My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 967

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 967

To be honest, Michael didn’t want to take up this endorsement. The endorsement fee was not easy to determine. If he asked for too much, he would feel sorry for Sophia. After all, the Dragon Eye mobile phones were made by their company. If he asked for too little, he would feel sorry for himself. After all, he had the dogs and Carmen to think of. He had dozens of mouths waiting to be fed. Living sure was difficult… Although he had endorsed a lot of absurd brands, his price had never been low.
For the endorsement fee, Sophia would naturally get the best for Michael. When Alice learned that Cooper had finally given the okay, she immediately got in contact with Michael’s agency to win the endorsement contract in the shortest possible time. But when they came back, it was already the day that Sophia and Michael had to attend the ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony, so they couldn’t sign the contract. Thus, they postponed the signing of the contract to the next day.
Today, the annual ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony to determine the best artists was going to be held. This was an activity jointly organized by dozens of the most influential media companies in Cethos to determine the best artists in the country. The most veteran artists in the country served as the judges, and they would decide who was the artist of the year through a number of factors and votes. This activity had already been going on for decades, and it had a lot of authority in Cethos.

This year, the ‘Light of Cethos’ had an unexpected winner. Nicholai Gates, who was originally second, actually broke through the rankings on the last day, surpassing Taylor Murray who was in first place and won first place on both the ‘Best Artist’ and the ‘Best Male Artist’ lists. Everything seemed bright for him. This was the first time he made it to the top of the list, and was also the first to place top in both lists at the same time in Cethos.

In the past, these two lists were always won by either Taylor Murray or Harry Winston. Today however, Nicholai Gates won them all himself. It seemed that the new generation was overthrowing the old, and that new talents were popping up and taking the helm. The era that belonged to Taylor Murray and Harry Winston was finally over. The awkward thing was, Murray and Winston had both agreed to come to the ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony.

Would they be coming today? If they didn’t, wouldn’t they be deceiving the public? But if they did come, it would be even more awkward as they would be shown up by a junior.

The award ceremony had not yet begun. The red carpet was rolled out, and the most important media in Cethos were all there. Guests walked down the red carpet one by one, and photographers worked hard to take pictures on both sides of the carpet. The sound of shutters and the flash of cameras worked in perfect harmony, capturing the best instances of every artist.

Nicholai Gates appeared alone. That handsome but feminine looking boy was now a masculine man with sharp facial features. He had a cold yet mature air to him. In ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, he had successfully created a ‘serious and responsible, yet in over his head as a new father’ warm character, which had garnered countless fans. In addition to guests from the entertainment industry, today’s ceremony also included guests from the fashion industry and other industries. Those who could get invitations were all extraordinary people.

Sandra and Vincent appeared together as celebrities from the fashion industry. Soon, fake Lucile and Abbie also appeared together, and they both attended as representatives from the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Ian Edwards was competing with Vincent Mitchell for Lucile’s heart, so he needed to come to this event. After all, who wouldn’t want to marry Lucile Michel?

Even if Lucile attended this kind of occasion, she would still be extremely low-key. Except for the few of them, no one knew their identities. Everyone thought they were sponsors, so both Ian and Vincent wanted to seize this great opportunity.

Recently, Sandra had raked her brains to invite Lucile to stay over at the Mitchell Residence to give Vincent a chance, but even when Lucile had moved into the Mitchell Residence, she did not get together with Vincent. Then, there was Ian who was ready to take action anytime. The two would secretly butt heads wherever they were and for today’s award dinner, they even tried to outdress each other.

Today was a grand ceremony for the Cethos entertainment industry and the entire populace. Many successful people from different industries had come, such as Stanley Fletcher and Sean Mitchell.

Stanley could smell something fishy. He knew that something big was going to be staged tonight, so he came with a mixed bag of crunchy seeds, worried that he would not be able to make it to the big show.

At first glance, Stanley and Judge were like two peas in a pod. They were both idiots and acted like fools at home, but when they were in public, each tried to show a more domineering attitude than the other, such as Judge. He carried himself coldly outside, and his blue eyes leaked dominance like a wolf.

Today, Stanley wore a black formal suit, tailored to fit. It made him look slender and sophisticated. He was sporting a buzz cut with sharp edges and corners, and his eyes were cold. He didn’t dress in his unconventional punk style, but still wore a pair of ear piercings that went against the norm. He gave off an aggressive temperament, showing what a wolfish, domineering president was like.

As one of the founders of Plum Technology, Sean was inseparable from Stanley. Today, Sean wore the same black suit as Stanley, but with a pink undershirt. His complexion was very soft and feminine, and he looked exquisite and gorgeous. He perfectly complemented Stanley’s temperament.

As soon as they appeared, the media began taking photos of them like crazy, and there were screams from fans. They had long replaced Michael and Harry as the new favorites of wives everywhere and were also main characters for half of Cethos’s fan-made erotic novels, becoming the hottest couple. The other half was, of course, Harry Winston’s court.

It was a pity that while other stars would like nothing better than to drag it out on the red carpet, the two of them walked by in a hurry and were gone in a flash, leaving few good shots for the photographers. The weather was very cold, and they were freezing. Plus, they were afraid they wouldn’t make it in time for the show, so they hurried up.

Soon, almost all the guests had arrived and the photographers were very satisfied with their shots, but they were still looking in the direction of the entrance frequently. After all, there were two more left. Naturally, it was Taylor Murray and Harry Winston. Those two missed the top spot of the list and they had been plagued with scandals recently, so they probably wouldn’t be appearing.

Sandra had entered the venue of the award ceremony. At this time, the ceremony was about to begin so the staff were very busy, but Murray and Winston still did not show up. I knew that they wouldn’t have the guts to come.

The spokesperson for Dragon Eye was definitely Nicholai Gates now. This is a great resource! It’s crazy how many people want this endorsement.

In order to win this endorsement, she had spent a lot of money! However, winning this endorsement could open a new chapter in Gates’s career. Winning the endorsement for the low-end phones in Cethos was just the first step. Tomorrow, she wanted Gates to win the global endorsement, then, she wanted him to become a spokesperson for global high-end phones. They would promote Gates to the world and he would become the third Oscar winner in Cethos. Everything would be worth it if they could achieve this.

After entering the scene, Sandra glanced at how the seats were arranged. The first row of the audience was full of senior and veteran artists, well-known directors, the previous winners of the awards for the past few years and other big shots. Because the ‘Light of Cethos’ awards had been going on for decades, many of the previous winners were getting old.

Sandra despised this row of old guys, but they were the seniors and always sat in the first row. The second row was where younger people would be seated. She took a glance and saw that Murray and Winston’s names were actually in the first row, making her dissatisfied in an instant. What right did two outdated male stars with no backing have to sit in the first row? Weren’t they just asking for humiliation? The team behind the ‘Light of Cethos’ really were blind. Didn’t they know who was the boss today?

Signaling a clever staff member, Sandra commanded, “Swap the seats of Taylor Murray and Harry Winston with mine and Nicholai Gates’.”

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