My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 995

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 995

Cooper’s hair was tied into small braids as he gave Sophia a forceful smile. “You’re so amazing, my darling. However, just becoming their agent doesn’t mean anything—you’ll have to find ways to boost the sales of the phone in order to truly accomplish something!” Although Cooper acted as if he was allowing Sophia the freedom to do whatever she wished, he still secretly kept an eye on her. “Oh, by the way, Serpent just announced their new Cethosian agent today. You should take a look at it,” he said.
Sophia lifted Carmen into her arms and spun the young girl around before she quickly washed up and went back to her own room. The minute she turned the news on, she saw the report about Lucy signing an agreement with Serpent to be their exclusive agent in Cethos. Serpent was indeed the leading company in the global mid- to low-end phone markets; it was also the most popular imported phone in Cethos. Now that Lucy was working with Serpent, this combination would definitely be the largest competitor that Sophia—as the new agent of Dragon Eye—would have to go against. Sophia’s team was now the only licensed agent of Dragon Eye’s low-end phones in the whole of Cethos, after all.
Soon, Plum Technology met up with Alice to sign the official documents. After this was done, Sophia immediately launched her agency’s business. She started her own project team and formed a number of work departments; she ended up taking a few floors in the entire office building. The job as Dragon Eye’s agent became one of the core focuses of Plum Technology, and Sophia began to recruit new members for her company. They would often have meetings that went on until midnight, and the team quickly bonded with one another.

As the sole agent in Cethos, their first step would be to advertise their brand. They sought out dealers and distributors before starting up after-sales service centers and warehouses all across the country. Soon enough, the headquarters sent the phones over to them. However, they weren’t allowed to launch it immediately as they had to go according to the schedule of the global launch. Sophia paid out of her own pocket to get one phone for each of her staff, so that they could run an internal test on the phone to find its unique qualities and selling points that would allow them to advertise in a more efficient manner.

During that period of time, Sophia was overwhelmed with work. She spent all of her energy on the initial advertising for Dragon Eye, and she would often sleep in the office as she couldn’t find the time to go home. Now, the most crucial issue they faced was the issue of popularity. Although Dragon Eye had been famous for decades on the international market and was the oldest brand in the whole world, it still wasn’t as well known in Cethos. Furthermore, since it used to only sell high-end products, it was popular with celebrities. However, when it came to the general public, Serpent was still the preferred brand by a large margin.

The endorsement jobs that Nicholas and Michael received had boosted the fame of Dragon Eye in Cethos a little, but it still wasn’t well-known enough for it to achieve the sales that they were hoping for. When a brand lacked popularity, there’d be fewer businesses that would collaborate with it, and it would be hard for them to develop a network of retail sellers and after-sales service centers. This would subsequently reduce their sales. Serpent, on the other hand, owned a number of exclusive Serpent stores even in the smallest towns to the west of Cethos. Dragon Eye simply lacked fame in the general market.

When Sophia felt like she was drowning in work, she would take a look at the portrait of her family with Michael and Carmen in it. All of her hard work was for the sake of their future. The Michel Family was losing their patience, and they were probably going to bring up the matter of changing Carmen’s surname soon. If Sophia could just gain a little more power, she would have more speaking power within the Michel Family in the future!

The idea of that drove Sophia to flip her laptop open again before she continued drafting her marketing plan. A few of Dragon Eye’s selling points included, firstly, a stylish, trendy design. Backed by the fame of the Michel Group, one could always purchase the low-end Dragon Eye phone if they couldn’t afford the high-end one. This point itself would satisfy many young individuals and trend-followers. The next few points: the phones were sturdy; they had an efficient operating system; they were manufactured with great precision; and they were made with high-quality materials—all of these were important features that would have to be pointed out.

It was late at night when Michael gave Sophia a video call. She was still busy drafting her plans. Once the call got through, Sophia saw Michael cuddling with Carmen. Both father and daughter had their cheeks pressed against each other as they edged closer to the screen. They resembled each other. Michael had vanished into his own world recently as he had been busy with his own schedules. The filming for ‘Doctor Invincible 2’ was about to begin soon, and there were a series of follow-ups that came after that. ‘The Winter Breakthrough’ was in its promotion phase, and the production crew of ‘I Am the Village Chief 2’ strongly requested for him to return to the show as a cameo. His schedule was completely packed.

“Mommy! I’ve just had my lunch!” Carmen cried out excitedly. Michael had brought Carmen overseas for a few minor roles in various productions, so they were in a different time zone.

Just the sight of Carmen’s adorable face seemed to have erased all the troubles in Sophia’s mind. Sophia perked her lips to kiss her daughter through the screen. “Darling, tell me all about your day! What did you do?”

Carmen began to talk about the shooting they had that morning. She played a minor role in a magical fairy-tale movie, and the production crew absolutely loved her. “It wasn’t a tiring job; she only had to film for one day. We’re going to the next production tomorrow, and it’ll be a two- or three-day filming session. We’ll come back right after that,” Michael said.

“Okay,” Sophia muttered in a tired voice.

“You should go to bed earlier, darling,” Michael said.

Sophia felt her insides turning warm after hearing how he called her ‘darling’. But she then reminded herself that they were now divorced. A divorce is better, really. This way, the Michel Group won’t trouble Michael anymore since we’re no longer together. But Carmen…

After ending the call, Michael lowered his phone and turned to Carmen. “You get some rest, kiddo. Don’t go running around. I’ll just go out to make a call.”

Carmen nodded obediently. The film she appeared in today was a story about three good friends who ended up in an enchanted forest after they followed the instructions of a magical fairy. In the forest, the three friends successfully saved the princess from the hands of an evil monster. Carmen played the role of the magical fairy, and although it was only for a day, she got to dress up in a fairy’s outfit. It made her look like an actual, pretty little fairy.

Michael felt reluctant to leave his daughter alone even for a second, but he had no choice but to step out for the call as Hale was anxiously waiting for him. After her father left, Carmen ate some jelly while the babysitter took care of her and a hairdresser came up to tidy her hair and clothes. Carmen didn’t have to put any makeup on her face since she was still young.

All of a sudden, a man dressed in a black robe appeared a distance away from Carmen, staring at her intently. The man in the robe was one of the helpers for the evil monster in the movie. All of the helpers wore black masks, and there were more than 10 helpers that were dressed in black robes. The man’s face couldn’t be seen at all as he was wearing a black mask himself. He stood just a distance away from Carmen as he gradually reached a hand out to point his finger toward her. The pair of eyes beneath the mask gazed at Carmen in a malicious, sinister manner. Once I get the kid, I’d be able to easily deal with those few security guards of hers. I can then bring her along and disappear into thin air. There’s already a car waiting for us outside the filming location… Upon that thought, he gradually walked toward her. Carmen didn’t sense the impending threat as she continued to enjoy her jelly. She scooped tiny pieces of jelly and placed it into her mouth, her round and smooth cheeks wobbling as she munched on it. She was waiting for her father to come back.

When Carmen saw the man dressed in a black robe walking toward her, she thoughtfully lifted her jelly up to him. “Do you want some jelly too, uncle? Here—you can have all of mine,” she uttered in an adorable, childish tone. The man in the black robe froze on his spot. He gradually lowered his hands, which he had previously extended to reach for the child. He then tucked his hands behind his back. His fists were clenched so tightly that he nearly tore his own skin apart. “That’s fine. You can have it. I don’t like jelly,” he muttered in a deep voice. “I just wanted to come over and take a look at you because I thought you looked really cute.”

After finishing his sentence, the helper in a black robe immediately left the filming site. He stopped at a spot where there was no one else in sight and took his mask off to reveal his face. It was Quinton…

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