentions diverted to this newcomer.

Neil stood up the moment he saw the woman coming. “Jack, why aren’t you coming over? Your rich hag is here. Shouldn’t you be welcoming her?” he sneered. Jack did mention that this woman would be attending, but no one expected that she would genuinely be that shameless and show up in the end.

Of course, Neil’s father was also here. Once he noticed his son inserting himself into the impending fiasco, he pulled his son to the side. “Neil, what did I tell you? I asked you to not cause problems when you’re in public. What are you rambling about now?!”

Neil saw red at that moment. “Father, you’re too afraid of things happening around you. I’m starting to think you’re a coward. You not only stopped me from bringing bodyguards, but you even forced me to apologize to Jack back then. Now I’m out of line just by speaking the truth?” Neil asserted, a cold expression on his face as he did. “We saw everything with our own eyes, and we’re only telling the truth. What’s wrong with that?”

Roy Hugo’s facial expression darkened. “Do you know who this supposed rich hag is? When did our Eastfield have a rich hag that could buy that luminous pearl just like that? Why are you so stupid? What if she’s the wife of a powerful patriarch in another city? We can’t mess with these people!”

“I didn’t offend her. I’m just exposing Jack,” Neil retorted. “ So what if she’s rich? This woman’s money must’ve come from her husband, right? She’d be kicked out of her family with nothing on her once her husband finds out about these two. We don’t need to be afraid of her,” Neil continued, his father’s anger dismissed entirely. This was his chance to see Jack dropped from the Taylor family. How could he miss that?

Nonetheless, Roy’s cold glare remained. “Shut up!” he barked. Roy ordered him to not proactively stand out and make a scene.

“That’s right. Jack, come over here. Why are you there accompanying your wife? You’ll never have to worry about nothing having enough on your plate when you have this rich hag!” Michael, who was waiting to see Jack’s jokes, piped in right after. All of them wanted to see what Jack would do and say.

On the other side of the area, Skyler was frowning. “This woman seems to have a nice figure. I think it’s the Goddess of War.”

“Correct. This is how she looks in feminine outfits. What do you think? You can’t recognize her when you see her in such clothing for the first time, right?”

Quin smiled and curiously spoke, “It puzzles me, though. Why did these rich young masters keep calling her ‘rich hag’? Yes, she’s rich, but she wouldn’t keep young men as her lovers. Are these people out of their minds? Do they have a death wish?”

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 526
The Kings of War were not the only ones stunned; everyone who attended the previous veteran’s gathering and had seen Lana dressed elegantly was just as dazed. These rich young masters were pushing it.

Unperturbed by the not-so-pleasant words hurled at him, Jack smiled indifferently. He turned to his wife and spoke, “Let’s go over and welcome the Goddess of War. I’ve told you before that she’s the Goddess of War!”

“Is this true? You really know the Goddess of War?” Selena also felt that this pretty lady was quite stunning when she looked over at the ‘rich hag’ Ivan kept talking about. To Selena, this woman’s figure was rather attractive, enough to stir not-so-appropriate urges in people’s minds.

Above all, this woman had a refined posture as she stood straight and tall. She had the pride of a soldier. From the way she stood, she must have just made her return from the army. If she truly was a mere ‘rich hag’, she would not have such temperament. Normal people would not have the temperament of a soldier.

Old Master Taylor initially wanted to welcome the new attendee, but when he heard that it was that woman, his face darkened. He did not come forward after that as he merely stood aside. Since this person was here, he wanted to hear Jack’s explanation. If Jack could not even explain in detail who this woman was and their relationship, it was highly likely that this woman had given him the money to buy the villa.

Compared to the rest, Michael was more unruly, and it was probably because he came on his own without his family.

The man swaggered to the woman as he sneered, “How do you still have the gall to come here? Why are you wearing a mask? Is it because you can’t meet with just anyone, so you had to wear a mask?”

Lana’s frown was hidden by her mask. “I just didn’t want people to recognize me on my way here. Now that I’m here, I’d have to take my mask off.”

She halted for a moment before she added, “I’m here out of respect for Jack. He did a good deed that day when he got rid of a bastard for us!”

“Gotten rid of a bastard for you?” Michael frowned, not understanding what it meant.

“You keep calling me rich hag. Do you know that you could die for that?” Lana’s face darkened.

“Who do you think you are? I might die? Me?” Michael scoffed. “You’re the one who’s going to die!” Michael started laughing loudly. “My dear Majors and King of Wars, this woman is a shameless rich hag. Whoever that has the strength, please take off her mask so everyone can see her face.”

He did not see it coming when Lana walked forward and slapped him across the face.


“How dare rubbish like you talk to me like that!” she hissed.

She then moved to take off her mask as she growled, “I know how to take it off myself. However, don’t regret it!”

“Greetings to the Goddess of War!” Skyler immediately bowed as a sign of respect to Lana.

“Greetings to the Goddess of War!” The other soldiers stood up and bowed respectfully, one after another. Their bow lasted three seconds before they lifted their heads once more.

“Goddess… Goddess of War!” Old Master Taylor was so frightened that his voice trembled, his body rooted firmly where he stood.

They said that the Goddess of War was coming, but they had no idea that the rich hag mentioned by Ivan was the Goddess of War.

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 527
“I—It’s her! The Goddess of War!” Face pale in fright, Neil broke out into cold sweat as he attempted to wipe them off. Had his father not pulled him away moments ago, he might have continued speaking less savory words to Lana.

“No more of that ‘rich hag’ nonsense. This is our Goddess of War, Lana Zechs!” Skyler took two steps forward and exclaimed to the people, “The Goddess of War is here to…”

He saw Jack in the midst of announcing Lana’s arrival. He believed the Goddess of War was here because Jack did a meritorious service.

He inhaled sharply mid-sentence, and his voice trembled from feeling intimidated.

Skyler then walked forward, knelt on one knee, and placed a clenched to his chest. “Greetings to the Supreme Warrior. Supreme Warrior, I had no idea that it’s you!”

“What?!” The people here were already stupefied by the Goddess of War’s presence. They never thought that they would be in for another surprise when the 8-star King of War, Skyler Celestino knelt before Jack, gave him a salute only given to the highest-ranking soldier in the army, and addressed him as the Supreme Warrior!

“Is it truly him?” Quin was flabbergasted. He knew that Skyler had seen the Supreme Warrior before, seeing as he had told him the Supreme Warrior had saved his life before.

It seemed as though Skyler still held onto his belief, not wanting to admit his mistake.

‘It’s over. At this rate, Master’s true identity will be exposed!’ Lana was petrified, too shocked at the sudden turnover of events. She had no idea what to do to dissolve this matter.

“Oh dear…” Dennis was just as shocked. He had no idea Skyler knew Jack.

Ivan was so frightened that he was stunned for a short while. Walking forward, he anxiously asked, “How is that possible? King of War Celestino, did you make a mistake? He’s only a son-in-law who married into our family, a normal soldier who had just returned from the battlefield. How could he be the Supreme Warrior?”

If Jack truly was the Supreme Warrior, then the few of them would be in trouble. They offended Jack, the Supreme Warrior, before. Was that not equivalent to signing their own death warrants?

“Sh*t!” Michael’s legs weakened and he fell to the ground. He had just offended the Goddess of War, and now Jack was revealed to be the Supreme Warrior? This… This was too much!

Was this not supposed to be where they successfully revealed the shoddy relationship between Jack and this rich hag, and Jack would be driven out of this house? How could this go wrong for them? Right now, the matter of whether Jack was the Supreme Warrior or not was unimportant. He had just offended the Goddess of War, and it was a likely guarantee he was doomed.

“King of War, how’s that possible? T—This is my son-in-law. You must’ve made a mistake.” Fiona offered an awkward smile, finding it utterly impossible that her son-in-law was the Supreme Warrior. The Supreme Warrior was extremely mysterious, and nobody had ever seen him. Even if someone did, it should be someone like a King of War.

The 8-star King of War had knelt on one knee and performed an honorable salute. He said that Jack was the Supreme Warrior. How was that possible?

“King of war, y—you must’ve made a mistake. He can’t be the Supreme Warrior!” Even Selena walked forward in embarrassment. The Goddess of War did not kneel with him, so it must be that Jack was not the Supreme Warrior, and that this was just an honest mistake.

Jack looked behind him and pointed at his own nose, “Oh my. King of War Celestino, are you addressing me? Did you make a mistake? I… I’m not the Supreme Warrior! It’d be cool if I truly was him, though!”

“That’s impossible. I saw you two to three years ago!” Skyler frowned. Even though he had just met them once, Jack’s face in his memory was already fading.

Still, he was convinced that they looked too much alike.

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 528
Unable to stand idly, Lana eventually spoke up, “King of War Celestino, he’s not the Supreme Warrior. Honest. Were you mistaken? He only looks like him.” Despite her words, Lana felt as though there was a chance he did not believe her when she saw Skyler frowning. It seemed that the other party was not entirely convinced with his own thoughts either.

If not, he would not have argued with her.

Skyler stood up soon after. “Goddess of War, are you sure?”

Lana laughed, one that sounded as though confident with herself. “I’ve drunk with him, wine and tea, rather often. I’ve seen his face without the mask before, and surely more than once. Are you not trusting what I’m saying?”

“But it’s rather strange; they look so much alike. Are there people who look like each other that much in this world?” Skyler looked at Jack again, and a blush slowly crept on his face. If Jack genuinely was not the Supreme Warrior, then he had knelt to a mere man married into the Taylor family… This misunderstanding turned out to be a downright embarrassing moment for him.

“After you’ve known Jack for some time, you’ll find that he doesn’t look so much like the Supreme Warrior!” Lana assured him, followed with a nervous chuckle. “I know what you mean, though. I thought he was the Supreme Warrior when I saw him on the battlefield, but it turns out they just look somewhat alike. Later on, I found that he really isn’t the Supreme Warrior.”

Quin burst out laughing. “Brother Skyler, you’ve made such a big misunderstanding. I saw you making such a grand gesture of honor just now, and I thought that it genuinely was the Supreme Warrior. Had I not seen the Goddess of War still standing, I would’ve knelt and greeted him like you!” The more he thought about it, the funnier it was.

Skyler glanced at Jack as his face darkened; he wanted to unleash his frustration onto him. How dare he look so much like the Supreme Warrior and caused him to lose face! He was a King of War, with 8-stars nonetheless, and he knelt and greeted a normal man who married into the wife’s family. It was really…

It was only because everyone was looking at them that Skyler could not yell at him. After all, Jack did not do anything wrong and, all the more, did not admit he was the Supreme Warrior. As a matter of fact, Skyler was the one who recognized Jack wrongly and gave him such a grand greeting instead.

“He shocked me. I mean, he can’t be the Supreme Warrior!” Fiona started laughing. If Jack was the Supreme Warrior, did it not mean that the Gods of War had to greet him? Apart from that, they had to respect him at all times.

However, Jack was just a son-in-law who married into his wife’s family. Apart from being a soldier for five years, he was a mere delivery guy before that. He might have been honored a great rank in the army, but he was definitely not the Supreme Warrior.

After all, the Supreme Warrior was the strongest and most powerful person in the entire Daxia. One-of-a-kind by nature, he was the man who did the most on the battlefield as he defended their country.

“It was an honest mistake, but that shocked me!” Some of the commanders were stunned and were speechless.

“That’s right. King of War Celestino had only seen him once for a mere two to three seconds, and it even happened two to three years ago, so it’s only natural that his memory of the Supreme Warrior seemed vague at this point!” One of the head commanders smiled bitterly. He was previously the subordinate of Skyler.

Whenever he was happy after a day out drinking, Skyler would tell people about this incident. Naturally, people envied him for this. To the soldiers, those that had met the Supreme Warrior had won in life as not many people could see his face without the mask.

Jack, on the other hand, sighed in relief. After all, he was worried Skyler would recognize him when he was in the garden.

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 529
Jack initially wanted to hide from him, but he knew Ivan and the others could not wait to ‘expose’ the things between him and the so-called rich hag. Thus, even if he hid, the other party would still look for him. It would also be hard to explain the situation to Selena and the others. The only way was to pretend that he did not know the other party. If he stayed silent and let Lana take care of things, Skyler might eventually concede.

He was only afraid that Lana might not respond in time and kneel with Skyler once everyone knew and believed Skyler. That would have been terrible. Luckily, Lana was no daft soldier and quickly rose to the occasion.

“King of War Celestino, this guy can’t be the Supreme Warrior! He’s only our family’s son-in-law after all!” Ivan laughed it off as he slowly stepped forward. “Apart from that, our family didn’t recognize his identity previously because he used to be a delivery man. We even had a bet…”

Since there were so many people here, it was the best time to get Jack to take the present out. Even the Goddess of War was here. He wanted to see if Jack was bold enough to continue his bluff as he hid his present.

Skyler was utterly embarrassed from the seconds-ago incident, and it was only to his favor that someone changed the subject.

Out of relief, a grin instantly appeared on his face. “Really? What is the bet on?” Skyler mused. “Tell me.”

“He had hurt me before and said that he’d compensate me with ten million. Apart from that, he claimed he would be giving Grandfather a gift worth millions. He also promised to pay my cousin sister’s family twenty million as her betrothal gift. If he fails to do it, he has to leave the Taylor family and divorce my cousin!” Ivan explained aloud. “If he manages to do everything, the Taylor family will acknowledge their identity and allow their family to move back here.”

Skyler was not very interested in this bet, his mind still occupied with the question why this man looked so much like the Supreme Warrior. The more he looked at Jack, the more he resembled the Supreme Warrior.

Still, he entertained Ivan with a grin on his face. “Really? Did he manage to do everything?”

“He hadn’t taken out the present yet, and I don’t even know if he had given the betrothal gift. Moreover, I haven’t received the ten million meant for me,” Ivan replied. “By the way, he had mentioned this just recently that the present he prepared for my grandfather isn’t just worth millions. Supposedly, it’s worth more than their new villa, and he paid ninety-five million for that villa. This means that his present is worth a hundred million or so!” Ivan thought about it and continued, “I’ve been a curious man for the longest time. What kind of present would cost that much?”

Fiona then walked up to them. “Take out your gift if it’s here, Jack,” she spoke. Shen then explained, “Jack had already given me the twenty million that’s meant to be Selena’s betrothal gift. All that’s left are only the ten million compensation for young master Taylor and Old Man Taylor’s gift.”

Jack nodded silently and took a bank card out, passing it to Ivan. “This is your ten million, and the password is six zeros.”

“Where’s the present? Where’s the present that costs billions?” Ivan smiled coldly. This was a pivotal point as this man had boldly claimed his gift was worth that much.

Jack shoved his hand into his pocket and took out a small-sized box.

“What’s that? How could that be worth more than billions when it’s so small?” Neil said coldly and mockingly. “No one here is an idiot. Don’t simply take something out and lie to us about it. We know how things are priced.”

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 530
Ivan looked at the box in contempt. “What’s this? This broken box looks so old. How is this worth over a hundred million? What are you trying to pull?” he scoffed. “It seems like all there’s left is for you to leave now. Don’t blame us; you failed your own promise!”

Before anyone could react, the young master of the Mont family, Grayson Mont soon realized what it was. “I—Isn’t this box used to hold the luminous pearl?!” he half-yelled in utter disbelief.

“This seems to be that box! Is the luminous pearl inside?” The master of the Roy family, Robert Roy chorused in.

Did that rich hag buy it? Still, was the rich hag not the Goddess of War?

“How’s that possible? Did the Goddess of War buy it? Why is it in his possession?” Some of the people looked at Jack and Lana weirdly as they had no idea what was going on.

Jack opened the box. Sure enough, a big luminous pearl was revealed to the crowd.

“This… Isn’t this the luminous pearl that can prolong a person’s life?” Old Master Taylor gaped at the pearl. This pearl had gone through a very fierce bidding process before it landed in the mysterious rich hag’s hand who he recently found out was the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs.

Yet, this precious object was in Jack’s hands right now.

“Oh my goodness. This is the luminous pearl that’s worth five hundred million!” Fiona gulped, evidently shocked as she held herself back from snatching it. Jack was too much; he did not think about giving such an invaluable item to her.

Unfortunately, so many people were looking on, and this was Jack’s present to the old master as well. She could only endure her heartache and remain calm.

“This is that pearl!” Robert was envious. This object was an exceptionally rare and precious object. Experts claimed it could slow down a person’s metabolism. They wanted it so badly during the auction for this item.

Alas, the item had reached the five hundred million mark in the end, and they had to give up.

“Yes, Grandfather. Happy seventieth birthday! I hope that this pearl can help Grandfather to be more energetic and live a long life!” Jack smiled indifferently. He covered the box and handed it to him.

“Good, so good!” Zeus laughed, overjoyed with that gift. This pearl cost five hundred million and, coincidentally, he was already at an old age. How could he not be happy when he got such a precious object? After all, he might be able to live a few more years if he placed this pearl beside his pillow.

Ecstatic, Old Master Taylor beamed, “Satisfied. I’m very, very satisfied! Jack, you’ve completed your every promise. Today onward, I welcome everyone to come back and stay. I’ll also acknowledge that you’re the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family! You’re good enough and are definitely worthy of Selena.”

“Then we can stay at both places!” Jack laughed. He then turned around and looked at the villa. “Grandfather, you can also follow us and stay at the other villa.”

“Why not? It seems very pleasant, and I guess I could stay for a night or two, so keep a room for me!” Old Man Taylor replied. “Still, I’m used to staying in this villa, so I’ll be here most of the time. Both houses are so nearby, so I can visit you whenever I have the time!”

“Good idea, Grandfather!” Jack praised him. “Then we’ll still stay at the previous villa we used to stay in. We can stay at both places!”

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