My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 908

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 908

Sophia was so overwhelmed by the divorce certificate that she could not breathe. However, she stood at the door and said to Michael, “Mr. Michael, the divorce procedures have been completed. You can rest assured that I will take good care of Carmen.”

When she said this, she did not dare to look at him and stood a few meters away. The unique smell of his made her suffocate.

Keeping his calm, Michael said with a smile, “Miss Sophia, I’ll leave Carmen in your hands from now on.”

However, if one were to look closely, they would be able to see the redness and tears in his eyes.

The chauffeur drove her car over, thereafter Sophia lowered her head and mumbled, “Right then; I’ll see you when I see you.”

With that, she got into the car. The moment she closed the door, the last bit of her sanity fell away and she curled up into a ball, crying her heart out.

It turned out that she loved him more than she thought.

Even if she no longer had memories of him, she had loved him all this while. Now that she had lost him, her heart felt as if it had been torn into two by a pair of invisible hands; she was in deep pain as if her whole heart was being pulled out of her chest.

Why did she love him? Why did they have to go their own ways?

Michael watched Sophia’s car slowly leave. Wearing a mask, he stood on the side of the street with the divorce papers in his hand, only moving when her car was out of sight.

Meanwhile, Harry and Stanley had been standing behind Michael, waiting for him. They were afraid that he would do something stupid or undecent because of the divorce. Hence, they kept watch on him, but saw that Michael was very calm throughout the whole process. Standing on the side of the road holding the divorce certificate, he remained there in the cool breeze for a long while.

However, this unexpected silence stunned them even more.

Harry sighed and patted Michael on the shoulder. “You really got divorced, eh?”

Michael didn’t speak and instead took out the lighter from his pocket. Thinking he was about to have a smoke, Harry advised, “You should smoke less. Are you trying to destroy your voice?”

But to his surprise, Michael didn’t smoke. Instead, he used the lighter to light the divorce certificate on fire.

Michael looked at the lit divorce certificate. No one could see the expression on his face as he was wearing a mask, but Stanley saw his eyebrows twitch—he was smiling.

After burning the divorce certificate, Michael stepped into the car quickly, leaving Stanley and Harry behind staring at each other.

Damn; Michael has gone completely crazy after his divorce! He’s nuts!

In the car, Michael took off his mask and looked out the window. Massaging his temples, he cried and laughed at the same time. He laughed with tears flowing down for a while before sobbing hysterically, alternating between the two. Back and forth he went, and no one knew what he was thinking.

They had finally parted as destined.

He had finally repaid all that he owed her.

Everything was back to the starting point.

Michael once thought that they could begin again after she came back, since she had forgotten him.

But today, he suddenly understood that the starting point was the moment they received the damn divorce certificate!

Michael was relieved; the grievances between Quinton and the Fletcher Family were finally settled while Sophia had lost her memory, repaying Quinton with her life and her marriage.

From now on, he, Quinton, and Sophia didn’t owe each other anymore!


If they could get divorced, they could get married again!

Sophia loved him and she would always belong to him!

When Michael returned to his senses, he found that the car had stopped. Thinking he had arrived home, he got out of the car, only to realize that he was at an unfamiliar place. When he looked up, he saw a sign—Bayside Mental Hospital.

Seeing this, Michael was speechless.

With a dark expression, he sat back in the car and stopped crying or smiling. Stanley leaned over with a frightened expression and murmured, “Uncle Michael, why don’t you go in and take a look?”

Michael gave him a cold glare, making Stanley shrink back in shock.

If Michael was truly mentally ill, he could strangle Stanley to death right then and there without having to go to jail!

Michael then looked away and said to Gary who was driving, “Go to Asco International.”

When they reached the company, he saw Nicole there.

Nicole now held shares in Asco International and was also one of Imperial Entertainment’s executives. She brought new talents along with her and she had also cultivated a group of popular artists. When she saw Michael and Harry coming together, she was surprised. “Taylor, you haven’t left yet? How have things been recently…”

She kept in touch with Sophia so she knew that Sophia and Michael were going through a rough patch in their marriage. In the past two months, Michael had abandoned the crew at the film studio in order to deal with his personal issues in Bayside City.

Michael hurried over and said, “Nicole, accept any recent endorsement deals that suit me and get in touch with the crew of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. I want to participate in the second season. Also, don’t forget to help me negotiate for higher appearance fees.”


Nicole was puzzled. However, Michael had already taken his personal elevator to the upper floor without any explanation.

Michael used to be very low-key and rarely accepted endorsement deals, only accepting those of his own dog chain store and L/K.

No matter how big or popular the brand which offered him an endorsement deal was, he always refused, let alone a reality show.

What’s going on?

Nicole got the answer from Harry. “It’s probably because he’s divorced and some of his assets have been transferred to his ex-wife. Plus, the alimony is quite high. He has to save money to find a second wife, so he wants to earn more money.”


Nicole was startled, so she called Sophia after getting off work.

Sophia’s voice sounded very hoarse over the phone, as if she had been crying. She reassured down the line, “I’m fine, Nicole. We had a mutual break up, so don’t worry about me.”

Nicole didn’t know what was going on with them and didn’t know how to comfort her. Thus, she hung up relatively quickly.

Ending the call, Sophia turned her cell phone off and put it aside, crying silently as she faced the piano in front of her.

After their divorce procedures were completed, Michael had her things that she had left at The Imperial, Villa No. 8 delivered over.

He sent over her custom wedding dress, her blood red diamond ring, and the piano in front of her.

The piano was custom made, with her name engraved on it. Even now, the black and white keys seemed to have her fingerprints left on it.

She cried silently at the piano.

She didn’t understand why they divorced, but the divorce seemed to be beneficial to each other.

At that moment, Linus opened the door and walked in quietly, her sad sobs covering the sound of his footsteps.

Seeing her crying there secretly, his heart ached as if it had been cut with a knife.

He walked over lightly, holding Garfield in his arms. Sitting beside her and putting the cat aside, he patted her on the shoulder and whispered, “It’s alright; don’t cry. It’s all over now. I will teach you to play the piano, okay?”

Sophia nodded, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand before putting them on the keyboard.

Linus then reached out his hand to hold hers. He could feel the cold tears on the back of her hand through his palm and his heart ached slightly.

Back then, Sophia probably knew how to play the piano but now that she had lost her memory, she couldn’t play well no matter what. After pressing the keys for a while, she finally lost interest. Looking at Linus, tears fell down her face as she choked out, “I don’t want to play anymore.”

Linus wiped her tears and said, “Then I will sing a song for you.”

Sophia nodded in response.

He put his hand on the piano and pressed on the keys lightly as he started to play. He then sang the new song that he had learned.

“Let’s hug,

And pretend as if we have never been together,


It’s too late to explain,

Forget it,

It doesn’t matter what I have given you,

I’ve forgotten to love myself,

Just because I met you…”

His voice was pleasant and full of emotion. Compared to Michael’s singing, it touched her heart in another way. As Sophia listened to the song, she let her tears flow freely and leaned her head weakly on Linus’ shoulder.

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