My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 915

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 915

After catching up with Carmen, Michael put her down and walked toward Sophia as he was about to discuss some matters with her. However, Carmen blurted out the question all of a sudden.

Instantly, Sophia blushed. “Well… Of course Mommy will give Daddy a kiss, but kids are not allowed to watch.”

Having not seen Michael for a while, coupled with the moment she smelled his unique scent and saw his charming body, Sophia turned scarlet from embarrassment like a young girl encountering her first love.

How strange! They went back from being a couple to strangers upon the divorce, but there was actually a fascinating sense of freshness and mystery.

Sophia had once heard about a couple who divorced after many years of marriage because they were tired of each other. However, they became more clingy after the divorce and had even traveled across cities to meet each other and sleep together.

She wondered, So this is the feeling!

Upon ‘letting go’ of Michael, the once tamed was now freed and it seemed like he had become more attractive as he appeared even wilder upon being single again.

Looking upset, Carmen pursed her lips and mumbled, “You two must’ve gotten a divorce. Are you even discussing who should get custody of me?”

Sophia remained silent. Suddenly, Michael held onto Sophia and kissed her gently on the lips before turning to Carmen and said, “See? I’ve kissed Mommy and we didn’t get a divorce. Don’t worry!”

Finally, Carmen was satisfied and walked away.

Sophia’s heart was racing as her face turned red.

Meanwhile, Michael started talking business with her.

“Sophia, I believe your father has talked to you about the press conference.”

Sophia was indeed aware of the press conference since she had asked Cooper about it last night. Blushing, she nodded her head and acted calm. “You can decide the time and venue. I’m fine with anything.”

Michael took out the plan about the press conference, which he had already drawn up before this, and handed it over to Sophia. She sat down and started perusing the details but just as she started reading the documents, Cooper came in.

Upon entering the room, Cooper pulled a long face seeing Michael half-naked while flirting with Sophia.

I knew it! This b*stard is up to no good!

Seeing Cooper’s arrival, Michael put on his shirt with a grin. “Hi Mr. Cooper, how embarrassing! Sophia came in before I could even put on a shirt,” he explained awkwardly, sounding as if it was Sophia who did it purposely.

Upon seeing Cooper, Sophia quickly left with Carmen, leaving behind the two men staring at each other in the guest room.

Coldly, Cooper rebuked, “Don’t assume I don’t know what’s on your mind—you want to get back with my daughter. In your dreams!”

His respectful attitude disappearing, Michael smirked cheekily. “Mr. Cooper, imagine you were me and Sophia was Anna; what would you do?”

Staring coldly at him, Cooper snorted. Before he started going on at him, Michael took out a file and passed it to Cooper. “By the way, I was too busy recently and almost forgot about this matter. Take a look at this, Mr. Cooper. I’m sure you’ll be interested in it.”

Cooper took the file and left frostily.

“Don’t you fool with me; you’re still too young for that!”

Cooper warned before he left.

Seeing his departure, Michael smiled mysteriously.

Indeed, he was going to fool around and it was going to be subtle, so much so that Cooper wouldn’t even be able to stop it.

Meanwhile, Cooper looked at the file that Michael had given him. Inside was an old diary with a yellowed cover; the book must have been around for some time. Two words were written on the title page of the book—Anna’s Notebook.

Cooper recognized the handwriting; it really was Anna’s! Back then, he was the one who taught her how to write.

Before this, Michael had already passed Anna’s belongings to Cooper after her death. Nevertheless, Cooper did not expect that there was still this diary.

Flipping the notebook open, he saw a familiar chicken scratch which resembled an elementary school kid’s. Nevertheless, every word was written diligently and forcefully, as the writer was trying their best to write properly. All of a sudden, Cooper recalled those times when he taught Anna to write. Every moment was still fresh in his mind as if it had just happened yesterday and all of this was a dream, and that Anna would be back by his side once he woke up.

Anna’s diary was as simple as she was. There were only one or two rows of words written each day to concisely record her feelings.

‘Coop, where are you? You’re going to be a dad soon!’

‘Coop, I’ve missed you…’


He had taught her how to write ‘Cooper’ but she said the spelling was hard to remember, so she had been writing it as ‘Coop’. Reading the diary, Cooper couldn’t help tearing up as he flipped through the notebook. Suddenly, he looked solemn upon reading one of the pages.

There was an image of an ultrasound on that page.

Anna wrote, ‘I’m pregnant with twins!’


Stunned, Cooper stared blankly at the two blobs on the ultrasound image. The fetus was already formed and there was a pair of them!

Annabel was pregnant with twins, which meant that he still had another child!

Putting down the notebook, Cooper dashed out of the room like a mad person.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sophia were having lunch together. The residence was so spacious that it could even resemble an ecopark and the dining area was expansive too.

Sitting in between her parents, Carmen was thrilled as her Daddy and Mommy were taking turns to feed her. Swinging her feet, the little girl thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Meanwhile, Michael was discussing with Sophia regarding the press conference and he asked about some issues regarding Carmen’s reality show.

“Hale is hoping that Ashton could tag along with Carmen to earn a living in the showbiz, so I’ll be bringing both of the kids this time round. As you know, Hale has been living on barbarous acts for the past twenty years and Gwen also retired from being a special agent; both of them are tired of life like this and they hope that Ashton will be able to get an easier job in the future. The agreement has already been signed for five episodes and I’ll appear in the reality show together with the two kids. We are going to film at five different locations and the shooting will span a month or so, and will be around September. I’m guessing Carmen is going to have a hard time by then.”

With that, Michael turned to Carmen and asked, “Carmen, are you scared that we’re going to shoot ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ for a month?”

Swaying her feet, Carmen exclaimed excitedly, “I’m not afraid because Daddy is around!”

In fact, Michael didn’t really want Carmen to appear on screen at such a young age. However, if one were to look at it from another perspective, it would be an excellent opportunity for her to gain some experience. After all, she had to inherit her father’s career and her mother’s and grandfather’s businesses someday, so they shouldn’t raise her like any other ordinary kid.

Gulping down a mouthful of milk, Carmen crowed to Linus, who was sitting opposite to her eating, “Grand-uncle Linus, I’m going to appear on TV!”

Smiling, Linus reached out his hand to tease her. “Give it your best, Carmen! I’m going to ask for your autograph next time!”

Just as they were harmoniously having their meal at the table, Cooper barged in all of a sudden and hauled Michael to the side. Grasping Michael’s collar, Cooper roared, “Where is he? Where’s Anna’s other child?”

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