My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 841

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 841

“Looks like my ambition back then was indeed rather lofty!” Back then, Sophia was impoverished to the point that Michael had to pay for her living expenses. Meanwhile, Michael was already an Academy Award winner for Best Actor, globally renowned. Where did I get the courage to have Michael Fletcher be my kept man?

The two of them then reached Michael’s car, planning to take his car to Bayside University. His car looks much better than mine with the entire body painted noble black. It looks just like a king in the dark night, speeding like the wind anytime. I love this color! It’s much more stunning than my sports car!

The Michel Family had a subsidiary in the automotive industry, manufacturing high-tech supreme cars. Thus, Cooper gifted her a fleet of cars from time to time for her to use or play bumper cars with. However, she was always rendered speechless by his tastes, for the cars he gifted her were either pink, rose, green, or red in color. She didn’t even dare drive those cars out! Instead, she furtively sent one to the auction house to have it appraised in exchange for cash, saving the money for Carmen’s kindergarten fee and debut fund.

Hence, she was very much in love with this car of his. Eager to try it out, she asked, “Can I drive your car?”

“Sure, no problem!” Michael agreed. Going over to the trunk, he took out a pair of flats and handed them to her. “You loved driving my cars, so I have a pair of shoes for you in the trunk of every single car of mine.”

Taking the shoes, Sophia looked down at her high heels, a feeling of warmth suffusing her. “Thank you.” After changing into the shoes, she then climbed into the car. Gripping the steering wheel, she said to Michael, who was in the passenger seat, “It’s not as advanced as mine.” Despite being a tad bewildering in terms of color, her small car was great in all other aspects. As soon as she slipped into the car, it’d adjust the air-conditioning according to the temperature outside to ensure the best and most comfortable environment. Besides, it was also voice-activated.

Fastening his seat belt, Michael countered, “I’m a kept man, so my car should naturally be inferior to yours.”

Chuckling, Sophia then started the car and drove off. Meanwhile, the bodyguards followed in the car behind, maintaining an appropriate distance.

It was a half-hour drive from Crimson House, which was where they had their meal, to Bayside University. Midway, Sophia abruptly accelerated and sped past the pedestrian crossing at the final second the green light flashed, giving Michael such a scare that he gripped his seat belt tightly. As the sports car shot out like an arrow, Sophia glanced at the rear-view mirror. Upon seeing that the bodyguards’ car was forced to stop at the traffic light to wait out the red light, she beamed with joy. “I’m not a fan of them following me around every day,” she explained.

Michael nodded in agreement. I’m not a fan of them following you around every day either. They cock-block me!

The car sped toward Bayside University. When they arrived, Sophia parked the car in the parking lot. Just when she’d parked, she saw that the bodyguards’ car had caught up to them and was looking for a parking space. “Quick, let’s go! Hurry! Let’s scoot!” she said hurriedly.

Locking the car, Michael grabbed her hand, and they sprinted into Bayside University under the cover of darkness. They laughed as they ran, and it was as though they’d returned to the past, many, many years ago. Wearing flats, Sophia kept up with him closely. At his lead, they quickly lost themselves within the university after numerous twists and turns, hiding where the bodyguards couldn’t find them. After all, he was very much familiar with this place.

Only when she was out of breath did Sophia stop, panting while clutching her stomach. Resting a hand on a small tree, she laughed uproariously. “Did you see how ridiculous they looked earlier, Michael? Haha…”

Sweat dotted Michael’s forehead from his sprint. I love this feeling! It’s as though we’ve gone back in time.

It was now time for nightly self-study at Bayside University, so the buildings were brightly lit. Nonetheless, there were still plenty of students strolling and jogging within the campus, rendering the atmosphere vivacious with a youthful vigor filling the air. “So, this is what a university is like…” She studied everything before her, her eyes teeming with envy.

Michael then bought two ice creams at the store with her card. As they enjoyed the ice creams and gazed at the students jogging and frolicking on the lush, green field, he replied, “Yup, this is Bayside University, the first university in Cethos and your alma mater.” Pointing at the adjacent stadium, he commented, “You were the champion sportswoman in your class back then, leading your class in clinching first place in the basketball championship during sports day.”

As Sophia ate her ice cream, a trace of disappointment manifested in her eyes. It’s such a pity that I’ve forgotten everything. If only I could remember it all!

After they’d finished their ice-creams, Michael walked with her on campus. Under the illumination of the streetlights, their shadows intertwined on the ground, sticking to each other like glue to the point that one couldn’t be discerned from the other. He surreptitiously took her hand as they strolled within the campus, introducing her to everything once again. Then, he brought her to her favorite cafeteria to shop and spend all the money in the meal card.

Sophia, who’d been lacking in appetite, was eager to try the fare on this day, ordering two grilled wings and a Coke. Taking a huge bite of the chicken wing, she mumbled indistinctively as she ate, “The food here is indeed delicious and cheap!” In no time, she finished the chicken wings and Coke.

Michael could no longer stomach anything after eating so much, but still, he looked on as she ate. “Eat more if they’re to your liking,” he told her. “Don’t worry about gaining weight, what with you being so thin now.”

There were few people in the cafeteria since it was now night, and it wasn’t yet suppertime, while dinnertime had just passed. Thus, no one had recognized them so far as they sat eating in a corner. On this night, Sophia’s appetite soared, and she ate a lot. When she’d finished the chicken wings, she even ate a bowl of noodles and a bowl of red date porridge.

There was a little over one grand in the meal card; it was the sum of her hard work, so it’d be a waste not to spend it. However, the food in the cafeteria was cheap, so no matter how much one ate, one wouldn’t be able to finish that much money in a single meal. Thus, Michael then suggested, “Why don’t we go over to the canteen next door? The food there is more expensive, so you’ll be able to finish a grand in a single meal.”

Holding the card, Sophia hesitated for a moment. In the end, she declined, saying, “Never mind. I don’t feel like doing so. I want to keep the card… Let’s come and eat together again next time.” Staring at her card, she muttered, “A little over a grand… A meal will only cost two to three hundred at most, so we can eat another 20 to 30 times!” This was already a blatant hint that Michael still had 20 to 30 times the opportunity to accompany her here to eat.

Michael dipped his head and gazed at her indulgently. “Sure, no problem. If you wish to eat here, my goddess, your humble servant is always ready to accompany you,” he murmured.

Beaming, Sophia then placed the card into her bag. As soon as she’d put the card away and her hand was empty, Michael reached out and grasped her petite and fair hand. She didn’t reciprocate, yet she also didn’t object, merely allowing him to hold her hand.

When I held her hand in the past, I could still feel some fleshiness, but now, it’s all skin and bones. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you around some more, then we’ll go home.”

They then strolled around the campus with fingers interlocked. Soon, Michael brought her to the alumni corridor. “All famous alumni of Bayside University are exhibited here.” They started with the establishment of the institution whereby he explained Bayside University’s history before introducing the people she might like one by one—Ivan, Harry, and himself, for instance. Besides, Linus, Faye, and Sandra were also here.

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