My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 895

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 895

Sophia suddenly rushed out and stood between Michael and Quinton, blocking the former behind her while she pleaded, “Please let me talk to him, alright?”

Michael had no choice but to release his clenched fist and step to the side while glaring at Quinton.

She took two steps forward and stood in front of the man who had accompanied her for two years.

She never thought that he would actually come!

Her throat tightened. She had thousands of words in her mind, but they were all stuck in her throat.

Back then, she had cruelly abandoned him and unhesitatingly left with Cooper. But now, he was actually willing to venture into such a dangerous place after listening to only her words.

Quinton took her into his embrace without saying anything.

He initially thought that he would never see her again for his whole life. When he learned of her injuries, he secretly sneaked into Cethos at great risk, but he’d never thought that he would receive her request for help so soon.

Looking at the two people hugging each other, Michael nearly rushed at them, but he restrained himself in the end.

Quinton embraced her, greedily wishing that he could hold on to her warmth for a longer time, but he suppressed his urge to do so. After a fleeting moment, he said to her, “Take me to her.”

Hearing that, she returned to her senses and brought him to the entrance of the building. Everyone gave way to them.

Cooper glared at Quinton, and the latter gave him a smug smile. “Mr. Michel, long time no see.”

Cooper clenched his teeth. If it weren’t for the fact that his granddaughter’s life was still in danger upstairs, he would have chopped him up into minced meat in a matter of minutes.

Quinton strode to the building while listening to Michael explaining about the situation upstairs. Justin suddenly sent them a message from above. “Celie is running out of patience. I can’t hold her back any longer!”

Justin’s words from the walkie talkie nearly made Sophia collapse. She subconsciously gripped on Quinton’s sleeve, making a crease on the immaculate black suit.

He took Michael’s walkie-talkie and instructed, “Tell her that we have dealt with the customs at the borders. I’m coming up there to confirm with her the path to leave the country.”

He then put down the walkie-talkie and spoke to Michael and Sophia behind him. “I will deal with this. Don’t go up there.” With that, he entered the building alone.

Sophia looked at him disappearing into the darkness at the end of the path while a complex feeling filled her heart.

Seconds later, tears streamed down her face. She gently threw herself into Michael’s embrace and cried desperately in his arms.

With Sophia in his arms, Michael raised his head and looked at the tenth floor, where a tiny red flower was swaying in the wind.

Quinton arrived at the tenth floor. He heard the sound of a child crying and adults quarrelling from afar.

“Don’t play any tricks. I will give you ten minutes—I want to see my plane!”

“Calm down, calm down, Celie. Your plane will be arriving soon. It will be here right away!”


“Carmen, come over here. Don’t go any further outside. Daddy will be here soon!”

Upon hearing the childish, helpless cry, Quinton involuntarily quickened his pace and arrived on the tenth floor. He gazed around and saw that in the tiny space barely illuminated by a simple bulb, a tiny body was sitting on the balcony. A rope was stretched from the balcony into the room with the other end stepped under Celine’s foot.

Celine was irritably shouting at Justin, causing the latter to sweat profusely out of anxiety while his eyes were bulged.

“Katrina.” The cold, merciless voice sounded like an order, causing the agitated Celine to instantly calm down and look at him with extreme devotion. “Master,” she uttered.

Quinton Clark! Upon seeing his face, Justin almost could not control his fist.

Quinton slowly walked to them, as if he did not see Justin, in his clean, elegant outfit that seemed incredibly out of place.

He ordered Justin in a low voice. “Back away.”

Justin glared at him. He looked at the agitated Celine, and then at Carmen, who was curled up in a ball on the balcony while crying, before deciding to silently retreat and wait in the darkness to watch the commotion from behind.

The moment Quinton made an appearance, Celine instantly calmed down, as if she had found her faith. She raised her head and looked at him.

As he was stepping forward, he fished out a pocket watch from his pocket and held it in front of Celine. He then spoke to her in a kind, gentle voice. “Look at it.”

Her highly tense spirit became relaxed at that moment. She looked at the pocket watch without any resistance while her pupils followed the movement of the swinging pocket, which then caused her to be unconsciously hypnotized. Her eyes became glassy, and her mind turned blank.

At the same time, the gun that she had been firmly holding in her hands fell to the floor. Meanwhile, Quinton impassively continued to swing the pocket watch with one hand. “Look at it… If you feel tired, close your eyes and take a rest.”

His voice, which was full of magic, caused Celine to almost fall asleep with her eyes half-closed. He quietly picked up the gun with his other hand, turned off the safety, and removed the bullets. At the same time, he stepped on the rope that had been released by her.

Thud! She finally fell asleep and collapsed onto the ground. She seemed to be soundly asleep.

Exhaling in relief, Quinton looked at the corner of the balcony, where the light could not reach, before squatting down. He then held the rope and gently clapped his hands. “Your name is Carmen, right? Carmen, quickly come over!”

The small black figure on the balcony squirmed and asked in a soft voice, “Are we done shooting?”

Quinton replied, “Yes, we are done filming. You can go home now, Carmen.”

Hearing that, the tiny figure made a move and got on her feet. She wobbled a little due to her numb legs, causing his heart to skip a beat, so he subconsciously gripped the rope tightly.

A little girl was seen slowly walking to him from the darkness. Her face was soiled, but her familiar features were still clearly visible—she had inherited her mother’s features and her father’s temperament. As a girl with a male’s features, her looks showed that she would grow into an extraordinary beauty in the future.

He could still remember her, but this was not the case for her—even though he was the person who delivered her.

When they were on the run with Michael and the Fletcher Family chasing after them, Sophia gave birth in the chaotic town. He delivered her baby—a tiny, thin baby girl.

When she was just born, she looked like a lump of filthy flesh, resembling an ugly monkey. Due to the complication during delivery, she was not breathing when she was born.

However, he refused to give up on her. As a person with a doctorate in medicine, he used everything that he had learned and successfully saved her.

When the blob of dirty flesh cried loudly and started moving, his eyes felt hot with tears, as if he had attained a treasure.

He had initially wanted to take her along with them, but he was aware that she would not survive for long with her poor health condition if he were to do so. In contrast, leaving her with her father would at least give her a chance to survive.

Therefore, he sent her away, but he would sometimes dream of the scene where the soft, dirty lump of flesh was squirming in his palm. It was unexpected to him that he would actually meet her today in such a situation.

Carmen was all dirty; her hair was messy, and she had lost a shoe. Terrified, she walked over to him, only to find a handsome man; her parents were not in sight. “Where’s Daddy and Mommy?” she asked pitifully.

He untied the rope that was tying both her hands together before answering, “Your Daddy and Mommy are waiting for you downstairs!”

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