My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 890

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 890

Sean had already thought about it. If the Fletcher Family wants somebody to pay for Irene’s life, I will offer myself. Sophia is the victim, but she is also the one taking the blame now. I am the true murderer here, yet I’m not thing but a coward.

Cooper doesn’t blame me, nor does Sophia, and because of that, the guilt is just eating me up.

I am afraid not because I’ve killed a person, but because I’ve killed a member of the Fletcher Family. And it so happens that Stanley is a Fletcher. I am sure that the Fletchers would look into this matter. In that case, I will be on the opposite side of Stanley.

The worst fear in my life is to be on opposite sides from Stanley.

After learning the truth, Stanley was stumped for a moment. Nevertheless, he chuckled bitterly. “If I were at the scene, I would have most probably murdered her too.”

Stanley had gone to the site with Cooper earlier, and he had witnessed the scene. The whole floor was covered with gasoline, and he saw a lighter there that could have easily been ignited. He also saw Sophia, who was waiting for her death, being tied to the pole.

If we had arrived a moment later, we might have witnessed a charred body tied to the pole. The rope was made with a special material for military use, and only Irene would have been able to secure that. If the gasoline had been ignited, Sophia would have been burned alive because she couldn’t move at all. In fact, she couldn’t have struggled at all. What a cruel way to die!

Stanley patted Sean’s shoulder. “My heart aches because I don’t understand how the kind and innocent Irene I knew turned out like that. However, it is undeniable that she brought this to herself. The Fletcher Family understands this as well, and they wouldn’t demand for someone to atone for her death.”

“But…” Sean recalled the interview on the news he watched today. “Didn’t the Fletcher Family ask Uncle Cooper for an explanation?”

Stanley chuckled in amusement when he heard that. “The Fletcher Family isn’t concerned about this matter at all. They are merely interested in one of Uncle Cooper’s fighter jet’s stealth technology, and so they just wanted to take advantage of the situation.”

Sean was stumped when he heard that, but he didn’t respond in the end. He needed time to accept the reality that he had murdered Irene.

Sean felt much better after some reassurance from Stanley, and he felt relieved.

Ever since he was a child, Sean would hide in the room to cry in secret whenever he was upset about something.

Usually, children would cry at the top of their lungs while deliberately howling somewhere with people present. As for Sean, he would always cry in secret because he knew that nobody would console him no matter how hard he cried.

But there is an exception.

Stanley has attended the same kindergarten, primary school, high school, and university with me. We studied and have been working together for more than twenty years. Each time, it seemed as if Stanley would be able to guess where I was hiding while crying my eyes out. In fact, he’d always succeed in locating me.

Then, he’d offer me sweets and bring a puppy along to cheer me up, and I’d stop crying then. He has never changed over the years.

“Here, pat the dog. Just look at our son! Look at how adorable it is!”

Stanley led Judge over to Sean. After Judge had been beaten earlier, its fur had finally grown back, and it was back to its formal handsome self. It stuck its head out for Sean to pat it.

Sean giggled while patting Judge’s head.

“Here, son. Call me daddy!”

Stanley was rubbing the dog’s head.

Judge tried its best. “Woof, woof!”

Stanley pointed at Sean while instructing the dog, “Call him mommy.”

Judge barked again. “Woof, woof!”

Sean burst out laughing while saying, “I am your god daddy!”

Judge barked in response. “Woof, woof!”

It was already impressive that Judge managed to bark twice at command, and so it honestly didn’t matter whether it was calling Sean mommy or god daddy at this point.

When they were children, Stanley and Sean would always play house. Stanley would always assume the role as the father, whereas Sean would be the mother, and they had gotten used to it.

The two of them soon found a place to sit down. Looking down from their company building through their full-length window, they could easily enjoy the night view of the busy Bayside City.

The two of them and the dog were like a family of three.

Stanley downed the rest of the wine bottle in his hand in one go. The floor was full with the emptied mini wine bottles. He pointed at the magnificent night view of Bayside City while speaking in a grand manner. “Sean, do you see this? This is the empire that we’ve built together!”

Plum Technology had been listed and was expanding steadily. It was now involved in a variety of industries. Once upon a time, they only had one floor in the building, but now, they had purchased two buildings for their offices. There was a view of another large building from the director’s office.

We’ve built this empire…

Sean took a sip of the liquor while pointing at their empire. “It is still too small. We have to continue expanding our territory, just like Michel Group, to all over the world.”

Stanley opened up another bottle of alcohol, and he clinked bottles with Sean. “I wouldn’t have been able to achieve great things without you three,” he said.

Once upon a time, the four of them owned Plum Technology together. However, a few years ago, Phantom Wolf kidnapped Sophia, and there were only three of them left. Now that Sophia was back, she was slowly taking over responsibilities in Plum Technology. Hence, she would be back in the company sooner or later.

The two of them patted the dog as they drank the bottles of alcohol while reminiscing about the past. They were inseparable during their schooling time from kindergarten, primary school, to high school. Sean always wore women’s clothing, and people would call him a weirdo. However, Stanley had never given him the cold shoulder because he knew that Sean was simply waiting for his mother to pick him up.

They were still inseparable when they started attending university, started their business, and graduated…


Stanley was drunk, and his head lolled against Sean’s chest.

Sean held Stanley while having his back against the wall. He sat on the floor, surrounded by empty liquor bottles. Sean stared far ahead while mumbling quietly, “I will always accompany you for the rest of my life…”

In the hospital.

Sophia had been admitted in the hospital for a week now. Her external injuries had almost fully recovered. Michael abandoned the film crew, and he had stayed put for a week too. Nevertheless, Cooper just refused to let him in to visit Sophia.

Today, Carmen came by. Michael carried Carmen in his arms when he reminded her, “Good girl, once you manage to get in, convince Mommy and Grandpa to get Mommy to meet me, alright?”

Carmen patted her chest confidently. “No worries; just take a shower and wait for the good news, daddy!”

Michael scowled at her. “Why should I take a shower?”

Carmen covered her nose. “Because you stink, Daddy!”

Michael sniffed himself. True enough, he had bad body odor that was mixed with the stench of tobacco. He had rushed back to see Sophia, and since he didn’t get to see her, he had been worried the whole time. He didn’t eat, let alone have a shower. During this time, he even became addicted to smoking, and even his teeth were a shade darker now.

After watching Carmen enter the hospital, Michael immediately went off to the nearest hotel for a shower.

Carmen entered the hospital, and she played with Sophia for a while. After having a meal, she left the hospital. Michael, who had freshly showered, asked hastily, “Baby, how did it go? Did Mommy and Grandpa agree to see me?”

Carmen answered him gravely, “That’s a tricky one. Grandpa says that he is getting me a new daddy.”

It was such a sticky situation this time that even Carmen couldn’t handle it. Michael didn’t want to burden her, and so he urged her to go to her kindergarten while he’d try to figure a way out.

In the afternoon, Michael received a phone call from Justin. “Celie has escaped.”

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