My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 978

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 978

“I’m sure you also know, Master Levine, that I’m not about to give my competitor a chance to defeat me.” Alice went straight to her point. This was a huge financial opportunity for anyone who would succeed in becoming the sole agent—why would Alice hand it over to someone who was her potential enemy? She’d make a fool out of herself if she accidentally nurtured someone who would later turn into a strong competitor of hers. “Furthermore, there’re more than 10 teams who are competing for this. There are loads of other teams who are stronger than her, so why would I pick her?”
Daniel was left speechless after what Alice said. He realized how his methods of tricking and convincing Cooper would never work with Alice. The last time he tried his methods of deception on Alice, she ended up with her virginity lost and her heart broken. She woke up that morning to find that the other side of the bed had gone cold, that the man who had pledged his love and loyalty for her the night before had ended up running away. Daniel no longer had the nerve to deceive Alice once again. The words he had intended to use were at the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed them before he could say it.
However, since he had promised Sophia to help her, he still tried his best to fulfil his promise. “You’re being unreasonable, Alice. Sophia was the one who helped you when your request for Taylor to be your spokesperson got rejected in the past,” he said.

With her golden-framed glasses perched on her nose, Alice looked both wise and heartless as she spoke. “That endorsement job benefited both parties. We came to a fair and square agreement. But this time, I’m the one who gets to decide who I want as the agent for Dragon Eye. If I see a team that outshines her, it will only make sense that I pick them as they would provide me with the greatest benefit.”

Daniel fell silent once again. He knew that there was no point in him talking anymore; he might even make things worse if he continued. He therefore kept quiet until Alice got off work. The three of them stayed in the office without disrupting each other, with Casper absorbed in his book, Daniel seated on the couch, and Alice focused on her work. That night, Alice brought Casper out for a meal while Daniel went along with them. At the restaurant, Daniel brought up the topic of the agency selection again, and Alice revealed a little more information this time.

“The selection process isn’t just based on my personal preference. We’re also looking at a variety of other factors. I’ve shortlisted both the Mitchells and the Edwards as I need someone who can boost the sales of the product. I’ll give the exclusive rights to the team that does a better job. I’m a businesswoman, Master Levine. There’s a saying in Cethos that goes, ‘the only thing that businesswomen chase are profits’! It’s all about who can benefit me the most,” Alice explained.

In the end, Daniel headed home dejectedly as he had failed to be of any help to Sophia. He didn’t feel any burden or guilt after deceiving Cooper—if anything, he only felt the fear of being chopped into pieces if he was exposed. However, he simply couldn’t bring himself to deceive Alice. He was tongue-tied whenever he was in front of that woman.

Sophia later heard about the news of Daniel’s failure. Although it was surprising to hear that the all-powerful, brilliant master of deception, Daniel, had finally met with failure, Sophia somehow felt like she had expected this to be the outcome. Fortunately, Daniel managed to give her some information. She now knew more about the competitors that she had.

In the Mitchell Family, both Sandra and Vincent were fighting to be the agent. Although they were from the same family, they each ran their own businesses, and they approached Alice as two separate teams that represented their own companies instead of the Mitchell Family. Despite Sandra, Alex, and Vincent being on different sides as Cooper, Cooper had always perceived the Michel and Mitchell Families as two separate things. If Alice really wanted to pick the Mitchells as their agent, Cooper probably wouldn’t object to it.

Next, both Ian and Lucy from the Edwards Family had also been split into two separate groups that were competing to be the agent. Apart from them, there was another team led by the Winston Family. There were also a few other companies who were about as qualified as Plum Technology was, while Sophia simply ignored the rest of the teams and companies as they didn’t seem to pose much of a threat to her. After the conversation with Daniel, Sophia hurriedly drew a table with all the information that she had retained with perfect precision. She then analyzed each of her opponent’s strengths and the current situation.

As Sophia ran through the information, she realized how it made sense for Alice to dismiss her team as an option. Both Linus and Cooper told Sophia the same thing after they spoke to Alice about it. Although Alice trusted Sophia enough to leave her son with her, she was a whole different person when it came to work. Even when Linus and Cooper went over to advocate for Sophia’s team, Alice immediately stated that she would never choose Sophia.

But Sophia wasn’t ready to give up just yet. She did her research on Alice, and she knew that Alice was someone who made choices based on the amount of benefit she could obtain from anyone. If I manage to defeat all of the other teams and prove that I’m the most capable one, she will definitely pick my team.

However, it was hard to defeat all the teams as the Edwards, Mitchell, and Winston Families were all in the picture. Sophia was familiar with the Edwards and the Mitchells, but she found the Winstons to be the most challenging one to deal with. The inner structure of the Winston Family wasn’t very stable and established, and all the members of the family were extremely devilish and vicious individuals. In the past, after Harry killed his father and siblings to overtake the Winston Family at the young age of 19, there were many family members who expressed dissatisfaction toward the situation. They would step forward to create trouble every now and then, and Sophia’s opponent was precisely the group of people who were always going against Harry.

Regardless, they didn’t have much time yet. Sophia decided that she would defeat as many of the teams as she could. If she were to start off from the weakest team, it’d be Sandra’s team. Sophia had been wanting to defeat Sandra for a long while now, and her desire only grew stronger lately, after Sandra spent a fortune to hire ghostwriters to create gossip and rumors about Taylor. They were the ones that kept posting about Taylor using a ‘fake’ phone after he failed to become the spokesperson for Dragon Eye. Sophia couldn’t be bothered to confront Sandra since it was just some negative rumors and comments on the Internet. Sandra’s just wasting her own money, after all, Sophia thought.

Taylor wasn’t using an imitation model of the phone—in fact, it couldn’t be any more original. It was an unreleased model of Dragon Eye, so all of these rumors would end up as a joke once the model was released. When that happened, all of Sandra’s money would go to waste. Now, Sandra is stepping on Taylor’s reputation in order to build Nicholas’ fame, but when her plan backfires, she wouldn’t only be losing money; Nicholas’ reputation might also be tarnished! I can’t wait for that to happen. Sophia hadn’t bothered to make a move on Sandra in the past, but now that Sandra was blocking her way to success, Sophia decided to deal with her first!

Meanwhile, Sandra had been feeling really good about herself recently. She felt like she was at the peak of her job since everything was going as she planned. Nicholas, the artist under her wing, won two awards at the ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony. Although this was outshined by that final ‘Light of Cethos’ award, Sandra had made sure to destroy Taylor’s reputation and public image after that. Now, he was nothing more than a poor old man who used a fake phone. The news of him being an outworn, old-time celebrity spread like wildfire.

Most of the male artists under Sandra were trained according to the example that Taylor and Harry had set. She was patiently waiting for Taylor and Harry to fade out in the industry; the artists that she trained would then take over their spot and claim all the opportunities that had once belonged to them. Recently, Sandra even signed a Hollywood agreement that had Nicholas as one of the key figures. He would appear for a total of 2 minutes! 2 minutes! The entire movie was 120 minutes, and her artist would get 2 minutes of screen-time! Tons of celebrities would never even dream of achieving this! He definitely isn’t far from getting an Oscar!

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