My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 948

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 948

Alice knew that Michael was not asleep but she didn’t shy away from looking at him. Her gaze was passionate and it showed her love for him very obviously.

Although she indeed joined the crew because she was sent on a mission, after hanging out with Michael for a few days, she began to have an interest in Michael.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked softly.

Michael’s eyes were closed and he flatly replied, “None of your concern.”

Michael was usually very cold and even though he wasn’t arrogant when he talked to people, he wouldn’t get familiar with others. He always maintained a cold but not arrogant attitude, which was why nobody could hate him and hesitated to love him.

The colder he was to Alice, the more Alice pursued him. She continued to look at him and in a seemingly joking tone, she said, “You saved me so I should repay you. What kind of repayment do you want? Why don’t I give myself to you? Isn’t this a popular Cethosian way to repay kindness?”

The two of them were alone in the room, burning with passion and desire. In such an atmosphere, Alice’s words undoubtedly showed that she was hinting and teasing Michael. She had a curvy figure, beauty, and a shrewd mind. It was almost effortless for her to win a man’s heart.

In this world, there had never been a man that she couldn’t get. However, Michael seemed to not understand what she was hinting at him. He didn’t give her any reply, as if he was sound asleep.

Alice knew that he wasn’t asleep. He just didn’t want to bother with her.

Any teasing will be useless at this time. Now is not the right time.

After a moment of silence, Alice asked, “Taylor, are you asleep?” Michael didn’t answer. Alice knew that he wasn’t sleeping so she asked, “Can you help me? I need to go to the washroom…”

There was a strong sense of teasing in her sweet voice. Most men would probably lose control after hearing this.

In the end, Michael spoke up but he sounded irritated. “The conditions here are not great. You can pee in your pants.”

Alice was rendered speechless. Then, Michael turned his back against Alice and went to sleep. When Alice saw that Michael was distancing himself from her, she was stunned for a moment before she shook her head and chuckled.

Late at night in Bayside City, Carmen’s screams and wailing could be heard from the Edwards residence. Carmen was rolling on the ground while crying, “I want to see daddy! Daddy!”

The few nannies didn’t know what to do and Cooper was so anxious, he was drenched in sweat. He then picked up Carmen and held her in his arms as he tried to coax her. “Your daddy is filming in the middle of the mountains and there is no signal there, so he can’t call you!”

Carmen didn’t understand what Cooper was saying at all, and all she wanted was to see her father. Her cries were so loud, nobody in the house could sleep. Everyone surrounded her and tried to comfort her.

Linus was also anxious. He took Carmen from Cooper’s arms to help coax her, but she writhed in his arms. She wouldn’t go to sleep without seeing her father and she cried the whole night. She wouldn’t even eat and her voice was hoarse from all the crying.

Both Cooper and Linus couldn’t stop her from crying. Seeing this, Nathan put on the embarrassing bear suit and tried to coax Carmen. “Stop crying. I’ll dance a bear dance for you, okay?”

However, Carmen continued wailing and sobbing as she replied, “I want daddy…”

Seeing his granddaughter crying so hard, Cooper felt extremely anxious and he made phone calls to Michael again and again.

Communication in the town was disrupted because of the storm. Fortunately, phones that were produced by the Michel Group were still working and there wasn’t any problem with satellite communication. Sean reported the situation on his side and told Cooper that Michael and Alice had disappeared into the mountains together. Moreover, there was a blizzard and the sky was dark, so they couldn’t enter the mountains to search for them. They could only wait after dawn came and the snow stopped. Sophia also cried in the hotel the whole night and nobody could coax her.

Two of Cooper’s precious babies were crying—one was crying in the hotel while the other was crying in his arms. Cooper felt so heartbroken, he was about to have a breakdown.

“As soon as dawn breaks, go up the mountain and dig out that b*stard! I’ve already sent some men over! Also, tell him to coax my daughter well. Otherwise, I’ll chop his head off!”

Cooper had also long known about Michael making Sophia cry.

I’ve never seen such a shameless man who is cruel enough to use his dog as a foot cloth! And he even ordered the Persian cat sent by the queen to catch mice! As expected, people like him are insidious and indecent!

Meanwhile, Sophia was so worried about Michael that she was crying hard in the hotel. Communications were disrupted and traffic was bad due to the storm, so the rescue team couldn’t operate. Unable to receive a call from her father, Carmen wouldn’t stop crying.

Linus suddenly thought of an idea. Holding Carmen in his arms, he said, “Your daddy knows that you miss him so he’s busy looking for a phone to call you! Don’t cry, your daddy will be calling you soon.”

Soon, they received a call from Michael. Carmen grabbed the phone from Cooper and finally heard Michael’s voice.

“Baby, I heard from grandpa that you skipped dinner today. What’s the matter?”

Hearing her father’s voice, Carmen finally stopped crying. Sobbing, she pursed her lips and said, “I miss you, daddy. Why didn’t you call me earlier? Don’t you want me anymore?”

On the phone, Michael hurriedly replied, “That’s impossible! Carmen, you’re the most obedient baby girl in the world and you’re my precious daughter. I still have to take you to shoot ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. How is it possible that I don’t want my baby daughter?”

Hearing this, Carmen smiled and two snot bubbles appeared. However, she still felt aggrieved. “Then why didn’t you call me?”

Michael softly replied, “There is heavy snow in the place that I’m filming and Mr. Connection was scared away. Your mom and I searched around for a long time before we found him. After discussing it for a long time, we gave him a 100 before he agreed to let me call you.”

Carmen was amused and she laughed. Seeing this, Cooper hurriedly wiped away her snot and tears. Listening to the voice on the phone, he was extremely anxious.

Then, they heard Sophia’s voice on the phone. “Baby, mommy’s here! Your dad and I are not home but you have to eat and sleep well at home! Don’t act spoiled. Look at what time it is. Why aren’t you going to sleep yet? Babies who go to bed late will become ugly!”

Carmen pursed her lips and replied, “I’m going to sleep soon…”

At that moment, Sophia’s voice began to drift, as if the signal was not good. “The signal on my end is really bad and it’s very cold here. Your daddy and I will be heading back to the hotel now. Goodnight, darling!”

After Carmen hung up the phone, she finally stopped crying and she said to Cooper, “Grandpa, I’m hungry.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. After the nanny fed Carmen and helped her wash up, she carried her to bed.

Cooper, Linus, and Nathan had been tortured all night so they slumped on the sofa and watched television blankly.

Just then, Nicholas came over. Linus waved at him and said, “Nicholas, you did well. You can rest now.”

The call just now was definitely not made by Michael and Sophia, but a fake call made by Nicholas after extracting and re-editing Michael and Sophia’s voice that were stored inside him.

Later, Nicholas found a socket to recharge and he fell silent.

The three of them lay on the sofa, feeling exhausted, but they couldn’t sleep so they silently watched television. ‘I Am the Village Chief’ was playing again and Michael’s face appeared on the screen, but Cooper couldn’t be bothered to switch channels.

It is so tiring! Taking care of children is exhausting! It’s even more tiring than running the Michel Group!

Cooper was mentally and physically exhausted and he felt as if he had aged a few years.

Sophia was still crying on the set but the snow storm wouldn’t stop, so the rescue team couldn’t be deployed. Cooper was very upset and he couldn’t sleep.

Just then, Corrado came over and lay down on the carpet in front of Cooper to watch television. Sitting on the sofa, Cooper stretched out his tired feet and rested them on Corrado’s body, wiping the sweat on the soles of his feet on Corrado’s fur.

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