Following a shriek, the sound of a knife falling to the ground echoed crisply in the room.

Everyone who was present was startled. None of them understood what had happened. It seemed that Chloe had just attacked Nicole with the knife, but it made no sense as to why she was in pain while Nicole seemed to be unharmed.

Chloe, who was also shocked, looked at Nicole with disbelief. ‘What just happened?’ Nicole glanced at the knife on the ground and stood up, her gaze cold and dark.

At that very second, everyone gasped. “What?! How did she escape?!”

She was clearly tied to the chair, so how did she set herself free?

Nicole flexed her wrists as she shot Chloe a cold, furious glare. “I’ve been injured, so my skills may not be at their peak, but a mere rope would never hold me down.”

“Hurry up! Go after her! Otherwise, well be screwed!”

Chloe immediately retreated in a panic and ordered her assistant as well as the kidnappers to take care of Nicole.

Everyone exchanged looks and figured that what Chloe said was right, so they immediately did what they were told.

Nicole watched as they rushed toward her and exclaimed,” Patricia, it’s time!”

She was not sure if she could handle all of them herself at once. Thus, to be safe, she decided to leave it to Patricia.

Patricia sprung out of nowhere and swiftly dealt with the kidnappers, leaving them all lying on the ground and moaning in pain thereafter.

“Nicely done,” Nicole praised her with a smile.

When Patricia arrived, she had already received a signal from Nicole: she was actually the one who had quietly knocked the knife out of Chloe’s hand with a rock. At that time, she was still hiding behind some cover.

Chloe was initially livid when she saw Patricia, but her anger quickly turned to fear. For a moment, her mind was in chaos.

“Ms. Riddle, what should we do now?” Patricia asked, knowing that the situation was under control now.

Nicole picked the forged document up and handed it to Patricia. “Give this document and the knife to the police. Both of these constitute solid evidence.”

As soon as Nicole had spoken, police sirens began blaring from the outside.

Chloe shuddered and it was then that a realization dawned upon her. “You set me up!”

It was all a part of Nicole’s plan from the very beginning. She thought she had found an opportunity, but as it turned out, she had fallen into Nicole’s trap once more.

As Nicole did not possess any evidence of what Chloe had previously done, she had decided to set Chloe up, and today, she had managed to catch her in the act.

“What should we do?” her assistant asked, dumbfounded.

She did not expect that they would be the ones getting caught today.

Livid beyond words, Chloe glared at her assistant with bloodshot eyes and yelled, “Shut up, you idiot!”

‘What should I do now? I can’t even escape.’ The police quickly barged in and, after assessing the situation in the room, they took everyone away.

Nicole and Patricia left the police station after their testimonies had been recorded. By the time they were done, Jared’s car was already parked by the road. He had been waiting for her.

“Why are you here?” Nicole was surprised.

Jared gently held Nicole’s hand and replied, “Don’t take such risks next time.”

“It’s just Chloe, so it’s not much of a risk,” Nicole said with a beaming smile.

It was all part of her plan, and she was sure that nothing would go wrong.

Otherwise, she would not have taken the risk to pull it off. After all, it was just Chloe, and as far as that crippled wretch was concerned, there was very little risk involved.

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