My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 983

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 983

Daniel immediately caught up with Alice as he noticed that she looked very unwell. It seemed that the physical contact just now had caused the wound in her waist to hurt. “How are you? Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital for a checkup?” Daniel asked Alice if she was alright, but she was indifferent about it.
To their surprise, Alice had barely taken a few steps when a woman’s deep voice suddenly broke out from the crowd behind them. “Stop right there!”
Alice’s footsteps faltered upon hearing the voice, and Daniel immediately followed suit. Stop right there?

Alice paused in her tracks and glanced back at Sandra stonily. Meanwhile, the latter stood among the crowd with a darkened expression on her face; it turned out that Sandra was the one who ordered Alice to stop right there just now. How dare someone order her around like that?

However, Sandra was even more audacious than Alice had imagined. Making her way out of the crowd, she walked up to Alice and said viciously, “We’re friends, Alice. Don’t you think that you’re making me look bad by leaving right now?” Sandra believed she had shown Alice much respect. She was Lucile’s close friend, yet Alice dared to put on airs in front of her despite working for Lucile. She hadn’t explained why Sophia and Michael’s cell phones were genuine, nor had she explained why Michael became the global spokesperson for the high-end version of it. How dare she leave?

Alice was so irked by Sandra’s attitude that she laughed after a brief moment of dismay. What the hell is going on with this woman? Does she have a loose screw or something?

Indeed, Sandra’s audacity surpassed Alice’s expectations of her. She said threateningly, “Are you sure that Miss Edwards and her husband’s cell phones are genuine, Alice? Also, is Mr. Murray the global spokesperson for Dragon Eye? My friend, Lucile, has shown me the designs before—I’m certain that their cell phones aren’t the Dragon Eye 7, and Taylor isn’t the global spokesperson at all!”

Alice stared at Sandra dazedly for two seconds before she finally realized what was going on. She was dropping Lucile’s name, forcing Alice to withdraw her previous remark on the spot.

Sandra had slung mud at Michael and Sophia on the spot by accusing them of using knock-off cell phones, but she ended up with a slap in the face by Alice—after all, she was the one who developed the cell phone series. Right now, the only way Sandra could save face was to make Alice withdraw her previous remark immediately by saying that she had made a mistake. Who gave her the nerve to do so? Who gave the blockheaded daughter of a second-rate wealthy family in Bayside City the cheek to threaten Alice?

Alice glanced at Sophia—who almost couldn’t conceal the sinister smile on her face as she stood among the crowd—before looking at the threatening expression on Sandra’s face. She didn’t know what had happened, but she figured out that Sandra must have done something unreasonable because she walked right into a trap Sophia had set up.

Is she possessed as rumored? How ironic of me to have chosen her as one of my agents. Stupefied, Alice felt that she was unaccustomed to the people here.

Alice’s 170cm figure walked up to Sandra before looking down at the latter, who only stood at 160cm tall. With a look of unquestionable authority in her eyes, she uttered, “The cell phone Sophia has might not look genuine, but it is a Dragon Eye cell phone—it is a custom-made version that won’t be officially released. As for Mr. Murray, I personally signed him on as the global spokesperson for Dragon Eye 7, and we have already signed the endorsement contract. Also, Mr. Winston will endorse Dragon Eye 7 alongside Mr. Murray. Miss Mitchell, if you think that your artist’s endorsement deal is a cut below Mr. Murray’s and a great insult to you, you may terminate the contract anytime. I’ll consider the endorsement fee a gift to you! Besides, you’ll never be the agent for Dragon Eye!” She turned around and left immediately, ignoring the expression on Sandra’s face.

Seeing that the situation seemed to have developed in a direction he hadn’t expected, Vincent immediately stepped forward and stopped Sandra for fear that her conflict with Alice would escalate. He urged, “That’s enough. Calm down a bit; we are all of the same family, so you should show some restraint when you speak.”

Alice’s attitude seems a little strange…

After sleeping with Lucile, Vincent managed to get much information out of her with some pillow talk. For example, Fass was still the de facto head of the Michel Family, but Lucile was the family head’s rightful successor. Linus and Alice were merely right-hand men that Fass had trained for his daughter. Alice appeared very powerful to the outsiders, but she was actually Lucile’s puppet.

Lucile was the actual person who had developed Dragon Eye and single-handedly supported the whole Dragon Eye series. However, she kept a low profile and didn’t like to be in the limelight, so she always allowed Alice to act in her capacity. In other words, Alice was merely working for her.

In reality, Lucile kept the Mitchell Family in suspense about the selection of Dragon Eye’s agent because she had been testing the Mitchells the entire time. The matter had been under her control all the while; now that they were in such an intimate relationship, the right to act as Dragon Eye’s agent would definitely be given to the Mitchell Family.

Vincent and Sandra never doubted Lucile’s words because the latter had previously helped Nicholas to secure the endorsement deal for Dragon Eye. They truly believed that Alice was merely working for Lucile whereby she had the final say in everything, and all the competition was merely a superficial gesture to pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes.

Knowing that Alice would be here on this day, Sandra had deliberately used her to humiliate Sophia. However, she didn’t expect Alice, a mere worker, to be so arrogant by humiliating her instead!

As expected, Lucile’s right—Alice is disloyal to her. Burning with ambition, she’s forgotten her place and plans to overstep her position by replacing Lucile thoroughly! Sandra was so furious that she trembled all over; her nostrils flared, and her eyes flashed fire. No longer caring about Sophia at this moment, she shoved Vincent aside and went after Alice.

At that moment, she would only be humiliated by Sophia if she continued to stay here. She had to catch Alice back! Who gave this mere worker the nerve to humiliate her?!

Vincent immediately went after Sandra; Alice would certainly get in his way when he married Lucile and climbed up the social ladder later on, so he had to get rid of her sooner or later. However, now wasn’t the right time to do so.

Meanwhile, everyone continued to gossip with great relish as they watched Vincent and Sandra going out after Alice. Sandra had spoken to Alice in such a disrespectful tone just now; it even seemed like she was talking to her subordinate. Why did this happen? Wasn’t Sandra vying for the right to act as Dragon Eye’s agent? What gave her the cheek to speak to Alice in that tone?

In a celebratory manner, Sophia raised her glass and clinked glasses with her team. Alright, the Mitchell Family is finished. Let’s deal with the next one.

On the other hand, Sandra had angrily caught up with Alice, Daniel, and the others outside the door. She darted toward Alice while threatening furiously, “Don’t be ungrateful, Alice! You’re merely working for Lucile. How dare you disobey her orders? Lucile has designated me as Dragon Eye’s agent, so what gives you the right to change that without her permission? She also appointed Nicholas as the global spokesperson for Dragon Eye 7, so who gives you the right to decide things yourself?”

Alice couldn’t quite believe that there was such a shameless person in the world as she looked at the unreasonably hysterical Sandra. Knowing why Sandra would act like this, Daniel urged Alice to leave and said, “Let’s hurry up and leave this place. This woman has been bitten by a dog and is having a bout of rabies!”

Naturally, Alice didn’t want to talk to a person with whom she couldn’t communicate. Escorted by some bodyguards, she hurriedly got into her car and left, fearing that Sandra would really bite her if it was too late.

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